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The Best Copic Markers for 2023

best copic markers

Initially intended and released for manga illustrators, the best Copic markers now come in styles and use for a wide range of applications. New colors and styles have also been added to Copic Marker products, so artists, including graphic designers, fashion designers, fine artists, and hobbyists are becoming interested in them.

If you’re one and looking for the right Copic markers to start with, we’ve prepared reviews and a buying guide for you in the following.

Best Copic Marker Reviews

1. Copic Marker C72A Classic Sketch Set

copic marker c72a classic sketch set

This set is the favorite of many professional and aspiring artists. For one, the pens are versatile and have a double-ended design, offering more options on how artists like their drawings to come out all the time. The double-sided design, meaning a nib on each end, is perfect for a specific application.

These markers have a professional quality, making the pens a popular tool for budding sketchers, pencilers, and highlighters. One notable thing is its smooth application, so no fuss whatsoever. People will be comfortable using these sketch color markers, which they might not get from their previous sets.

When buying markers, many people are averse to a product’s distinct alcohol odor. While this product features alcohol-based ink, it is almost odorless and dries acid-free. In this case, kids can use these markers without undermining their health.

It is also great to know that the ink is non-toxic. It makes the marker suitable for families with kids who love arts and crafts. They can leave their children while using these markers, knowing they are safe.

People who want to save money on their markers can also choose this set because they are refillable. It simply means that they do not need to replace the pens but refill the ink when they are out. The nibs are also replaceable if they are worn, minimizing environmental waste and plastic pollution.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with broken casing during delivery. Such incidents are not the manufacturer’s fault, however.

  • Professional-quality markers
  • Double nib design
  • Perfect for artists, designers, and architects
  • Non-toxic, almost odorless ink
  • Great for coloring stamps, scrapbooking, and other arts and crafts
  • Some broken cases delivered

Overall, the Copic Marker C72A Classic is ideal for users that want versatility and performance in their markers. It is also suitable for people who need a refillable set and who hate alcohol-smelling ink.

2. Copic Sketch Markers W/Multiliner Pen

copic sketch markers w/multiliner pen

Hobbyists and professional artists appreciate a sketch marker that applies smoothly and seamlessly for the best masterpieces. For Copic markers, these sketch markers are undeniably some of the finest on the market.

These drawing markers dry up fast and leave no streak on paper, unlike other brands. The pens have an outstanding performance, making them excellent for sketching and drawing.

These gray markers have the complete trust of Japanese manga artists and animators because of the pens’ outstanding performance. They allow anyone to bring out their artistic side, be it in drawings, designs, and other works of art. These products are flexible, offering artists a lot of ways to use them.

Buyers will also appreciate the markers’ refillable design, eliminating any worry about discarding and replacing them with a new set when the ink dries out. As they are refillable, people will also not contribute to plastic pollution.

The comfortable grip is another advantage of this set, allowing artists to seamlessly draw, mark, color blend, and illustrate for countless hours. The sketch pens also do not roll away, adding to the comfort they offer.

These pens have replaceable tips, ensuring a more efficient way to maintain their operational use. Users can save a lot of money with these sketch markers while also saving the environment.

Fans of non-toxic ink will be glad this product has such an element. It also dries acid-free, so it is safe. The set is also compatible with the Copic airbrushing system, which makes it more versatile and valuable.

Sadly, some customers complain of shipping delays. It will not be the best product if one requires markers for an urgent project.

  • Versatile and high-performing markers
  • Perfect for arts and crafts, designing, and architecture
  • Made with a comfortable grip
  • Compatible with airbrushing system
  • Refillable and replaceable nibs
  • Shipping delays

The Copic Sketch Markers 5-Pack is an excellent choice for people looking for versatile and high-performing sketch pens with high-quality ink. These pens are refillable, non-toxic, durable, and a must-have in anyone’s art supplies’ collection.

3. Copic Markers MLSP10A SP Multiliner Set A

copic markers mlsp10a sp multiliner set a

This multiliner set includes pens in various styles and sizes, making them ideal for illustrations, manga, scrapbooking, pen-and-ink drawing, cartooning, and detail work. Any creative person would be delighted to have these multiliners in their collection because the markers let them do more.

Detailed and sensitive work also need reliable pens that do not smear or bleed on paper. It also needs seamless blending with Copic markers. This set of multiliners features quality ink that dries acid-free and will not damage paper fibers. The ink is also waterproof, making it great for consistent and permanent results.

The multiliner pens have polyester nibs, eliminating rolling or bending while ensuring optimum comfort and hassle-free operation. The markers also come with a tough plastic case with a cap, preventing the ink from drying fast.

