2019 Special Exhibitions coming soon


  • Cey Adams
    Photo Credit: Janette Beckman

    CEY ADAMS | Presented by Gary Lichtenstein Editions to benefit the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation | Booth #ANY107
    Art New York and Gary Lichtenstein Editions present a solo show of new and existing works by artist Cey Adams, with thirty percent of proceeds donated to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by multi-award-winning singer Jon Bon Jovi that helps to eradicate hunger and homelessness in the United States. Visit www.jbjsf.org

  • “RAWK” by Jason Newsted | Presented by 55Bellechasse to Benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation | Booth #ANY128
    Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jason Newsted presents an international exhibition of his contemporary art entitled “RAWK”. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibit will generously be donated to the Perry J. Cohen Foundation. Visit www.pjcf.org

  • Diane Wege Reject Violence

    Vellum Projects presents Diana Wege’s Reject Violence prints | Booth #P6
    Diana Wege's Reject Violence prints are part of a goal to end violence in our lifetime. Every September during International Peace Month, Wege has placed her anti-violence prints in select bus and telephone kiosks throughout New York City. The lithographs designed in bold block letters exhibit the power of street advertising in order to confront a more provocative message.


  • Adrien Brody

    Adrien Brody | Metamorphosis: Transformations of the Soul | Booth #ANY200
    Adrien Brody’s installation, Metamorphosis: Transformations of the Soul, can be thought of as a prototype for his upstate studio as well as a meditation on the breadth of his artistic influences. In an act of radical transparency, Brody reveals to viewers the sources of his imagery in the form of intimate and public memories. Spanning video, sound, collage, and paint, the installation aims to shed light on the interdependency of both artistic mediums and life experiences.


  • Joe Namath

    © Harry Benson, 1974
    Joe Namath Foundation | Booth #P1
    The following artists have created and donated select works of art to benefit the Joe Namath Foundation. These works have been created as an homage to Mr. Namath and have been curated by Fair Director Nick Korniloff. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these art works will benefit the Joe Namath Foundation. Visit www.joenamath.org

    Contributing Artists: Skyler Grey | Bradley Theodore | Mr. Brainwash | Harry Benson | Danny Minnick | Jason Newsted | Yigal Ozeri | ABH | Edwin Baker III