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    Art New York #workoftheday "Jumbo" (2016), archival pigment print mounted on sintra/hand embellished with paint, gold and silver leaf, diamond dust by @iamnotatrophy (Arno Elias). Compliments of @BlankSpaceArt. Arno Elias is a French-American artist, composer, and photographer, who founded the "I'm Not A Trophy" organization dedicated to raise awareness of animal rights of endangered species. Photographs of endangered animals taken by the artist in Kenya are visible in his works.
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  • These Corners Have New York's Back -- They're Making Plays for the Future Too!


    by Art New York

    Whoever said character ebbs and flows in inverse proportions to a star’s salary, never met Janoris Jenkins and Darrelle Revis, two of the highest paid and highest calibered characters in the NFL.  

    Want proof? Take in the vision that’s been christened “The Corners of New York”.

    Put into play by that worldwide coalition of street art ops who banner together as The Bushwick Collective, presented by the multi-dimensioned set from Tansey Contemporary and taking place at the second annual spectacle that is Art New York, “The Corners of New York” is named for the positions played by Jenkins and Revis and features the respective Giant and Jet in works rendered by Brazilian artist Sipros and NYC’s own See TF. The paintings capture the cornerbacks in action, and they do so with the same vivid intensity both players bring to the game.

    To top it all off, the proceeds generated by these incredible portraits go to the good folks at The Perry J. Cohen Foundation, which aims to educate and empower the nation’s ocean-going youth and otherwise “shine a light on safe boating habits”.

    It takes considerable talent to capture the considerable talents of players like Jenkins and Revis, and it takes considerable character for such talents to come together and use said talent in support of others. Consequently, “The Corners of New York” is not just a hotshot show that pops off where the street meets the field (though it is that); it’s also a rock solid showing from two crosstown rivals who’ve united behind a worthy cause, and whose uniting dispels the myth about stars falling from sky high salaries.

    In other words, good guys can make a lotta loot, and a lotta loot doesn’t have to make a good guy go bad.

    Go New York!

  • Artnet News: Adrien Brody Steals Spotlight at Art New York


    by Art New York


    Adrien Brody Steals Spotlight at Art New York


    Works by Eric Fischl at Hexton Gallery. Courtesy of Hexton, Chicago and Aspen.

    Now in its second year, Art New York jump-started Frieze week 2016 by holding its VIP preview on Tuesday. The crowds, at least, seemed to appreciate the opportunity, turning out in force for the show at Pier 94 on the far west side of Manhattan.

    This year saw the addition of the Context fair, a Miami transplant that, like Art New York, is in Nick Korniloff's group of fairs, and is dedicated to the development and reinforcement of emerging and mid-career artists.

    Inside the spacious pier the curious will find a vast array of art, ranging from Pop masters like Roy Lichtenstein, to contemporary stars like Eric Fischl, Robert Longo, and Kaws, as well as up-and-coming artists from Europe and South America.

    Adrien Brody. Courtesy of David Benrimon Fine Art LLC.

    Adrien Brody with art dealer David Benrimon. Courtesy of David Benrimon Fine Art LLC.

    A highlight of this year's fair—and a sure-fire visitor draw—is a selection of paintings by Oscar-winning actor and now artist Adrien Brody (following a pop-up show at the most recent Art Basel in Miami Beach) at Benrimon Projects.

    The artist himself was on hand for the preview, sporting a white shirt and ponytail and sitting at a table in the Benrimon booth surrounded by his art, as he chatted with reporters and fair-goers.

    Sculpture by Enrique Gomez de Molina at Bernice Steinberg Gallery of Coconut Grove, Florida. Photo by Eileen Kinsella

    Sculpture by Enrique Gomez de Molina at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery of Coconut Grove, Florida. Photo by Eileen Kinsella.

    Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, of Coconut Grove, Florida offered a fun and whimsical booth with an animal theme (flamingos for Florida and pigeons for New York, explained owner Bernice Steinbaum to us). Alongside a fantastic-looking lion and iridescent wall-mounted walrus by Enrique Gomez de Molina, were large black and white drawing/installations of towering skyscrapers and pigeons by Jennifer Basile, and computer renderings of various "digital" i.e on screen birds in real cages, by Troy Abbot.

    Cuban artist Pavel Acosta's near-identical replication of a Frida Kahlo self portrait, made entirely with paint chips "stolen" (as the artist describes it) from crumbling structures throughout Havana, holds a commanding position on the outside of the Steinbaum booth.


