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Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

Masterworks Fine Art Gallery
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Established since 1973 in San Francisco's East Bay, Masterworks Fine Art services private collectors, dealers, and museums all over the world. Known internationally for our specialization in 16th to 20th Century Masters, an important aspect of our continued success is that our clients are treated as family with full access to Masterworks market expertise, curatorial knowledge, and excellent staff service.

At our gallery you will be dealing personally with the directors, along with having the support of our trained curatorial staff. This allows us the ability to offer our clients the best value and service as there are no extra overhead costs and no commissioned salesman.

Featuring over 200 works on display in our gallery, we host private viewings and special events, taking pride in being one of the most extensive and diverse art galleries in the world. With a wide range of masters, styles, and mediums our exceptional gallery of international artists include Agam, Appel, Braque, Brueghel the Elder, Chagall, Degas, Durer, Leger, Matisse, Miro, Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, Renoir, Rouault, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vlaminck, Warhol, van Dyck, Vasarely and Yvaral. All artworks are cataloged by our gallery's in-house curatorial team and come with a Masterworks Fine Art Certificate of Authenticity.

Our collection is built on a wide range in the artists' oeuvre, emphasizing not only rarity, demand, and ultimate sale-ability but also potential appreciation, historical context, and personal insight. Through such diverse offerings and full access, we strive to enhance the collecting experience of every collector, emerging or practiced, and look forward to establishing a personal and professional relationship with you that lasts a lifetime.

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Joan Miro, La Femme Toupie (The Spinning Woman), 1974 - JOAN MIRO


Joan Miro, La Femme Toupie (The Spinning Woman), 1974

Joan Miro, La Femme Toupie (The Spinning Woman), 1974

Joan Miró Le Femme Toupie (The Spinning Woman), 1974 colorfully bursts into view with splashes of bright green, blue, yellow, orange and more. Central to the composition is the figure of a large woman, created through simple black lines. Though abstracted in Miró’s signature style, large black eyes appear, flanking a nose and placed above a rosey colored mouth. The woman thrusts her arms in the air and kicks out a leg and she spins delightfully round and round. Stars crown her head and wink in and out at the viewer. Contributing to the sense of movement are delicate circular brushstrokes in grey and orange that swirl behind her head. Though they are understated and do not pop as much as the other colors, Miró uses them expertly to enhance the spinning motion of the woman. A playful and exciting piece, there is much to love about Miró La Femme Toupie, 1974.

Imola Five II - Frank Stella

Frank Stella

Imola Five II

Jonah Historically Regarded, 1991 - Frank Stella

Frank Stella

Jonah Historically Regarded, 1991

Jonah Historically Regarded from Moby Dick Engravings, 1991

Frank Stella Jonah Historically Regarded from Moby Dick Engravings, 1991 is from a series of works which take their titles from Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. Each of the works from this series captures the drama of the novel through an abstract canvas. His print-making has always explored three-dimensionality, often blurring the line between sculpture and printmaking. This experimental approach ultimately developed the ‘dome’ shapes in several of the prints in the Moby Dick Series.