These pens are perfect for use in combination with Copic’s sketch markers. Another good thing worth mentioning is the straight and crisp edge and a cross-section, allowing anyone to create perfect lines all the time.

The Copic Multiliner pens also have ink cartridges that can pop out fast and easily when they need replacement. They are not hard to replace, and users can quickly go back to what they are working on after ink cartridge replacement.

People will appreciate the robust aluminum body that makes the markers feel more professional and comfortable to hold. Artists will not have any hard time using any of these pens for extended hours.

Unfortunately, a few users report ink that dries faster than usual.

  • Waterproof and does not bleed
  • Comes with a wide range of brush tip sizes
  • Ideal for paint strokes, drawings, and sketches
  • Easily replaceable ink cartridges
  • Allows for narrow or broad writing
  • Some complaints about the ink drying up fast

Overall, this set is suitable for anyone who wants pens to use for calligraphy, hand lettering, and other works of art. The different sizes also allow for narrow or broad writing, offering users more versatility.

4. Copic Marker I6-Skin Ciao

copic markers i6 skin ciao

With lovely skin tone colors, the Ciao markers are perfect for portraiture and animation. People who love to draw and illustrate would appreciate this set of professional-quality implements. Blending, creating varied lines, and making vivid and clear markings are also a breeze with these drawing tools.

These pens are the finest Copic markers for skin tones, providing artists with realistic human drawings. They are non-toxic and safe alcohol-based-ink that dries acid-free. Parents will also be more confident with their children using these pens when drawing or making an illustration.

The markers are perfect for manga, crafts, and designs. However, they are versatile enough to offer users a wide range of applications, depending on their needs.

Other notable things about these markers are their smooth and vibrant color and ease of ink blending. The ink also does not damage paper fibers, making it suitable for anyone looking for detailed work pens. Creating masterpieces should be a cinch with these markers in an artist’s hands.

The permanent ink is free from any harmful chemicals and does not emit a strong and pungent odor. Anyone who wants to use high-quality pens that do not produce a bad odor should consider getting this product.

The pens are also suitable for other applications, including airbrushing and graphic arts. The double-ended markers have a broad tip perfect for large area coverage and achieving consistent results. Artists who want finer details in their work can use the fine tip end that doubles as a writing tool for calligraphy and scrapbooking.

One concern about this product is its inconsistent quality. Some users complain about receiving markers with dried-up ink.

  • Double-ended markers featuring a broad and fine tip
  • Replaceable nibs and refillable ink
  • Smooth application and quick-drying ink
  • Ideal for calligraphy, scrapbooking, and other arts and crafts
  • Some complaints about receiving pens with dried ink

One cannot ask for more with this skin tone set. It is versatile and flexible, ensuring exceptional value across a wide range of applications. They are also for artists and animators who want detailed, life-like drawings. These markers are also for people who love portraiture and manga and for anyone who loves Copic pens.

5. Copic Sketch Colorless Blender Markers

copic sketch colorless blender marker

People looking for a blender marker should not miss these Copic sketch tools. They can find comfort using every double-ended pen with a replaceable super brush and medium broad nibs. Users will find it easy to blend these colorless blender tools for their art and design projects.

One thing to note about these markers is their ease and smoothness of application, especially on photo-copied surfaces. The resulting colors of the blending are also vivid and vibrant, making every work of art popping with life and realism.

The quick-drying ink ensures minimal color bleeding. The markers make excellent tools for detailed work and drawings on sensitive paper. They do not damage paper fibers, guaranteeing optimal paper integrity from start to finish.

These markers are some of the best blender pens budding and professional artists can ever use. They impress people who use the products for adding effects to watercolor markers and water-based markers, producing high-quality results every time.

Some artists also used the markers with alcohol-based pens, producing spectacular results. Anyone looking for the perfect blending results can rely on these markers and make their works of art even lovelier.

The markers work well with brush tips that any artist will appreciate these blending tools in marbling, light blending of any shades, and blending with colored pens.

These blending tools are also refillable and built to last many years. Their reusable design can help in minimizing land pollution due to plastics in landfills.

One downside to this product is its tendency to bleed on thin paper. One must use the correct paper density to avoid this occurrence.

  • Perfect for blending with colored pens and other markers
  • Can be used for years to come because they’re refillable
  • Minimal bleeding and quick-drying ink
  • Easy and smooth to apply
  • Perfect for arts and crafts and drawings
  • Might bleed on some thin paper

Overall, the best deal on Copic markers can serve any designer, artist, or hobbyist well despite having a heftier price tag than other colorless variants on the market. If one does the math, one can save money on pens that last many years.