    Pavel Acosta at Bernice Steinbaum in Art New York. Photo by Eileen Kinsella.

    Adelson Galleries, of New York and Boston, opted for a solo show of works by Bogotá-born, Miami-based Federico Uribe, who crafts astounding-looking sculptures out of materials like bullet shells, colored pencils, and books. Gallery director Adam Adelson said MASS MoCA is set to have a year-long solo-exhibition of Uribe's work, opening June 18.

    Federico Uribe I Am Not Bambi (2016) Image: Courtesy of the artist and Adelson Galleries.

    Federico Uribe, I Am Not Bambi (2016). Courtesy of the artist and Adelson Galleries.

    We spoke with Blythe Bolton, a self-described "Art Geek" (it's on her business card), and art fairs director of recently opened The Public House of Art in Amsterdam. Bolton said the gallery's mission is to make art "accessible and affordable to all." Chinese photographer Eric Guo was featured prominently with beautiful Vermeer-esque digital prints he manipulates with the help of Photoshop.

    Eric Guo The Untouchables (2015). Image: Courtesy of The Public House of Art, Amsterdam.

    Eric Guo, The Untouchables III (2015). Image: Courtesy of The Public House of Art, Amsterdam.

    Paris-based Galerie Linz featured a more low-key, but intriguing booth with paintings by a range of artists including contemplative interior paintings by Antoni Taulé, sculpture by Robert Schad, and embroidered cloth by Mahé Boissel.

    An embroidery by Mahé Boissel at Galerie Linz, Paris. Photo by Eileen Kinsella.

    Mahé Boissel at Galerie Linz, Paris. Photo by Eileen Kinsella.

    Bob Chase, of Hexton, showed an interesting mix of lesser-known works by Eric Fischl, including bronze sculptures, collages, and framed oil on Chromecoat (below). "It's an important week to be in New York," said Chase, adding that the growing number of high-profile fairs surrounding Frieze New York is starting to lend it the same weight as the Armory Show week in March.


    Eric Fischl, Untitled (2008) at Hexton. Photo by Eileen Kinsella

    As it does in Miami, Context New York featured an eclectic selection of artists from younger galleries, including several solo shows. Dubner Moderne, which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, was one of several galleries that presented a solo show. The exhibition was focused on Li Jin watercolors including two series, each of 31 individual watercolor paintings with drypoint, dubbed "The Rose Tattoo," and "A Month of Sundays." These works depict "scenes of amorous interactions that are as seductively sweet as they are suggestive," according to a statement from the gallery.

    Li Jin, Lovers Tattoo (2015). Image: Courtesy of Dubner Moderne, Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Li Jin, Lovers Tattoo (2015). Image: Courtesy of Dubner Moderne, Lausanne, Switzerland.

    London gallery Coates & Scarry also mounted a solo show, this one of work by painter Lisa Wright, who gallery partner Chippy Coates told us "has a great audience in America." Her painting Fastened By A Button of Silk, was a curated pick of Context director Julian Navarro, one of several works highlighted throughout the fair.

    ANY-Context-CoatesScarry-LisaWright-Fastened by a Button of Silk

    Lisa Wright Fastened by a Button of Silk (2016). Courtesy of Coates & Scarry, London.

    Another eye-catching selection of large-scale paintings came from Ewa Bathelier, featuring isolated ballet tutus and kimonos against rough-hewn fields of color. They manage to be beautiful and somewhat sinister at once.


    Ewa Bathelier, Garden Dress (2016). Courtesy of Galleria Ca'd'Oro, Rome, Miami, and New York.

    On a decidedly less fun note, there's a project by the art group Blue and Joy, another special project curated for the fair by  Navarro. Donald Trump Does Not Exist (2015) consists of 600 spray-painted aluminum post-its featuring the outspoken presidential candidate's choicest quotes. When viewed from afar, they form a close up of his eyes. The unveiling of that statement artwork coincided with the same night that Trump all but clinched the Republication nomination for US president, which makes it all the more unsettling.

    Blue and Joy, Donald Trump Doesn't Exist (2016). Image: Courtesy of Galleria Ca'd'Oro

    Blue and Joy, Donald Trump Doesn't Exist (2016). Courtesy of Galleria Ca'd'Oro, Rome, Miami, and New York.

