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The Best Felt Tip Pens for 2024

best felt tip pens

Good felt tip pens have a myriad of uses. Some people prefer using these pens for writing. Others use them for drawing. You can also find those who use them for calligraphy. With that in mind, figuring out what are the best felt tip pens is tricky, because it will depend on what you will be using them for.

You will need to consider your needs when you are shopping for felt tip pens. The reason is that what works for others may not work for you. Also, do not dwell too much on brand names and prices. You may be surprised to find a cheaper brand that works better than others.

With the aid of this article, you will get a guide on how to choose felt tip markers that are right for you.

Best Felt Tip Pen Reviews

1. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

paper mate flair felt tip pens

Paper Mate has been in the business of making writing implements for decades, and the Flair felt tip pens are yet another addition to their impressive lineup. These pens come in 32 vibrant colors so there will always be a shade that you can use. For instance, if you are a teacher, then you can use various colors to grade your students’ test papers.

These pens are workhorses. You can use them continuously and the tips will not fray, unlike other felt tip pens. Thanks to the special point guard, the tips remain flexible while not being prone to breaking. It feels nice to write with a felt tip pen that you do not have to be extremely careful with.

Apart from having durable tips, the inks used in these pens will not bleed through even in thin paper, making them good felt tip pens for artists. The ink dries so quickly that it does not even have time to bleed through whatever medium you are writing on.

Unlike other felt tip markers that you need to use two sheets of paper to keep the ink from staining your desk, these pens can write smoothly even on regular paper. Speaking of the ink, another thing I liked about it is how quick it dries. Even if you are writing on glossy card stock, it dries fast that you won’t have to deliberately smudge it.

The tips deliver a steady flow of ink on the surface, which means they dry rapidly and at the same time.

However, fast-drying ink is also one of its drawbacks. If you do not replace the cap tight enough, or if you leave the pens uncapped even for just a day or so, the ink will dry up completely.

  • Comes in 32 vibrant colors
  • Equipped with a point guard to prevent tips from fraying
  • The ink will not bleed through paper
  • The ink dries quickly to prevent smudging
  • Suitable for note-taking, doodling, and scrapbooking, among many other uses
  • The pens dry a bit too quickly

These felt tip pens are among the best all-around markers that I have ever tried. I can also say that these items are among the finest felt tip pens for note-taking or scrapbooking.

2. Pentel Fude Touch Felt Pens

pentel fude touch felt pens

This pen has a flexible tip, making it an incredible choice for calligraphy. The tip lets out just the right amount of ink so that it glides right over the writing surface. Unlike other similar pens, the upstrokes when using this pen are almost effortless.

This pen also uses water-based ink, so it is easy to clean if you ever get any of it on your hands. Another thing I liked about the ink is that it does not have any noxious odors. This is a good thing because you will be working with your face near your writing surface. With this pen, you will not feel dizzy after an hour or so of writing.

This pen comes with a snap-fit cap. This means you will not overtighten the cap even if you try. Once you hear the cap snap onto the pen, you can be sure that it is there tightly, preventing the ink from drying. The snap-fit also keeps the cap firmly in place. With that, you do not have to worry about it coming loose while it is in your bag or pocket.

Another neat thing about using this pen is that it uses more than 80% recycled plastic. This means that aside from getting a felt tip pen that works quite well, you will also be doing a small part in saving the environment. This pen is part of Pentel’s Recycology line of products that use anywhere from 50% to 100% recycled materials.

The only issue that I have about this pen is that the ink dries slowly. Although the ink makes it easier for the pen to glide over the surface, it also means that it will smudge easily.

  • Writes like a brush while still being easy to control
  • The water-based ink does not have a strong odor
  • The snap-fit cap ensures the cap is always perfectly tight
  • Uses 80% recycled plastic
  • Has a lot of varied uses
  • The ink does not dry fast enough

This pen is one of the best choices for brush stroke calligraphy. You can also use it for ink drawings.

3. Fineliner Color Felt Tips Pens

fineliner color felt tips pens

Every kit contains 60 pieces of felt tip pens. However, most people think that this means you will be getting 60 different colors, which is not the case. You will receive two of the same color, which means you are getting 30 colors. On the other hand, you will still be getting a wide color selection.

These pens come in a nice-looking aluminum carrying case. Not only does this case help keep the pens organized, but it also promotes ease in taking them anywhere. Furthermore, if you have a friend who has an artistic side, then the case is already pretty enough to give as a gift. You just have to slap a ribbon on it and you are done.

Although these pens have a fine point, you do not have to be overly careful when writing with them. The reason is that these pens have durable alloy-based points. The items are significantly more durable compared to regular fine point felt tip pens that need very light hands to prevent the tips from breaking.

You can also leave these pens uncapped for hours, maybe even days, without worrying about the ink drying completely. Of course, some of it dries up but it can still write as if nothing happened.

