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The Best Copic Marker Alternatives for 2023

best copic marker alternatives

Artworks like paintings, sketches, or even just doodles are very relaxing to make. However, they also require quite some specifics to match an artist’s style or preference and often rely on the materials. A lot of artists like to use high-quality markers, either for calligraphy or just coloring in. One of the biggest brands in the market is Copic – and since it’s known as one of the best, it also comes with a hefty price. So, the question, “What are the best Copic marker alternatives?”

Best Copic Marker Alternatives Reviews

1. Caliart Alcohol Brush Markers

caliart alcohol brush markers

Caliart’s Alcohol Brush Art Markers is one of the best alternative to Copic Markers I’ve kept my eyes on since I started with my coloring books. Its chisel allows me to easily fill in the wide spaces, while its brush tip allows me to work carefully around the edges and some streaks.

I like keeping my workspace clean, as it allows me to breathe and work freely when my hands are doing the work. It can be quite stressful when I don’t know what color I’ve picked from my holder, as I don’t like having to go through every single one. Its colored caps allow me to easily pick the right marker from my usual bird’s eye view.

Though this feature can be quite common among other markers, it also helps that the shape of the pen is somewhat thinner in the middle. This not only allows me to hold the marker easily, but to fit virtually all of them in a single pen mug.

These markers are great when you like to work with thicker materials, such as marker paper. They’re also great when I use them to give a fading effect on my coloring books, as their color can be very light with a gentle hand. Still, I do ensure that there is a thicker sheet of paper underneath the page to prevent it from ruining other pages.

However, the Caliart Alcohol Brush Art Markers are – as you may have guessed – alcohol-based, so they do easily seep through thinner paper or art materials. I like to place some extra sheets of paper underneath the pages I’m working on just to prevent ruining the other pages.

  • Dual-tip allows versatility
  • Initially light color allows for easier control of shade
  • Good ergonomics
  • Easy color mixing
  • Color-coded caps
  • Ink bleeds through thin materials

Generally, the Caliart Alcohol Brush Art Markers are great for those who are gentle and a bit more experienced when it comes to coloring.

2. Shuttle Art Alcohol Based Art Markers

shuttle art alcohol based art markers

Shuttle Art 121 Art Markers is one of the brands that allow for great versatility. Artists would appreciate the performance and varied options they offer. This set offers a lot of specifics that allow them to choose what they need for the project. Professional artists would also appreciate this because they won’t need to buy another set because this one comes with many.

Other markers, like Copic markers, have a large cube-shaped body, which is great for big hands. But, for people who have small hands and a strong grip, these Art Markers have one of the best bodies to work with, as they can be very easy to hold.

As these art markers are alcohol-based as well, they also tend to just bleed through thin paper. However, being alcohol-based markers, they are surprisingly very comfortable to use as they are non-toxic and completely acid-free. This feature offers comfort for the nose while working, as no strong scents will exude when coloring.

Since these art markers can also be used for different substrates as well, they’re great for artists that would really love to leave a permanent mark. Its bold color makes it great for thick paper and sure coloring-in. These markers give a solid color once used, so heavy-handed people can also work with them easily.

On the downside, they can bleed through thin paper especially if the user hesitates and takes a long time in shading or making lines.

  • Dual tips are broad and bullet-shaped
  • Non-toxic and acid-free alcohol-based markers
  • Great ergonomics
  • Color-coded caps
  • Strong, solid color
  • Bleeds through thin substrates

These 121 Art Markers by Shuttle Art are perfect for professional artists who like to have flexibility in their artworks, be it in their substrates or coloring materials.

3. Vigorfun Alcohol Art Paint Marker Pens

vigorfun alcohol art paint marker pens

VigorFun 88 Art Paint Markers have a dual tip that are great for both coloring in and writing, as the one tip is broad, while the other is fine. Artists would find them useful even for rewriting school notes because they are easy to style however they wish.

Its triangular body helps for gripping easily, but it can feel uncomfortable at times since it’s a bit big for my hands. Its colors are very bright once used but dry easily, so they’re great for writing notes as one can easily navigate through them once finished rewriting them.

Other markers offer a lighter color once used, but these markers have a solid brightness to them. However, many would find them an advantage especially when trying to highlight something. That’s not all, though, as these markers are also excellent for artists who want to work with markers that give a brighter and more solid color.

These markers are great to work with when writing and when coloring that necessitates fine-tuning, thanks to its fine-tip end. VigorFun Markers are great for doodle artists that like to work with colored pens, as well as students who like to rewrite notes, as the markers are great for those who like to look at specific details.

On the downside, these markers might not be for those that love blending.

