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Waltman Ortega Fine Art

Waltman Ortega Fine Art
2233 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
United States
T  +1 (305) 576-5335

74, rue Mazarine
75006 Paris
T  + 33 1 43 54 76 14

58 Gloucester Road
London, SW7 4QT
United Kingdom
T  +44 (0) 77 8796 7203

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  • Aliona Ortega Owner / Director

  • Olivier Waltman Owner

Exhibitor's Artists:

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:


  • Jean-Pierre Attal  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1963, lives and works in Paris. FOUNDATIONS AND PUBLIC COLLECTIONS French National Library (BNF), Department of Prints & Photoghraphy, Paris, France Carnavalet Museum, Department of Photography Collection Foundation of Contemporary Art, Angers, France Gencod Foundation, Paris, France Museum of Photography, Cracow, Poland Image Festival, Le Mans, France Angers City Hall

    Exhibition : EXHIBITIONS 2011 Scope Miami | Waltman Ortega Fine Art Art London | Galerie Olivier Waltman Jean-Pierre Attal | Waltman Ortega Fine Art | Miami Art Chicago | Miami, FL Art Paris | Galerie Olivier Waltman | Paris, France London Art Fair | Galerie Olivier Waltman | London Art Palm Beach | Waltman Ortega Fine Art MIA fair, Miami Beach, Florida 2010 Art Miami, Miami, FL | Waltman Ortega Fine Art Photo Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France Triptyque, Angers, France Art Elysées, Paris, France Art London, London, England October Group Show, Waltman Ortega Fine Art Art Paris + Guests, Paris, France Art London, London, England 2009 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (curator Dorothea Konteletzidou) Art Miami | Miami, Florida | Galerie Olivier Waltman Art Elysées | Paris, France | Galerie Olivier Waltman, Biennale of Contemporary Art, Issy-les-Moulineaux (curator Chantal Menesson) London Art Fair | London, England | Galerie Olivier Waltman 2008 Alvéoles | Galerie Olivier Waltman | Paris, France Social Consulting vol.2 | Jean Cocteau Cultural Center | Les Lilas Scope Art Fair | Miami, Florida | Galerie Olivier Waltman Insomnias | Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz | Nogent-sur-Marne Art London | London, England | Galerie Olivier Waltman Lille Art Fair | Lille, France | Galerie Olivier Waltman 2007 Galerie Olivier Waltman | Paris, France Art DC | Washington D.C. | Galerie Olivier Waltman Art Miami | Miami, Florida | Galerie Olivier Waltman Art London | London, England | Galerie Olivier Waltman 2006 Urban Ways | Galerie Artima | Paris, France Galerie Olivier Waltman | Paris, France Galerie Artima | Paris (group show with Jean-Luc Grewskowiak and Emmanuel Molia) Galerie Younique | Paris, France 2005 Stock option # 02 | Jungle Art Galerie | Paris, France Art Paris | Jungle Art Galerie | Paris, France Biennale d’Art Contemporain | Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche (photo and video installation) Galerie Youn

    Detailed Description : Alvéoles© | Honeycombs | 2007-2008 With the architecture of offices today being more transparent, in 2007 I decided once again to explore this area as an extension of my work of social urban archaeology. These photographs capture the reality of individuals who are closer linked to modern architecture. They dig into the world of the service sector through the glass openings of modern office towers. Open spaces become completely accessible then and reveal the details of a standardized world which usually escape us. In architectural chaos, it is the recurrence and obsessive repetition which finally lead to the crumbling of unknown beings. Jean-Pierre Attal Paris, France 2008

  • François BARD  (+)

    Biography : François Bard was born in 1959. He attended the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux‐Arts in Paris and received the Belmondo Award in 1990 First Prize. He lives and works in Paris.

    Detailed Description : The close centering on the subject, the legs, the torsos or faces put Bard’s work within an avant-gardist conception of painting, which has integrated the contribution of photography into contemporary art. François Bard’s aesthetics ares different from a large part of current painting which is influenced by the legacy of American Pop-Art or the new wave of Street Art, as his works are much closer to Edward Hopper, Giorgio de Chirico and Edouard Manet than to Andy Warhol. His characters or his landscapes seem to be isolated within a space the boundaries of which are indefinite and allow us to escape “somewhere else”. These large surface areas may evoke the desolate setting that is described in Dino Buzzati’s novel Tartars’ Desert, one of his reference books. The background which reveals endless surface areas focuses our attention on the subject, the small pieces of sentences and enigmatic words sprinkled on the surface of the canvas. The atmosphere, which emanates from all these elements, arouses the feeling that time is suspended and it conveys an unspeakable feeling of void. The timelessness of his works is emphasized by choices in compositions which remind us of those made by masters of painting. Thus, “Fait divers” or “No Man’s Land“ are symptomatic of his taste for compositions drawn from famous names of the history of fine arts. “L’Homme Mort” (“The Dead Man”) which Edouard Manet painted between 1864 and 1865, depicting the body of a matador lying on the sand of the arena, which itself refers to medieval sculpture and to the traditional countenance of recumbent statues, is a perfect illustration of this kinship. Thanks to this centering, Manet gave his matador a Christ-like dimension, while François Bard gives his henchmen wearing gloves the appearance of peace-making angels, kind of imaginary body-guards of a paranoid society which is afraid of the individuals who are part of it. The artist fully assumes this biased view

  • Stevens DOSSOU-YOVO  (+)

    Biography : EDUCATION 1990 ESAG Penninghen, Ecole supérieure de design | Graphic design and interior architecture, Pairs

