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The Best Fountain Pen for Calligraphy in 2023

best fountain pen for calligraphy

Calligraphy is the exquisite art of beautiful handwriting. Right before calligraphers and artists practice contemporary calligraphy, this ancient form of art dates back to when dip pens, brush pens, quills, and bottled inks were primarily used to exhibit calligraphy.

Over time, an extensive array of calligraphy tools such as fountain pens have been widely used to practice and execute modern calligraphy styles. But here comes the ultimate question: what is the best fountain pen for calligraphy? If you are an aspiring calligrapher or a professional calligraphy artist, which fountain pen brands should you go for?

You are in luck to find here the pens you need to practice and elevate your skills in calligraphy. I will walk you through the top reviews and picks for all your calligraphy demands.

Best Fountain Pen for Calligraphy

1. Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Fountain Pens

sheaffer viewpoint calligraphy fountain pen

One of the things I love about Sheaffer pens is that they are known widely for producing calligraphy and multifunctional pens.

But I noticed that they are mainly focusing on art pen materials such as calligraphy pens, brush pens, and other art materials that incorporate creativity in art lettering. One of which is the Sheaffer calligraphy fountain pen that has three color-coded nibs.

Among these nib sizes, I was able to try the medium nib or teal calligraphy pen, which is one of my favorite annotation tools. This pen is refillable and comes with black and blue cartridges.

What I like about this product is that you get more features despite the simple design. It lends an elegant feel while not as fancy as the usual classic pot and nib look. Moreover, the ink gives intricate details as I use it on my journaling material.

Since it uses a medium nib, it can deliver fine and broad lines. With its comfortable grip and barrel design, you can easily control the pen and execute artistic lines for calligraphy.

I must say that it produces the best lines depending on how you hold it. As for my experience, holding the nib at a 45-degree angle can deliver smooth and precise applications. I noticed that when using or holding it like a regular pen, the ink does not flow seamlessly and hence, does not perform well.

As I have gotten a hang of it, I have started using it to highlight my daily tasks, and it has a nice flow to it so far. It has made journal writing more engaging and fun, especially when I construct bullet journals. However, since it is water-based, the ink is not waterproof.

In addition, the pen is easy to use, and the appearance is straightforward and attractive. The tracing pad is a nice addition to this kit, making it a reliable beginner fountain pen calligraphy for everyone who wants to learn this form of art.

  • Features a medium nib for versatile lines
  • Straightforward and sophisticated design
  • Refillable
  • Includes black and blue ink
  • Presented in a high-end gift box
  • Not waterproof

Apart from the elegant features and availability of nib sizes, this calligraphy pen stands out for its versatile performance and precise lining. It is also simple and yet a great gift idea for friends or loved ones who like to indulge and to know more about lettering art.

2. Scribe Sword Fountain Calligraphy Pens

scribe sword fountain calligraphy pens

Have you ever wondered where you could acquire expensive-looking present ideas for your clients, boss, or coworkers? Or perhaps a gift for a graduation or Father’s Day? Scribe Sword Fountain Pen has a beautiful feel to it, and it comes packaged in an elegant box with a pressed and stitched casing at a reasonable price.

The first time I saw it, I have to admit I have fallen in love with how the material presented itself in a brushed stainless steel body. The appearance embodies the classic and sophisticated fountain pen.

But beyond the aesthetics is the smooth ink flow that gives comfort in writing. While it presents high-end features, you can take delight in its performance and unleash creative writing without breaking your budget.

The medium nib design glides seamlessly over the paper, rendering effortless and precise pen strokes. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable feeling, allowing you to write in a more controlled manner.

The writing has a high-quality feel to it; it appears to be a simple fountain pen, but the quality it provides encourages you to be more inspired and write flawlessly and accurately, particularly when it comes to calligraphy.

As a matter of fact, I would also recommend this for experienced and professional calligraphers. It may appear intimidating, but this pen is also suitable for beginners due to its convenient and user-friendly design.

Aside from that, the pen is available in blue and black colors. However, the pen nib leaks, which I need to address first, but overall, the ink flow provides a satisfying writing experience.

