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Art d’Aurelle

52 Orchard street
New York, New York 10002
United States
T  9175308026

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  • Sylvia D'Aurelle

  • Manon Bouvard

  • Bertrand D'Aurelle

  • Karine Hacen

  • Youssef Diouf

  • Shade Aplogan

Exhibitor's Artists:

  • Alben  (+)

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    • ALBEN alben - Victoire de Samothrace

      Victoire de Samothrace

    • ALBEN alben - Venus de Milo

      Venus de Milo

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  • Frederic Garnier  (+)

    Biography : Frédéric Garnier was born in 1970, in Troyes, France, to an Italian-French-Croatian family. Fascinated by history and art, he studied visual art, history, and heritage. As a very diverse artist, Garnier has worked with many different mediums from performance art to installation. The common theme of his work is always the quest for meaning of human existence and the exploration of time and our relativity to it. Frédéric finds that the egocentric connection which humans have with time, determined and measured by us, only highlights our vulnerability and transience. Frédéric Garnier uses many unique materials and subjects in his installations from trampolines to exit signs and matches. Words that appear in Frédéric Garnier’s installations explore concepts of sexuality, religion, and heritage. His artistic research is mainly based on personal experiences and questions. Therefore, his work parallels the cycles and events of his life. Garnier’s process as an artist is to organize given ideas and picture them with a visual vocabulary of his own. The nature of this process caused his creations to be protean and very different from one another. The medium itself is not important to the artist. With each piece, he tries to find the suitable form to express an idea by manipulating, arranging, and assembling the parts of the installation. His intention is for the viewers to be able to see their own reflections in his works.

    Detailed Description : collage of customized ready made objects

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  • Joseph Joseph  (+)

    Biography : Post Pop Art artist, Joseph, is inspired by the images of a dream like, old fashioned America: comics, old advertising posters and cult figures. From popular culture, his work is a playful celebration of the era of consumerism. These pictures, have a retro look and find their origins in comics, advertising. The artist celebrates the pop culture universe in all its forms. The acid colors and the glossy finish of the resin strengthens his purpose. At first sight his work may just seem pretty, but it communicates an irony about American mythology. Joseph’s work is both a playful celebration of its superficial progenitor and a penetrating critique of the age of consumerism. The glossy resin finish on his paintings evokes the enameled advertising panels of the first half of the 20th century; the roots of modern American mythology. The finish ideally suits his ideas of a larger-than-life, perfect, American fantasy. While Joseph takes clear visual inspiration from consumer society, its influence is present in the form of his work; each piece is made up of several wooden panels assembled in such a way that they can be rearranged, taken apart, or even added to at will. Joseph pushes pop art to its logical conclusion; an art form in which the consumer takes his or her place beside the artist in the creative process. As we look at these overtly beautiful women and strong men with their artificial smiles, these comic book characters with their exaggerated expressions and gestures, we perceive in the smooth surface of these paintings, as impeccable as the characters they depict, a shadow reflection of ourselves, a pale imitation of the fantasy, life imitating art imitating life.

    Detailed Description : acrylic paintings on wood coated with resin

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  • Sylvie Ursulet  (+)

    Biography : 'In my work, I explore the treatment of the material and its variations, what is permeable to light and what isn’t. I work on the idea of transparency by using a material that isn’t. Through the diversity offered by cardboard, its flexibility, its rigidness, its tears and cuts, I create an illusion. I render the lightness of the material by the game of transparency. Cardboard is my favorite material because it is a chameleon that adapts to all of my fantasies. It is also a game with the mind, pushing it to its limits on how far one will go to view the objects in space. I am interested on working with these limits, to question, and to represent them. My objects are at the limit of painting and sculpture, low or high relief. Like the pieces of furniture I make, chairs or armchairs, aren’t necessarily functional."

    Detailed Description : Sylvie Ursulet is a french artist who create her own special technic for treating cardboard and paper like materials: she used to create furnitures and different kind of volumes. We are exhibiting in exclusivity a special series of American Flags, all made of cardboard, as she want to create a connection between the two country and remind that the american flag will always be a myth for other countries, a strong aesthetic symbol of freedom. Cardboard, as strong as the material can be, will always make the objects made of look fragile and ephemeral. The glass boxes and an intend to keep the almost relic more eternal and sacred.

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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Victoire de Samothrace - ALBEN alben

ALBEN alben

Victoire de Samothrace

Venus de Milo - ALBEN alben

ALBEN alben

Venus de Milo