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The Best Calligraphy Set for Beginners in 2023

best calligraphy set for beginners

Calligraphy is an art form that takes a long time to get good at. It will even take longer if you do not practice regularly. To make sure that you are always raring to go sharpen your calligraphy skill, you will need the best calligraphy set for beginners.

If you are a complete beginner at calligraphy, you might not even know what to look for in the best beginner calligraphy set. How can you tell if a calligraphy pen is good or bad? This article will teach you all the things that you need to know about calligraphy pens. You will also understand how to spot a great deal when you come across one.

In addition, you will receive some product recommendations, giving you an idea of what a good calligraphy set is.

Best Calligraphy Set for Beginners Reviews

1. The Lettering Tribe Beginners Calligraphy Set

the lettering tribe beginners calligraphy set

This calligraphy writing set for beginners contains all the tools and materials that you will need to get started immediately. Aside from getting decent nibs and pen holders, you will also obtain other neat stuff, like several bottles of ink, a couple of small pads of paper, and around ten different writing nibs.

Speaking of the freebies, this set comes with a link to a free instructional ebook that is easy to understand. Not only will you be getting all the materials needed to practice calligraphy, but you will also gain access to useful instructions. This means you can immediately start practicing right after you open the box.

Another nice thing about this modern calligraphy set for beginners is that it comes with ten different calligraphy nibs. Expect to get fine-tipped nibs and those that have duckbill tips for wider lines. I know that it can be tempting to use each one of the nibs, but you should pick just one for the moment to practice with.

Now, if you are thinking of giving this best beginner calligraphy pen as a gift, the box itself looks nice enough even without wrapping paper. I like giving these to my nieces and nephews who show an interest in calligraphy. The carrying case is beautiful enough as is that all I needed to do was to put a ribbon and a card on it.

Since this is a beginner’s kit, I noticed that this product also comes with a couple of issues. The biggest one, in my opinion, is that aside from the black ink, the colored inks are too watery. You will need to put a bit of gum Arabic into the inks to give them more consistency. Some nibs do not fit the holder, too.

  • Contains everything that you will ever need for calligraphy
  • Comes with free calligraphy for beginner’s ebook
  • The nibs are nice and smooth to write with.
  • Has a nice-looking carrying case
  • Watery colored inks
  • Some nibs can’t fit the holder

Although experienced calligraphy artists might not like this set, this is not for them. Beginners will love the fact that everything they need to get started is in one box. The included e-book with every purchase is also a nice touch coming from the manufacturer.

2. Trustela Beginners Calligraphy Set

trustela beginners calligraphy set

This is one of the most common calligraphy kits for beginners because it comes with 20 different pen nibs. These nibs range from very fine to wide, duckbill tips. With all these nibs at your disposal, you can do everything from calligraphy to ink drawings. The downside here is that it can be overwhelming.

Another nice touch is the included metal pen holder. I liked this inclusion a lot, mainly because I no longer need to use a paper towel. Having a pen holder is a lot more convenient. Aside from that, it makes cleanup afterward much easier.

You will also be getting four bottles of different-colored inks. In addition to the usual black, you will also be getting blue, green, and red. In my experience, it is much more enjoyable to practice calligraphy when using different colors from time to time.

You will also be getting three different nib holders. All three are made of wood and in different colors. The nice thing about having several pens at the ready is that it promotes ease in switching between nib sizes, without having to remove them from the holder.

This would have been a great beginner’s set for calligraphy if only the inks were a bit translucent. They are fine for practice, but if you want to take your hobby a bit more seriously, it should be better in terms of being opaque. Another thing, there should be an instructional manual, even just a basic one, included in the set, but there is none.

  • Comes with 20 pieces of calligraphy pen nibs
  • A handy pen holder is in the set
  • Has four bottles of ink
  • The set includes three different pen holders
  • No instructional manual included
  • The inks are not as opaque as I would have wanted them to be

Although this set comes with the best pens for calligraphy beginners, the bottles of ink are lackluster. The variety of nib, though, is fantastic, and I doubt I will be able to use all of them any time soon.

