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The Best Dry Erase Markers for Glass for 2023

best dry erase markers for glass

Many managers and office workers find working on glass surfaces quite practical and enjoyable because these are ideal for several purposes. Isn’t it delighting to utilize glass as both your writing board and window?

Due to this, there is no need to spend additionally on purchasing whiteboards for your office. But, there is a slight gripe when writing on glass boards with a regular marker.

Since the glass material is a little too sleek for your conventional ink, the words are more unlikely to stick over some time. You might want to consider buying the best dry erase markers for glass to avoid this from happening.

Best Dry Erase Markers for Glass Reviews

1. Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers

quartet glass board dry erase markers

Are you planning to get dry erase markers for glass boards for your office needs? If yes, you might want to take a closer look at this option. This one is recommended to be utilized for modern glass surface boards. We were amazed by these markers’ ability to deliver bold and strong colors each time we use them.

The message we’d like to scribble appears legible and unique, so we’re glad we purchased this item. The kit contains 4 packs of assorted colors: green, red, blue, and black. Meanwhile, the transparent ink gauge precisely indicates the amount of the remaining ink for our use.

We like the way these markers form broad and thick lines, so the words we write are easily read and seen by others. If you prefer dry erase markers that can be used for close or remote means of writing the messages you want to convey, this product is worth considering.

The sleek ink can be instantly wiped away. It leaves a neat and streak-free surface. Unlike other markers, this is painless to erase. Best of all, it features a free-flowing liquid ink system, so the color remains bold and colorful during the lifetime of the dry erase marker.

On the other hand, we have noticed that the color green is not as bold and strong as the other colors. Luckily, apart from that, all these glass board markers execute a great job.

  • Forms broad and thick lines
  • Designed with a transparent ink gauge
  • Not difficult to erase
  • Features a free-flowing ink system
  • Ensures strong and bold colors
  • The color green is not as strong and bold compared to other colors

Ultimately, this dry erase marker for glass boards is recommended for office workers who prefer markers that write legibly and ideal for communicating either from a distance or up close.

2. GMAOPHY Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

gmaophy magnetic dry erase markers

I needed to buy dry erase markers on glass windows and a friend recommended this brand. I noticed that these dry erase markers for glass boards do not diffuse a strong smell, so I think they’re safe for the user’s health. In my opinion, these markers are practical for office workers who are into creative projects.

Since I am on a budget, I find this item affordable. I am surprised to see it with a super value pack containing 8 assorted dry erase colors and 10 pieces of fine point markers. These options are fast-drying, smear-proof, and even safe to use for children.

This set of whiteboard markers come in ideal sizes for normal hand grips. Hence, this makes it easier for me to draw and conceptualize more comfortably for an extended period. I can even use it for different applications such as working on my kid’s art homework, and during important meetings in the office.

These markers are also great at providing consistent writing quality. They don’t leave any stain or smears on my whiteboard. I especially like their easy-wipe formula. You can place these markers with a magnetic dry eraser on your desk. Or, you can hang them on the wall for quick and easy access.

Nevertheless, I find the caps slightly hard to open and close. Fortunately, this is the only minor flaw I have experienced about this product.

  • Does not emit a strong odor and safe to use
  • Come in a super economical pack
  • Highly recommended for creative types of projects
  • Easy to wipe and ensures bright colors
  • Ideal for several different uses
  • The caps appear a bit hard to open and close

As a whole, this dry erase marker for glass is the best bang for the money. Manufactured with excellent features, this is a great addition to my office supplies.

3. MoodClue Liquid chalk markers

moodclue liquid chalk markers

If you’re looking for dry erase markers on mirrors and can also be used on other surfaces, this one is worth a try. The kit contains 12 neon liquid chalk markers that are toxic-free, washable, and odorless. I got them because they are perfect for various school and work projects and tasks.

What’s more, the markers come with a reversible tip and allow wet or dry erase. They go on sleekly, don’t produce any unsightly smudge, and instantly dry. Adults and children will find these liquid chalk markers useful accessories in their school or office supplies.

