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The Best Fine Tip Markers for 2023

best fine tip markers

Any self-respecting artist worth their salt will need a set of the best fine tip markers in their collection. The best fine point markers are essential for outlining but you can also use them for hashing, pointillism, and coloring in little details.

However, because many manufacturers offer various brands of fine tip markers, it can be difficult to find ones that are worth keeping. This article will give you some tips on finding the right kind of markers for your needs and how to get the most bang out of your buck.

Best Fine Tip Marker Reviews

1. Arteza Inkonic Fineliners Fine Point Pens

arteza inkonic fineliners fine point pens

One thing I like the most about these markers is that they provide an amazing array of 72 colors for an affordable price. The set is good if you are a beginner at using color markers and do not want to spend a lot of money on branded markers just yet. However, even if you are an experienced artist, such a number of colors makes it worth buying.

Another thing I like about these markers is their ergonomic design. Fine tip markers need to be easy to manipulate as they are usually for drawing fine details. These markers have ergonomic, somewhat flattened bodies, instead of the usual round barrel. This makes them easy to hold and use.

Although you still need to be careful when applying pressure on the fine 0.4mm tips, they are still not as flimsy as they look. There is a sturdy metal casing that reinforces nibs. With that, it will surely take a bit of pressure to break them. This somehow assures you that you will be using these markers right up until their ink dries.

Speaking of the ink, I like how quickly it dries, almost instantly after applying it on the surface. If you are left-handed and often find yourself cleaning ink smudges off your wrist, you will be pleased that you won’t be doing that when you use the markers. Also, if you do not go over your lines too much, the markers will not bleed through the paper.

The thing that I did not like about this set of markers, though, is that you only have the colors of the caps to go with when it comes to organizing the pens. It would have been much better if there were at least color codes printed on the pens.

  • Comes in a set containing 72 pens
  • Ergonomically-designed grip
  • Ultra-thin, but still durable tips
  • Dries quickly and does not smudge
  • Affordable and suitable for beginners
  • There are no color labels, making them quite hard to organize

Beginners would love to use this set of fine-tipped color markers. Aside from being affordable, the set also provides you with a wide array of colors.

2. Linkbro Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

linkbro magnetic dry erase markers

Note that this next set consists of dry-erase markers meant for use on whiteboards and other glossy and non-porous writing surfaces. That said, I like how these markers write so clearly on my whiteboard. The fine tips apply ink evenly so that every stroke is always as clear as the one before it. I never had to go over lines to make them clearer.

Another nice thing about these fine tip marker pens is that they are easy to erase. I also discovered that they do not leave any stains or residue on the writing surface. Other dry erase markers are not quite as easy to erase as this one. It is even possible for you to erase it completely after it dries.

Speaking of erasing, these markers come with their own, individual erasers. You can see the erasers being placed on the pen caps and they are just the right size. It is just like using a pencil eraser. The caps also have small magnets, so you can stick them onto the whiteboard or any metal surface.

I also like how vibrant the colors of the inks are. I use these markers for creating color-coded schedules on a small whiteboard I have at home. The vibrant colors help in highlighting my most urgent tasks. The colors on the caps are also quite accurate to the actual colors of the inks, except for the purple one as the ink is darker than the cap color.

There is nothing much to complain about with these dry erase markers. However, if it were up to me to make it much better, I would put stronger magnets on the caps. I place a couple of markers on my fridge so I can make grocery lists easily. The problem is that when I close the door, the pens would often fall off as the magnets are not that strong.

  • Cleans up easily without leaving any residue
  • The set contains 8 vibrant colors
  • The caps come with built-in erasers and magnets
  • Has fine tips that apply ink evenly
  • Comes in the same size as a regular pen, making them easy to use
  • The magnets need to be a bit stronger

These dry-erase markers are the perfect choice if you like using a whiteboard for organization purposes. These pens write clearly. They can also stick onto the whiteboard surface, so storage is not a problem at all.