It is great for people who are a bit on the forgetful side, like me. You will not believe how many markers I have wasted throughout the years because I left the cap off them.

The problem with these pens, which is quite common with a fine tip felt pen, is that their inks bleed into paper easily. This means you should not leave the tip on the writing surface too long; otherwise, you will be at risk of punching a hole through the material. It also means you should not use it on light paper.

  • Includes 60 pieces of felt tip pens
  • Comes in an aluminum carrying case
  • Has a durable alloy-based point
  • Can be left uncapped and the ink will not dry
  • Includes neon colors
  • The inks bleed through easily

These items are the top felt tip pens for drawing and coloring in the small spaces in coloring books, but not for general coloring tasks. If you are interested in doing line drawings, then I can say that they work great.

4. Shuttle Art Ultra Micro Line Pens

shuttle art ultra micro line pens

One thing I liked about these felt-tipped pens is that the ink does not bleed through a paper that easily. You do not need to worry about the points punching through the paper unless you go through one point one time too many. With that said, you should not use these pens to fill in spaces with colors.

What these pens are great at is drawing very fine lines consistently. I like using them when I am doing old-school architectural drafting or line art. I have not tried using these pens at pointillism drawings, but I heard that they work quite well at those as well.

These pens’ ink also dries quickly, which means it does not smudge easily. It is a big plus for me because even though I have been doing architectural drafting for years, I still sometimes forget to not drag my hand over the paper. I also like how the inks are water-resistant. In other words, even if you sprinkle water on the paper, the ink will not blot.

If you want a pen set that comes with almost all the point sizes that you will ever need, then I highly recommend getting these sets. This kit comes with 18 different pens, and 7 of them are black, but with varying point sizes from 0.15mm to 0.5mm, which is most of what I usually need for drafting.

Although I only use black pens most of the time, certain projects require a bit of color. Sadly, it is not this kit’s strong point. Some of the colors are inaccurate, especially the green pen, which is more bluish-green than actual green.

  • Does not bleed through easily
  • Draws fine lines consistently
  • Boasts of waterproof and fade-resistant ink
  • Comes in 12 colors
  • Features multiple nib sizes
  • The colors are not that accurate

This set is ideal when you want to do a lot of line work. However, do not expect the colors to be completely accurate. Also, keep in mind that these are fine-tip pens, so they are not good for filling in spaces with color.

5. Hethrone Drawing Pens Markers

hethrone drawing pens markers

You do not need to buy separate pens for coloring and fine lining. You have both types of tips in this single kit. No, you do not get separate sets of fine and brush tips. The pens have dual tips on them. This saves a lot of space on your workstation as you do not have to store two separate sets of felt pens.

Another neat thing about this set is that you will be getting 72 separate pens of varying shades and colors. I had my doubts about this kit before. I thought that you would not be able to tell the differences between the shades of a color. However, if you use these pens on a white drawing surface, you can tell the differences between shades.

I like doing line drawings, so I tend to work on a single piece for hours at a time. I, therefore, appreciate that the manufacturer designed these pens to have comfortable triangle-shaped bodies. Aside from being easier to grip compared to hexagon and round pen bodies, I can also control them better compared to the others I used in the past.

The different-colored inks also dry quickly, making it almost impossible to smudge even if you are drawing on a somewhat smooth surface, like semi-glossy card stock. It is a good kit to use if you like making finely detailed line drawings. You do not need to worry about where to place your wrists too much.

The issue that I have with these pens is that the fine tips tend to get dry quite fast if you do not use them often. Although there are ways to make them usable again, it can be a hassle when you are well into a project only to find that the pen you need is already dry.

  • Dual tip pens
  • The kit contains 72 different-colored pens
  • Has an easy-to-grip body
  • Features quick-drying ink that is smudge-resistant
  • Comes in a convenient carrying case
  • The fine tips dry out quickly when you do not use them often

This kit of felt tip pens is one of the most versatile ones that I have ever used. I genuinely think they are incredible options if you like adult coloring books.

6. Crayola Take Note Felt Tip Pens

crayola take note felt tip pens

I use these markers for adult coloring books and although there are only 6 colors in each pack, they are so vibrant that I do not mind not having more than a dozen shades to choose from. All six pens applied ink onto the paper consistently. There are no faded parts and no blotting at all.

Another thing that I appreciated about these pens is that they dry quickly. I like using glossy card stock sometimes, and these markers have no problem writing even on the rather slick surface. Also, because the ink dries quickly, they do not streak or smudge.

These pens also make consistent bold lines, making them ideal for scrapbooking, labeling, and anything else that needs clear lines. I like using these markers for making mock brush calligraphy. The lines are nice and thick so filling a page with them is quick and easy.