I am impressed by how easily these markers can be erased on non-porous surfaces. They are capable of emitting bright and vibrant colors as well. Such eco-friendly options are ideal gifts to give away on any occasion too. These markers can execute a superb job for different crafts, art, and DIY projects.

The reversible 6mm tips allow me to choose between boulder and thicker lines and fine tips. I find them looking great on everything. I remember I even used them to my car window once. Their versatility and easy-to-clean features make these items a must-have.

These water-based chalks are super easy to remove with a dry or wet cloth. Alternatively, you can even wash them with just plain water. These markers did not fail in brightening up my day and in precisely scribbling the message I wish to pass on whenever there’s a meeting in the workplace.

On the downside, you’ll need to be patient when starting these markers. It could take up at least 90 seconds to start them up.

  • Highly recommended for various office and school works and projects
  • Smudge-free, go on sleekly, washable and fast-drying
  • Easy to clean and versatile to utilize
  • Good option for adults and children users
  • Excellent for several distinct uses
  • Take a bit of time to start the markers

All in all, for shoppers searching for dustless liquid chalk markers that are serviceable for school, home, and office; this alternative is worth checking out.

4. MC SQUARES Tackie Markers

mc squares tackie markers

Haven’t you found a premium quality dry erase marker on glass with water yet? If so, you might want to look into the unique features of these smudge-free markers. I chose these options because they allow me to scribble more easily, cleanly, and comfortably. The bold neon colors are attractive, easy to see and read.

These wet-erase odorless pens help me inhibit accidental smudging after a few minutes of drying time. Since the time I used them, I am worry-free about erasing valuable information. I am stunned by how these markers scribble colorfully and wet-erase. The bold neon colors include black, green, orange, purple, teal, and red.

Moreover, these items feature bullet tips that are manufactured with high-quality polyester fiber resin. This essential feature allows me to restfully scribble bold notes, reminders, doodles, lists, drawings, and the like. Fundamentally, the lovely and bold neon colors help me communicate brilliant ideas to any dry-erase surface.

Compared to other available alternatives, these dry-erase markers wet-erase on any dry-erase board and top-quality whiteboard. You can even utilize it on glass surfaces. These are quite vibrant and sleek to use. The consistency when writing with them appears like a combination of chalkboard marker and dry erase.

On the flip side, these tackie markers are priced higher than other similar options made by other brands. But, if you’re going to think deeply, you’ll understand why these are a bit pricey. When you start using them, you’ll witness how excellent they are in delivering their promise.

  • Smudge-free and instantly erases off
  • Come in adorable and bold neon colors
  • Feature bullet tip crafted with top-quality polyester fiber resin
  • Scribble colorfully and can be utilized on glass
  • Allows users to write more legibly, neatly, and comfortably
  • A bit pricey compared to other similar products

In a nutshell, the multiple colors of these dry erase markers are remarkable. They are smudge-free but can be completely erased whenever you are ready.

5. Chalky Crown Dry Erase Marker Pens

chalky crown dry erase marker pens

For shoppers planning to purchase black glass dry erase board markers, these bold chalk markers might be what you’ve long been looking for. With them, it is unnecessary to feel scared communicating your ideas. They are designed with an easy-wipe-out formula, so this means they’re not burdensome to erase.

Also known as one of the top dry erase markers for acrylic board, these are adept at providing exceptional performance. The colors are easy to read and super bright. Such dry erase markers for boards do not leave any undesired residue, so they won’t ruin your boards, mirrors, glass, and car windows.

Substantially, since they are manufactured as non-toxic and water-based, they are safe to be used by everyone. My 7-year-old son can now draw and paint with me using these markers. They also feature a reversible tip.

I like them for being odorless, making them safer to use and friendly to the planet we live on.

Sure thing, these items are perfect replacements for my old dusty chalks. As you can see, their bold neon colors are impressive and easily seen. Likewise, they are washable and reusable. If you’re a mom, a teacher, an office worker, or someone who is into arts and crafts, these markers are great options for you.

