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Exhibitor's Artists:

  • Yigit Dundar  (+)

    Biography : Born in Konya in 1987, the painter who started to follow his passion for painting at the age of three, comes to be known as an internationally recognized artist. Subsequent to his graduation in 2005 from the Faculty of Architecture at Yeditepe University, Dündar attended the post-graduate program in plastic arts at the same university. "My paintings are a visual reflection of the effect of human feelings such as sorrow, enthusiasm, pain, excitement and love on the human body, it is a complicity between the body and the sensations" says Dündar who thinks that human body is the only way to reflect those feelings and continues; "I try to explain people's problem, their inner struggles, their contradictions but also their own passions and stories through human body." Influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque era artists, the painter who wished to have lived in that period, says being taken with those artists’ endless courage that shaped his art. Dündar's paintings are a modern interpretation of the classical Renaissance and Baroque style. His aim is to reach a personal expression between a figurative and realistic search and concept in the contemporary painting art. Human being is at the centerpiece of the paintings of the artist who follows main influences without losing from his own nature.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions
    2015 “Büyülü Yalnızlık”, Gama Gallery, İstanbul
    2013 “Labyrinth 01”, International Art Center, İstanbul
    2012 “Gönüllüydüm yoldan çıkmaya”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
    2012 “Tuhaf şey uçmak”, Dibeklihan Art Village, Bodrum
    2012 “Buluşma” Soyut Art Gallery, Ankara

    Group Exhibitions
    2016 Ocak “ LA Art Show 2016 ” Gama Gallery , Los Angeles
    2015 “ Contemporary İstanbul Art Fair 2015 ” Gama Gallery, Armaggan Art&Design Gallery, İstanbul
    2015 “Yarımadadan Yansıyanlar” Armaggan Art&Design Gallery,İstanbul
    2015 “Affordable Art Fair ” Gama Gallery, Seoul
    2015 “Yaşam İçin Enerji”, Armaggan Gallery, İstanbul
    2015 “ Maddenin Halleri-3”, Armaggan Gallery, İstanbul
    2014 “MarjinArt Market”, InnPark Fine Arts Area, Galatasaray / İstanbul
    2014 “Yeditepe’de Zaman IV – Çok sesli yaklaşımlar”, Ekavart Gallery, Taksim / İstanbul
    2014 “Hey ben buradayım” Yeditepe University, Plastic Arts Faculty, Haliç Shipyard / İstanbul
    2013 NART Business Center, Levent / İstanbul
    2011 “Düşler”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
    2011 “Klasik ve modern sanatın buluşması”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
    2011 “Renklerin Dansı”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
    2010 “Yaz Güneşi”, Yavuz İşler Art Gallery, İstanbul
    2010 “Umutlar”, Ülkü Cılızoğlu Art House, İstanbul
    2006 Çizgi Art Atelier, Samsun
    2002 Çizgi Art Atelier, Samsun
    2000 Mona Lisa Art House, Samsun

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  • Devrim Erbil  (+)

    Biography : Devrim Erbil was born in Usak in 1937. He enrolled in the painting department of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul in 1955 where he first studied under Halil Dikmen and later in the studio of Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu. By 1965 Devrim's unique painting style caught the attention of an international audience. He was awarded an art scholarship by the Spanish government to study painting in Madrid and Barcelona. He later continued his academic career in Paris and London. By In 1968 Devrim was elected Turkey's "Young Artist Of The Year" and in 1991 he was awarded the prestigious title of Turkey's State Artist. In addition to his painting career, Devrim also dedicated himself to the development and promotion of the Arts in Turkey. He served as President of the Turkish Association of Contemporary Arts and President of the Association of Visual Arts. Erbil also served as Director of the Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture. Devrim also focused on academia. He taught at the Academy of Visual Arts and later became Chairman of the Department of Painting of Mimar Sinan University. He was appointed to the position of chairman of the Department of Painting of Yildiz University in 1988 and Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan University in 1990.He is currently a member of the Department of Painting of the Faculty of fine Arts of Mimar Sinan University. In addition to exhibiting his works both in Turkey and abroad, Devrim has served as commissioner for Turkish exhibitions in Alexandria, Belgrade, Sofia and Kuwait. He continues to lecture and publish articles on Turkish art around the world. Devrim’s artworks are held in the permanent collections of numerous international museums and public foundations.

