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The Best Bible Highlighters for 2023

best bible highlighters

Whenever we need to ponder or meditate on something, we usually write it in our notepads or diary so we can never forget them. Bible messages and lessons are among the things we need to meditate on. Just like delicious food, bible verses are spiritual food that will make us strong and healthy for our daily activities.

Highlighting these bible verses is very important, especially if we need to be reminded of lessons in life and principles to make good decisions.

In the following reviews, I will share with you various points and criteria for which you can choose the best bible highlighters to match the quality of the bible you have. These reviews will further guide you on which bible highlighter best suits your lifestyle and daily spiritual routines.

Best Bible Highlighter Reviews

1. BLIEVE Bible Pastel Highlighters

blieve bible pastel highlighters

Pastel colors are easily noticed and cool enough for our eyes to be seen as often as needed. This is exactly what I love about BLIEVE Gel Bible Highlighter. The set consists of a beautiful selection of pastel colors, namely: orange, yellow, lime, lilac, Ice blue, peach, light pink, and mermaid green or blue green.

You will have a complete line of pastel colors for every bible text you need to meditate on. Most bible enthusiasts use different colors to organize their thoughts.

For example, if the bible message is about love, use light pink or peach. If it is about hope, you can use mermaid green or lime. It all depends on how you wish to organize your thoughts.

There are Bible lessons that you sometimes need to highlight like a word or a footnote. The best way to do it is to use a fine tip highlighter. This is why these bible gel highlighters are so dependable because you can sharpen their gel tips for finer highlighting.

You can also cut it a bit to make your highlighting tips broader or even flat. This is great for marking bigger or longer bible texts you wish to meditate on. This is a versatile way to use a gel highlighter.

Most of the time whenever we read our bible, there are several beautiful bible messages and stories that we come across. And while the excitement increases, we tend to leave our highlighters ready to mark anything to inspire us. This is when I appreciate the quality of these highlighters, they do not dry out even left uncapped.

Moreover, your precious copy of the bible is safe and neat because these highlighters are smooth and do not smear. They do not bleed at all, so there is no worrying if the markings will be seen on the back of the pages where you last marked.

  • Set of 8 pastel color pens
  • Highlighters’ tips can be sharpened for finer marking
  • Pens do not smear or bleed
  • Will not dry out when left uncapped
  • Has a waxy substance that you cannot write on

They have several advantages and uses that are worth the commendation and recommendation for every bible reader, and bible teacher alike. The versatility of these highlighters will keep your bible passages organized, neat and warm to your eyes.

2. G.T. Luscombe Zebrite Bible Highlighters

g.t. luscombe zebrite bible highlighters

Most bibles are made of durable materials because it is intended for daily use and reading like most Christians regularly do. There are paper materials used that are thick and light, and some are thin but heavy.

There are only a few thin materials being used that are lightweight and durable. But whatever the case may be, a dependable highlighter must meet the criteria of compatibility and durability.

Highlighters must be durable enough that they stay visible and retain their original color as long as possible. Bible readers also need bible highlighters that don’t bleed.

The pigmented ink in each bible highlighter from G.T. Luscombe Company, Inc. can deliver that kind of durability and quality. The colors last very long and are very stable. You can even write on it once it gets dried.

It comes in a set of three colors of green, yellow, and pink. The pens are very useful since they have double tips to choose from. You may opt to use the fine tip to underline words to show emphasis or use this to make important notes. The chisel tips are very convenient in highlighting the whole word or complete story in your favorite bible books and chapters.

Though there are advantages to having several colors to choose from. But having three basic fluorescent colors with dual tips is more handy and portable for everyday use. Each pen has a cap with a clip so it can easily fit upright in your pockets.

  • Set of 3 Colors
  • Dual tips, Fine & Chisel type
  • Dries Quickly
  • Water-resistant and can be written over
  • It may be seen on the back page if pressed heavily on the other side of the page

There is a big convenience in having dual tips and multiple fluorescent colors to choose from. Fine tips for lines and notes, while chisel tips for highlighting the whole word or sentence in one stroke. Using these highlighters will help you meditate easily on your favorite passages and even stories in your bible.

3. Mr. Pen No Bleed Bible Highlighters Pens

mr. pen no bleed bible highlighters pens

Studying the bible includes not only highlighting your favorite passages. Making lines and arrows are also useful. But most of all, making notes on the provided margins on your bible pages or a separate notebook will make studying the bible very effective.

All of these studying routines will be much easier if you have the Mr. Pen Bible Highlighter pack of 8. It includes four (4) non-bleed fine point pens with 0.7mm fine tips.

Their colors are black, blue, green and pink. And another four (4) more gel highlighters that can be sharpened for a fine tip or sliced for a chisel tip. The colors are blue, green, yellow and orange.