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2008 Dispatch, Sculptures 3D | The Smithfield Gallery, London 2007 Perspectives, Sculptures 3D | The Smithfield Gallery, London 1996 Mécanismes | Tour de l’Horloge, Avallon, France 1995 Artothèque | Musée Saint-Germain, Auxerre, France Karlskaia 1950 – Dussou Yovo 1995 | Galerie Arnoux, Paris GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2013 Galerie Detais | Paris Toog | Ibiza Cercle des Nouveaux Artisans | Place Saint-Germain de Prés, Paris Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Paris | Exposition CHAUVET, France 2012 Cercle des Nouveaux Artisans | Place Vendôme, Paris 2011 Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Paris | Océan Climat, France 2010 Salon d’Art Contemporain | CUTLOG, Paris Simple Gallery | Gstaad, Switzerland Galerie Xavier Nicolas | Paris 2009 Simple Gallery | Gstaad, Switzerland 2008 Simple Gallery | Gstaad, Switzerland l’Art béninois | Maison des Arts, Evreux, France Cocoa Arts | Coningsby Gallery, London 2006 Simple Gallery | Gstaad, Switzerland 2005 London Art Fair | Business Design Center, London Rev’arts, Biennale des Arts plastiques | Bezons, France 2001-02 l’Homme transformé, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie | Paris 2000 Homme, nature, technologie – Exposition universelle, Pavillion français | Hanovre, France 1998 Victoire de la Musique africaine | Hôtel de Crillon, Paris 1997 Galerie Le Poisson d’Or | Lyon 1994 Galerie Claire Gastaud | Clermont-Ferrand, France

    Detailed Description : Stevens was born in Paris, where he later graduated from the Penninghen design school. He dedicated himself metal sculpture and was soon producing anthropomorphic sculptures and automata. In recent years, Stevens has moved away from figurative sculpture; he now focuses on the representation of space through powerful mural compositions. Steel remains his favorite medium: a fairly basic material, it lends itself to all sorts of experimentation. Stevens says he derives inspiration from the sky. It is no coincidence that his studio should be suspended in mid-air, commanding an impressive view over the Paris skyline. It is a confined space with a large bay window open to the horizon, recalling a camera obscura in which the artist condenses and refracts the outside world. Stevens’ geometrical compositions give form to an inner vision. They are poised between the weightlessness of a mental picture and the gravity of the metal. The resulting tension even hints at a metaphysical dimension. Indeed, Stevens says that the play on optical illusion in his work reflects his questioning of the origins and confines of reality. His work is the result of his quest for some kind of order. In the artist’s studio, archaeology meets spatial exploration: “I probe, I excavate”, he says. “Working is a way for me to get closer to what I’m looking for”. Thus each sculpture leads naturally to another, and so the vision renews itself, becoming more acute in the process. With his Broken Clouds series, Stevens believes he is getting closer to his ultimate goal. The work on volume and perspective he has pursued over the years here shows an unprecedented degree of mastery. Each sculpture offers up a spatial equation, a mathematical formula. Each combines the principles of concentration and expansion: the optical illusion is the result of a process whereby the tension between opposing forces is cancelled out, producing a striking impression of suspended motion. The assem

  • Stephane DUCATTEAU  (+)

    Biography : EDUCATION Diploma of scientific training (engineer) Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts) School in Paris (drawing, painting, modeling, glass blowing) Diploma of a craft-man in iron

    Exhibition : MATERIAL Metal, stainless steel, pickling metal, fiberglass ARTIST'S WORKSHOP After working for a several years in a group workshop in Roubaix, Nord Department, Stephane Ducatteau settles down at Normandy, one hour away from Paris. STYLE Nowadays, the artist prefers to work with metal in a more simple and laconic manner than he used to. Stephane tries to underline that seems the more essential to him by purifying his style. CONCEPT For the artist, the concept is always the initial, it stays at the beginning of creation. Shape comes later.Combining simple geometric forms and playing with them is a recurrent feature of Stephane's work. Their rhythm and succession will give a particular meaning the artist's creation.

    Detailed Description : Born in 1970 in France, Stephane Ducatteau is a contemporary artist and designer working with basic sheet metal and more recently, fiberglass. For artist, furniture is a support to develop a certain aesthetic. His way of creating a furniture object is close to sculpture. Elegant curves and comfortable shapes that the artist gives to the objects evoke emotions and sensuality. Due to a use of sheen the metal gains the brilliance of ebony. Each piece of the artist's furniture is unique. It is not just a magnificent result of the iron craft, but also an art object. After a few years of work in an architect agency as an engineer, Stephane Ducatteau decides to take a course at a wrought iron workshop. He dreams about making his own models by combining an idea with design in the process of creation.

  • Ronald DUPONT  (+)

    Biography : Ronald Dupont was born in 1961 in Belgium where he lives and works today.

    Detailed Description : Ronald Dupont's large-scale works of New York scenes perfectly capture the bustle and frantic energy of the city that never sleeps. Views of Manhattan, as seen through the eyes of a European artist, the paintings are an outsider's vision in glorious Technicolor. His viewpoint is interesting and unusual, his angles often ones that native-born New Yorkers might ignore. Dupont started using oil paint, then wax, and now works with Venice turpentine, enabling him to capture in his paintings the vibrating reflections of the city. Often misleading our apprehension of perspective, they open the surface of the painting to a dimension up to now invisible. The eye enjoys losing itself in the complexity and the richness of his compositions; the bold colors and sophisticated textures. The neons of the Times Square ripple as the light, often saturated, melts in the façades, never revealing its source. Dupont portrays a town which is often visited too quickly, nevertheless, anybody who had ever visited New-York would recognize its unique atmosphere in these paintings.