With regard to the packaging, I must say that the manufacturer has presented the pen quite impressively, making it a pleasing gift for your friends and family. The box also includes six cartridges to back you up should your ink run out.

  • It offers excellent line consistency and ink flow
  • It comes with a leather-like box with a stitched logo
  • With six pieces of ink cartridges
  • Uses medium nib for seamless strokes
  • Beginner-friendly
  • The ink nib leaks

Overall, the product is satisfying, particularly for newcomers. The consistency of the packaging piques the customer’s interest in learning more about the product and when or what art supplies they will manufacture next.

3. Lanxivi Yongsheng Calligraphy Fountain Pens

lanxivi yongsheng calligraphy fountain pens

Calligraphy pens are most known for creating roman font art lettering or are well-known as an art tool in creating scrapbooks, journals, invitations, or greeting cards. It is also one of the unique forms of art and lettering; one of the most detailed and precise strokes that you need to learn.

With that in mind, a fountain pen with different nib sizes such as this set will do the trick. Sifting through the contents, it has pens with clear barrels, so when you use different colors of ink you will see the majestic color of it.

You can choose how you refill the ink, either using cartridges or an ink converter. Since it is a piston pen design, refilling the pens is so much easier than you think.

The variety of nibs allows you to write and draw in any strokes your work demands. What I like about this calligraphy pen is the smoothness whenever it glides on the paper. Even more so when you are using it as a header lettering for scrapbooking or journaling, just like the way I use it.

The 1.1mm gives me the precise strokes that I need in writing in my journal and use it as I highlight important details on my to-do list. It has six sizes thus, every stroke of line I intend to use comes with a thin to the thicker line.

I highly recommend this calligraphy pen because of its effortless writing and reliable performance. Besides that, the style of the pen resembles the Lamy pen, and as it is known for its quality, it sure is affordable for this one.

Although the pens do not come with ink, this is to ensure that the ink does not leak when it is delivered. Take note that the pens are empty when they arrive.

Therefore, the cartridges or ink must be purchased separately and refilled. The fun thing is that you can see the ink barrel and see how much ink you used while using it.

Because it features a clear design, it presents an exquisite appearance, and the pen itself is very lightweight and comfortable to use. It draws attention to my journal’s words and doodling. This is the pen I would probably use again for a smooth calligraphy fountain pen writing experience.

  • Refillable and you can choose between barrel ink or cartridges
  • A piston fill pen design with six assorted nib sizes
  • The clear barrel design allows you to monitor the ink level
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • The pens are empty when delivered; The ink or cartridges should be purchased separately

The pen is ideal for beginners and also makes a wonderful present. It is among the finest fountain pens for calligraphy that offer straightforward design and excellent performance.

4. Sailor Fude De Mannen Calligraphy Fountain Pens

sailor fude de mannen calligraphy fountain pens

It is a Japanese manufactured pen, and when it comes to quality, you sure know how they present their product and their value. The product’s simple design makes it appealing to everybody who uses it.

The bamboo green color embodies the light and pleasing vibe, which makes it an attractive calligraphy pen for everyone. One of the great features of this fountain pen is the “Wakatake” nib or also known to have a 55-degree angle to help you accentuate the thin or thick lines you are creating.

It comes with two ink cartridges or an ink converter, whatever you desire. What I enjoy about this is that you can pick and choose which ink refill you want to use.

I prefer to use an ink converter because I appreciate the feel of the vintage nib and pot; it feels like you’re writing in the 1800s. In my writing experience, I love how it lends a smoother feel while using it in my bullet journal.

With the 55-degree angle nib, the pen glides more seamlessly when writing, allowing you to draw the lines you choose while the ink flow delivers more sleek writing.

It has a professional air about it, despite the fact that it is a simple but effective writing tool to use. Having said that, this calligraphy fountain pen has my approval.

Although it comes with non-waterproof ink, you can also refill it with waterproof ink ( which you have to buy separately) and it is non-bleed so you can experiment more on your writing or doodling.

It has a simple design and elegant appearance, but the quality itself gives you an overview of the product. It is a lightweight pen, and you can also easily clip it inside your pocket.