6. Copic I36B Ciao Markers Set B

copic i36b ciao markers set b

The Copic Markers Set B is a suitable Copic marker set for beginners. People looking to channel their creativity on these pens will find the tools effortless to use and apply smoothly on paper. They do not smear or bleed, so users can find them convenient to use.

Each marker features two nibs, giving room for more versatility and offering a wide range of applications. Some artists will find the medium-broad tip nib pleasant to use because it allows them to cover a larger drawing area with ease and convenience.

The super brush nib is also a great addition to its design. It is flexible enough to allow smooth blending and achieve a paint-like finish, underscoring the markers’ remarkable quality and professional feel. It is a drawing tool that can elevate an artist’s creativity several notches higher.

The Copic Ciao marker set also features non-toxic ink, freeing it from harmful chemicals while ensuring odor-free applications. Most products emit a strong odor when applied, which can be nauseating for some people. The permanent ink also dries quickly without undermining its quality. Art enthusiasts can appreciate that the colors remain as lively and vibrant as the first application.

There are many colors to choose from and use, empowering artists to select their preferred color or blend them seamlessly to achieve excellent results.

The perfect Copic colors to start with also come with a clear plastic case and is compatible with the Copic airbrush system. As the pens also have replaceable nibs and refillable ink cartridges, they are great money-savers.

However, one must observe caution when using the markers because the nibs tend to bend sometimes.

  • Compatible with the Copic airbrush system
  • Replaceable nibs and refillable ink cartridges save money
  • Nontoxic, permanent alcohol-based ink
  • Medium broad and Super Brush tip for more applications
  • Ink does not produce a strong odor and dries acid-free
  • Nibs tend to bend

Overall, these markers are reliable and have long-lasting, quality ink. Beginners and professional illustrators alike should consider these drawing tools on their list.

7. Copic Multiliner Color Pigment Based Ink

copic multiliner color pigment based ink

People looking for suitable Copic markers to start with should consider these multiliner Copic markers. These pens can be a great addition to any art supplies collection, including beginners who are only beginning to enjoy the magical world of arts and illustrations.

One thing people like about these multiliner markers is that they have archival and long-lasting ink. It can last for years without fading and weathering, giving artists the peace of mind they need knowing that their masterpiece will stay pristine and spectacular for a lifetime.

The inking pens are a top recommendation for designers, illustrators, and artists because of their smooth application and waterproof ink. The ink gives a continuous and consistent line flow, essential when creating arts and crafts.

Having pens with different sizes gives more variations on line widths. In addition, the markers’ non-bleeding design is great news for art lovers everywhere. These drawing tools are also waterproof, giving artists the chance to create lasting masterpieces despite exposure to the elements. The artwork retains its vibrant colors and realism over time.

Artists will love using these tools with watercolors because they blend well without leaving marks or bleeding on the artwork. They are also compatible for use with other Copic markers. Once dried, the ink becomes permanent, making the pens suitable for manga drawings and illustrations. Hand strain is never an issue because the markers are comfortable to grip.

Despite their versatility, these markers tend to smear when used with colored pencils.

  • Fade-resistant and waterproof to last for years
  • Ideal for artists, designers, and illustrators
  • Blend well with Copic markers
  • Archival ink and smear-resistant
  • Comfortable grip
  • Smearing can happen if applied with colored pencils

These markers may be a beginner artist’s best friend, but they are also excellent for advanced sketchers. The pens are a great buy to start with one’s collection because of their high-quality ink and exceptional overall performance. They are suitable for all types of artists who want nothing but the best results in their work.

8. Copic CSCF 4 Sketch Color Fusion Markers

copic cscf 4 sketch color fusion markers

This pack of professional-quality sketch markers is one of the most popular items in the same category. These pens are famous for their reliability and performance, empowering budding and seasoned artists to create fascinating works of art. The tools come in different shades, allowing artists to use them for different results.

One exciting attribute of this product is its blending capabilities. One can create a seamless blending of shades and hues, allowing for producing gallery-quality artwork. They are also effortless to apply, causing no pain or discomfort on the wrist or hand. Kids interested in the arts and paper crafting would also appreciate these markers.

Moreover, this product has safe and nontoxic ink, freeing people from fretting about harmful chemicals in their tools. They also dry permanently and do not fade, ensuring that any artwork will maintain its vibrant colors for years to come. Having an art gallery in the home should be a breeze with these markers.

The double-ended tips also add versatility to these items. The brush tip and the chisel tip are valuable because they help artists consistently achieve the coverage they need.

The markers are ideal for illustrations, drawings, and graphic arts. Those who are not ready to invest in a set with more colors but want high-quality pens can consider this set. They are available in various colors, including yellowish shade, Tuscan orange, and yellow ochre, which many manga artists also love.