  • Fine tip allows for easier writing
  • Triangular body for good grip
  • Color-coded caps
  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Dries fast
  • Color blending is not that great

Overall, VigorFun 88 Art Paint Markers are great for artists and students who like to work with vibrant colors that are individually great. They may not work well when blended, but any artist or stylist can find the perfect complement for these markers, making their work a masterpiece!

4. ADAXI Art Sketch Markers

adaxi art sketch markers

These 60 Alcohol-Based Sketch Markers are great for artists of all ages, though not those below three years old. People would like to use these when working with one of the easier coloring books, as it gives a variety while still being easy to choose from.

When working on the easier coloring books, users can finish earlier with these markers, as the colors really stand out. They are very easy to mix, and users can quickly switch from broad, general coloring, to getting down to the nitty gritty finer details the piece needs.

Adaxi Art Markers are also alcohol-based markers. I recommend putting some sheets of paper underneath to avoid bleeding. But then, the ink is nontoxic and acid-free once dry.

Adaxi Art Markers have a square body, so they might be uncomfortable for people with small hands. But then, artists with larger hands won’t find any issues with them.

  • Two ends are broad-tip and fine-tip
  • Good grip for larger hands
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Easy color mixing
  • Good for sketching or scribbling
  • Dries easily when unused for a long period of time

Adaxi Art Markers can be used for different purposes, whether it be school, work, or just plain hobby purposes. These markers are great for children, teens, and adults who like to work easily with color. Its broad tip and fine tip allow for versatility in projects, drawings, and other art-related hobbies, so one can work in any way they prefer.

5. Memoffice Alcohol Art Markers

memoffice alcohol art markers

Memoffice 120 Alcohol Markers have 120 different colors that allow artists to pick a specific color they would want for their piece.

It is really one of the top Copic marker dupes. They offer a wide range of uses, including taking down notes of lectures and making notes on books as well as highlighting and writing when not used for coloring.

Memoffice 120 Colors allows anyone to vary my annotations for note-taking. Users can easily remember what they have written and review them quickly.

These markers share a similar feature to Copic in that their body has a square shape. It can be a bit bulky and difficult for people who have small hands to grip. Users might also find it challenging to find an angle where it can sit in their hands comfortably. But once they find the right angle where to rest the pen, there won’t be any other problem.

One of the drawbacks of the Memoffice 120 Colors Alcohol Markers is that they easily blotch on a page. Because of this, it tends to bleed through thin paper, so it might ruin other pages for you as well. However, these are made from eco-friendly materials and using them can contribute to a more sustainable world.

  • Quick drying
  • Dual tips are broad and fine
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Wide range of colors
  • Light colors allow for blending and mixing
  • Bleeds through thin paper

These markers are great for overall use, but are suited more for the professional side, as their wide range of colors can be overwhelming for beginners. These art markers are good to use for work, school, and hobby projects. They are easy to use for both highlighting, writing, and just plain coloring, as their broad color palette allows anyone to choose the best color to work with.

6. Ohuhu Pastel Brush Chisel Sketch Markers

ohuhu pastel brush chisel sketch markers

Ohuhu Pastel Markers work well for most professional artists like calligraphy artists and painters. These markers are ideal for use in coloring and blending.

The colors are very light when applied on the page, but then, they must not apply too much pressure when using them to avoid blotching. Nevertheless, users won’t find it uncomfortable using these markers at all because they can easily be blended and still come up with light shades.

Unlike other products, Ohuhu 48 Art Markers has a round body, which is much easier to grip as compared to those with edges, as it resembles a pen better. It can be very easy to grip because you can easily find an angle at which it can rest in your hands.

These markers don’t easily blotch, even if some users would apply some pressure when coloring. The ink can also dry quickly, so it is perfect for blending. People who love pastel palettes and achieve not too bright colors can appreciate these markers.

Some people might not be pleased with the colors lacking brightness.

  • Round body
  • Brush tip and broad tip
  • Does not blotch easily
  • Blending is easy
  • Dries quickly
  • Colors can lack brightness

These markers are great for artwork on thin paper since they don’t blotch easily. The colors are very easy to use and pick from, so they’re good for beginners and children working on coloring books. These are great for students and artists that work with a lighter color palette. These markers are easy to use when highlighting notes and writing annotations, while artists gain more control about the shade of the color they get depending on their strokes.

7. YiTai Art Sketch Markers

yitai art sketch markers

YiTai 30 Colors Art Markers are great markers for those who are not very active in using markers and looking for cheap alternatives to Copic markers. Its bright and solid colors make it perfect for children’s coloring books and for children practicing their art, as it is very easy to use and pick from.

These are what can be ideal for people who have just started with their hobby and good enough for beginner coloring books as well.

The markers are very easy to choose from and can easily inspire anyone to use them more often, especially for people who have just started with drawings and arts.

Its round barrel is also great and like Ohuhu Art Markers, but they are a little bit smaller, so they work well for both adults with small hands and children. They were very comfortable to hold and grip, so coloring with them will not be stressful on the fingers.