3. Hethrone Beginners Calligraphy Pens Set

hethrone beginners calligraphy pens set

Among the things that I liked the most about this set are the beautifully made nibs. Although they do not add much to their functionality, they work well as decorative pieces when you are not using them. However, some have a lot of creases for holding more ink.

If you are planning to give this set as a gift, you do not need to wrap it up as the box itself looks nice as is. I have given a couple of these sets to some friends, and all I needed to add was a card.

As I said earlier, the decorative designs of the nibs did not add too much in terms of the way they function. However, they are not too shabby either. I have tested all of them and they all wrote smoothly. Some nibs did work better than the others but none of them were bad.

Also, the wooden nib holder was quite nice to use. The pen has a nice heft to it. It has a nice shape that makes it very comfortable to hold. This is unlike the other cheap nib pens I have used that were so light and felt really cheap.

I do have a bit of an issue with the ink that came with the set, though. In my opinion, it is a bit too watery. If you will be practicing on cheap copy paper, expect the ink to bleed through the paper. So, I suggest that you place another sheet underneath your paper to prevent it from staining your work surface.

  • Comes with a couple of beautiful decorative nibs
  • Features a nice, retro-style box
  • The nibs all write smoothly
  • Provides a wooden nib holder that is comfortable to use
  • The ink that came with the set is a bit watery
  • Does not come with instructions or descriptions of the nibs

Learning how to use these nibs has a bit of a learning curve. Despite that, the variety of nibs and how nice they all look make the set well worth the price. This also works well as a gift, especially since the box already has a beautiful design.

4. HOHUHU Beginners Feather Quill Pen Set

hohuhu beginners feather quill pen set

Have you ever wanted to try writing with a quill pen? This is the next best thing. Although you will not be using the base of a feather, this dip calligraphy pen does have a quality feather quill that gives a nice aesthetic.

Whenever I feel particularly fancy, I bust out this pen and just start writing whatever I feel like.

The pen holder itself is made of cast brass, which gives the pen a nice heft. It also makes it resistant to rusting. The nibs are also highly resistant to corrosion because of the stainless steel and iridium used in creating them. Another nice thing about the nibs is that they all have nice decorative designs. They feel fancy when writing with them.

Speaking of the nibs, not only do they have fancy decorations but they also write quite well. Most of the most preferred calligraphy nibs for beginners can hold quite a lot of ink and they are not scratchy at all. I am particularly fond of the two that look like spearheads. They have lots of indents that hold a lot of ink.

This set comes with almost all the basic things that you will need to start your calligraphy hobby. This includes a bottle of ink. Although I have used inks that are of better quality, this one is good enough to practice with. The consistency is just right that it sticks to the nibs. However, it is still loose enough that it flows smoothly to the paper.

The only real issue I have is that even though the nibs look different from each other, they write just about the same. It would have been better if the tips have different sizes and flexibility.

  • The pen has an elegant yet functional design
  • Corrosion-resistant, thanks to the stainless steel and iridium used in the nibs
  • Comes with a bottle of quality ink
  • The set of decorative nibs writes smoothly
  • The nibs are all the same size
  • The ink is a bit too translucent – It is just good enough for practice

The nice thing about this calligraphy set is that using it makes you feel like you are in medieval times or the Renaissance. The feather at the end of the nib holder gives the pens an elegant flourish, which just makes you want to write even more.

5. Plotube Calligraphy Pen Set

plotube calligraphy pen set

The first thing that you will immediately notice is that this starter calligraphy set comes with a lot of calligraphy nibs, 11 different ones to be exact. Most of them are specialty nibs that only experienced scribes usually use. However, that does not mean you will not have fun trying them all.

Aside from the nibs, you will also be getting 7 bottles of ink of different colors. Having different colors to choose from right out of the box will make you want to start working on your calligraphy immediately. Also, the inks have passable quality. They have nice opaqueness and consistency.