  • It includes two ink cartridges
  • Pigmented blue ink
  • It has a 55-degree angle nib for ample precision
  • You can use ink cartridges or an ink converter
  • You can refill it with waterproof ink
  • It comes with two ink cartridges that are not waterproof

This pen’s quality provides complete satisfaction that both professionals and amateur calligraphists would definitely enjoy using. Thus, for a simple yet stylish fountain pen, this is it. This helps you to create and explore more in this beautiful art of lettering.

5. Speedball 002900 Calligraphy Fountain Pens

speedball 002900 calligraphy fountain pens

Speedball Fountain Pen is known for its sophisticated look, and to be honest, their pen looks similar to some Parker pens I have used before.

Looking at their aesthetic and sophisticated features, you can tell that they give importance to their detailed designs and provide basic mechanics on how to operate their calligraphy pen.

The first time I used it, the ergonomic design lends a comfortable feeling. Besides that, the ink flows smoothly on your desired lines whereas the 1mm nib gives fine and intricate strokes, 1.5mm for thicker line widths, and 1.9mm for much broader line widths.

All nibs capture different precisions, which I find useful when taking notes while reading books. I tend to underline some important passages using this pen and hence, making it much easier to find and look back at the notes I have jotted down.

In terms of the broad nib pen, it is best for highlighting or making darker lines. Therefore, I find this suitable for writing notes or rendering fountain pen lettering with artistic line features.

Another feature is that the cartridges have a double-sealed cap. To ensure that the ink does not leak readily, two ink cartridges are included. The quality of the ink provides the perfection that we have always desired in a fountain pen, providing a smooth flow on the paper without a scratchy feel.

It is also available in sets: basic calligraphy pen set, deluxe calligraphy fountain pen set, and calligraphy fountain pen gift set, which can be a great gift idea for beginners.

It is a simple black chic fountain pen and it has a clip-on so it easily fits inside your pocket with a cap on. I also appreciate the detailed swirling design they put on the nibs for a more sophisticated appearance.

  • Able to deliver smooth flow without a scratchy feel
  • Double sealed cap to secure ink flow and prevent leaks
  • Includes a variety of nib sizes for versatile applications
  • Refillable design for long-term use
  • Chic and elegant design but simple
  • The sizes of the nib is broader only

With the convenience of use, aspiring calligraphers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists alike can experience effortless writing and deliver beautiful results in every stroke. It is also a great calligraphy pen especially for crafting and labeling scrapbooks or any art letter making.

6. GCQUILL Calligraphy Set Fountain Pens

gcquill calligraphy set fountain pens

By giving a colorful product as one of their outstanding qualities, they provide unique and interesting methods to present their lineup of pens. The GCQUILL calligraphy pen set’s diverse ink cartridges make it a terrific present option for a beginner or someone who appreciates calligraphy writing with interesting and colorful ideas.

One of the best aspects of this calligraphy pen is that it comes with seven pens where each pen presents a particular nib size. Thus, there is a lot of room for experimenting with varied line widths – from fine to broad strokes.

But what is more fascinating is the vast selection of ink cartridges for colorful and endless writing possibilities. The wide ink selection makes the color more brilliant and appealing to the eyes.

Because the ink is non-bleeding, I need not worry about messy ink pooling or smears when writing, which is exactly what I want to exhibit clean and crisp calligraphy.

One more thing I like about this is that I can use it to make my reading or journaling more interesting. When I annotate or doodle in my journal, the quality of the ink renders attractive hues that match my book covers, motivating me to write more beautifully and creatively.

This calligraphy set can also be used for practicing or experimenting with new ideas. And since it is reasonably priced, I suggest going for this if you are a hobbyist or looking for a colorful calligraphy pen set to showcase your imaginative ideas.

Just a heads-up, setting up the pens is confusing at first. With the vast range of cartridges, it can be pretty overwhelming, and I did have a hard time changing the cartridges. However, you can get a hang of it if you use it more frequently.