    Exhibition : Online Exhibitions
    01.03.2018 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Galeria (-1)
    08.02.2018 "Virtually Present , Physically Invisible" - Devrim Erbil - 42 Maslak
    13.12.2017 Devrim Erbil Paintings - F Sanat Art Gallery
    12.05.2017 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Mahall Bomonti Art
    03.11.2016 Devrim Erbil - Contemporary Istanbul 2016 - Olcay Art
    08.04.2016 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Ekol Art Gallery
    08.10.2015 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center
    01.03.2014 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Arete Art
    20.12.2013 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Gallery Miz
    19.11.2013 Devrim Erbil Exhibition - Çiftçi Towers Sale Office
    16.11.2013 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Ekol Art Gallery
    26.10.2013 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Peninsula Pekin Hotel
    16.08.2013 Devrim Erbil Paintings - National Museum of History
    27.06.2013 Devrim Erbil Carpet - Rug Painting Exhibition - Eşme Exhibition Hall
    20.03.2012 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Olcay Art
    03.03.2012 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Arete Art
    21.02.2011 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Olcay Art
    02.11.2010 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Olcay Art
    24.10.2010 Devrim Erbil Paintings - The National Museum of Fine Arts Jordan
    02.10.2010 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Kültür Univ. Contemporary Art Workshop
    14.04.2010 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Ariyel Art Gallery
    14.04.2010 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Gallery Işık Teşvikiye
    03.12.2009 Devrim Erbil - Contemporary Istanbul 09 - Olcay Art
    28.09.2009 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
    25.12.2008 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Artium Arthouse
    15.02.2008 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Görüntü Art Gallery
    21.12.2006 Devrim Erbil - "Contemporary Istanbul" - Teksin Art Gallery
    21.11.2006 Devrim Erbil - "ArtIstanbul 2006" - dem-art Art Gallery
    14.03.2006 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Açı Art Gallery
    11.02.2006 "Looking at Istanbul" - Devrim Erbil - Dirimart
    29.09.2005 iz-düşüm-ler@istanbul - Devrim Erbil - artSumer Gallery
    20.09.2005 Devrim Erbil Paintings - Ortakoy Culture Center
    11.02.2004 Devrim Erbil - `Face to Face` - İş Sanat

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    Artist's Objects:

    •  Devrim Erbil - Edirne. Selimiye'de Namaz.

      Edirne. Selimiye'de Namaz.

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  • Thomas Frontini  (+)

    Biography : Thomas Frontini is a Canadian born artist raised in Kingston, Ontario of Italian and English descent. Thomas’ education in the arts began in art restoration and conservation in Florence Italy, on to receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and then receiving his Masters of Fine art from the Ohio State University. After finishing his formal education, Thomas moved to New York City working as a studio artist and while working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS
    Richard Levy Gallery- Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Fischer Galleries- Jackson, Mississippi
    Jack Meier Gallery- Houston, Texas
    Art Expo New York- New York
    The William & Joseph Gallery- Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Gama Gallery- Istanbul, Turkey
    William Busta Gallery (painting exhibition)- Cleveland, Ohio
    The Gallery 4- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    1305 Gallery- Cincinnati, Ohio
    William Busta Gallery (sculpture exhibition)- Cleveland, Ohio
    International Izmir Festival- Izmir, Turkey
    Macao Arts Festival- Macao, China
    William Busta Gallery- Cleveland, Ohio
    LAUNCH LA Gallery- Los Angeles
    Gama Gallery- Istanbul, Turkey
    William Busta Gallery- Cleveland, Ohio
    Cat Street Gallery- Hong Kong
    Lawrence Asher Gallery- Los Angeles
    Convivium33 Gallery- Cleveland, Ohio
    Heights Arts- Cleveland, Ohio
    Space 700- New York
    GX Gallery - London
    Art Ankara (with Gama Gallery) - Ankara, Turkey
    LA Art Show (with ArtAttendent) - Los Angeles
    The Gallery 4 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    "The Annual Midyear Juried Show" The Butler Institute of American Art - Youngstown, OH
    "Birds of America: The Paintings of Larry Rivers and Others" 101 / Exhibit - Los Angeles
    Art Palm Springs (with Richard Levy Gallery) - Palm Springs, California