Like other markers, this product is susceptible to dried-up ink during delivery. One may have to choose the retailer with an excellent reputation for delivering exceptional quality products.

  • Beginner- and budget-friendly
  • Seamless and hassle-free blending and application
  • Ideal for illustrations, graphic arts, and drawings
  • Double-ended offers more versatility
  • Consistent coverage and blending
  • Issues about receiving dried inks

These sketch markers are an excellent choice for beginners and anyone who wants seamless application. They have vivid colors and can be blended well with other Copic markers. Those who are on a budget but want quality Copic markers should consider adding this to their selection.

9. Too Copic Sketch Comic illustrations

too copic sketch comic illustrations

The Too Copic Sketch set is an excellent choice for comic illustrations, manga, and other works of art. It has many exciting features, including different colors perfect for mixing different hues and blending various shades.

Budding and experienced artists can also appreciate the convenience of using the sketch markers in this set. The manufacturer has carefully chosen the colors of every system so that users can find it easier to color mix and come up with vibrant and vivid colors when used in blending shades.

Professional results are also easier to obtain with the most trustworthy Copic set for beginners because the manufacturer added skin color tones, which manga artists can use to create their masterpiece illustrations. For gradation and different blending techniques, the set also comes with different pale colors. Mixing and matching colors will never be a challenge.

This set also comes with a hard case, which can keep the pens organized and easily accessible. The transparent casing allows users to easily pick the pen color they want when planning color schemes and blends.

The markers are ideal for building tone and making expressive strokes. Drawing lines and shading are also hassle-free with these pens. While very effective for consistent lines, strokes, and coverage, the ink leaves no streaks.

One can appreciate the replaceable nibs and refillable ink cartridges, saving a lot of space and money. Not only does the design contribute to more significant savings in the long term. It also contributes to a greener environment by minimizing plastic waste.

Unfortunately, the markers tend to bleed if the artist is hesitant in drawing thin lines. The recommendation is to practice on scrap paper before working on a clean sheet.

  • High-quality ink does not bleed
  • Easy and smooth application
  • Already includes different colored markers
  • Refillable ink and replaceable nibs
  • Excellent for blending, shading, and drawing lines
  • Color bleeding may occur if the user hesitates when drawing thin lines

Many people consider this the outstanding Copic marker set because the markers blend hues and shades seamlessly while ensuring versatile application. This set is an excellent addition to someone’s pen and marker collection and is more high-performing than any other brand.

10. Copic SBT 1 Sketch Blending Trio Markers

copic sbt 1 sketch blending trio markers

These sketch markers are perfect for blending, mixing, matching shading, and other applications. They are versatile, allowing users to create graphic arts, animation, illustration, and other arts and crafts like the pros.

One of its excellent features is its flexible brush nib, allowing artists to make strokes with different widths. It is also suitable for blending hues, imparting a unique shade with each stroke. Each pen features a robust body and a comfortable grip. For someone who has only started growing his collection of markers, the SBT 1 is always a great addition.

This marker has a firm chisel nib that works like a charm when drawing, sketching, or writing in broad strokes. One can do many things with these markers. Even beginners will have an effortless and enjoyable time familiarizing themselves with art creation, especially learning how to blend.

Each marker is versatile for architecture, product design, scrapbooking, and so many more. It is not surprising that many artists of all levels prefer this set over others.

One has to be cautious when using the markers, though. The nibs tend to bend with unnecessary force. Constant practice should help prevent such an occurrence.

  • Flexible brush and chisel nib allows for more uses and applications
  • Versatile pens for drawing, shading, and blending
  • Easy to use and perfect application
  • Beginner-friendly markers
  • Tough casing and quality nibs
  • Nibs bending

Overall, this set is ideal for crafters and artists because they are hassle-free to blend, producing the right shading results. Those looking to add new markers into their collection might want to consider these versatile pens, each with a chisel nib and a flexible brush nib, for different applications.

What to Look For When Buying a Copic Marker

best copic marker set for beginners

If you were highly interested in chunky crayons with various colors as a kid, you would probably be very into Copic markers. Illustrators and colorists love these markers, and they have been a staple in any artist’s desk.

Copic markers are a crowd favorite, but they can also be heavy on the pocket if you choose to buy a lot. Here’s a quick buying guide on the Copic markers that will add color to your desk and your artwork.

Color Range

Copic markers come in a roaring number of colors. They have 358 colors that are blendable for your artwork. It won’t be necessary for a beginner to purchase all the Copic colors, but it is best to have the basic ones because these markers blend well with each other.