Crayola products are mainly for kids. This means you can trust these markers for your children. The ink in the pens is non-toxic and water-based. This means that even if your young kids were to use these pens on surfaces they are not intended for, you can clean the marks easily using some rubbing alcohol and a clean piece of cloth.

Now, I do have a bit of a problem with these markers and that is they bleed through paper easily. I did not know about this, so when I first used these markers on my adult coloring book, the ink bled through the page and blotted onto the next.

I still consider these items as among good felt tip pens for colouring. However, now, I put a piece of cardboard in between the two pages every time I color.

  • Features quick-drying inks
  • Water-based, making it easy to clean off
  • The kit comes with 6 different colored pens
  • Makes consistent bold lines
  • Great for scrapbooking and annotations, among many other uses
  • Bleeds through paper easily

If there is one thing that you can expect from any Crayola product, it would be the vibrant colors. It is exactly what you will be getting in this set of felt tip pens.

7. Sakura Pigma Micron Felt Tip Markers

crayola take note felt tip pens

This pen has a very fine 0.2mm tip, which is the best for adding details to drawings. I use this pen for cross-hatching and adding textures to my drawings and I like how it draws lines consistently. These pens do not streak or blot, resulting in clean results every time.

Even when I use these pens for cross-hatching and shading, the ink would hardly bleed through the paper. There might be a couple of light spots now and then, but nothing too serious that I had to do a piece all over again.

Another thing I loved about these pens is that their ink is waterproof. You would not believe how many times I accidentally put a couple of drops of water on my work whenever I take a drink while working. Thank goodness for these pens as they saved me from redoing projects from the start.

Aside from being waterproof, these inks are also resistant to many other solvents, including the ones contained in highlighters. If I want to emphasize something on my drawings, I can just write over them with my highlighter. It is not like other pens that would fade and bleed into the paper when highlighted.

Now, there is one thing that you need to remember when using these pens – and that is the fact that the tips are very fragile. You need to use a very light hand when drawing or writing with these pens; otherwise, the nibs will simply snap off and cause the pen to leak all over your paper.

I would hardly put any weight on the tip. It is mostly just the weight of the pen holding itself down on the surface.

  • Draws fine lines evenly
  • The ink does not bleed through paper
  • Features quick-drying ink that is highly resistant to smudging
  • Waterproof and fade-proof
  • Can be highlighted
  • The tip is so thin and breaks easily

This extremely fine-tipped felt pen is the best choice if you currently have a project that needs consistent and fine lines. Just avoid pushing on the tip too hard as it may break.

8. BIC Intensity Medium Felt-Tip Pens

bic intensity medium felt-tip pens

BIC is my go-to brand when it comes to most writing implements and I just discovered that they also had felt tip pens. One of the greatest things I discovered about the items is that once their ink dries, they will be completely waterproof. Even if you accidentally spill a couple of drops on your work, it will not smudge.

The 0.7mm nib dispenses ink evenly and smoothly. It is not like other felt tip pens where you feel the friction between the nib and the writing surface. I use these pens sometimes for simple calligraphy and doing upstrokes with them is such a joy.

The name intensity suits these pens perfectly. Their colors are so bright that they pop out when placed on paper. The colors indicated on the pen body and cap are all accurate. You can also easily tell the differences in shade between similar colors. If you like adult coloring books, then these pens will serve you well.

Another nice thing about these pens is that the nibs are quite durable. According to the label, the tips are constructed from reinforced nylon, making them durable while remaining flexible. I like to bend the tips a bit for making bolder lines and they spring right back without any problem whatsoever.

Now, although I do like these pens a lot, they do tend to bleed through paper. Unless you are writing on card stock, you need to be careful not to go over one section more than one time or at least place a sheet of cardboard underneath the one you are writing on.

  • Completely waterproof once dried
  • Dispenses ink evenly and smoothly
  • Comes in a variety of bright colors
  • Durable 0.7mm nib that does not fray easily
  • More economical compared to other pens
  • Bleeds through the paper

These are great pens for coloring and informal calligraphy. The medium-sized tips glide smoothly over writing surfaces and dispense ink evenly with every stroke.

9. I-N-C Optimus Felt Tip Fine Point Pens

i-n-c optimus felt tip fine point pens

The thing that I often do not like about fine tip felt pens is that you need to hold them almost perpendicular to the paper when writing. However, the Optimus has a longer and thicker nib than others that you can hold them like you would any regular ballpoint pen while writing cleanly. With that, they are among top felt tip pens for writing.

The ink used by these pens is formulated to not bleed through paper. Unless you use the pen to darken drawings on your journal or anything like that, the ink will not bleed through the other side of the paper regardless of how thin it is.

These pens are also comfortable to write with. The pen body is just the right thickness that it lies comfortably in the hand. Also, because it is a felt tip pen, you do not need to apply a lot of pressure on the tip for it to write. In fact, you do not need to press that much at all.