  • Marcus Egli  (+)

    Biography : Education 1987-1989 BA Honors Fine Art Trent Polytechnic Nottingham 1989-1992 Royal Academy Diploma Royal Academy of Arts London Collections Conseil d’Etat de la République et du Canton de Neuchâtel – CH Caisse Cantonale de Compensation, Neuchâtel – CH Cifom, Ecole technique automobile, Le Locle – CH Musée des beaux-arts, Le Locle – CH Bibliothèque des Jeunes, La Chaux-de-Fonds – CH

    Exhibition : Select Exhibitions 2015 Art Miami New York | New York Art Wynwood | Miami Art Paris | Paris Group Exhibition | galerie Artima, Paris 2014 Art Elysées | Paris Art up! | Lille 2013 (D)eux | galerie d’(A), Lausanne, Switzerland Aluminum | galerie Artima, Paris Lumiéres Metalliques | galerie Artima, Paris G’Art | galerie Grard, Neuchâtel Atelier-Galerie Hofstetter, Firbourg 2012 Uno, nessuno e centomila | Oltre Dimore, Bologna, Italy 2011 Marcus Egli | Woolf Gallery, London Art Elyées | Paris Aux yeux de tous | Visarte Vaud, art in-situ: Parc Mon-Repos, Lusanne, Switzerland Le manque | galerie Grard, Fenin, Switzerland Art en plein air | Môiers, Switzerland Entrez Libres | Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, organicé par Visarte Neuchatel, Switzerland 2010 Aluminum 3.710 | L’Espinoa, Baignes, France Culture en pots | Visarte Neuchatel, Switzerland Marcus Egli et Kurt Bratschi | Gewôlbe Galerie, Bienne, Switzerland AAF New York | New York 2009 Galerie MMB | Avignon, France Jeanne-Odette & Marcus Egli | galerie Nelly l’Eplattenier, Lausanne, Switzerland Ex-voto | La Neg, Le Noirmont, Switzerland Skulptura 09 | art in-situ, Glarus Switzerland TIAF Toronto | Toronto 2008 Frontiéres-Frenze-Frontiere | Visarte Neuchatel, Switzerland Jetzt Kunst 08 | Neuchatel, Switzerland Biennale SAMBA | La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland London Art Fair | London AAF Amsterdam | Pays-Bas 2007 Art en plein air | Môtiers, Switzerland

    Detailed Description : Marcus Egli (b. 1957) considers himself as much a metalworker as he does an artist. He was born in Zurich to a family of craftsmen and, though he studied precision engineering, he and his wife Rita bought an aluminum hardware manufacturing business. Egli began producing his humanoid artworks in 1985. The inspiration for his modern aluminum votive-like figures stems from a documentary about Auschwitz Egli saw as a child. The images of machines pushing dehumanized bodies into mass graves, pits filled with rows upon rows undistinguishable people are echoed in his work today. The metaphor Egli creates with his faceless, aluminum crowds also reflect the modern world (often literally) where people live trapped in the boxes of their homes, the restrictions of their jobs, and the constraints of societal pressures. However, despite their cold themes and materials, the care and delight with which he sculpts them adds warmth to the figures. Egli lives and works in a mountain village outside of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

  • Jorge ENRIQUE  (+)

    Biography : Born in Cuba. Lives and works in Miami, FL COLLECTIONS Fondation Datris, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France City of Angers, France ART in Embassies Program U.S. Department of State The Coca-Cola Co., painting in honor of Hispanic Education, Atlanta, GA Capitol Records, Los Angeles, CA Weisfeld Collection, Houston, TX Schlumberger Collection, Houston, TX Gruss Investments, West Palm Beach, FL EDUCATION 1991, 1992 - The Alfred C. Glassell School of Art, Houston, TX

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011 «Off The Wall», Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL 2011 "Wynwood" Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France 2010 “Aftermath”, Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL 2009 "Urban D-Construction" Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris 2008 "Numbers" Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France 2007 "Traffic" Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France 2007 Fort East Martello installation project, Sculpture Key West 07, Key West, FL 2007 Jorge Enrique, Charest-Weinberg Gallery, Key West, FL 2006 "itarget", Swenson Gallery, Miami, FL 2005 "Nothing Remains Empty", Karen Lynne Gallery, Boca Raton, FL 2005 "Digimatic" Swenson Gallery, Miami, FL 2001 Haworth Gallery, Orlando, FL 1998 “Other Voices”, Virginia Miller Galleries, Coral Gables, FL 1998 “The Offering”, Koelsch Gallery, Houston, TX 1996 “Cambios”, Koelsch Gallery, Houston, TX 1995 “Catch a Fire”, Koelsch-Frietsch Gallery, Houston, TX GROUP SHOWS 2011 Scope Miami | Waltman Ortega Fine Art Art Chicago Art Paris | Galerie Olivier Waltman New Voice show, Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami London Art Fair, London, England – Galerie Olivier Waltman Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida MIA fair, Miami Beach, Florida 2010 Art Miami, Miami, FL – Waltman Ortega Fine Art Triptyque, Angers, France Art Elysées, Paris, France – Galerie Olivier Waltman Art London, London, England The October Show, Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami Art Paris + Guests, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France "London Art", London, England 2009 "Art Miami", Miami, FL– Galerie Olivier Waltman "Blurring the Line" Main Gallery, BAC, Miami, FL "Art Elysées, Paris, France "Art London", Galerie Olivier Waltman, London, England 2008 "Scope" Art Fair, Miami, FL "Bridge" Art Fair, Miami, FL "Art Elysées", Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France "Art London", Galerie Olivier Waltman, London, England "Walls Without Borders" BAC, Miami, FL "BAC @ The Museum", Museum of N

    Detailed Description : As I worked on my last series “Urban D-construction/ Wynwood”, I found myself at a place where many technical challenges have been resolved in order to speak to the concepts and ideas I wanted to address with this series. As I began to move into these new works, I understood I could not rest on any of the traditional approaches to the medias I was about to explore. I decided to continue with the process of taking print-making out of the studio and the boundaries of the printing press by going out onto the neighborhood and pulling the information directly from the streets’ surface unto the paper. I started to develop silk screens on top of the “streets prints” in order to create repetitive patterns - minimal in shape, but self altering in their repetitive incarnation, and in some way address the mass-produced sameness that our modern world seems to bestow on every minute of the day. I decided to wash off and almost erase some of these images as part of the process; in seeking to negate the new prints their “newness” a new image developed from the remnants of the original marks. This time I wanted to create objects of art rather than paintings, to extend my understanding of what painting should be, or what print making or sculpture should be, I wanted to create object to be desired, capsules of information from today, simply filtered and sealed in water (resin) forever. My purpose is to create objects that can be read as postcards from the now. These works are partly a statement on what’s left behind once the boundaries of painting, printing, collage and sculpture are blurred in the pursuit of mystery, and so “Aftermath” was born. This series should be seen as a “tour de-force” , the sum of all the techniques, ideas and concepts of the past five years, conceived as a celebration of freedom trough discipline, a new place to dwell and ultimately a very personal statement about our life and times. Jorge Enrique Miami, Flo

