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  • Magdalena Murua

    Biography : (Argentinian, b. 1975) Magdalena Murúa was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lives and works. She studied at the Argentina School of Photography and has worked with painters like Roberto Scafidi, Roberto Fernández and Paula Socolovsky. Murúa works in a collage style, using pop-culture media, often comic books, to create stunning op-art that appears like an abstract, geometric or patterned image from afar. The work of Magdalena Murúa conveys molecular vibration – it’s building blocks are perforated or deconstructed cultural elements derived from comic books (Hulk, Batman, Archie, etc.), which are altered and given a new meaning. The collages are characterized by dematerialization, and their essence is simultaneously playful and spiritual.

  • William Nelson  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • William Nelson - Tooter and Marlene

      Tooter and Marlene

  • Jim Rennert  (+)

    Biography : (American, b. 1958) Jim Rennert was born in 1958, and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah. After ten trying years of working in business, Rennert was inspired to explore his artistic vision and embarked upon his career as a sculptor in 1990. He began exhibiting in galleries in 1993 and has since gained significant recognition. Rennert’s seminal series of works is immediately identifiable, with simplified figures and forms depicting men in suits. Combining the traditional medium of bronze with modern forms of flat laser cut steel, he illustrates concepts of corporate success and the obstacles faced by the modern working man. Drawing on both his past professional experiences, and those of his contemporaries, Rennert composes thought-provoking works to which viewers undeniably react and relate. Early works emphasize movement and physical metaphor, while more recent pieces show the development of a more contemplative character. In 2016 Rennert also released his first series of two-dimensional works, a collection of digital drawings available as large-scale prints. Rennert continually exhibits at the major US art fairs as well as galleries in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, New Mexico, Maine, Colorado, and British Columbia, with private and corporate collectors world-wide. From June 2014 through May 2015, Rennert was honored with a monumental public installation of his iconic sculpture, THINK BIG, which was on exhibition in New York City’s Union Square, in cooperation with the NYC Parks Department.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jim Rennert - Paradigm Shift

      Paradigm Shift

  • Federico Uribe  (+)

    Biography : (Colombian, b. 1962) Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1962, Federico Uribe currently lives and works in Miami. His artwork resists classification, and emerges from intertwining everyday objects in surprising ways that maintain a formal reference to art history. Uribe studied art at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, and by 1988 he arrived in New York to pursue an MFA degree under the supervision of Luis Camnitzer. After receiving his degree, he left New York to study and work in Cuba, Mexico, Russia, England, and finally Miami. In 1996, Uribe abandoned his paintbrushes and canvases in favor of household objects (plastic cutlery, colored pencils, and so on). He began to carefully observe, collect, juxtapose, and combine this alternative media. They have become unusual instruments of a new aesthetic, full of color, irony, and lively playfulness. When observed closely, his works reveal various kinds of interpretations; they tempt us to touch them, to discover the detail and connection between one element and another. When viewed from further away, they offer volumes, forms, textures, and color. His creations elicit excitement and intrigue from all walks of life, and the novelty of the media often belies the compelling aesthetic merit of each work of art. Uribe’s work has become prominent in the United States over the past decade. His artwork has been collected by and featured in multiple museums around North and South America. Uribe’s work is rapidly becoming some of the most sought after contemporary art around the world. In this past year alone, Uribe’s work has been shown in Europe, Asia, and widely across the United States. His exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum (Wisconsin) broke attendance records, and his new installation at the Brooks Museum (Memphis, TN) is on track to achieve the same attendance. In the next year, Uribe will exhibit his work at two other esteemed institutions in the USA, as well as participate in the 2019 Venice Biennale.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Federico Uribe - Doberman


Tooter and Marlene - William Nelson

William Nelson

Tooter and Marlene

Oil on canvas
72 x 60 inches

Paradigm Shift - Jim Rennert

Jim Rennert

Paradigm Shift

Edition of 9
Bronze and steel
14 3/4 x 30 x 6 inches

Doberman - Federico Uribe

Federico Uribe


Colored pencils
28 x 10 x 18 inches

A life-size and life-like dog made entirely out of colored pencils made by the celebrated Contemporary Colombian artist, Federico Uribe.