You can also send these markers as a gift to someone who loves DIY and other creative projects. Anyhow, I was surprised to read some customer reviews that these easy-to-read and bright markers pretty much evaporated after scribbling. I am wondering if these customers merely happened to buy a defective product, but I am grateful not to encounter the same issue.

  • Not tedious to erase or wipe out
  • Designed as non-toxic, water-based, and ideal for everyone
  • Fun and smooth sailing to utilize
  • Dustless, eco-friendly, and safe for use at home and workplace
  • Feature a reversible tip
  • There have been some consumer reports claiming that these markers pretty much evaporated after scribbling

With certainty, these eco-friendly bold neon color chalk markers are sterling replacements to your old dusty chalk

6. Arteza Dry Erase Markers

arteza dry erase markers

If you opt for the best markers for black dry erase board, then you’ve got to be discreet when picking one. These markers made by Arteza brand are one of the most famous easy-to-erase window markers. The kit includes 10 distinctive colors that are ideal for mirrors, glasses, non-porous surfaces, and whiteboards.

The unique and vibrant colors are sure to capture everyone’s attention. This is why these markers are highly recommended for adorning windows or creating a whiteboard presentation for office meetings. What we love most about these glass board markers is that they scribble smoothly.

To add, they can be easily washed on mirrors and glass. Not only that, they allow us to use them on any non-porous surfaces in the workplace, school, home, including dry-erase boards. As you can see, they are flexible and versatile, so you won’t get disappointed considering their many uses.

These dry erase markers are toxic-free and do not produce very strong fumes. For a fact, each marker utilizes and strictly complies with EN71, ASTM, AP, and D-4236 standards. They also come with replaceable tips. So, we never had problems replacing old tips with the aid of the handy tweezer.

The only weak point we have observed on these glass paint markers is that they are not designed as a chiseled tip. Due to this, the lines are on the thinner side. It would have been better if the manufacturer considers doing some upgrades on this minor gripe.

  • Scribble sleekly and washable on mirrors and glasses
  • The set contains 10 brilliant colors
  • Designed as low-odor with easy-to-replace tips
  • Safe to use and EN71, ASTM, AP, and D-4236 certified
  • Equipped with a handy tweezer for easy tip removal
  • Not designed with a chiseled tip

Conclusively, the colors of these markers are cheerful and bright. We find them a pleasure to scribble on glass with and they’re pretty painless to wipe off with baby wipes.

7. Sunacme Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

sunacme magnetic dry erase markers

These dry erase markers for black glass are ideal to use for non-porous surfaces. Be sure to keep the caps tight after each use to extend the service of these eco-friendly markers. These options are precisely the fine line that we’re searching for. We love the manner they provide us with multiple bright colors. They can be instantly washed as well.

Besides, these whiteboard markers are manufactured with a fine bullet tip. Hence, this feature makes them ideal for precise scribbling on glass boards and whiteboards in the classroom, workplace, or at home. They are crafted with low-odor and non-toxic ink that comes with a vibrant color laydown. We find them quick-drying as well.

The kit contains a 16-pack of dry erase markers that include eight assorted vibrant colors. The colors include yellow, brown, green, blue, purple, orange, red, and black. They are crafted with magnetic marker caps that are meant to prevent the markers from rolling off the tray, or any flat surfaces.

We also like the built-in felt erasers of these markers. If you have a wall calendar like us that utilizes erasable markers and wish to scribble more in a small space, these markers are perfect for that purpose.

Even so, the demerit we found on these dry erase board markers is the weak magnet. We find the magnet not as strong as advertised. It is incapable of holding up the weight of the marker quite well. It’s a good thing this does not affect the way the markers write.

  • Consist of 8 assorted vibrant colors
  • Designed with low-odor and toxic-free ink
  • Come with magnetic marker caps
  • Manufactured with a fine bullet tip
  • Washable and works on all whiteboard surfaces
  • The magnet does not hold up quite well

To wrap up, these dry erase markers are awesome investments. They write smoothly, washable, and provide you with bright multiple colors.