Now, even though I said that you do not have to put a lot of pressure on the tips, that does not mean they are not durable. I have used these pens for writing in my journals and taking down notes until they dry out completely and the nibs were still in one piece. You can press down on the tip if you want and it will not break.

Here is a problem, though. If you are a left-handed person, the ink takes a bit of time before it dries, so you might get a bit of it on your wrist if you are not careful. The ink will dry after a couple of seconds but not as quickly as that of other pens.

  • Comes with a thicker and longer nib compared to other similar pens
  • Does not bleed through the paper
  • Writes smoothly and applies ink evenly
  • Comfortable to hold and write with
  • The nibs are very durable
  • The ink takes a while to dry completely

A lot of people like using these pens not just for drawing but also as good general writing implements. Some even said that these items write smoother than most regular ballpoint pens out on the market these days.

10. Zenacolor Felt Tip Pens

zenacolor felt tip pens

The thing I liked about this kit is the number of distinct colors that you will be getting. The kit contains 120 different colored fine-tipped markers that you can use for fine details in adult coloring books or drawings. Unlike other coloring pen sets, you can tell the differences in shades between colors.

Another thing I liked is that the inks do not bleed through the page. It is the reason why I find these pens great for coloring books. The inks will not bleed and color the next page accidentally. However, out of habit, I still place a sheet of cardboard in between pages just to avoid any accidents.

Aside from coloring, I used these pens extensively for whimsical calligraphy work. The nibs, although they look too thin and fragile, are a joy to write with. Every stroke goes on smoothly and there is hardly any sign of ghosting. Every line is consistent.

These pens also come with a convenient carrying case with organizing trays. It is great for when you need to deal with 120 different markers. The trays keep all the pens organized so you will have no trouble finding that one particular color that you need.

Speaking of colors, this would have been a whole lot better if the color names were indicated on the pen body. Although the pens came with a color guide, the colors on the pen are not entirely accurate so reorganizing them can be a real bother.

  • Comes in various colors
  • The ink does not bleed through paper easily
  • The felt tips write smoothly.
  • Great for general note-taking and calligraphy
  • Comes in an organized carrying case
  • Colors not indicated on the pen bodies

If you like adult coloring books that have fine details, then these pens are among your best choices. On the other hand, you may want to get pens that have thicker nibs for coloring large areas.

What to Look For When Buying a Felt Tip Pen

best felt tip markers

When you are out shopping for a set of felt tip pens, you will discover that some of them cost quite a lot of money. However, higher prices do not necessarily mean better quality. Here are some factors you have to consider when shopping for felt tip pens so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Smooth Writing and Coloring

Some felt tip pens, especially the fine tip ones, are not that great for general tasks like note-taking. Sometimes, they feel so rough when writing and would sometimes snag on the surface of the paper. Before purchasing a felt tip pen, test it out to find out how smoothly it writes.

With larger point sizes, make sure that the nib is flexible enough to bend according to the direction of your strokes. It will ensure that ink will be delivered on the surface evenly and without any faded spots.

Nib Size

Speaking of the nibs, choose the felt tip pens that have the right size for your needs. For instance, if you like using markers for coloring books, then you would want pens that have around 0.7mm to 0.8mm tip size so that you can fill in large spaces easily.

However, if you are doing line art, you should get the fine-tipped markers that have 0.5mm tips and smaller. Now, if you want versatile pens or do not want to have to store two different sets of pens, get the ones that have dual tips.

Ink Quality

There are many sub-factors that you need to include within this one. One is if the ink easily bleeds through the writing surface. You would not want the ink bleeding through and getting onto the next sheet. Another is that the color indicated on the pen body is accurate to the color of the ink.

Another factor to consider is how fast the ink dries once laid on paper. Ideally, the ink should dry almost immediately. It can prevent your hand from accidentally smudging the lines.

Number of Colors

If you will be using the markers for coloring books or your artwork, then get a kit with more than enough distinct colors for your needs. Be careful though, some marker kits say they have multiple colors, but when you try them out, you find that supposedly different shades of the same color are still the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

best felt tip pens for drawing

What are Felt Tip Pens Used for?

You can primarily use felt tip pens for anything that any other type of pen can do. However, most people use them for coloring, simple calligraphy, journaling, scrapbooking, and making elaborate notes.

Are Felt Tip Pens Recyclable?

Technically, yes. You can recycle felt tip pens. There are even some companies, like Pentel, that actively use recycled plastic for making some of their pens.


No one brand can claim that they have the best felt tip pens as it can be quite subjective. For instance, a fine tip pen is horrible at coloring but ideal for drawing lines and fine details. You need to figure out what you will be doing with the pens to choose the right ones for your needs.

Hopefully, this article was able to help you figure out what kinds of pens you need, and that you found them through the product reviews.

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