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  • The Time Has Come! Art New York / CONTEXT New York VIP Opening May 3 2-5pm


    by Art New York



    Art New York and CONTEXT New York Open Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3rd with an elegant, invitation-only VIP Preview from 2 - 5PM | Public Opening from 5 - 8PM
    The special VIP Preview offers collectors, art advisors, curators, and media the opportunity to view and acquire the finest works available in the market before the fairs open to the public that evening and continuing through Sunday, May 8.  The combined exhibition space of Art New York and CONTEXT New York will cover more than 200,000 square feet, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Hudson River at Pier 94.
    Kicking off art week in NYC and opening a day prior to Frieze, Art New York and CONTEXT New York will provide Frieze VIP cardholders complimentary admittance and courtesy shuttle service to Pier 94 from the Frieze Ferry Terminal (located on 35th Street).


    ACADEMY AWARD WINNER AND ARTIST, ADRIEN BRODY, WILL DEBUT HIS SECOND SERIES, "HOOKED" - which calls upon the viewer to find light in a dark world through a collection of lively, colorful painted fish - at Art New York in conjunction with Benrimon Projects as part of Art New York Special Projects.


    All proceeds from sales benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation ( and Teenage Entrepreneurs.

    All proceeds from sales will benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation ( and Teenage Entrepreneurs. The installation features two individual realist paintings by artists, SIPROS and SEE TF. SIPROS' work will feature New York Jets 7X All-Pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis and SIPROS will be present for the unveiling on May 3rd. SEE TF's work will feature NY Giants Cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Jenkins and SEE TF will be present for the unveiling on May 4th. 

    RELATIONAL ABSTRACTIONS: A curated exhibition by Rocio Aranda-Alvarado
    What happens when geometry begins to move? The purest form of modernist ideals-geometric shapes, planar forms-these are the foundation of abstraction. When these shapes move or seem to move due to our perception of them, a new relationship is formed or perhaps an old one is deepened. El Museo del Barrio's participation in CONTEXT explores the continued relevance of the Optical and kinetic art movements to contemporary aesthetics.

    Joey Fauerso
    :Digits to Digital:
    Curated by Regine Basha, this year's program features video works by Leah Beeferman, Joey Fauerso, Brent Green, Kristin Lucas, Birgit Rathsmann, Carmelle Safdie. This program focuses on the physicality of the handmade, hand-built and hand-driven sources in digital works or moving images as we might also call them.

    Aura Satz
    Curated by Christoph Cox, this year's program features sound works by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Olivia Block, Maria Chavez, Holly Herndon, Ernst Karel, Matt Krefting, Chris Kubick, Jake Meginsky, Aura Satz, Jennifer Walshe, Yan Jun, Dajuin Yao. Sound Positions creates an immersive and intimate listening experience, with works by an international selection of emerging and established sound artists.