Nevertheless, I love this set; right from how the ink flows evenly and the superb pigmentation of the colors. Besides calligraphy, I find the pens useful for decorative journal writing and book annotations.
It is also non-toxic, making it suitable for users of all ages and levels. Each calligraphy pen includes a plastic cover to preserve the tips and is transparent so you can see how much ink is available.

  • Has a wide selection of ink cartridges in different colors
  • Non-toxic and non-bleed
  • Includes seven pens with different nib sizes
  • Able to create thin and thick lines
  • Smooth ink flow
  • The pen’s setup is perplexing

This calligraphy set gives you an overall fun and brilliant experience in creating calligraphy. It also endorsed the nature of calligraphy writing with this affordable set, they give you inspiration in creating new wonderful ideas.

7. Lamy Joy L15 ABS Calligraphy Fountain Pens

lamy joy l15 abs calligraphy fountain pens

The Lamy Fountain Pen is a well-known calligraphy pen with an ergonomic design. I won’t deny but the clip holder is one of its eye-catching features.

You can tell it has a unique signature style and a fashionable and distinctive appearance that makes it accessible wherever you put it. It is a refillable fountain pen and it has a broad nib, great for signature or calligraphy writing.

Mind you, the nib is not flexible but rather broad and cut at an angle that allows you to write in Italic or natural calligraphy writing. The consistency is ideal for gothic and larger fonts but may be difficult for thin and intricate writing styles. Nonetheless, the consistency and nib design are forgiving for beginners.

You can also use an ink converter as well as ink cartridges or any kind of ink sample. The ink writes evenly on any kind of paper; and what I like about Lamy pens, they give the sense of a modern type of quill. It also emphasizes the quality of the ink, which is more pigmented for calligraphy writing.

In addition, the little window in the pen allows you to monitor the ink level. While that presents a simple yet elegant design, I find this a useful feature for efficient calligraphy writing.

On art or normal paper, it does not have a blot spot or non-bleed. There is an elegant fulfillment and a more pleasurable experience because of the seamless writing flow.

In terms of the overall product design, it features an ergonomic grip area and a flexible spring brass wire clip that gives the client a tremendous sense of satisfaction when using a calligraphy pen.

  • Broad or stub nib suitable for Italic font or thick lines
  • Refillable ink reservoir
  • Pigmented ink for crisp line appearance
  • Bleedproof and smear-proof ink
  • Great for beginners
  • Extra ink cartridge not included

Overall, it is a high-quality pen that can be used for crafts or basic writing. Since it has a robust nib, it is reliable for broad applications, Italic fonts, and natural writing format. It is also much easier to control, making it a great calligraphy tool for beginners.

8. Wordsworth Black Fountain Pen Set

wordsworth black fountain pen set

Wordsworth & Black found an idea to produce a world-class fountain pen set that is a surely acclaimed product without spending a massive outlay.

With its impressive quality and exquisite leather case, it can actually pass off as a high-class brand. The pen is also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.

It is particularly useful because it comes with six ink cartridges that are available in two colors: blue and black. What I enjoy about it is that it is refillable, which means you can use any sort of ink you choose as well as utilize it with an ink converter.

The nib size reminds me of a traditional quill pen, and it is simple to use because the ink glides easily across the paper’s surface. It offers me writing that is both clear and readable, which is why I use this as my daily writing material in my journal.

When it comes to the nib size, the pointed tip is ideal for fine lines and intricate writing styles. Although it may seem intimidating to use in calligraphy, it is surprisingly user-friendly because of its rich ink flow. Once you get a hang of it, you can execute scriptwriting and sophisticated calligraphy fonts.

Moreover, it is good to know that the ink is non-toxic. This makes it safe to use, especially if you have young students or kids around when writing or working. The ink also does not bleed and dries rapidly after being written on.

Aside from that, the lavish packaging comes with a leather-type case that brings the executive design into a basic style but in a modern way. I do recommend this fountain pen for beginners, as the overall material is not confusing, and it has an ergonomic style that best fits to use.

It is a basic fountain pen with a simple design that is perfect for everyday use. It can be used for calligraphy, journaling, annotating, and any type of business meeting.