These bible pens and highlighters combination in a set is a game-changer. You have the major pen supplies for your bible journal. And you also have a non bleed through highlighters to safely mark your bible.

Having oval tips for these gel highlighter pens have some advantages. They can do more by striking gently for a fine line while sliding the pen diagonally for broader lines without the need for sharpening or cutting.

The four non-bleed fine point pens are very useful in making lines, arrows, footnotes, and writing additional information on your bible verses being studied. Use these pens to make notes on cross-references on other bible tests with related meanings or lessons.

  • Set of 8, 4 colored pens (0.7mm) and 4 highlighter gel pens
  • Can be sharpened for fine tips or cut for broader tips
  • Highlighter pens do not dry up when uncapped
  • Water-resistant, does not bleed through pages, does not smear
  • Fine point pens are smooth and skip-free
  • Highlighter gel pens are waxy and cannot be written on

Studying the bible is easier if you have both highlighters in different colors and writing pens with different colors as well. Making your lines and notes using different color pens will easily differentiate the level of importance of the bible verse while using the gel highlighter pens will make every passage an important clue to meditate on.

4. YISAN Gel Bible Highlighters Marker Pens

yisan gel bible highlighters marker pens

All the smaller books in the bible have different focuses in terms of bible history and moral teachings. Amazingly they all harmonize in only one theme. Organizing your thoughts and the lessons learned from the bible requires systematic color-coding to make it easier to memorize or understand.

Making use of various highlighter colors is very useful if you need to have an organized studying focus. YISAN Gel Highlighter Pens can provide you the tool to easily categorize or classify each important bible verse you need to ponder on.

It is a set of eight (8) colors with gel tips that are smooth to write on and never dry out even when left uncapped. This is very ideal if you have several color codes to be used on one page of the bible. You can leave each color pen uncapped and ready to be used and reused anytime.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about smearing and excess ink flow. These are guaranteed highlighters that don’t bleed through Bible pages.

  • Gel tips can be sharpened for finer lines
  • Never dries out when left uncapped
  • The tips can easily be pushed out by twisting the lower portion of the pen
  • Does not bleed through pages, no smears, and smudges
  • With see-through caps for easy maintenance before use
  • The light colors are very light in most paper quality

The advantage of having a gel highlighter pen is it lasts very long. You don’t have to strike it hard to highlight your favorite bible passages. Just pick the right color, and you can both make some lines and shades with just one type of pen. You don’t have to worry about smears and inks bleeding through pages. It is just economical and practical to use daily.

5. Inamio Pastel Bible Highlighters

inamio pastel bible highlighters

Every bible owner is looking for bible safe highlighters. Primarily because they cherish their copy of the bible. Secondly, they need to start using a bible highlighting method to be able to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the bible teachings.

INAMIO Pastel Highlighters have the exact soft and subtle colors for your bible routine. With 12 colors to choose from, you can easily organize every method you need to use.

The colors are, grey, blue, aquamarine, blue, light blue, purple, violet, orange, red, red-orange, orange, yellow, and pink.

These pens are also dual tips. The fine tip on one side and the chisel tip on the other side. Great for people who need to quickly shift from merely underlining important passages to highlighting the whole event.

These are bible-safe highlighters because they don’t bleed. Their pastel color ink will leave no excess ink residue that may be visible on the back page of your bible. This is true as long as you don’t double-strike the pages. A single stroke is safe enough to avoid bleeding through pages.

What I like most about these highlighter pens is that they’re non-toxic and laboratory certified to be safe. Adults, students, and kids can use these pens with peace of mind.

Of course, we need dependable pens to do the job, but we also need to be sure that these are safe and user-friendly. There are pen types that are not safe for children and extra caution must be made before allowing children to use them.

  • 12-piece set
  • Dual-tip design (Chisel & Fine Tips)
  • Soft and subtle colors
  • Non-toxic materials used
  • Consistent ink color flow
  • Might bleed through if used repeatedly on the same spot

We are concerned about highlighters that are bible safe. This is true but we need to focus also on health safety. These pens are laboratory-certified to be safe. All the members of the family can use it with peace of mind.

6. Feela Gel Bible Highlighter Markers

feela gel bible highlighter markers

If you are searching for the best highlighters for bibles, then you should consider if they are also safe for children, not just adults. Some pens have high toxic levels and acid contents. Regular use of these types of unsafe pens may lead to health hazards.

Safe use is more important than versatility and durability. Good thing there are still manufacturers that make sure to keep their products non-toxic and acid-free. FEELA gel Highlighters are one of them. They are non-toxic and also acid-free. They successfully combine safety and efficiency.