8. Shuttle Art Dry Erase Markers

shuttle art dry erase markers

Do you need colored or white dry-erase markers for glass? Luckily, there are limitless options sold on the market today. In particular, this magnetic whiteboard marker comes with 15 vibrant and lovely colors offered at an affordable price tag. The sturdy bright ink allows you to read what was scribbled even in a remote distance.

I find these markers useful for my daily crafts, arts, and work-related tasks. As a teacher, these dry erase markers became my best buddies whenever I need to teach more creatively to younger students. The colors are eye-catching, so writing legibly and reading clearly are guaranteed. As you know, young students adore colorful stuff.

I like eco-friendly products, so I chose this item. They are safe to use even when my kids and younger students are around. These markers do not contain toluene and xylene and do not come with irking odor. I love using them because they go on smoothly and dry quickly. Additionally, they are designed with magnetic marker caps with built-in felt erasers.

Thanks to the magnetic marker caps, I can stick the markers on any magnetic surface where I just have to take them down and scribble. This way, I don’t have to worry about losing dry erase markers again. Also, the eraser tips are great at making quick corrections and can be instantly erased without any struggle.

All the same, please note that it is necessary to store these markers in a horizontal position to avoid ink leakage.

  • Contain 15 distinct vibrant and impressive colors
  • Made with durable bright ink
  • Toluene and xylene-free, low-odor, and environmentally friendly
  • Allow users to scribble sleekly and quick-drying
  • Come with magnetic marker caps with built-in felt erasers
  • Might be prone to leakage if not stored horizontally

Lastly, the 15 distinct, stunning and vibrant colors allow us to see the messages written clearly even in a remote distance.

9. June Gold 32 Dry Erase Markers

june gold 32 dry erase markers

Since the time we purchased these black glass dry erase board markers, we no longer had problems with erasing the ink. We can quickly wipe the ink off using an eraser or cloth. Surprisingly, the ink is easily and cleanly erased from glasses, whiteboards, and most non-porous surfaces.

What makes these markers more prominent options is that they don’t produce annoying odor and do not harm the environment. Designed as non-toxic, they are safe to use even for children. We are satisfied with the quality of the ink. The markers are tightly sealed, so we don’t have to worry about ink drying.

The kit includes top-quality 32 black fine tip markers. They are not prone to smearing and capable of scribbling clearly and neatly. The markers are manufactured with slim shapes but feature a full length. They are also crafted with a sturdy metal clip. These are recommended for users who prefer vivid and dark lines that can be easily seen and read closely and remotely.

It is good to know that these dry erase markers adhere to EN71-9 and ASTM D-4236 standards. For office employees who prefer markers that could comfortably fit their hands, these markers are guaranteed ergonomically and balanced shaped. Each grip wards off slipping, so you won’t feel any discomfort even if you use the marker for a long time.

While we didn’t have problems with the way these markers write, we observed that they easily run out of ink. We are uncertain if this is because the markers are smaller than expected, or they aren’t just meant for extended use.

  • Designed with slim shape but come with full length
  • Produce dark and vivid colors
  • Comply with EN71-9 and ASTM D-4236 standards
  • The ink wipes off neatly and quickly on the surfaces.
  • Toxic-free, low-odor, and tightly sealed to impede ink drying
  • Seem not designed for long-lasting use

In general, these toxic-free dry erase markers are totally worth the money. They are super sleek to utilize and the quality of ink is superb.

10. Volcanics Dry Erase Markers

volcanics dry erase markers

I wanted dry erase markers that are the perfect match for whiteboard stickers and dry erase calendars, so I discovered this brand. The pack contains a super value set of 10 premium quality dry erase markers. These products are ideal to use for ceramic tiles, paper cards, glasses, whiteboards, and mirrors.

Hence, for buyers who are looking for a perfect scribbling buddy, these markers are sure investments. They roll flawlessly on most sleek surfaces, designed as streak-free, and quick-drying. Formulated with water-based ink, you won’t have a hard time erasing and wiping off the ink with the aid of a cloth.

I am amazed by the consistent and bold colors these dry erase markers produce. The vibrant and vivid colors are easily seen even when I’m not close by. This is why they are ideal for settings such as office meetings and class lectures. As a production manager, these markers serve as my companions whenever I gather my team for a meeting.