  • Rune GUNERIUSSEN  (+)

    Biography : Nationality: Norwegian Year of birth: 1977 Place of birth: Kongsberg Education: 2000 - 2002 BA(hons) Photography, Surrey Institute of Art & Design 1992 - 1996 Eiker College Rune Guneriussen, born 1977, in Norway. Education from Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England. Live and work in eastern Norway. Is an artist working in the transition between installation and photography. As a conceptual artist he works site specific, primarily in nature.The work on objects started in 2005, and has been photographed on locations all over Norway.

    Exhibition : Solo exhibitions (selected): 2012 Galerie MelanieRio, Paris, France 2012 RheinGalerie, Bonn, Germany 2012 A I B I Contemporary, Zürich, Switzerland 2011 Parcour St. Germain, Paris, France 2011 Manifesta Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherland 2010 Le Radar, Bayeux, France, Les Borealés Festival 2010 Galerie MelanieRio, Nantes, France 2010 Tjuvholmen, Oslo 2010 Turbine Hall, Vestfossen, Norway 2010 The Old Hå Vicarage, Art Centre, Stavanger, Norway 2009 Galleri Gathe, Bergen, Norway 2009 Working Class Hero, festival artist, Norway 2009 Arena Vestfossen 2008 Galeriia atrium, Talinn, Estland 2008 Arena Vestfossen 2007 House of Photography, Oslo 2007 Arena Vestfossen 2006 Moksha, Drammen 2006 Arena Vestfossen 2004 Shoddyhuset, Vestfossen 2004 Palett, Hønefoss Group exhibitions (selected): 2012 Bugno Art Gallery, Venice, Italy 2012 Paris Photo, Paris, France 2012 Lady Dior, As seen by, Milan, Italy 2012 Cutlog art fair, Paris, Francea 2012 Galerie melanieRio, Nantes, France 2012 Lady Dior, As seen by, Tokyo, Japan 2012 Oslo Light Festival, Oslo, Norway 2011 Biela Noc, Kosice, Slovakia 2011 Lady Dior, As seen by, Beijing, China 2010 Paris Photo2010, Paris, France 2010 Chic Art Fair, Paris, France 2010 Portåsen, “En lampe på bordet Brenner”, Mjøndalen, Norway 2010 Galleri 4010, Lyngør, Norway 2009 Nuit Blanche, Invited artist, Paris, France 2009 Galleri Trafo, Kunst Rett Vest 2009 SLAM, Slemmestad, Norway 2009 National Arts Grant Exhibition, Gallery of Photography, Oslo, Norway 2008 The National Annual Autumn Exhibition, Stavanger 2008 The National Annual Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 2008 Kunst Rett Vest, Arena Vestfossen, Norway 2008 24 hours at home in Europe, Z-bau, Nürnberg, Germany 2007 Kunst Rett Vest, Slemmestad, Norway 2007 Livingroom, Kalvøya, Municipality of Bærum, Norway 2007 Tribute to Asle Raaen, Brunner-Bank, Drammen, Norway 2007 24 hours at home in Europe, Stanica Centre, Poland 2007 Koll

    Detailed Description : It is not as much photography as it is about sculpture and installation. The long oneman work on an largescale installation is a process triggering the artistic genom. This process involves the object, story, space and most important the time it is made within. It is an approach to the balance between nature and human culture, and all the sublevels of our own excistence. The work is made solely on site, and the photographs represents the reality of the installation itself. As an artist he believes strongly that art itself should be questioning and bewildering as opposed to patronising and restricting. As opposed to the current fashion he does not want to dictate a way to the understanding of his art, but rather indicate a path to understanding a story.

  • Jonathan HUXLEY  (+)

    Biography : 1965 Born England Lives and works in London 1987-1989 BA Honors Fine Art Trent Polytechnic Nottingham 1989-1992 Royal Academy Diploma Royal Academy of Arts London PRIZES AND COMMISSIONS 2011 Paintings in Hospitals 2010 Elected Associate of the Royal Watercolour Society Royal Watercolour Society award Barclays PLC London Installation for Red Bull HQ London 2009 Sunday Times Watercolour Award Penguin Modern Classics commission 2007 Painting installation The White Falcon House Majorca 2004 Ultraviolet painting commissioned for the Met Bar, Park Lane, London 2003 Installation of paintings for Channel 4 building, London Unesco Publications, Paris 2002 Commission for EMI music HQ London 2000 Goldman Sachs London Paintings for Frankfurt Airport Sheriton Hotel 1998 UBS Bank London Swiss embassy, Washington DC 1996 The Hunting Group show. Prize winner, Royal College of Art, London 1995 Ultraviolet paintings for Grace Jones‟ birthday party, Tunnel Club, New York Paintings for Imargo Recordings, New York 1994 Sunday Times Watercolour Award 1993 Arthur Anderson Young Artist Award EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS 2011 „In Person‟ Royal Academy of Art Artist/Educator Royal Academy of Art 2009 Lecturer Huelva University Spain 2008 „Deadly Pretty Things‟ Big Draw Wellcome collection 2007 The Big Draw Launch Somerset House 2006 „Art Live, Live Art‟ Institute of Education 2006 & 2007 Free Time Festival Somerset House 2005-2007 „Collaborative Installations‟ Welling Park School Richard Cloudsley School College Park School 2000 Resident Artist Glyndebourne Opera Festival COLLECTIONS Wild Honey, Mayfair, London UBS Goldman Sachs Lord Foster of Thames Bank (Norman Forster, architect) Swiss embassy, Washington DC

