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The Best Furniture Touch Up Markers for 2024

best furniture touch up markers

Wooden furniture is undoubtedly beautiful, but even the smallest scratch is easy to notice. Instead of refinishing the entire thing, you can use the best furniture touch-up markers to hide the offending blemishes. If you have a good quality marker and know how to use it properly, then it would seem like the damages magically went away.

You need to be careful when shopping for touch-up markers. The reason is that aside from being quite expensive, it is also extremely necessary to use the correct color. Below is a guide on how to choose the right markers for your specific needs.

Best Furniture Touch Up Marker Reviews

1. Katzco Furniture Repair Wood Markers

katzco furniture repair wood markers

This product is one of the best furniture scratch repair kits that you can use for general-purpose finish repairs. These markers come in seven hardwood colors and a white one for blending lighter stains. I have been using this set of markers to hide scratches and dings on my wooden furniture and floors, and I have been happy with them so far.

If you have dark hardwood furniture or accents in your home, then these furniture pens for scratches will match their colors perfectly. What is even nicer is that you can mix colors so you can get the exact wood color that you need. I have almost gone through all the hardwood furnishings in my home and so far, I have not had any major issues at all.

Many customers complained about them, but I liked using the wax sticks that came with the set. They are basically like crayons and they are for filling up and darkening the deeper scratches. Although they are not as effective as plastic filler, you can still expect them to work nicely whenever you need a quick fix.

I can also say that the scratch match furniture touch-up markers are so easy to use. It is the reason why I am actively looking for things to fix around the house. These markers do not require extensive surface preparations. You just have to clean up the surfaces.

Moreover, all you need are already part of the kit, including the piece of cloth that you use to wipe away the excess ink. The best part is that these markers are permanent, so they are not just temporary fixes.

Although I like these markers quite a lot, they would have been a lot better if there were a couple that came in a lighter shade. Although you can technically blend lighter tones using the white marker, it would have been more convenient to have the same tones included in the kit.

  • Complete set, which contains all common hardwood colors
  • Features accurate colors that can hide all scratches and dents
  • Comes with wax sticks to fill in deep scratches
  • Easy to use with only minimal surface preparation needed
  • Can match all kinds of wooden surfaces
  • The pens are a bit too dark for light stains

Although these markers are not that easy to use on lighter hardwood surfaces, I can still say that they usually do a respectable job when it comes to hiding light damage.

2. Escest Furniture Touch Up Repair Markers

escest furniture touch up repair markers

This set of sharpie furniture touch-up markers comes with all the shades of wood commonly used for furniture. Obviously, you might not get the right shade right away, and that is where the black and white markers come in. I learned by trial and error how to mix the right combination of colors to hide minor scratches completely.

Unlike spot refinishing, you do not need extensive surface preparation for this. Just make sure that the surface to touch up is clean and free of dust. It will allow the pigments to adhere to the surface easier. You do not need to sand and prime the surface. Just wipe with a cleaning rag then write over the damage with the right color markers.

Speaking of refinishing the surface, it will cost a lot of money if you are planning to hire a professional restoration service and a lot of time and effort if you will do it yourself. The complete set of touch-up markers will not even make a dent in your budget. Also, it will only take a couple of minutes to use them.

Even if your furniture or hardwood floors have deep scratches, you can take care of them on your own. In situations where you need to deal with damage that is a bit more serious than shallow scratches, you can use the furniture touch-up crayons to fill in the gouged areas. You can then use the markers over them to hide the damage completely.

A word about the wax sticks; avoid putting too much pressure when using them as they are rather brittle. I have broken around three of the included wax sticks, but thankfully, they are still usable. Although I know that the wax sticks need to be a bit tough, it would have been much better if they were a bit stronger.

  • Comes with all the shades of wood
  • Easy to use
  • The wax sticks can fill up deep scratches
  • More economical compared to hiring professionals
  • Quick to apply but permanently fixes issues
  • The wax sticks are too brittle

If the damage is not serious enough to warrant refinishing the entire surface, then these furniture scratch repair markers will be your next best option in making your wooden furniture look like new again.

3. Minwax Ebony Wood Finish Stain Markers

minwax ebony wood finish stain markers

The thing that I liked the most about this brown marker for furniture is that it contains real wood stains. Aside from hiding blemishes, the markers can also refinish the damaged areas for real. I used this marker to restore an old ebony music box and by the time I finished erasing the surface scratches, it looked like new.