Such scribbling tools allow me to brainstorm ideas with my team and solve problems too. Best of all, I salute these markers because they flow as fast as my thought process, and erase without any difficulty. The bold lines they produce allow my team to read clearly even across the room.

Regardless, the minor hitch we have experienced with these dry erase markers are the unusable yellow colors. These colors are too light to be serviceable. Fortunately, all the other colors are working flawlessly.

  • Highly recommended for whiteboard stickers and dry erase calendars
  • Designed as streak-free and fast-drying
  • Made using unique low-odor formula and toxic-free ink
  • Roll smoothly on most sleek surfaces
  • Produce consistent, vibrant, and bold colors
  • The yellow colors are too light to be serviceable

To sum up, these dry erase markers are king. There are no greasy films or stains that we need to fight with whenever we scribble on whiteboard stickers and dry-erase calendars.

Features to Consider When Buying a Dry Erase Markers for Glass

best dry erase markers for acrylic board

Before you buy the markers for glass, you might want to review the following buying factors first.

Ink Formula

It is essential to inspect the physical attributes of the dry erase marker’s ink. See to it that you check out if it is durable, runny, or thick.

Chiefly, the formulation of the ink determines the longevity of your scribbling on the board. So, if you prefer markers that are manufactured with ink that could stick well, buy the option that comes with a thick ink formulation.

Color Options

For users who mostly scribble with basic markers such as blue, red, or black, it is strongly suggested to opt for sets that include those colors.

While there are available sets that only contain two of reds, blues, and blacks, you can save more if you’ll choose sets with multiple colors.

This is because if you have multiple colors to select from, you can make your writings more creative and interesting.

Various colors can capture attention, so it is better to pick vivid ones.

Odor-free or Low Odor

Surely, no one prefers markers that produce a nasty and disturbing smell. The good news is that there are available options designed as low odor or odor-free.

Tip Style

When buying dry erase markers, it is strongly recommended to inspect what kind of tip it possesses.

The tip style of the marker can determine what type of letterings you can make with those scribbling tools.

You won’t be able to make bold letterings if the marker comes with a fine tip. Pick the ones with a rounded tip. These are ideal for teaching as they allow you to create more solid and bolder letters that are clearly seen from afar.

To add, markers designed with chiseled tips are also ideal for making diverse letter designs.

Note that fine tip markers are useful for some fill-up or art letterings.

Frequently Asked Questions

best markers for black dry erase board

Will Dry Erase Markers Work on Plexiglass?

Dry erase markers used on plexiglass usually leave a noticeable mark that can be easily read. Fortunately, these can be instantly wiped out with a little fuss.

Note that darker colors can make your scribbles more legible compared to lighter pastels such as pink and yellow.

And, if you erase the writings and see some residues, you may consider spraying the plexiglass with vinegar and warm water solution to remove the residues.

Can you Use Dry Erase Markers on Windows?

Dry erase markers are useful for non-porous surfaces. And, since windows come with glass panes and glass on a non-porous surface, you can use dry-erase markers on windows.

Apart from this, you can also utilize dry erase markers on glass sliding windows and doors. Consider visiting a recycling store if you prefer to use your windows as your whiteboards.

You may search for pre-owned or used glass doors or windows. These are commonly reasonably priced, so you can save more in the end.

Erasing dry erase markers on windows is a breeze. You can utilize different materials like fingernail polish remover, methyl ethyl ketone, MEK, acetone, and alcohol. Alternatively, a wet paper towel can also erase the markers on the glass.


To conclude, glass boards are quite renowned no matter where you go at present. In the same way, glass windows and glass doors make outstandingly good writing boards, particularly in the workplace.

Hence, for those planning to purchase a premium quality one, see to it that you are well aware of the vital features that the best dry erase markers for glass possess.

As previously mentioned, the practicality and usefulness of these products are too good to resist. You can utilize them on different surfaces too.

Hopefully, you can get some helpful insight on the product reviews and buying guides we have shared above.

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