    Exhibition : SOLO SHOWS 2013 “Absolute Zero”, Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami 2012 Crane Kalman Gallery, London 2012 Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris 2011 Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami 2008 Galeria Ariel Sibony Paris 2007 „Small Change‟ Crane Kalman Gallery London 2005 „Boys Own Story‟ Royal College of Art London 2004 Crane Kalman Gallery London 2003 „Mobile‟ a Mini-Retrospective APT Gallery London 2001 Crane Kalman Gallery London GROUP SHOWS 2016 Art New York | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL Art Wynwood | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL 2015 Context Art Miami | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL Art Wynwood | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL 2014 Art Miami | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL Jerwood Drawing Prize short list exhibition Pop-up show featuring Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Jonathan Huxley among others | Bermondsey Art Takeaway 96º in the Shade Waltman Ortega Fine Art Art 14, London, England Art Wynwood, Miami, FL Art Paris, Paris, France 2013 Art Miami, Miami FL London Art Fair TX Contemporary, Houston, TX Art Wynwood, Miami, FL Group show | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami 2012 Art Miami | Galerie Olivier Waltman Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami 2011 FIAC (Foire International D‟Art Comtemporain) Galerie Olivier Waltman Paris MIA (Miami International Art Fair) 2010 Art Miami Galerie Olivier Waltman 2009 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition The London Art Fair 2010 Crane Kalman Gallery 2006 Dubai Art Fair Crane Kalman Gallery Miami Art Fair Galerie Ariel Sibony Art Bologna Italy Crane Kalman Gallery 2005 Royal Academy summer show (work published) The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries (invited artist) 2004 Hayashibara Museum of Art, Okayama, Japan (exhibition) Exhibition for the Monaco Grand Prix at the Monaco Star 1998 FIAC 98 Paris 1997 FIAC 97 Paris 1995 Nagoya City Art Museum Japan Touring exhibition European Parliamen

    Detailed Description : "The figure is the sole motif for no other reason than it is what I am familiar with. I would dearly love to have possession of an abstract vernacular as powerful as artists like Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Piet Mondrian or Joan Miro. These are the painters I truly admire, all of whom undertook long apprenticeships in figurative study before arriving at their own unique abstractions of the human and natural conditions. This is a stage I am aiming for in my own practice but in the meantime these Figurescapes provide a kind of meditation through repetition of an almost arbitrary image. What I mean by that is having settled on a short hand representation of the most potent image there is – the human figure. I now have such a command over its representation that I no longer need to think about the making of a single image and can concentrate on more objective concerns like colour theory and composition or, to sound less dry, rhythm and mood." Excerpts from a lecture at Huelva University (Spain), April 2010.

  • Jérôme LAGARRIGUE  (+)

    Biography : Jérôme Lagarrigue was born in Paris in 1973. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. EDUCATION 1996 Rhode Island School of Design, BFA, Major: Illustration AWARDS 2005-2006 Recipient of the Villa Medici’s grant and residency program, Rome, Italy 2002 Coretta Scott King-John Steptoe award for best new talent (for Freedom Summer, Simon & Schuster ed.) 2002 Ezra Jack Keats award for best illustrator (for Freedom Summer, Simon & Schuster ed.) 2000 Marion Vanett Ridgway award for best illustrator (for My Man Blue, Dial Penguin ed.) 1996 Joseph Lefevre excellence award in painting, Rhode Island school of Design PUBLICATIONS and EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS 2005 Scholastic magazine, Wall Street journal 2004 Society of illustrators, 44th national exhibition catalogue 2003 Savoy magazine, Miss magazine 2000 Madison magazine, Vibe magazine 1998 The New York Times book review 1997 The New Yorker magazine BIBLIOGRAPHY 2006 Vasco magazine, France, issue #9 La Repubblica, Italy, issue #496 Air France in-flight magazine, issue #115 Univers des Arts, France, issue #117 2005 Mass appeal, USA, issue #34 2004 Defrag magazine, Italy, issue #5 2001 Trace magazine, USA, issue #32 L'Evénement, France, April issue Paris Match, France, May 6th issue Radikal, France, March issue FILMED DOCUMENTARY 1998 Jérôme Lagarrigue, portrait of an artist, by Richard Motte and Anne-Laurence Bizeau. Documentary selected for the 6th International juried film competition at the centre George Pompidou, Paris TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1998-2005 Parsons School of Design, "Painting and Drawing" class, (sophomore and junior level) 2004 Guest speaker at Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore 2002 Guest speaker at St John’s University, New York Guest speaker at City college, New York

    Exhibition : 2014 Art Miami | Miami, FL December group show | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL Visible Man, Driscoll Babcock Galleries | New York, NY Jérôme Lagarrigue | galerie Olivier Waltman , Paris, France 2013 Figure – Round 2 | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami Art Miami | Miami, FL TX Contemporary | Houston, TX Figure – Vol. 1 | galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris Round Zero | Brooklyn, NY Pulse NY | Waltman Ortega Fine Art Art Wynwood 2012 Closer | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL Art Miami 2011 Closer, galerie Olivier Waltman Art Paris, galerie Olivier Waltman London Art Fair, galerie Olivier Waltman MIA-Miami International Art Fair, Waltman Ortega Fine Art Art Elysées, galerie Olivier Waltman Scope Miami, galerie Olivier Waltman Art London, galerie Olivier Waltman London Art Fair, galerie Olivier Waltman MIA-Miami International Art Fair, Waltman Ortega Fine Art 2010 Art Miami, galerie Olivier Waltman Triptyque, contemporary art event, Mairie d'Angers Roud Zero, video project commissioned by No Mas NYC et Mohammed Ali Enterprises Boxing Urban United - Palais la Bourse / Chamber of Commerce - Marseille Art Paris, galerie Olivier Waltman Art Elysées, galerie Olivier Waltman 2009 Tosca, painting for the opera production at the Metropolitan Opera, New York (commission, September 09, director Luc Bondy, scenograph Richard Peduzzi) Brooklintimate, galerie Olivier Waltman Art Elysées, galerie Olivier Waltman Art Miami, galerie Olivier Waltman Art London, galerie Olivier Waltman 2008 Scope Miami, galerie Olivier Waltman Art biennale of Rhode Island school of Design, New York Art London, galerie Olivier Waltman Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris 2007 Art Miami, galerie Olivier Waltman Boxing, galerie Olivier Waltman Art DC Washington, galerie Olivier Waltman Art London, galerie Olivier Waltman Art Miami, galerie Olivier Waltman 2006 Paesaggio del viso, villa Medicis, Rome, Italy Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris Altri la