I also like the pen nib holder quite a lot. The weight is just right. It is not too heavy and not too light either. The shape is also quite ergonomic. It sits nicely in my hand, making it comfortable to hold. The best part is that it holds all 11 of the nibs securely. Nothing is loose.

Another nice touch is the beginner’s manual included with the kit. Since this kit is for absolute beginners, it is nice that it has an instruction booklet to help them get started immediately. However, the instructions are all for the basics. If you want to learn advanced techniques, you can go online for them.

As mentioned, the included manual only contains basic instructions. You will not get any information on how to use the specialty nibs. Another issue that I have is that some of the nibs scratch the paper. I had to sand the tips of the nibs to make them work properly.

  • The set contains 11 different kinds of nibs
  • Provides users with 7 bottles of different colors of ink
  • Boasts of a nicely weighted and ergonomically shaped pen nib holder
  • The package includes a beginner’s manual
  • No advanced instructions on the manual on how to use some of the nibs
  • Some of the nibs are quite scratchy

Although it was nice to see that you are getting a lot of nibs in this set, you may not be using all of them. There are specialty nibs that are for niche uses and most of them are for professional use. On the other hand, some nibs are quite good for practicing your calligraphy skills, so this is not a complete waste.

6. ZZKOKO Calligraphy Beginners Quill Pens Set

zzkoko calligraphy beginners quill pens set

The thing that surprised me the most when I started using this kit is how much ink the nibs can hold. The nibs were designed to write almost ten times the amount that other nibs can do. This means that you put the nib to paper much longer and write more before you need to dip.

Speaking of the nibs, you will be getting five in different sizes. You can write regularly using the fine nib, or you can give your letters a bit of flourish with the thicker nibs. I have been quite interested in doing medieval calligraphy and the #3 to #5 nibs made my letters look quite authentic.

The overall design of the pen is quite fancy. I liked the faux peacock feather quill. It looks and feels high quality but it is also more durable than real feathers. On that note, it is illegal to use a peacock’s feather in this way, so this is the next best thing.

I also liked the included wax seal candles. They add to the medieval feel of the set. I do not use them much, as I don’t use mail correspondences that much. However, I do like writing notes to myself and sealing them using the wax just for fun, and these candles work great in this regard.

There is one thing that you need to know about this set, though – that is the nibs are quite fragile. Be very careful when pulling out the nibs from the pen holder; otherwise, you might break them. I have done just this on my #2 nib and I had to use needle-nose pliers to pry out the broken nib.

  • The nibs hold an incredible amount of ink
  • The set contains five different size nibs
  • Has a quite fancy pen design
  • Includes three wax seal candles and a stamp
  • The nibs are very fragile
  • Quite crumbly wax seal candles

If you like using quill pens, this is the set for you. If you like sending old school mail or you just get a kick out of writing letters, you would like this old school set. The nibs were surprisingly nice to write with, but you might have difficulty using this quill when doing intricate designs. However, for casual note writing, I think this will do the trick.

7. Mont Marte Calligraphy Pen Set

mont marte calligraphy pen set

I like using these pens because they provide the convenience of fountain pens, but have the same nibs as dip pens. You can write as much as you can without having to dip your nibs after every couple of letters. I like that I can write entire quotes without missing a beat.

Another nice thing about this set is that it also contains four different pen bodies. I liked this because it meant that I do not need to remove the nibs when switching from one line thickness to the other. It is also nice that the pen bodies have different colors as it promotes ease in differentiating which nibs are in which pens.

Another neat thing is that these fountain pens use disposable/refillable ink cartridges. This set already includes 20 ink cartridges in 7 different colors. You can pick whatever color you would like to start with, and just go crazy. However, you must empty the cartridge and clean the nib and regulator if you want to switch colors.

I am not a beginner at calligraphy by any chance. However, if I am, I would appreciate the introductory manual and workbook that came with the set. The booklet contains all the basic instructions that beginners need to get their feet wet in the world of calligraphy. Upon completing the workbook, you can go on to more advanced lessons.

I would have liked to give this set a perfect score but it has a couple of problems. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is with the broadest nib. It lets the ink flow out too much. The ink flow was so great that the ink would drop out of the tip and blot the paper.