Their set is composed of 24 pens. Two pens for each of the 12 colors. A reserved pen for every color. It uses a twist-up design to easily push up the gel ink whenever it depletes.

The clear caps will help you see if the tips are still visible or in the right shape that will match the size or width of your target verse.

The clip on the cap is useful whenever you choose to have one or two in your pocket and keep them upright. No need to worry about drying out because it is still functional even if you leave it uncapped for hours.

  • 24 Pieces, 2 pens for each 12 colors
  • Acid-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Does not bleed through pages
  • Does not smear
  • Waxy ink that cannot be written on

Their twist-up design to push out the gel tip is a very convenient and neat way to replenish the depleted gel tip. No sharpening is needed like we used to do with pencils and crayons. But if you need a fine tip for underlining, you may need a sharpener or cutter to make some tip adjustments. You can also strike it gently on all sides to make a sharper tip.

7. TWOHANDS Bible Gel Highlighters

twohands bible gel highlighters

There are bible readers that do not need any other color other than neon yellow or neon green as their bible highlighter. They get used to marking only the most important words, keywords, or lessons in the bible. Since they read it daily, a set of several pieces is necessary. They seem to get confused when using several colors, especially on a single page.

For these types of readers or bible students, TWOHANDS Bible Dry Highlighters will suit them best. The set consists of eight (8) gel pens with one color, neon yellow or bright yellow. It has more than enough to highlight all the important words in the whole bible.

Its twist-up design can let you sharpen the tips to make it finer for underlining. You can also slice it a bit for a blunt or chisel-like tip. It’s all up to you depending on how you plan to use it.

But for sure, it is very conveniently designed, does not bleed through pages, and does not smear. Using these pens will keep your bible safe and clean.

No sticking pages as long as you do not press it so hard. In this way, you can avoid lumps that may cause it to stick to another lump on the other page. Extra care and light strokes are all you need to make a perfect highlight on your favorite bible texts.

  • 8 pieces, One Color
  • Does not dry out when uncapped
  • Can be sharpened for finer tips
  • Twist-Up design
  • Heavy use on one page will create lumps and make them sticky

Not all bible readers need a variety of colors. Single color is enough to do the job. This is where these pens can be depended on. One color, eight twist-up pens. Even if you lose one or two, there will be more extra pens. You don’t have to worry about giving it to somebody who needs it. Anyway, you still have some more to share.

8. Sypen Bible Gel Highlighters

sypen bible gel highlighters

Versatility is what makes most products change every game. Manufacturers are very conscious of the needs of their customers. They make sure that the products they create can be used in several important ways.

Some people see these products as innovations and creativity. To make one product function as two is better, and to add another use is superb.

SYPEN Bible Highlighter with Pen and Stylus in One is one of the best examples in their category. A very versatile pen that can write, can highlight, and can also serve as a stylus for any touchscreen gadget you have.

It is a 3 in 1 combination of features in an ergonomically designed pen for daily use. You can use it as a bible highlighter with its yellow gel tip on one side, and a ballpoint pen inside a stylus tip on the other side. A brilliant idea that is created with fashion and style.

I say fashion because the pen design is colorful and with metallic accents. It also has a contoured grip design for extra writing comfort and convenience. However, the highlighter tip is not that long and may get used up easily. Good thing it is a set of six (6) leaving you with many extras.

  • 3 in 1 combination pen
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • With contoured comfort grip
  • Sensitive stylus point
  • With metal clip and chrome accents
  • Pens have different color designs but all of their inks are black

You need bible highlighters that can help you organize your ideas to make them easier to memorize and understand. Having these pens with multiple uses can help you do your task and daily routine very effectively.

9. String & Space No Bleed Bible Highlighters Pens

string & space no bleed bible highlighters pens

As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier”. In the case of bible highlighter pens, the more colors to choose from, the more ideas you can ponder on. And since highlighting bible passages is like outlining a certain chapter, having several colors to choose from can help you interrelate every main point to corresponding minor points.

These advantages can be achieved by using the String and Space Pastel Highlighters set of 25 pens. This wide range of pastel color selections (25 colors) will help you organize your thoughts using color codes you wish to assign to every biblical passage you need to meditate on.

The ink color from these pens is very stable and vivid. Double striking or double shading is not necessary. Besides, the pastel colors are visible with a single stroke.

It is very versatile and you can also use it in every creative artwork you want to accomplish. With its dual-tip design, you will have the convenience of shifting from fine lines to broader shades or highlights.

Each pen is quick-drying and non-toxic, which is why it is safe for both children and adults. The pastel colors are very pleasing to the eyes and will motivate you in your daily bible reading routine.