If you choose the right color of wood stain, then it would be like the scratches never happened. Using this professional wood furniture repair kit is exponentially more cost-effective and much easier than refinishing the entire surface. It is especially true if you will only be repairing a couple of scratches. You do not even need to move the furniture outside to repair the damage.

As mentioned, this marker contains the real ebony wood stain, so if you have ebony furniture or any dark hardwood that has a similar shade, you can use this marker for touch-up repairs. If your furniture uses lighter wood stains, then you need the other choices offered by Minwax – all of which are of the same high level of quality as this one.

What I liked about this product is that it worked well with laminate flooring, too. I accidentally gouged our laminate floor when I was moving a couple of furniture. Thanks to this touch-up marker, the scratches are completely gone. Our floor looks like nothing ever happened. I even forgot where the scratches once were.

Now, because this marker contains an actual wood stain, it takes a while to dry. Do not make the mistake of touching the surface after retouches. You need to wait a while or use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

  • Contains real wood stain
  • Easy to use as there is no need to do extensive preparation
  • More convenient than re-staining the entire surface
  • Color is very accurate to ebony wood
  • Useful in hiding damage on laminates
  • Takes a while to dry to the touch

This product is not just an ordinary marker. Instead of ink, it contains real wood stain. If you want to make quick repairs but with lasting results, then this marker is surely an incredible buy.

4. RUYE Furniture Wood Repair Markers

ruye furniture wood repair markers

This specific marker from RUYE is so impressive that the set perfectly matches most of the common hardwoods. I am amazed at how exactly these markers match the colors of my wooden furniture. Of course, some pieces don’t seem to match the markers, but their beauty comes from the fact that you can blend various colors to match your furniture.

I also like how easy and quick it was to hide unsightly blemishes on wood. It is just like you are coloring in the scratches. It is not like refinishing the entire furniture where you need to move the furniture into your workshop or outside and prepare the surface for painting. You can even finish the job in minutes without needing to move furniture.

Speaking of surface preparation, these markers do not require you to scuff up the surface for better adhesion. You can expect them to write on completely glossy surfaces. The only thing you should do is wipe the surface clean. You just need to draw over the scratches, wipe off the excess using a rag, and wait for the pigment to dry.

I do not get why a lot of people rag on the wax sticks. They work great for their intended purpose, which is to fill in the deeper scratches. You don’t use the crayons on their own. It is to fill in the spaces and provide a base with the same color as the rest of the surface. After filling with the wax sticks, color over them with a touch-up marker for furniture.

Now, I do have a problem with this kit and it is that it does not have any options for light wood finishes. I have a couple of oak furniture and these markers are all too dark for them.

  • The kit contains several markers with common wood colors
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Adheres on smooth surfaces
  • Crayons do a good job filling deep scratches.
  • Good value for your money
  • There are no options for lighter wood

If your furniture only has a couple of surface scratches, you do not need to refinish the surface right away. Get yourself a set of these markers and make those offending scratches magically go away.

5. Rejuvenate Wood Furniture Floor Markers

rejuvenate wood furniture floor markers

I highly recommend these markers if you want to make surface scratches on your wooden furniture and flooring disappear completely. It would be a huge waste of money to have your furniture professionally refinished if the only issues are a couple of scratches.

However, those scratches can be hard to look at, so the best course of action would be to use these markers and make the offending marks go away. These touch-up pens are not just for real hardwood floors.

You can also use them for laminate flooring. Just because laminate floors are cheaper, that does not mean you can just ignore surface scratches. These markers can also work on laminate flooring just as well as it does on real hardwood, so you do not need to replace the planks just yet.

I would not recommend these markers if they are not easy and convenient to use. I am not that adept in terms of furniture repairs, but even I was able to cover up scratches and scuff marks convincingly. You do not need to do anything else but clean the surface to repair. There is no need to sand the finish and polish it either once finished.

The only issue that I have with these markers, specifically the maple-colored one, is that it is a bit too dark. The problem is that this set does not contain a white marker so I can make the maple a shade or two lighter. You just have to buy the white and black markers separately.