Because they closely resemble sharpies, YiTai Art Markers are best used on substrates like thicker paper, marker paper, and cloth. When working with these markers, I find it best to have extra layers of paper underneath a page I’m working on just to prevent any bleeding from ruining the other pages I can still work on.

However, as people level up and improve their art, they might not like the grainy and rough look that the marker gives. It might be hard to blend with other colors, as things can start looking dark when two colors would meet.

  • Broad and fine tip
  • Great for highlighting or writing
  • Vibrant, solid colors
  • Round barrel for a good grip
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Difficult to blend or mix colors

These markers work well for beginners and children, as they can ease up the color options, which can sometimes be intimidating.

8. Smart Color Art Markers

smart color art markers

Smart Color Art 45 Art Markers work well for both professionals and beginner artists, even for children who would just like to practice their coloring skills! It’s also one of the cheaper version of Copic markers. These were one of the markers I tried out when I was exploring my hobby, and they worked well and still look good despite the amount of time that has passed.

It took me some time to figure out that one of the empty looking markers was a blender, especially since I was just a beginner back then. Once I figured out just how to use it, I was able to blend the colors much more easily to stitch together all the colors in my artwork.

Its round barrel is similar to YiTai and Ohuhu Art Markers, making them easier to grip and more comfortable to hold when coloring in, highlighting, or even writing. All that is possible because at both ends, you can find a broad tip and a fine tip, which are great for filling in large spaces or highlighting, or just writing and drawing specific lines, respectively.

These markers look really smooth once blended and give a nice texture to my coloring books. Blotching also rarely happens with Smart Color Art Markers.

These markers are great on different substrates, be it paper, glass, or other ceramics. This gives you many options to choose from, allowing you to have one of the greatest creative freedoms you could ever have.

Though, it still does tend to bleed through thin paper, so be careful when working with it.

  • Smooth texture
  • Round barrel for good grip
  • Easy to blend colors
  • Works on a lot of substrates
  • Rarely blotches
  • Markers tend to leak

Smart Color Markers are great for both professional and beginner artists, as they are very versatile and easy to work with. They can also help children practice with their coloring skills.

9. Artpanishop Permanent Art Markers

artpanishop permanent art markers

Artpanishop Alcohol Art Marker Set is composed of varying colors. Users can rely on these markers for highlighting, reading books, writing, and other applications. They can also easily switch between annotating certain pages and use on some coloring books since they are very versatile.

Users have different preferences. Some might not want the vibrant colors for their coloring books. But for the majority, they’d like that the set comes complete with both primary and secondary colors, allowing users to easily work with it in taking down notes and adding sub notes.

These markers share the same barrel design with Copic and Memoffice art markers, coming in a square shape. This can make it difficult to hold for both children and adults with small hands, but is advantageous for those with larger hands. However, their fine tip and broad tip make it easy to work with in different situations.

Yet, I have tried using these markers on different substrates, such as cloth, ceramic, glass, metal, and wood. It sticks easily to the surface and it’s almost as if I was working on paper!

  • Works on different substrates
  • Square barrel for larger hands
  • Complete with primary and secondary colors
  • Broad tip and fine tip for different purposes
  • Solid, vibrant colors
  • Can stick to the surface

These markers are great for artists who like to experiment on different substrates, especially those that have been requested to design furniture or day-to-day items. Overall, they are versatile enough for a wide range of uses, so artists can have more options on their uses.

10. ARTIFY Alcohol Brush Artist Markers

artify alcohol brush artist markers

Artify Alcohol Brush Markers have two different tips and different colors on each one and might be better than Copic markers. This set of markers works well for the professional artists out there, but they are also not bad for people who have a hobby of filling in coloring books to relax.

These markers have a very even color when applied, so its color really remains the same all throughout the stroke. It’s applied color is much darker than what is shown in the cap, but that gives a more solid and stronger color for artists that really like their colors to pop. Despite this, the markers are very easy to blend with one another.

Its barrel is designed to be circular, much like YiTai and Ohuhu Art Markers, making it easy and comfortable to group all throughout the work period. Its brush tip is also not too long, so it can be very easy to control when painting or making calligraphy art.

These markers are also easy to blend with colors, so the finished products of coloring books don’t have any edges or lines that stand out and give a large contrast to different colors.

These markers also work well on different surfaces or substrates, like glass, ceramic, or wood. However, their application will clearly be different than when applied on paper, and it will take some more time to dry on glass or ceramic. Yet, they do still give a beautiful color and a wonderful finished product once you get to figure out how best to apply it.

However, the brush tips might not be that durable.

