Welcome to Artnyfair

Artnyfair is a blog that focuses on sharing advice and tips about art supplies, methods, and ideas. The site includes how-tos and tutorials to help readers get the most out of their artistic endeavors. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, Artnyfair has the information you need to improve your skills and create beautiful works of art.

Our Team

  • I’m Mimi Richman

My goal has always been to be a successful Artist and Painter. I mostly paint Oil on Canvas, Acrylic, and Markers. In addition, I have done some Mixed Media, Oil on Wood, and Wax. My dream is to continue to innovate concepts that leave imprints in our current paradigm that represent the millennial and New York-American culture.

I join Artnyfair.com to helps artists and brands connect with their audience through campaigns that are equally as creative as insight-driven and rooted in culture.

My goal is to share my love of art with others and to inspire people to create their own art. I believe that everyone has the ability to create something beautiful, and it is my hope that my work will encourage others to do so

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  • I’m Lauri Mckee

As an artist and painter, I have always been fascinated by the way colors can interact with one another to create something truly beautiful. For me, painting is about more than just putting brush to canvas; it’s about conveying a feeling or a mood through the use of color and light.

I love share my passion for painting with others, and I have taught classes on the subject for many years. In my classes, I focus on helping students find their own unique voice as an artist. Whether they are just starting out or are more experienced, I believe that everyone has the potential to create something special.