These Corners Have New York's Back -- They're Making Plays for the Future Too!


by Art New York

Whoever said character ebbs and flows in inverse proportions to a star’s salary, never met Janoris Jenkins and Darrelle Revis, two of the highest paid and highest calibered characters in the NFL.  

Want proof? Take in the vision that’s been christened “The Corners of New York”.

Put into play by that worldwide coalition of street art ops who banner together as The Bushwick Collective, presented by the multi-dimensioned set from Tansey Contemporary and taking place at the second annual spectacle that is Art New York, “The Corners of New York” is named for the positions played by Jenkins and Revis and features the respective Giant and Jet in works rendered by Brazilian artist Sipros and NYC’s own See TF. The paintings capture the cornerbacks in action, and they do so with the same vivid intensity both players bring to the game.

To top it all off, the proceeds generated by these incredible portraits go to the good folks at The Perry J. Cohen Foundation, which aims to educate and empower the nation’s ocean-going youth and otherwise “shine a light on safe boating habits”.

It takes considerable talent to capture the considerable talents of players like Jenkins and Revis, and it takes considerable character for such talents to come together and use said talent in support of others. Consequently, “The Corners of New York” is not just a hotshot show that pops off where the street meets the field (though it is that); it’s also a rock solid showing from two crosstown rivals who’ve united behind a worthy cause, and whose uniting dispels the myth about stars falling from sky high salaries.

In other words, good guys can make a lotta loot, and a lotta loot doesn’t have to make a good guy go bad.

Go New York!

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