    Adelson Galleries | New York; Antoine Helwaser Gallery | New York; ARCHEUS / POST MODERN | London;Arteria | Bromont; Ascaso Gallery | Miami; Ashok Jain Gallery | New York; AUREUS Contemporary | Providence;Barbarian Art Gallery | Zürich; Beatriz Esguerra Art | Bogota; Bernarducci Meisel Gallery | New York; Bernice Steinbaum Gallery | Coconut Grove; BLANK SPACE | New York; Booth Gallery | New York; C24 Gallery | New York;C. Grimaldis Gallery | Baltimore; Cantor Fine Art | West Hollywood; Casterline|Goodman Gallery | Aspen;Cernuda Arte | Coral Gables; Conduit Gallery | Dallas; Contessa Gallery |Cleveland; Cynthia Corbett Gallery | London; CYNTHIA-REEVES | New York; David Benrimon Fine Art | New York; David Findlay Jr. Gallery | New York;De Buck Gallery | New York; Durban Segnini Gallery | Miami; Espace Meyer Zafra | Paris; Flowers Gallery | New York; Galería Álvaro Alcázar | Madrid; Galerie Barbara von Stechow | Frankfurt; Galeria Carles Taché - Projects | Barcelona; Galerie de Bellefeuille | Montréal; Galerie Forsblom | Helsinki; Galerie Linz | Paris; Galerie von Braunbehrens | Stuttgart; Gallery Andreas Binder | New York; Gallery Delaive | Amsterdam; Goya Contemporary Gallery | Baltimore; Hazelton Galleries | Toronto; Heller Gallery | New York; Hexton | modern and contemporary| Northbrook; Hollis Taggart Galleries | New York; Human Reproduction | London; Imaginart Gallery | Barcelona;iPreciation | Singapore; JanKossen Contemporary | New York; Jerald Melberg Gallery | Charlotte; LICHT FELD Gallery | Basel; Liquid Art System | Capri; Maekawa + Takemura | Tokyo; Mark Borghi Fine Art | Palm Beach;Mark Hachem | Paris; Masterworks Fine Art Gallery | Oakland; Mixografia | Los Angeles; Moso Art Gallery | Los Angeles; Nancy Hoffman Gallery | New York; NICHOLAS METIVIER GALLERY | Toronto; NIKOLA RUKAJ GALLERY | Toronto; Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art | London; Progetto Arte Elm | Milan; RANIVILU Art Gallery | Miami;Rosenfeld Gallery | New York; RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY | Miami Beach; SCHÜTZ FINE ART | Vienna; Shine Artists| London; SmithDavidson Gallery | Amsterdam; Sous Les Etoiles Gallery | New York; SPONDER GALLERY | Miami;Studio 26 Gallery | New York; The Public House of Art | Amsterdam; TRESART | Coral Gables; UNIX Gallery | New York; Vallarino Fine Art | New York; VERTES | Zurich; Waltman Ortega Fine Art | Miami; Wanrooij Gallery | Amsterdam; Waterhouse & Dodd | New York; Wetterling Gallery |  Stockholm; Zemack Contemporary Art | Tel Aviv; ZK Gallery | San Francisco; 55Bellechasse | Paris 


    11.12 Gallery | Moscow; 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel | New York; Accola Griefen | Brooklyn; Ai Bo Gallery | Greenwich; Andrea Rehder Arte Contemporânea | São Paulo; Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts |Binghamton; ART VITAM | Miami; Azart Gallery | New York; Bart Gallery | Cologne; Black Book Gallery | Denver; Caldwell Snyder Gallery | San Francisco; Coates & Scarry | London; Connect  Contemporary | Atlanta; Contempop Gallery | New York; Cube Gallery | London; Dialecto Gallery | San Francisco; Dubner Moderne | Lausanne; EEAC- Eastern Europe Art Connection | Warsaw; Elizabeth Clement Fine Art | Danvers; Fabien Castanier Gallery | Culver City;Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery | Stamford; Frantic Gallery | Tokyo; Galería Casa Cuadrada | Bogota; Galerie C.O.A| Montreal; Galerie Rauchfeld | Paris; GALLERIA CA' D'ORO | New York; Galleries Assoc. of Berlin - Galerie Tammen & Partner | Berlin; Galleries Assoc. of Berlin - LÄKEMÄKER | Berlin; Galleries Assoc. of Berlin - LEE galerie BERLIN | Berlin; Galleries Assoc. of Berlin - Galerie Poll | Berlin; Galleries Assoc. of Berlin - SCHMALFUSS BERLIN | Berlin; Galleries Assoc. of Berlin - Berlin Lounge | Berlin; Gallery G-77 | Kyoto; Gallery on Wade | Toronto; Gallery Tableau | Seoul; Gibbons & Nicholas | Dublin; JoAnne Artman Gallery | New York; Joerg Heitsch Gallery | Munich; Joseph Gross Gallery | New York; JUAN SILIÓ GALLERY | Santander; K+Y Art Gallery | Paris;Knight Webb Gallery | London; Kostuik Gallery | Vancouver; LaCa Projects | Charlotte; La Lanta Fine Art | Bangkok; Liquid Art System | Capri; Lucía Mendoza | Madrid; Lyle O. Reitzel Arte Gallery | Santo Domingo;Madelin Jordon Fine Art | Scarsdale; McCaig-Welles and Valles | Brooklyn; metroquadro | Rivoli; Mugello Contemporary | Los Angeles; Olivia Park Gallery | New York; Phylogeny Contemporary | Seattle; Rademakers Gallery | Amsterdam; RoFa Projects | Potomac; Sandra Lee Gallery | San Francisco; SASHA D'espacio de arte | Córdoba; Sergott Contemporary Art | Santa Fe; TBD Projects | Miami Beach; ten Contemporary | Nevada City;UBUNTU | Cairo; Valli Art Gallery | Miami
    VIP Preview
    Tuesday, May 3 | 2pm - 5pm
    Admission for Art New York + CONTEXT New York VIP Cardholders, Frieze VIP Cardholders and accredited Press
    Tuesday, May 3 | 5pm - 8pm
    Wednesday, May 4 | 12pm - 8pm
    Thursday, May 5 | 12pm - 8pm
    Friday, May 6 | 12pm - 8pm
    Saturday, May 7 | 12pm - 8pm
    Sunday, May 8 | 12pm - 8pm
    $40  One Day Pass
    $75  Multi Day Pass
    $25  Students 12-18 years and Seniors 62+
    $25  Groups of 10 or more
    Free Children under 12 accompanied by adult