3. MoneleN Coloring Pens Fine Tip Markers

monelen coloring pens fine tip markers

If you are a budding artist and you would like to try your hand at using coloring markers, then this set contains some of the best fine tip pens that you can get right now. Not only is this kit affordable, but you will also get 36 different colored markers. This number is more than enough for most coloring purposes.

To add more versatility to the markers, each one features a dual tip. One end has a 0.4mm fine tip, which is great for outlining and typical note-taking. The other end has a soft brush tip. It is ideal for brush stroke calligraphy and coloring in general. You can use these pens technically for any kind of art project that you have in mind.

Speaking of the tips, these pens use flexible, yet durable, nylon nibs. Unlike most fine-tip markers, these items will not scratch or snag onto the paper. Moreover, the nylon nibs are very durable. With that, there is a guarantee that you will be using these markers for a long time.

I also like how quickly the ink dries. You can even expect it to dry almost immediately. This gives the ink less time to get accidentally smudged, which happens often in my case. It is also important since you can layer and blend colors a lot faster. The reason is you no longer need to wait for the paint to dry before applying the next layer of paint.

What I am not so fond of about these markers is how easily they bleed through paper. Even on heavier stock, there will still be a considerable amount of ink bleeding through the paper. I suggest that you place a sheet of acetate or cardboard underneath the page you are coloring.

  • Features dual tips that increase the number of the markers’ uses
  • The set has 36 vibrant colors
  • Flexible yet durable nylon nibs
  • Dries quickly while ensuring that it does not smudge
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box/carrying case
  • The ink bleeds through the paper

This is yet another set of coloring markers that are perfect for beginners. It contains plenty of colors plus each one is easy to use. The dual tips also add more versatility to the markers.

4. Dyvicl Fineliner Fine Point Pens

dyvicl fineliner fine point pens

The first thing that I noticed about this set of marker pens is that they are incredibly affordable. You will be getting 36 colors of markers for the price of one or two markers from the more popular brands. Does this mean that these markers are no good? Not really. For the price, you are getting a surprisingly good set of pens.

Because they are so cheap, you may want to get another set or two for your kids and that would be okay. The reason is that, unlike some other brands, these pens use water-based and non-toxic inks, making them safe for young kids. Also, if your kids “accidentally” wrote anywhere they were not supposed to, you can get rid of the markings easily.

These markers are incredibly tough as well. I have used expensive markers that have very fragile tips. Press on them just a little too hard and they will bend out of shape. It is a different experience with these pens. I noticed that I can write normally without worrying that I would break the tips.

Even though these markers are quite cheap, they did not skimp out on ink quality. All the colors are bright and vibrant. All of them also flow smoothly, making them perfect for writing in journals or scrapbooking. Moreover, the 36 colors are distinct from each other. You can’t even find duplicate colors in the set.

Now, this set may be one of the finest fine tip markers for drawing, but it is not without fault. One flaw is that they tend to bleed through even thicker stock paper. You will need to place a sheet of paper behind the one you are working on to prevent the ink from bleeding through.

  • Incredibly cheap
  • Has metal-clad tips for durability
  • Uses non-toxic, water-based inks
  • Vibrant pigments and no duplicate colors
  • Has ink that flows smoothly
  • Tends to bleed through paper

These markers are among the most affordable ones that I have ever seen. They are great for journaling, scrapbooking, and maybe some stylized coloring. If you are looking for a solid, first set of color markers, then I highly advise you to check out this set.

5. Tanmit Fine Fine Tip Markers

tanmit fine fine tip markers

These markers have dual tips. This means that one end has a flexible fabric brush tip and the other has a fine-point tip. I find the brush tips great for calligraphy and coloring large spaces. The fine-point tips are great for outlines and writing in journals and scrapbooks. The markers are quite a jack-of-all-trades in the coloring marker world.

This product is also the perfect beginner’s coloring marker set because you are getting sixty different colors with each one being distinct from the other. Unlike other brands, this one offers clearly different shades of colors.

Some brands say they have three different shades of a certain color, but you could hardly even tell the difference between them. If you want to step up your color shading game, then I think the markers in this set work great.