    Detailed Description : Jérôme Lagarrigue is a critically acclaimed French-American artist. His gestural style fuses the flaws of new photographic technologies and the moody glow of pictorial light. Known for his distinct style that combines the figurative and the abstract, the artist creates paintings that pull the viewer into their contemplative atmosphere.

  • Alain LE BOUCHER  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1950 in Paimpol, France. Lives and works in Normandy. EDUCATION Studied literature, influenced by Robert Musil and Marcel Duchamp, 1976 Graduated from the art institute of Aix en Provence (France). Formerly a sculptor, I eventually got in the IT business through machines design. 1978 Managing Director of SMT-GOUPIL. My artistic education allows me to see the creative possibilities of IT. 1982 Firsts light sculptures: the Luchrones. 1984 First exhibition at the CNRS / Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Paris), invited by Fernand Braudel. Public art and its large dimensions become my favorite form of expression, starting with a piece I created for the exhibition les Immateriaux at the Paris Museum of Modern Art in 1985. Monumental pieces follow: in Bourges in 1986, in Ornans in 1987, then in Reims in 1989 and Argeles in 1992. 1992 New works related to astronomy. 2005-11 Research on combinatorial works using the techniques of counterpoint. 2012 Exhibitions in France, Belgium and United States.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2006 Paris Galerie CODE 3 2006 Paris Galerie Artitude 2005 Paris Galerie CODE 3 2005 Paris Hôtel Sofitel Sèvres 1999 Argentan 1995 Amiens (siège d’EDF, région Picardie) 1991 Evry, Aire Libre - Art Contemporain 1988 Reims, CNAT (Centre National d’Art & Technologie) 1987 Paris, Ecole Nationale d’Administration 1987 Amiens, Maison de la Culture 1986 Bourges, Maison de la Culture 1986 Drancy, Maison de la Culture 1985 Annecy, Centre d’action culturelle 1984 Paris, Maison des Sciences de l’homme Public & Corporate Collections 2004 Nouveau Charlie, Place de la Gare, Bourges 2003 Le Zodiaque, Corsair, Rungis 1999 Soulever le Monde, Ville de Ritterhude, Allemagne 1997 La Terre temps réel, Siège social compagnie Corsair, Rungis 1996 Astrolabe, Place Dupleix, Paris 1994 La Voile, Rond point des plages, Argelès-sur-Mer 1990 Astrolabe temps réel, Place de la Poste, Val-de-Reuil 1989 La Coquille, Place des Victoires, Reims 1986 Charlie, Place André Malraux, Bourges 2016 Art New York | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami Art Wynwood | galerie Lelia Mordoch 2015 Context Art Miami | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami Art Paris | Galerie Olivier Waltman 2014 Art Paris | Galerie Olivier Waltman Séquences lumières et cinetiques | Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris L’art de l’infini | Galerie Lelia Murdoch Galerie Artima, Paris 2013 Lights! | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL TX Contemporary | Houston, TX Lights | Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris Galerie Lelia Mordoch, Paris | Miami Art Wynwood, Miami 2012 Lumière et Géométrie, Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris Art Paris, Galerie Lélia Mordoch 2011 Galerie Garden, Bruxelles Maison des Comtes de Provence, Brignoles Art Paris, Galerie Lélia Mordoch Galerie Acabas, Paris Biennale de sculpture, Bois Guilbert 2010 Galerie Acabas, Paris Galerie Roggwiller, Bruxelles 2009 Galerie 138, Honfleur 2008 Galerie Sparts, Paris 2007 Tour des Templie

    Detailed Description : Electronic light sculptures with infinite light loops controlled by numerous programmed microchips.

  • NOART  (+)

    Biography : NOART was born in 1965. He lives and works near Paris. Education 1985 Obtention du diplôme de l’Ecole d’Art de la Rue Madame

    Exhibition : Select Exhibitions 2015 Art Miami New York | New York City, NY Art Paris | Paris Art Wynwood | Miami 2014 Art Miami | Miami, FL London Art Fair | Paris Waltman Ortega Fine Art | Miami Art14 | London Art Elysées | Paris 2013 Pulse Miami | Waltman Ortega Fine Art Texas Contemporary | Galerie Olivier Waltman Pulse New York | Waltman Ortega Fine Art 2011 Scope Miami Art London Art Paris, Special Project by NOART 2010 Vending Machines | Galerie Olivier Waltman L’explosition | Galerie Artima, Paris Love or Sex | Galerie Brugier-Rigail, Paris Galerie Projection | Brussels 2009 The Dune | Pondichery – Inde Affordable Art Fair | Galerie Olivier Waltman, Amsterdam 2008 Sous Pression | Galerie Artima, Paris NOART & Volker Kühn | Galerie Artima, Paris 2007 galerie Artdeshom | Bordeaux Artenim | galerie Art Partner, Nimes Installation/performance Move Your Art | Espace des Blancs, Manteaux, Paris 2006 L’Art au Garage – Legendes Urbaines | Paris NOART – 10 ans de Tôles | éditinos N2 publishing galerie Eric de Montbel – the last exhibition | Paris 2005 La metamorphose des matériaux – Espace des Blancs-Manteaux | Paris galerie Anne Vignial – rue des Artistes | Pairs Art dans la Ville avec Speedy Graphito 2004 galerie Derriére la Dune | Le Touquet-Paris-Plage Pondichery | India 2003 Rainbow Attitude | Porte de Versaille 2002 galerie Kahn – Exposition Mesnager/NOART | Strasbourg 2000 Espace Austerlitz | W-E Art, Paris 1999 Maison & Objet | parc des expositions de Villepinte Centre d’expositions Art & Multimedia | Paris Contemporâneo, Lisbonne 1998 galerie Artkraft | Paris galerie Ici-et-la | Barecelone 1995 Club des Directeurs Artistiques | Suresnes Exposition Isotherm | bar des Ferrailleurs, Paris 1994 C’est toujours comme-ça… | galerie de Nesle, Paris

