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MAY 2 - 6 | 2018



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Wanrooij Gallery

Stadhouderskade 41
1071 ZD Amsterdam
T  +31 207 371 741
M   +31 645 700 280

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Wanrooij Gallery, situated at a prime location in Amsterdam – the Netherlands, provides a stage for internationally acclaimed and emerging artists with a focus on new media art.

We strife for long lasting relationships with our artists. We stimulate their career and like to develop special projects with them. We keep searching for new avenues, which is one of the reasons why we participate in mayor art fairs all over the world.

Over the years we have acquired that special knowledge and experience that enables us to spot fresh and stimulating art for your home collection and the art that presents itself at the walls as a high quality business card for your company.

The gallery has extensive connections: we talk and deal with important galleries, auctioneers, museums and artists around the world.

  • Anja Koster

  • Martijn Wanrooij Director

Exhibitor's Artists:

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Nemo Jantzen

  • Vincent Poole

  • Robert Schaberl

  • Bert Vredegoor

Good Fellas - Viktor Freso

Viktor Freso

Good Fellas

Hidden Treasure - Martin C. Herbst

Martin C. Herbst

Hidden Treasure

Oil on mirrored aluminum, 53 x 36 x 19in

The series hidden treasure explores the splendour and mystery of immaterial reflection.

As a result of the complex folds in the mirrored aluminium, most of the actual painting is only seen in its reflection. More, the painting seems to take life and even become animated, because the part of the mirror producing the reflection is uneven. As soon as the beholder begins to explore its secrets by moving from side to side, the work unfolds a surprising array of subtly shifting reflections of the painted image.

These reflected paintings are a unique contribution to the centuries-old art-historical and philosophical theory of painting as a mirror of the world. In the hidden treasure series, painting and mirror are amalgamated, transforming tangible paint into an ephemeral and virtual manifestation.



Art Safe

Aluminium on wood, mirrors 31.5 x 31.5in.

Self portrait of a Dreamer - Joseph Klibansky

Joseph Klibansky (Cape Town 1984)

Self portrait of a Dreamer

"Self portrait of a Dreamer" 2015 edition of 5.
stereolithography, steel, paint
130x50x80cm 51x20x31inch

Courtesy of Wanrooij Gallery