    Tickets valid for admission to both Art New York and CONTEXT New York.

    Pier 94

    55th Street and West Side Highway
    New York City
    Get Directions

    Courtesy shuttle service provided from Pier 94 to the Frieze Ferry at 35th Street.

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  • The Indefatigable Bruce Helander Comes Keen on Art / CONTEXT New York


    by Art Miami Fairs

    Art Miami Family of Fairs fave and all-around Art Ace Bruce Helander doubles-up his customary double-plus good Huffington Post coverage and delivers exquisitely rendered overviews of both Art New York and CONTEXT New York

    We couldn't ask for any keener readings of the vivid to come! Thanks, Bruce! 

    (Top: Yuina Wada "PunPun" Courtesy of Gallery Delaive) 

  • Art New York According to Artsy, Art Fuse, Blouin Art Info & ArtNet News


    by Art Miami Fairs

    The chatter dates back a full year, to the debut Art New York; it picked up nicely in July at Art Southampton; even more nicely in October at Art Silicon Valley. By the time Miami Art Week rolled around, and with it Art Miami, CONTEXT and Aqua, the chatter was full on rat-a-tat-tat, a racket which continued through February at Art Wynwood.

    Now that the time has come, and the rah-rah is roaring to its crescendo, the chatter is adamant: Art New York is gonna be All That & Then Some! Same goes for sister CONTEXT New York, which this year is making its debut.

    Artnet News' ever keen Eileen Kinsella applauds the Fairs jumping ahead and kicking the week off on Tuesday...

    Blouin Art Info pegs 'em one of 5 Must See Satellite Fairs and highlights Galerie Von Vertes exhibiting of a 1947 Picasso, David Benrimon Fine Art's showing of Andy Warhol's "Superman" and Roy Lichtenstein's "Thinking Nude", as well as Flowers Gallery showcasing of (and book signing by) John Keane.

    Arte Fuse features an Interviewing with Shine Artists artstar and Lenticular Londoner Jeff Robb prompted by Miami-based columnist/correspondent John Hood...

    And Arsty provides the spectacularly comprehensive guide that resembles a cross between a catalog from the future and a multidimensional monograph, and which proves to be the proverbial piece de resistance. 

    Add The New York Times suggesting the unlimited vivid rising up this week at Pier 94 would also make for a great walking tour and, well, you've got nothing less than a world class "Yes, Let's!"

    See you at the Fairs! 

    (Top: David Drebin "Balloons Over New York" Courtesy of Contessa Gallery)

  • Art New York Work of the Day: Markus Klinko "The Cross"


    by Art New York

    Markus Klinko

    The Cross

    shot in New York, 2001, on Fujifilm Provia film

    56" x 56", printed on Fujiflex 

    edition of 12 

    Courtesy of Licht Feld Gallery, Basel 

  • Art New York Work of the Day: Alfred Leslie "#44"


    by Art New York

    Alfred Leslie 

    #44, 1959

    Oil on canvas

    60 x 66 inches

    Signed, inscribed, and dated verso: "Alfred Leslie NYC 2015 / Painted at 108 4th Ave NYC 1959" 

    Courtesy of Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York  

  • Art New York Work of the Day: Julio Larraz "El sueño de la Choucoune"


    by Art New York

    Julio Larraz (1944 Havana) 

    El sueño de la Choucoune, 2015

    Oil on canvas

    60 x 72 in/152.4 x 182.8 cm 

    Courtesy of Ascaso Gallery, Miami

  • Art New York Work of the Day: Grace Hartigan "Male Image"


    by Art New York

    Grace Hartigan (1922-2008)

    "Male Image", 1966

    Oil on linen

    80 x 180 inches, 203 x 274 cm

    Courtesy of C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore 

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