  • Quickly makes shallow scratches disappear
  • Can also work on laminate flooring
  • Easy to use – You do not even need to do surface preparation.
  • Allows blending to match almost any shade of wood
  • Comes with wax fillers for deeper gouges
  • The maple color is a bit too dark

Unless the damage is already severe, save money on professional furniture restoration by spending a couple of bucks on this set of markers instead. You will be surprised at how effective these markers are.

6. SEISSO Wood Furniture Sticks Markers

seisso wood furniture sticks markers

It does not matter what kinds of wooden furniture you have in your home. You will be able to repair most, if not all, of them using this kit. This set of markers and wax sticks come with all the wood colors needed to repair almost all kinds of wooden furniture, cabinets, or flooring that you may have in your home.

I also like this repair kit as it only takes minutes to repair most scratches and gouges on wood surfaces. You do not even need to move the furniture outside before repairs. Just wipe the surface clean and write over the scratches using the correct color markers. Wipe the excess pigment off and wait a couple of seconds for it to dry.

Aside from shallow scuff marks, this repair kit can also take care of deep scratches. You do not need to use plastic filler.

This kit also comes with wax sticks that refer to furniture crayons for repairing scratches that you will be using to fill in the gouges. I like these wax sticks because they are easier to use than fillers. They are also a lot less messy. Apart from that, the wax sticks provide a similar-colored base for the markers.

Why would you want to spend hundreds of dollars to repair a couple of scratches on your wooden furniture professionally? However, that does not mean you should just ignore the damage. This entire kit costs just a fraction of professional furniture refinishing, but you will also be getting the same results.

Even though I like this wooden furniture repair kit a lot, I do have a couple of issues with it. The biggest problem that I have is that the cherry wood marker is not red enough. However, take note that it is just my subjective opinion.

  • Comes with almost all the wood colors you will ever need
  • Quick-drying and water-resistant
  • Capable of repairing deeper scratches
  • Does not require any surface preparation
  • Professional-looking results for a fraction of the price
  • The cherry color is not red enough

I am very impressed at how effective these markers are at repairing shallow scratches. If you want to save money without compromising on quality, then this wood repair kit is what you need.

7. Mohawk Pro Mark Wood Touch Up Markers

mohawk pro mark wood touch up markers

In my experience, the espresso finish is one of the hardest wood colors to touch up. There are not that many pens that get the tint just right. However, this touch-up pen is one of the most color-accurate ones that I have had the pleasure of using.

Another thing I liked about this marker is the nib. I have used other repair markers that either skipped or blotted out too much ink, and it was always a mess whichever thing happened. This is not a problem with this product. The nib is flexible enough that it can apply pigment evenly while being durable enough to last until it expends all the ink.

Unlike traditional touch-up repairs, you do not need to mix up paints or stains. Just use this marker to write over the scratches and wipe the excess away using a clean rag. In just a couple of seconds, you can make shallow scratches and scuff marks seem like they disappeared. Scratches on espresso are highly noticeable but this pen can hide them.

It also does not matter if you will be fixing up your end table, floors, or kitchen cabinets. This marker can handle any scratch from all angles. It dispenses ink evenly regardless if you are working on a flat, level surface or touching up the underside of hanging kitchen cabinets.

Now, this is a subjective opinion, but I do think that this touch-up pen is a bit on the pricey side. You can buy an entire set of touch-up markers for the same price as this single pen.

  • Very accurate color
  • Comes with a nib that evenly applies pigment
  • Easy to use and quick-drying
  • Adheres to most surfaces, including polished surfaces
  • Colors at any angle, even upside-down
  • A bit too pricey for a single marker, though it is just my opinion

The espresso color is hard to recreate and many repair markers do not get it right, but that is not the case with this product. If you are looking for a good repair marker in espresso color, fork out a bit of money for this one as it will be worth it.

8. Peakally Furniture Touch Up Markers

peakally furniture touch up markers

This kit contains 8 different colors that are enough to cover all kinds of wood. There are five wood colors. You can also find white, grey, and black colors. The wood colors can cover most wooden colors. If you need to, you can use the other three colors to blend with the browns to get the exact colors you will need.

Using these markers is infinitely easier than trying to refinish the surface yourself. For one thing, you will be using markers, not a paintbrush, so it is easier to control. You will only be working on the scratches, instead of redoing the entire surface.

Now, you may think that something this easy surely would not last and you would be wrong. The reason is that the pigments will stay on the surface permanently.