    Aqua Art Fair (Art Basel)- Miami
    “Sweet 16” Coagula Gallery (curator: Andi Campognone)- Los Angeles
    “Summer Selects“ MK Projects - Los Angeles
    Launch LA - Los Angeles
    Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair- Istanbul, Turkey
    Singapore Art Fair (with Gama Gallery) - Singapore
    New York Art Fair (with Gama Gallery)- New York
    LA Art Show (with Gama Gallery)- Los Angeles
    New York Art Fair- New York
    Chalk Farm Gallery- Santa Fe, New Mexico
    The William & Joseph Gallery- Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair- Istanbul, Turkey
    Beijing Art Fair- Beijing, China
    Chalk Farm Gallery- Santa Fe, New Mexico
    The William & Joseph Gallery- Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Art Basel- Miami, Florida

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    Artist's Objects:

    • Thomas Frontini - Artist Studio at the Oasis.

      Artist Studio at the Oasis.

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  • Emilie Gotmann  (+)

    Biography : French artist Emilie Gotmann works and lives in Berlin and Istanbul. Born in 1985 she studied design and crafts at the Ecole Boulle,Paris and graduated in 2007. Working on art projects in the Art House Tacheles Berlin, between 2009 and 2013 she became known for her realistic and ironical steel sculptures, as well as her art installations. She was exhibited in galleries in Berlin, Dresden and Weimar and participated at the Aquamediale Symposium in 2013. In 2012, she started a collaboration with the Turkish Gallery Maçka Modern, Istanbul, starting her career in Turkey. She produced a solo exhibition for the Renart Gallery Istanbul, in 2015. Recent group exhibitions include shows with the KSKM, Kapadokya, and the Büyükkuşoğlu family Collection at Casa dell Arte Gallery in Bodrum. She is active in social art projects, taking part in several artists collectives internationaly (Le theatre de verre in France/ Metallwerkstatt Tacheles and Anima Ferrea in Berlin/ Antidot collective and Maslak 9.Sokak in Istanbul). Emilie Gotmann is currently working on her latest serie “Chimère”, a serie of mixed media works inspired by the «Acerba», a 15th-century encyclopaedic poem by Cecco d’Ascoli.

    Exhibition : 2017 Contemporary Istanbul, International art fair, Istanbul, Turkey

    2017 «Where do we come from? » Group exhibition, Gama gallery, Artfullliving Istanbul, Turkey

    2016 Group exhibition « Contemporary stories », Çağla Cabaoğlu gallery, Artfullliving, Istanbul, Turkey

    2016 Group exhibition at KSKM, Kapadokya, Turkey

    2016 Group exhibition « Antidot », Istanbul, Turkey

    2015 Group exhibition at Casa Dell’arte, Bodrum, Turkey

    2015 Group exhibition « MAP4″, Tharandter Wald, Germany

    2014 Solo Exhibition « 4 Years Old » at Renart gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

    2014 Group exhibition « The Genius Loci » Berlin, Germany

    2013 Group exhbition at Artisan gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

    2013 Collaboration with Maçka Modern gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

    2013 Group exhibition AQUAMEDIALE® 9, 2013, Dahme-Spreewald, Germany

    2012 Group exhibition in MAP#1, Berlin, Germany

    2012 Group exhibition «αùtopoίesiς» in +-0, Berlin, Germany

    2010 Participation at the documentary, «Streetosphere» from «La compagnie des taxis-brousses», creation of an installation, Berlin, Germany

    2009 /2010 Group exhibition «Anima Ferrea» in Tacheles art House, Berlin, Germany

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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Edirne. Selimiye'de Namaz.  -  Devrim Erbil

Devrim Erbil

Edirne. Selimiye'de Namaz.

2018. Oil on Canvas. 140 x180 cm

Artist Studio at the Oasis.  - Thomas Frontini

Thomas Frontini

Artist Studio at the Oasis.

Oil on panel. 44 x 38 inches