  • It includes six ink cartridges; available in color blue and black
  • Rich ink flow for smooth writing experience
  • Sophisticated and professional-looking design
  • Includes an ink converter
  • Great for beginners
  • Only one size nib is supplied in each combination

Overall, this elegant fountain pen is more than just the aesthetics; it highlights essential features that would make a reliable calligraphy pen. While it uses a fine nib for intricate writing style, amateur calligraphers can still find this enjoyable and convenient to use.

9. MONAGGIO Luxury Black Fountain Pens

monaggio luxury black fountain pens

The simplistic but elegant design of the Monaggio fountain pen gives a classic but luxurious style. Surprisingly, it does not compromise the quality and appearance, considering its cheap price range.

One of the best features of it is its refillable design. Thus, you may use bottled ink or ink cartridges. Luckily, it is compatible with standard international ink cartridges, giving you less of a headache when looking for an ink replacement.

In terms of performance, all you need is to click the pen and let the ink flow. As it does, this fountain pen uniformly distributes the ink, which is great for practicing calligraphy. This minimizes any skips or ink blotches, allowing you to present clean and beautiful art lettering.

This pen uses a fine nib that is suitable for producing delicate lines in calligraphy. However, if you write slowly you can create medium lines but I would be careful if I were you because it can smear.

What I appreciate about it is the simple design, which conveys and encourages creative writing. For me, the ink works wonderfully; I always use black ink whether annotating or writing in a journal. However, I noticed that it takes a long time to dry, making it vulnerable to smudges.

Because of its straightforward and ergonomic design, you can actually use or hold it like you would with a regular pen. It does write well, and the flow movement of this fountain pen lets you take delight in effortless calligraphy practice. Unfortunately, it does not come with ink, but it is for safety purposes for the packaging.

I also want to emphasize the packaging, which is quite luxurious for its price. The box and silk cloth give off a very presentable look, making it a great gift idea or a treat for yourself!

  • Refillable design for long-lasting quality
  • Features a fine nib for delicate writing
  • Great for beginners
  • Very affordable price
  • Comes with a lavish and presentable box
  • When you write on paper, it takes a long time to dry

Monaggio has a straightforward but basic quality that comes from the perfect balance of traditional beauty and modern luxury. Without a doubt, it can bring out your intellectual skills in writing and inspire you in a more elegant way.

10. Dryden Designs Calligraphy Fountain Pens

dryden designs calligraphy fountain pens

Dryden Designs assists fountain pen enthusiasts in obtaining a more cheap but high-quality luxury pen. I am impressed that Michael Dryden, the inventor of Dryden Designs, creates far more sophisticated materials to assist everyone and to ensure that beginners have access to a good standard pen.

With that in mind, this fountain pen falls under his amazing lineup. It is built of stainless steel and provides the consistency of an opulent brand’s quality. This classic pen has the kind of high-end quality that everyone looks for in this type of material.

It provides a premium writing experience with a contemporary design. But most of all, I like how they designed this pen, and the fact that it comes with 24 colorful ink cartridges adds to the vibrant color of my writing.

The black and blue colors are practical options since they are the most common hues for everyday writing. So far, the ink flow is consistent and does not easily bleed or smudge. In this way, you can express your decorative writing without any messy smears.

It uses a medium-sized nib that is suitable for creating broad line widths. I also think it is just the right size for learning calligraphy. Plus, it is much easier to control and maneuver when creating versatile lines.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not ambidextrous but many of my peers agree how it is comfortable to use whether you are left-handed or right-handed. The lightweight and ergonomic design do the trick on this. The only caveat is that it sometimes leaks.

  • Includes an extensive selection of blue and black cartridges
  • Features a medium nib for fine and broad lines
  • Consistent ink flow for smooth writing experience
  • Comfortable to use for left-handed and right-handed users
  • Elegant, sleek, and lightweight design
  • It sometimes leaks

It features a simple design that resembles a well-known brand while taking delight in its high-end quality. Besides the pigmented ink quality, it is comfortable to hold and adapt to your hand, whether you are right or left-handed.