  • No more dipping as these are fountain pens
  • Contains 4 pens and 4 different nib sizes
  • Provides 20 different ink cartridges in 7 colors
  • Includes basic instructions and a practice workbook
  • The broad nibs let too much ink flow

The nice thing about this set of calligraphy pens is that they are cartridge-fed fountain pens. They are a lot more convenient to use compared to dip pens. However, you may need to tune these pens a bit to get the ink flow just right.

8. NKGI Beginners Calligraphy Kit

nkgi beginners calligraphy kit

I was quite surprised when I first opened the box because it contained 11 different nibs. The box was so small that I thought it would only come with three to five nibs, and not 11. Unlike the other beginner’s kits that I have tested, these nibs have different tip sizes.

I also liked the wooden nib holder included in the set. The wood is nice and dense. It also has an ergonomic shape, making it comfortable to use. It was also easy to insert and remove all the nibs included in the kit. They are not too tight and not loose at all.

I liked using the duckbill nibs. Not only do they write smoothly but they also have rather large ink reservoirs. The lines that these nibs make are very uniform and varying the pressure on the tip creates nice variations in the thickness.

Another nice thing included in this kit is the hefty metal pen holder. This helps me a lot because I do not need to lay down the pen on a dirty paper towel. Having a pen holder also keeps the ink on the nib and not on the pen body. This makes cleanup much easier.

Thankfully, you can find lots of calligraphy tutorials online because the included instructional booklet is not much help. It only teaches the very basics, like how to hold the pen and the basic strokes. Also, the ink that came with the set is a bit too watery and bleeds easily.

  • Gives access to 11 different kinds of nibs
  • Includes a nice wooden nib holder
  • The nibs can hold an impressive amount of ink
  • Comes with a nifty pen holder
  • The included instruction manual is not that helpful
  • The ink that came with the kit is a bit runny

This set is far from perfect, but it is not that bad at all. The ink does need a bit of gum Arabic to make it better. Other than that, and other minor inconveniences, this set is quite nice to use and makes for a worthwhile gift.

9. ASXMA Wooden Calligraphy Glass Pen Set

asxma wooden calligraphy glass pen set

The nice thing about this set of calligraphy pens for beginners is that it contains a glass pen. Although the color of the pen you will get is random, you can be sure that you will receive a beautiful writing instrument nonetheless. Having the glass pen will truly give you a wide assortment of calligraphy writing options.

Moving to the wooden pen holder, you will find that it is also quite beautiful. Unlike other kits that come with bland-looking pens, this one is crafted beautifully, making it worthy of standing beside the glass pen.

Aside from being beautiful, the wooden pen is also quite functional. It has a well-balanced and ergonomically shaped body. With that, I can prove that it is definitely comfortable to hold.

In addition to the pens, this set also has four different colors of ink, namely black, red, blue, and orange. I was somewhat surprised that there was a bottle of orange ink as it was quite unusual.

After a while, it became my favorite, especially for practicing. All the inks have nice consistency and opacity. I think even experienced calligraphy artists would like them.

This kit also has a lot of extras. Aside from the ten different types of pen nibs, it also came with a brass pen holder and a rinsing cup. The rinsing cup is for the glass pen so that the ink would not stain the nib. The brass pen holder allows you to put the pen down without it rolling off the table.

I do have a couple of minor gripes with this set, and one is that it did not come with instructions. This is supposedly a calligraphy set for beginners but you are left alone to figure out how to use the contents. There should at least be a booklet that explains how to at least replace the nibs, but there are none.

  • The set includes a beautiful glass pen and a rinsing cup
  • The classic design used for the wooden pen handle
  • Comes with four bottles of ink
  • Has a brass pen holder to keep the pen from rolling off the table
  • The ink bottles leak and the rubber stoppers are hard to remove
  • Does not have any instructions for beginners

The glass pen alone makes this whole set worth getting. However, since this is a kit meant for beginners, having an instruction booklet would have helped a lot. Overall, because of the variety of nibs included in the set and the glass pen, this is a worthwhile investment.