  • A set of 25 pens and different pastel colors
  • Dual-tip design, Fine and Chisel tips
  • Smooth and clean application
  • Quick-drying and non-toxic materials used
  • The fine tip might smear or bleed through on some paper quality

Having a dual-tip design is very convenient especially if you need to immediately shift from underlining important passages to fully highlighting a complete thought using the chisel point. But since this is an ink-type highlighter, it is best to use it gently when striking through a page especially if it is thin paper material like the one used in most bibles.

10. LYRA Dry bible Highlighters Pencils

lyra dry bible highlighters pencils

Most bible highlighters use quick-drying ink and the pen construction is usually made of plastic. Though plastic material has its advantages, pens and pencils made of wood have more advantages in terms of being environmentally friendly and durable.

The type of material being used by LYRA for their bible highlighter pens or pencils is a high-quality wood that is very suitable for writing. It is a set of 5 neon colors (Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Lime).

This is similar to a bible highlighters crayon in a wooden shell. Each highlighter pencils are big and chunky for a more comfortable grip.

It is like going back to the basics when crayons and pencils were the ones being used in highlighting every bible, journal, and magazine. These are classic but still the type that is durable and dependable.

These are also the types that you can leave in the rain or under the sun, and still write the vivid colors they have in every wooden case.

This bible highlighter pencil glides smoothly on any bible surface leaving a vivid mark visible enough to imprint a visual recollection. The 5 neon colors can be assigned to a specific idea based on importance or priority.

  • Big and chunky for comfortable grip
  • LYRA Megaliner dry highlighter 5 Neon color set (Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Lime)
  • No bleed and smears
  • Durable and environment friendly
  • Erasable
  • Too thick and fat for regular sharpeners

This type of highlighter pencil is very durable and will certainly not dry out. Just put it in a maxi pencil case along with your journal supplies and you can easily use it anywhere. It is waterproof and shatterproof. These are very ideal for people always on the go. Someone who cares about his spirituality and loves the environment as well.

What to Look For When Buying a Bible Highlighter

bible highlighter pencil

Studying the Bible is very important. Since we use and read it daily, it is equally important to consider the following factors in choosing the most trustworthy bible highlighters available in the market today.

Ink Type and Quality

The dual-tip highlighters are mostly marker-type highlighters. They are easy to use and great for thicker paper quality. Most bibles use thinner paper and marker-type highlighters will bleed through the pages if used without care.

That is why a dry highlighter for bible pages is more preferred. The ones with gel-type and that are waxy are the safest to use if you want a bleed-free highlighter.

Though some gel-based pens are not that clear and vibrant, you need to choose colors that are visually recallable and will not easily fade.

Comfortable Use and Design

Since you will be using your bible daily, your highlighter pens must also be handy and user-friendly. Choose the type with contoured comfort grip or at least the right shape and texture for comfortable regular use.

Dual-tip highlighters offer great value and comfort. The chisel tip is perfect for highlighting. The fine tip is great for underlining and note-taking. You just need to be very careful in using them because a slight overuse can bleed through the pages on some bible material or paper.

The twist-up highlighters are best for thin paper materials because they do not smear and bleed. But there are quality types that easily fade or even have a lighter color than they should be.

Color Selection

Highlighting is outlining. Choose colors that match your outlining and visual recollection. A set of four or more can do the job better. The colors you choose will depend on what you think is the right one to remind you of a certain idea or focus on an outline.

It is important to write down or have a visual guide to organize your thoughts and priorities according to the colors you previously set.

For example, assign brighter colors for main points. Lighter colors for points supporting the main points. Use a similar shade of color to support the idea of the main color you used.

Always test every color since they usually vary when already used in the paper compared to what they look while still on the pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

bible gel highlighters

How do you Organize Bible Journaling Supplies?

You can start by having a handy and portable case with a zipper or lock. This will hold your supplies together. Use labels for each type of supply while putting them on their own smaller case or a pouch.

Like for example, a separate pouch for your highlighter pens, and another one for your notebook and writing pens. Color codings on your smaller pouch can also be visually useful for easy identification. Make sure to arrange them in a manner that can easily be pulled out and returned neatly.

How to Keep Gel Bible Highlighters from Sticking?

Bible highlighters that are ink-based are the safest to use if you wish to avoid sticking every page to one another. But ink-based usually bleeds through pages.

Gel-based highlighters are more smear and bleed-free. However, they will make your pages stick only if you use too much than what is needed to highlight a particular passage. Avoid pressing it too hard that lumps may build up causing them to stick to one another.


A visual recollection of bible passages is important while reading it. That is why bible highlighters have a big role in accomplishing this type of recollection. It is, therefore, crucial to choose the best bible highlighters to do the job.

The reviews and guidelines presented here will help you decide which type is compatible with your bible material. These will further assist you in choosing which set is dependable enough to help you organize the lessons and principles you need to meditate on while reading your bible.

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