    Detailed Description : Noart's art work, which navigates between Op Art and contemporary design, plays on a bright visual effect of a bottomless pit using LED lighting reflected in infinity by a system of mirrors. The numerous pre-programmed bright patterns are radio-commanded by a small remote control. The artist is known for his conceptual vision, sense of humor, and immaculate execution. His recent creation is “Tax Heaven”. Its “golden nugget” version debuted last year in Art Paris and the “diamond version” was introduced at Art Miami 2014. Both had a very big success with the public. As with all NOART’s works, his functional pieces of art / design create a visual interaction with the spectators.

    Also represented by:

  • Ayline OLUKMAN  (+)

    Biography : Ayline OLUKMAN was born in Strasbourg, France in 1981. She lives and works in New York, NY Education 2005 École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ESAD) | Stasbourg, France

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2015 The Lost Beach | Galerie Artima, Paris, France 2014 Where the Summer Goes | Galerie Artima, Paris, France 2013 Jos Joos Galery | Brussels, Belgium Solo project room, Istanbul Biennal, Alan Istanbul Gallery | Istanbul, Turkey Galleri Backlund | Goteborg, Sweden 2012 Midcentury Oasis, Galerie Artima | Paris, France Crossroads, Galerie Bertrand Gillig |Strasbourg, France The Suspended Moment, Alan Istanbul Gallery | Istanbul, Turkey 2011 Galerie des Remparts | Bordeaux, France Galleri backlung | Göteborg, Sweden 2010 Behind Cities, Galerie ARTIMA | Paris, France Where The Summer Goes, la boutique | Strasbourg, France Galerie Bertrand Gillig | Strasbourg, France 2009 Elysian Fields, Galerie Artima | Paris, France 2008 September: galerie Wolm’art | Strasbourg, France Galerie Bertrand Gillig | Strasbourg, France 2007 Galerie Artima | Paris, France

    Detailed Description : Detailed information is available upon request. Please contact the gallery.

  • Magi PUIG

    Biography : Magí Puig was born in the Catalonian village of Palou, Lleida in 1966. Completing his artistic training at the Sant-Jordi University of Fine Arts in 1989, he later pursued advanced studies at the Winchester School of Art in the UK. He currently lives and works in Tàrrega, Spain. From a young age, Puig has been passionate about drawing. Fueled by an urgent necessity to channel and interpret the world around him, painting eventually provided the ideal outlet for his creative impulses. Recurring themes in the work of Puig include scenes of daily life within a local and international context. The study of the human figure and the interplay of light also form important considerations, evidenced in the plein-air scenes of beaches, markets, and those depicting the intimacy of familial life. The painter defines himself as an alchemist that distills the essence of a complex reality in order to offer his own essence: a perfume that goes beyond the mere appearance of color and searches for the soul of objects.

  • Chriistian RENONCIAT  (+)

    Biography : Christian Renonciat was born in 1947 in Paris. He lives and works in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Education 1969 He studied on art studio at Antibes 1975 He set up it own studio at Valbonne Select Collections 2001 la Vague, La Rochelle 1997 Nappé Kyobo building, Séoul 1995 Hermès 1990 Oasis, Monte-Carlo, SBM 1986 Mais où est donc Icare? High Museum of Atlanta

    Detailed Description : Sculptor Christian Renonciat differentiates himself through his approach: what he tries to find is not so much the realism of the forms, but that of the matter. The folded or draped fabric; the paper - folded, crumpled, or unfolded; the torn cardboard, as well as the wool or the plastic, all are carried out with the extreme precision, so are the window dressing made out of wood of poplar, lime or ayous. When he creates his monumental sculptures, he uses not only wood but also bronze, steel or aluminum. One step at a time as he works on his sculptures, he sort of forgets about its shape and focuses not only on its texture, but also seeks for abstract qualities in it. Christian Renonciat exhibited his works at various cultural institutions worldwide such as Center of Contemporary Art of Matmut, the Museum of Modern Art of Dubrovnik and the Museum of Fine Art of Reims, just to name a few. He created several important commissions for international companies, of which the most well known one was a collaboration with the Hermès company. He made a public monument for the city Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) and La Rochelle on the southwest of France. He exhibites his works at FIAC, FIAD and Art Elysée, where he was the guest of honor.