What to Look For When Buying a Fountain Pens for Calligraphy

calligraphy fountain pen writing

Know Your Skills and Calligraphy Writing Style

It is imperative to know where you are in calligraphy, whether you are a beginner or an experienced calligrapher looking for tools to enhance your skills. Some prefer the best calligraphy dip pens for a more traditional vibe but fountain pens have become an ultimate choice among many for their convenient design.

Although fountain pens are innovatively designed for everyday writing and considered user-friendly, it takes some practice to utilize them efficiently for calligraphy.

Some brands include different nib sizes that will allow you to explore thick and thin strokes and let them coalesce into beautiful and artistic art lettering. Besides that, fountain pens may resemble one another but they can differ in weight; some of them might feel too heavy or lightweight while others are weighted in balance for a premium writing experience.

If you are an amateur calligrapher, it is best to settle for lightweight fountain pens as they glide more seamlessly over the paper, rendering smooth and effortless strokes.

Nibs and Line Widths

Calligraphy is a combination of fine and broad lines that all jive to create stunning, unique, and expressive art lettering. Thankfully, fountain pens are available in different nib sizes.

This lets you opt for the size or width that you are most comfortable with, especially if you are initially studying an exclusive format or writing style that you want to acquire before moving on to another style. Some have broad nibs while others have narrow or pointed nibs for fine lines.

Individual fountain pens would be ideal for this. However, if you are keen on studying different line widths, perhaps it is best to settle for fountain pen sets that include a diverse selection of pens or nibs as well as ink cartridges.

Ink Quality, Ink Reservoir, and Pen Design

Calligraphy is nothing without a good and pigmented ink quality. Besides that, it should be bleedproof or smear-proof. In this way, you can showcase the best features of calligraphy without any messy ink blotches or bleed-throughs.

Ink cartridges are commonly available in black and blue inks. But some sets offer additional cartridges or more colors to elevate your skills and creativity.

One more thing to consider is the ink reservoir or pen design. Some fountain pens have clear barrels to let you monitor the ink level and let you refill should it run out.

Speaking of refilling, some fountain pens feature refillable reservoirs for long-term use. Just make sure to check which ink is compatible with your pen should you ever opt for this design.

Other brands just look like any fountain pens that you can dispose of once the ink runs out. Some are piston fill pens for hassle-free ink refilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

sheaffer calligraphy fountain pen

Is a Fountain Pen a Calligraphy Pen?

No, it is not. Fountain pens are for everyday writing and common writing tasks while calligraphy pens are specifically crafted for calligraphy only. However, a fountain pen can be used to practice calligraphy and present its artistic strokes.

Unbeknownst to many, a calligraphy pen is a special type of pen that features an angled nib (also known as cut nibs), relatively much broader, to create textural effects. This makes calligraphy pens more flexible than fountain pens since the user can maneuver the pen much more easily to produce thin or thick lines.

Aside from that, the major difference lies within the material of nibs: fountain pens have stainless steel or metallic nibs while calligraphy pens have disposable nibs. Thus, fountain pens are typically more expensive.

Unlike fountain pens, calligraphy pens consist of a holder and a nib. Fountain pens have refillable reservoirs, the nib, and the feed. Fountain pens are available in different nib sizes but are typically pointed and thin to allow smooth ink flow.

How much does a Fountain Pen Cost?

The price range for fountain pens varies depending on several factors such as the brand name or whether you are purchasing the pens individually or by set. But the good news is that you can already have a decent fountain pen for around $15 and $20, especially if you have just begun your journey with calligraphy.

Some of the top fountain pens I have tried range between $20 and $30, and most of them include additional tools like extra nibs and ink cartridges.


With the aesthetics and artistic features of calligraphy, learning the techniques of calligraphy writing can be a little intimidating. After all, it embodies the art of beautiful handwriting, presenting precise and clean strokes.

But with the right set of tools, including the best fountain pens, you can elevate your skills and hence, exhibit your lettering in an expressive and skillful manner. This comprehensive guide and review unravel everything you need to know before making a purchase. Hope you find your ultimate pick!

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