  • Round barrel for good grip
  • Brush tip and broad tip
  • Comes with a stylish case
  • Easy to blend
  • Gives a strong, solid color
  • Brush tips are not durable

Overall, these markers are great for both professional and beginner artists, but the different colors and brush tips can be slightly intimidating for beginners who don’t know much about arts initially.

What to Look For When Buying a Copic Marker Alternatives

best alternative to copic markers

Markers that give artists an excellent experience and are superb in quality are gems in an art store. Copic markers are reputable in their unique features and innovative ways of art, but these markers can take a toll on the budget. If you’re looking for Copic marker alternatives, here’s a buying guide for you.


Copic markers have a wide range of colors, but there are markers similar to Copic but cheaper when it comes to color options.

Shuttle Art is a favorite among artists who like to practice around because it has a wide range of color options with great blending capabilities. This marker brand lacks earthy tones, but the good quality ink and its non-toxic features are crisp for beginners.

Ohuhu is a marker brand that also offers a lot of color options for artists and illustrators. They have skin tone colors that will match whatever project you have in mind.

Keebor Premium markers and Promarkers from Winsor and Newton, also have an extensive range of colors to choose from.

Ink Refill and Tip Replacement

One of the most attractive features of Copic markers is their replaceable tips. There are a lot of marker brands that offer almost the same quality, but it is hard to find markers with tips that are readily available for replacement.

The ShinHan Touch Twin markers come with refillable ink and replaceable tips, making them very similar to that of Copic. Aside from that, it also has a commendable blending ability. They glide and blend smoothly without bothersome lines from different colors on paper.

Blick Studio Brush Markers are also professional-quality markers that make a perfect alternative if you want refillable ink and replaceable tips. It also has over 100 colors with a colorless blender that works similarly with Copic.


There’s a reason why Copic markers are coveted by professional illustrators and colorists. Copic markers are very high-quality and their output does not fade over time.

Prismacolor has an advanced dye technology as an alcohol-based marker. Its technology means that it is saturated enough, without easily fading over the years. It has a rich coverage and its application on paper is very smooth. They are also less expensive compared to that Copic.

Zig Art and Graphic Twin Markers are impressive in terms of quality, especially for those who are new to using alcohol-based markers. These markers have dual ends and they are affordable as sold in sets.

Other brands that are of good quality that are great for beginners and hobbyists include Keebor Premium Markers. They have 80 colors to choose from and its grip is ergonomic. Each marker is highly pigmented with a crisp finish on most paper surfaces.

Caliart markers are also commendable for being smudge-proof and waterproof. These markers have reliable pigmentation for various art projects. Touch Twin markers are also comparable to Copic markers in terms of final output quality.

Water-Based Marker

One alternative to the alcohol-based marker is water-based ones. If you are working with alcohol-based Copic alternatives, they may often have a strong smell while writing. Water-based markers are dependable substitutes if you want to work on something that needs shading.

Arteza has markers similar to Copic markers, that are double-sided with a fine tip and a brush end. These markers create wash-ends that aren’t achieved with alcohol-based markers.


A good Copic marker alternative is affordable but also does not compromise on quality. Art-n-Fly is a dependable brand that comes at less than half the price of Copic markers. What makes Art-n-Fly great is how it is refillable with readily available inks in the market.

Another great bang for the buck marker brand is Ohuhu. This marker is alcohol-based, and unlike cheaper alternatives, this comes with highly pigmented inks. These markers are also perfect for seamless blending and they come in 80 other colors and a colorless blender, like that of Copic.

Bianyo markers are alternatives you would want for pens that are easy on the budget with good ink quality. They glide consistently on paper products, with a flexible brush and chisel tips. These markers don’t emit a strong alcohol scent, making them a crowd favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

best copic marker dupes

Are Ohuhu Markers as Good as Copic?

Ohuhu is an excellent alternative for Copic markers because they are affordable.

Ohuhu is a highly pigmented marker, and its ink is blendable with its other colors. It is also alcohol-based and has a variety of colors to choose from.

Compared to Copic markers, Ohuhu has an excellent price point and great for up-and-coming artists. Their markers are also good for beginners who’ve just started with alcohol-based pens and exploring colored markers.

Which is Better Prismacolor or Copic?

The answer depends on one’s preferences in budget and style. If you’re looking for refillable markers, go for Copic. But if you’re after a lower priced brand, choose Prismacolor.

Both are alcohol-based markers with competitive dual-ends and colors for various art projects.

Prismacolor markers are not refillable unlike Copic, but they last a good time with an excellent price point.

Whether Prismacolor or Copic is better depends on your needs, budget, and usage.


There is no single brand or product that all artists universally agree to because it all boils down to preferences and experiences. It is truly up to the artist as to how they bring out their potential in these markers, as no art markers define artists; artists bring out the best in their markers and materials. Now, if you’re trying to choose the best Copic Marker alternatives, we hope that this buying guide has helped.

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