One of the best things about purchasing their markers is that they have an integrated smartphone app that helps users check out which colors are already in their collection.

Types of Copic Markers

There are different types of Copic markers that are available on the market today. They all have their strengths and unique features, and here’s a guide on how these markers will fit your usage.

Copic Classic

The Copic Classic is considered as Copic’s original marker. It comes with Copic’s largest barrel with a square shape. It is a versatile marker and is easily customizable. This type also holds the largest amount of ink among the other markers. It comes with 2 ends, a chisel, and a fine point tip, which makes it one of the best markers for beginners.

Copic Sketch

This type of marker is simply the favorite among many artists. This marker type covers all Copic’s colors. It has a medium-sized barrel with an oval shape. It also has two ends, a chisel one and a brush on the other side. Copic Sketch markers review will show that this is Copic’s most popular marker, and is perfect for professional artworks.

Copic Ciao

This marker is Copic’s most affordable ones in the market. It comes in fewer colors, but like Copic Sketch markers, it has similar ends, both the chisel and brush nibs. It comes with

Copic’s smallest barrel with a round body and is perfectly designed for beginners.

Copic Wide

this is Copic’s hidden gem with its widest chisel tip. It is 3/4 inch in size with only one end. This marker is perfect for those who want to cover large surfaces on their projects.

Nib Types

Copic markers usually come with 2 ends, giving users 2 nib types automatically. Copic Sketch and Ciao have almost similar sizes of chisel nibs, while the Classic one has a broader chisel end.

Chisel nibs are best for filling out the colors in sketches or drawings. They cover a wide space, and they are also great for blending.

Both Sketch and Ciao also have brush nibs at the other end. This nib type is perfect for blending out colors and creating soft lines. These brush ends are also great for calligraphy work. They are easy to control and they work well on various papers.

The Copic Classic comes with a fine tip nib. This nib is best if you want to create fixed-width lines. It is also great for highlighting and outlining some drawings.

Shapes and Sizes

All these Copic premium artist markers come in unique shapes and sizes. As previously mentioned, the Classic comes in a larger square barrel. The Sketch comes in an oval medium-sized barrel, and the Ciao comes in a round smaller-sized barrel.

Copic Labels

One thing that’s unique in Copic markers is that they have their label on their markers. These labels can be found on top of the cap, and it plays a great role in the Copic Color System.

The label is composed of a letter or set of letters, signifying the color family. For example, it is the red hue, it belongs to the red family with the R on its label. If it belongs to more than one color family, it may have 2 letters, like RV for red-violet.

It is then followed by a number, which notes the saturation and the vibrancy. The lower the value, the more vibrant it is.

The last number indicates the value of the color. The lower the number, the lighter it is.

Refilling Copic Markers

Artists lean towards Copic markers because all of their markers are refillable. These refills contain 12 mL of ink, and this can already fill in a Copic Classic about 4 times. This refill can also be added on the Sketch around 6 times, and the Ciao for about 8 times.

Replacing Copic Marker Nibs

Using Copic markers on a daily basis can wear off the nibs in the long run. One good thing about investing in these markers is that their nibs can be replaced. Swapping out the nib for a brand new one only takes a few minutes, and your marker will now feel brand new.

Colorless Blender

A unique marker that you may want to invest in is Copic’s colorless blender. It comes with colorless ink that easily blends 2 or more colors on your artwork. This marker is perfect for adding highlights, fading some areas, and for adjusting corrections.

Frequently Asked Questions

best copic markers for skin tones

What Copic Markers Should I Buy First?

The Copic markers that you should buy first are the ones that will suit what your projects are.

Since Copic markers come in different types, you may consider the size of your project and choose the ones with a bigger tip for easier coverage.
For starters, the Copic Classic will not fail you in getting to know how these markers work. These markers are highly customizable. They are also very beginner-friendly and are perfect for various basic projects.

Copic markers are easy to apply, and the Classic ones are one of the best things you can buy first if you are planning to check out other Copic markers.

Why are Copic Markers so Special?

  • Copic markers are special because they are made in Japan and can last for many years
  • Copic also ensures that the pens/markers have quality and consistent inks
  • The markers are also with refillable ink cartridges and replaceable nibs
  • Copic markers are non-toxic and acid-free. They produce vibrant and pleasing colors


The best Copic markers give out the finest color quality and great effects in various artworks. These markers come in different types, accommodating every art detail that you may need. The color range is perfect for those who are into blending different shades and colors on their palette.

It is why investing in Copic markers is great if you are a beginner, a promising artist, a professional illustrator, or simply a person who loves to color around. We hope this buying guide has helped you pick the right one for you.

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