I also liked how the ink of the markers dries almost immediately as it touches the paper. It prevents the ink from smudging and getting into places they are not supposed to go. The ink flows out of the pens perfectly thick and uniform. It does not also bleed through paper. I also use them to take down notes and surprisingly, they write smoothly.

These fine tip-colored markers also come in a stylish canvas carrying case, with elastic loops that hold the pencils in their rightful place. If you like keeping your markers organized instead of just tossing them into an empty jar or tin can, the storage case that came with this set of markers provides individual hoops and spaces for all 60 colors.

Now, speaking of organization, it is a problem, at least for me, that the pens do not have any form of color-coding whatsoever. If you want to organize the colors by shade, then you have to do it by eye. It would have been better if there were color codes on the cap or body of the pen.

  • Boasts of dual tips for more versatility
  • Contains 60 vibrant color markers
  • Fast-drying ink that offers a guarantee that it will not smudge
  • Comes in a gorgeous canvas carrying case
  • Kid-friendly as the markers are non-toxic, odorless, and water-based
  • Does not have any color codes on the pens

You can do so many things with just this one set of markers, thanks to the dual tips. If you are looking for a good set of markers that you can use for almost all your projects, then I think these items are the ones you need.

6. ZSCM Coloring Fine Tip Markers

zscm coloring fine tip markers

A positive thing that I would like to highlight about these markers is their dual tips. Tombow is famous for its high-quality writing instruments and greatest fine tip markers for coloring, and this one is not an exception.

I like the brush tip the most. I use it mostly for brush art calligraphy as every stroke is smooth and applies ink evenly. However, the fine-point tip is also great. It is ideal for drawing fine lines and coloring tight spaces.

The flexibility of the brush tip is worth noting. It is flexible in that it mimics fine brush bristles almost perfectly. However, unlike a real brush, the nylon brush tip springs back to its original shape immediately. This makes every downstroke and upstroke always even. You do not also need to dip the markers in ink like in calligraphy brushes.

You will also get an amazing set composed of 90 different colors of markers. I would have been happy with around 12 to 24 different colors, but I am very much overwhelmed with the dazzling array of colors that come with this set. You will always find that one color you need in this enormous collection.

Another nice touch is the stand/organizer that came with the markers. Instead of just throwing the markers in a large can, the plastic stand will keep the pens neat and organized, making it a whole lot easier to find the colors that you need.

Although these markers are almost perfect, there is a bit of an issue with the brush tips. After a while, the nylon brush tips would start to fray, making them a bit harder to use. However, it usually happens when the pen is about to run out of ink.

  • Comes with dual tips
  • Highly flexible brush tips
  • The set comes in a staggering 90 different colors
  • Comes with a nice stand/pen organizer
  • Offered by one of the best art supply companies ever
  • The brush tips fray a bit after a certain number of uses

The Tombow brand has always been synonymous with quality writing instruments and these ultra-fine tip markers share the same reputation. Although these markers are quite pricey, you will be getting more than your money’s worth with the quality.

7. Tombow 56149 Brush and Fine Tip Markers

tombow 56149 brush and fine tip markers

Despite the affordable price, these markers perform just like some of the more expensive brands. The ink flows out smoothly from the nibs and they write clearly every time. These fine-point markers are great for journaling and note-taking. I also use these markers for line drawings and outlining.

The thin nibs are clad in a metal sheath and give the tip a bit of sturdiness. This means you can use the markers for extended periods without worrying that you might break the tips. I personally have a bad habit of applying more pressure on pens the longer I work, so these markers work well for me.

For its price, you are getting quite a lot of markers. In this kit, you will be getting 24 different and vibrant colors. The nice thing about them is that though there are so many colors, all of them have truly different shades. It is not like other sets with colors that are supposedly different shades but are so similar that you could swear they are the same.

As I mentioned before, these markers are affordable. This set of 24 markers cost as much as a single marker from the top brands. This pricing makes this set a good starting point for beginners who want to get some practice before getting a more expensive one. If you’re like me though, you will be happy using these markers all the time.