10. Daveliou Complete Beginners Calligraphy Set

daveliou complete beginners calligraphy set

The first thing that you will notice about this set is the beautiful carrying case. The case is made of thick cardboard wrapped with faux alligator (or is it snake) skin and embossed with gold lettering. If you will be giving this set as a gift, the only other things you will need are a small ribbon and a card.

Another neat thing about this collection of calligraphy pens is that it includes five bottles of different-colored ink. Aside from the usual black, red, and blue, this set also has green and indigo colors. Having five options to choose from makes calligraphy practice less of a drag and even more fun.

This set also includes 12 different nibs. Unlike other sets, the nibs here have different sizes, ranging from fine to very broad. I had a real blast trying out all the different nibs to determine which one I would like to continue practicing with.

Another thing about this product is that the manufacturer provides good customer service. Two of the nibs in my set came damaged and I tried to get in touch with Daveliou with my concern. I did not think that I would get a refund but imagine my surprise when they responded to my message and immediately sent replacement nibs.

  • The set comes in a nice-looking carrying case
  • The contains five colors of ink
  • Has different sizes of nibs
  • Provides excellent customer service
  • Some of the nibs are quite flimsy
  • The instruction manual was written in extremely small fonts

This product makes for a nice gift for the people in your life who are interested in the hobby. However, no one will fault you for keeping this set for yourself. Not only are the pens beautiful to look at but they are also functional.

What to Look For When Buying a Calligraphy Set For Beginners

best beginner calligraphy set

Since you are searching for the most suitable calligraphy pens for beginners, it should be safe to assume that you have no prior experience with calligraphy. If you are having difficulty choosing from the many choices available, here are some pointers that might help:

Nib Choices

Even if you are a beginner at calligraphy, having lots of nib choices is always a good thing. So, when you are shopping for a new calligraphy set, choose the one that has the greatest number of nibs included.

The nibs should have different sizes, not just one. This way, you will be able to freely experiment with different line thicknesses and styles.

Nib Quality

The nibs should be able to write smoothly regardless of what kind of paper you decide to use. Although they do not usually write as smoothly as ballpoint pens, they should come close. There are certain ways to make your calligraphy nibs write smoother but they should already be able to do that right out of the box.

Ink Included

Most calligraphy sets intended for beginners already come with a small bottle (sometimes multiple bottles) of ink. Now, just because the ink came free with the calligraphy pens, that does not mean it should be cheap.

The ink included in the set should have good consistency, meaning the nibs won’t have trouble holding it. In addition, it should not be too loose that it immediately bleeds through the paper the moment you start writing.

Aside from ink quality, it would also be nice if the calligraphy set you bought contained different colors of ink. It can be more enjoyable to practice using different colors of ink occasionally.


The pens in the set should be very comfortable to hold and write with. Remember that to get good at calligraphy, you will need to practice for at least an hour or two a day.

This means you will need a pen that you can write with for long periods at a time without making your hands cramp. Also, you can search for calligraphy for left-handed beginners to get options for lefties.

Frequently Asked Questions

best calligraphy starter kits

What do I Need for Beginner Calligraphy?

The basic things that you will need to get started with calligraphy include a set of nibs, which range from fine to broad points, a nib holder (pen), and a bottle of ink. You do not need anything fancy at this point since you are still starting.

Where can I buy a Calligraphy Set?

You can find a lot of calligraphy sets for beginners in most stationery stores and wherever you can buy school supplies. However, for a wider range of choices, you can shop online. The only drawback of online shopping is that you do not get to test the pens out before paying for them.


Calligraphy is a great hobby that can also be somewhat profitable if you know what you are doing. If you are a beginner, there is no need to go after professional-grade pens, markers and inks immediately. You just need to find the top calligraphy set for beginners and it will come with all of the things that you need to get started.

However, you must choose only the best calligraphy starter kits that you can find. The reason is that this set will be the key to determining whether you want to continue with the hobby or not.

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