  • Cesar SANTOS  (+)

    Biography : Cesar Santos’ art education is worldly, and his work has been seen around the globe, from the Annigoni Museum in Italy and the Beijing World Art Museum in China; to Chelsea, NY. Cuban-born, Miami-based Santos studied at Miami Dade College, where he earned his Associate in Arts Degree in 2003. He then attended the New World School of the Arts before traveling to Florence, Italy. In 2006, he graduated from the Angel Academy of Art in Florence where he studied classical art. In his work, he places the sitter in a world richly populated with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. With superb technique, he infuses a harmony between the natural and the conceptual to create works that are provocative. Santos has received numerous accolades, including first place in a Metropolitan Museum of Art competition, and he was recently presented with the 2013 Miami Dade College Hall of Fame Award in Visual Arts. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, including the Villa Bardini Museum in Florence and the National Gallery in Costa Rica.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Drawings | Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL 2011 Paisajes y Retratos | National Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica Syncretism | Eleanor Ettinger Chelsea, New York, NY Beyond Realism | Oxenberg Fine Arts, Miami, FL 2010 New Impressions | Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX 2008 Farewell | Cernuda Arte, Coral Gables, FL 2007 Ballerina | Tower Theater, Miami, FL EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Paper Hearts | MDC Museum of Art and Design, Miami, FL 2013 Icognito | Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL 2012 Fan Forever | MDC Museum of Art and Design, Miami, FL 2012Contemporary American Realism | Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing, China 2009 Honorable Mention, Salon International, “After the Moon”, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art | San Antonio, TX. Juried by Daniel Greene. 2007 Honorable Mention. 4th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition, Still Life Category “Installment”

    Detailed Description : Born in Cuba in 1982. Lives and works in Miami, FL, USA. EDUCATION 2010 Hudson River Fellowship, Hunter, NY 2006 Angel Academy of Art, Fundamental Program in Drawing and Painting, Florence, Italy 2004 New World School of the Arts, Miami 2003 Associates in Arts Degree, Miami-Dade College AWARDS AND HONORS 2014 Third Prize, Grand Central Academy Still Life Competition | New York, NY 2013 First Prize, Grand Central Academy Portrait Sketch Competition | New York, NY Miami Dade College Hall of Fame Award 2011 Grand Prize Winner, ACOPAL’s open competition, “Out of the Square” 10 Cover Contest Winners, American Artist Magazine, “Temperance” 2010 First Place, Southwest Art Magazine, 21 under 31 Competition, “Young Versed” First Place, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, It’s Time We Met Contest, “Dancers” | New York Honorable Mention, American Portrait Society, Drawing Category “Day Dreamer COLLECTIONS 2016 Museum of Contemporary Art (MACS), Sicily, Italy 2011 Cristina Saralegui | Greek Lady with Afro 2010 Miami-Dade Gallery System | Frida and the Princesses 2009 Frost Art Museum | Dr. Modesto A. Maidique, presidential portrait Maria Elvira Salazar | Delicate Hands, Beneficent Auction for the Monica Burguera Foundation 2007 Eduardo J. Padron, President of the Miami Dade College | Flying High

  • Joe SEGAL  (+)

    Biography : Born: New York, N.Y. 1963 Education Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL, Bachelor of Arts - Magna Cum Laude, 1989 Collections (Selected) The Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, FL Baptist Hospital, Jacksonville, FL Canaan Partners, Menlo Park, CA Fort Group Developement, St. Augustine, FL Florida School of The Arts, Palatka, FL Forbes Magazine, New York, NY The Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, Florida Hospice, St. Augustine, FL Juma Al Majid Corporation, Dubai JW Marriott Hotel, Miami Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP, Washington, DC Legacy Resorts, Dallas, TX Lowe Museum of Art, Coral Gables, FL The Mayor’s Collection, City of Jacksonville, FL Michel Roux, Palm Coast, FL Mirant Power Inc., Atlanta, GA Museum Towers, Atlanta, GA Rulon Company, St. Augustine, FL San Marco Library and Balis Community Center, City of Jacksonville, FL Vestcor Development, Jacksonville, FL Vijay and Ardena Singh, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Westin Corporation, Charlotte, NC

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2012 Waltman Ortega Fine Art 2010 Wood Sculpture, Florida School of the Arts, Palatka, FL 2009 Shifting Range, The Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Counting Lines, Robert Steele Gallery, New York, NY 2006 Recent Works, Robert Steele Gallery, New York, NY 2005 Transition: Sculptures and Prints, Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL 2004 Counting Rings, Nathtan Wilson Center for the Arts F.C.C.J. South Campus, Jacksonville, FL 2002 Controlled Burn, Florida Department of State, Capitol Exhibition, Tallahassee, FL 2001 Recent Works, Arts on Douglas Gallery, New Smyrna Beach, FL 1998 Recent Works, Nancy Moore Fine Arts, New York, NY 1997 Koger Seven Series, The Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL Recent Works, Florida School of the Arts, Palatka, FL 1996 Intersection, Virginia Miller Gallery, Coral Gables, FL Group Exhibitions (Selected) 2011 Scope Miami Black & White | Waltman Ortega Fine Art The January Show | Waltman Ortega Fine Art 2010 Art Ventures, Cummer Mueseum, Jacksonville, FL Winter Show, Joe Segal, Michael Kessler and Mary Mitsuda, Paia Contemporary Gallery, Paia, HI 2008 Summer 2008, Robert Steele Gallery, New York, NY 2007 Elements, Jane Gray Gallery, Jacksonville, FL 2006 Sculpture, Robert Steele Gallery, New York, NY 2006 Prints and Sculpture, Joe Segal and David Shapiro, Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Sarasota, FL 2006 Mutual Abstraction, Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Sarasota, FL 2005 Winter, Push 2 Gallery, Jacksonville, FL 2004 Art Ventures, Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL 2004 New Artists, New Work, New Year, Blue Spiral 1, Asheville, NC 2003 Florida Visual Art Fellowsip Exhibition, Rena Minar, Curator; The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science, Tallahassee, FL; The Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL; The DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL; Art Center Galleries, Okaloosa-Walton

    Detailed Description : I generally work with wood beams and try to use salvaged timbers when possible. I like the fact that beams are geometric forms that were harvested from trees which are unprocessed. I try to preserve the history of the material in the finished piece but my goal is to arrive at a place that acknowledges characteristics that seem to be at odds but share some essential properties (there's a repetitive quality to nature which is evident in the rings of a tree; geometry has always been an attempt to understand the natural world) The metal elements in my work symbolize the tools or technologies that were used to explore the raw material that I'm working with. While this can be viewed as an intrusion it is also a form of illumination. Joe Segal, St. Augustine, FL 2010