One complaint I have about this product, though, is that the pens are too thin, making them a bit uncomfortable to hold. I cannot use these markers for more than 20 minutes at a time or else my hand will start cramping.

  • Metal-clad fine-point nibs
  • Affordable while still having the ability to write excellently
  • The set contains 24 vibrant colors
  • Budget-friendly
  • The matte texture makes the pens comfortable to hold
  • The pens are a bit too thin

Overall, these markers are fantastic investments that seem to work great for journaling, note-taking, and maybe even for making mandalas if you are into that.

8. TWOHANDS Fineliner Note Taking Pens

twohands fineliner note taking pens

You would think that for the price of this set of colored markers, you will only be getting a dozen or two markers. In reality, it provides you with 100 different colors. I have yet to use more than half of the markers in my set, but I am glad that they are there when the time comes that I will need them.

All the markers have 0.4mm tips, making them capable of drawing uniform fine lines. Now, you might think that these pens are easy to break, and you thought wrong. A bit of metal jacket reinforces the nibs, making them sturdy enough for most drawing purposes. You still need to be somewhat careful, but not that much.

All 100 markers contain vibrant inks. All the reds, blues, greens, and other colors show up brightly on paper. It is the reason why I also use these markers for journaling and note-taking. The bright colors make the pages of my journal a whole lot more interesting and fun than just using a regular black pen.

Speaking of the inks, I noticed that they dry completely almost immediately once they hit the paper. This is important, especially when you will be using these markers for writing in a journal because it will prevent unsightly smudges. If you are left-handed, using these markers will prevent ink stains on your wrist whenever you are writing.

Now, what I did not like about this set of 100 markers is that there is no color code in each one. This means you may find it difficult to organize them.

  • The kit comes with 100 colored markers
  • Highly durable nibs even though they are so slim
  • Has bright and vibrant inks
  • The inks dry quickly and don’t bleed
  • Comes with 50 pieces of stickers as a bonus
  • There are no color codes on the pens

Just the sheer number of pens that come with the kit is more than enough reason to get it. Also, this kit is quite affordable, making it a worthwhile and guilt-free purchase.

9. Chalkola Extra Fine Tip Chalk Markers

chalkola extra fine tip chalk markers

First off, I love having 40 different colors of chalk markers to play with. The bright and colorful markers bring out the kid in everybody. Aside from getting the regular chalk colors in this kit, you will also receive neon and metallic markers. If you like using bold, striking colors as much as I do, then you will be more than happy with this set.

Chalk markers are ideal for use on non-porous and smooth surfaces like glass, metal, and plastics. I have used these markers primarily for decorating large shop windows and writing notes directly on my refrigerator. I did not encounter any issues with them whatsoever. You can also use these items to paint rocks, woodblocks, and many more.

As mentioned earlier, these markers are dry-erase. They also come off completely. If you use these markers on non-porous surfaces, you can erase the marks using a dry washcloth. Now, if you use them by mistake on a traditional blackboard, just use a wet cloth to wipe the markings away.

Because of all the fun colors, it is no wonder that kids would want to use these markers, which is completely safe. The inks used in the pens are non-toxic and washable. If your kids filled up their whiteboards or the glass doors and windows, don’t worry as you can easily remove the inks using just soap and water.

Now, these markers are not ideal for use on regular paper. The reason is that the ink could easily bleed through the page. If you will be using these markers for coloring and drawing, use a thick paper stock so the inks stay on the surface.

  • The set contains 40 markers, including neon and metallic
  • Can write on all non-porous surfaces
  • Easy to erase without leaving any residue
  • Ideal for kids as the markers are non-toxic and washable
  • Easy to prime and use
  • Bleeds a lot when used on paper

Do keep in mind that these items are technically dry-erase markers, so they might not look that great on paper. However, if you are looking into decorating glass doors or shop windows, I still think that this set is the best one that you can use.

10. iBayam Felt Tip Fine Point Pens Markers

ibayam felt tip fine point pens markers

In my opinion, these markers are among the best ones that I have ever used for writing. Even though it is not a well-known brand, the overall quality is incredible. The markers have an incredible amount of ink in them. It does not also bleed through paper unless it is very thin. I do believe that this pack of 18 markers will last for quite a while.

The rounded fine-tipped nib makes for an enjoyable writing experience. The tip does not snag or scratch the surface of the paper. It also dispenses ink smoothly. Unlike the other markers in the same price range, these items do not skip or blot. All my notes and journal entries so far do not have any ink blotting whatsoever.

The pens also have an ergonomic design. The barrel is perfectly rounded to make them easier to hold, even if you suffer from arthritis or any other ailment that causes your hand to lose strength. Also, the surface of the pens has a matte finish for additional grip. These little things make the pens a joy to write with.

Another impressive thing about these pens is that they are economical. They work just as well as the name-brand pens, but they are a fraction of the price. As I mentioned earlier, the pens contain a lot of ink. It is more than some of the more expensive markers that I have used so far. This product absolutely gives you more bang for the buck.

These markers are almost perfect but they do have a couple of minor flaws. I noticed that the nibs would start to deteriorate and lose their sharpness after a page or two of writing. It is not that serious, though, but you will definitely notice a slight change in the writing quality.

  • Writes smoothly without skipping or blotting
  • The ink does not bleed unless used on thin paper
  • Ergonomic design
  • Economical as it has 18 pens in the kit
  • The ink dries incredibly fast
  • The nibs start deteriorating quickly after a couple of uses

These fine-tipped black markers are perfect if you like using fine liners for detailed artwork, like line drawings. I also think they work well for general writing purposes.

What to Look For When Buying a Fine Tip Marker

best fine tip markers for coloring

If you are still having a hard time searching for fine tip permanent marker, then considering the following factors and pointers may help:

Nib durability

The problem with most super fine tip markers is that they have fragile tips. Although the manufacturers needed to sacrifice a bit of durability so the pens can write fine lines, they should still be tough enough for general writing purposes. In short, the tips should not be so fragile that you are almost afraid to use them.

Nib flexibility

Even though the writing tips of the extra fine tip markers should be durable, that does not mean they are hard and rigid. If the nibs are too hard, then there is a risk that they would snag on the paper or poke holes through it. The nibs should have a bit of flexibility so that they can glide smoothly on the writing surface.

Ink quality

You will be drawing fine lines using these markers, so the ink needs to be vibrant. This will let you clearly see it on the paper. This is especially true when it comes to color markers. You need to be able to tell the difference between red and orange, or between blue and green.


Regardless if you will be using these markers for drawing or writing in journals or notebooks, they need to be comfortable to use. The pen should also be easy to control so that your lines are always precise and uniform. Using the wrong kind of pens for writing for extended periods will only cause hand cramps.


This will be subjective, but you should get the markers that are well within your budget. This is especially true if you are a beginner at using felt tip markers.

Frequently Asked Questions

best fine tip markers for drawing

How to Recover Fine Tip Markers?

Most of the time, dried-out markers are not empty. The ink might just be dried up, causing it to clog the tip. To revive your markers, you just need to place a bit of rubbing alcohol into a small container.

After that, place the dried marker tip-down into the liquid. Wait until you see a bit of ink run into the alcohol. Remove the pen and dry the tip on some paper towels. Once done, your marker is ready to use again.

How to Draw with Fine Tip Markers?

Drawing styles may vary. Some use fine tip markers as they do on pencils, as in they still have sketch lines. More commonly though, artists use black, or dark-colored markers to trace the outline of the drawings with the outer outlines thicker than the internal lines.


It can be difficult to choose just one set of markers mainly due to the sheer number of brands available. Ideally, before you buy a set of markers, you should try individual pens first. This is so you will get a feel of how they work and if it feels right for you.

Once you find the best fine tip markers for your drawing or journaling needs, you will start looking at your hobby as being much more enjoyable.

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