Here is another thing that I liked about this repair kit. It does not just work on scratches. You can use wax sticks to fill in holes, small cracks, and rather deep gouges on the surface.

For shallow gouges, you can rub the wax sticks until you deposit enough to fill the damage. For deeper holes, melt the wax stick using a lighter and fill the holes and level the surface as best as you can.

The markers are the best parts of the kit. The reason is that they can even write on varnished or polished surfaces. Unlike other pigments that smudge and are easy to erase, these markers can write on top of polished surfaces without any problem at all. Just remember to wipe away the excess ink before it dries.

I can’t find a lot of issues about this product, but I do have a bit of a problem with how quickly the pens dry out when the cap is loose. I forgot to place the cap properly on one of my markers before and after just two days or so, it was already bone dry.

  • The kit contains 8 colors, including gray, black, and white
  • Easy to use and yet durable
  • Can fix anything from surface scratches to actual holes in the wood
  • Adheres even on polished surfaces
  • Guarantees a quick yet permanent fix
  • The markers dry up a bit too quickly

It sure is nice that you can repair light furniture at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional. Of course, serious damage needs a professional’s touch, but light surface scratches are no match for these touch-up markers.

9. Varathane 347840 Wood Stain Markers

varathane 347840 wood stain markers

Although this kit only comes with four wood colors, the inclusion of the white, grey, and black markers means you can adjust the colors to the right tone. However, you will find that the wood colors are already highly accurate for the type of wood that they are supposed to mimic.

One of the reasons why I love repair markers is that you do not need to repair the entire surface. You do not have to lay down newspapers or even drag the furniture outside before you start fixing the surface damages. The only surface preparation you have to do is to wipe it clean.

I also like how the ink of these markers dry quickly, but not to the point that the quick-drying capability is already too much. The ink will be dry to the touch in just five minutes and completely dry in 15. I like the 5-minute window because you have more than enough time to blend colors to match the surface perfectly.

Another nice thing about using touch-up markers is that you can repair even the hard-to-reach areas without making a mess. Using a brush will be quite difficult as it might leave paint droplets. It will also be hard to apply an even coat if you are grabbing the very end of a brush.

The problem that I have with this kit is that there are only four wood colors. Oak is missing from the set. This set of markers would have been infinitely better if only it contained an oak-colored marker instead of having to blend colors to match.

  • Easy to use – You can also blend marker colors
  • Can do quick spot repairs that can last a long time
  • The ink dries quickly.
  • Can do repairs even on hard-to-reach areas
  • Makes surface scratches disappear in seconds
  • There are only four wood colors, and the options do not include oak

Although there are only limited color options, this set of markers makes up for it in terms of versatility. Moreover, the markers work great for finishing small woodworking projects.

10. Boxgear Furniture Touch Up Markers

boxgear furniture touch up markers

This furniture touch-up kit is not just for covering up scratches on the surface of your wooden furniture, floors, and cabinets. You can also expect it to repair deep gouges and even holes and small cracks with the help of the included wax sticks.

The crayons do not just match the colors of the surfaces but also fill up the holes and gouges. Aside from helping you not see the damage, you also have an assurance that you will not feel it at all.

I have lots of wooden furniture in my home, including hardwood floors and cabinets, so It can say that these markers got a lot of use from me. This set comes in five wood colors. Of course, you would not get an exact match with just one marker, so it’s nice that you can mix various colors to get the one that is as close to the surface as possible.

I am also glad that this marker has chisel-point tips. This gives you complete control over the line weight. If the damage is a bit on the large side, use the broader side to cover the area using only a few strokes. You can also use the point for hairline scratches.

There is no need for any prior surface preparation whatsoever even if you will be repairing a smooth finish. The ink of these markers can adhere easily even on polished or varnished surfaces. If you allow the ink to dry completely, it will stay on the surface and will not smudge.

Although these markers are not as durable as the actual finish, you can still expect them to last a long time. Also, if you consider that these markers cost only a fraction of professional refinishing, you are getting a great deal.

This kit would have been much better if it included grey and white markers. I had to purchase a white marker separately because the markers are a bit too dark for light hardwood finishes like some varieties of maple.

  • Comes with wax sticks to fill deep gouges
  • Has five wood colors and a black marker for blending
  • The markers come with chisel point tips for better control
  • Can adhere on polished surfaces
  • Fixes damages in just minutes
  • The set does not come with a white marker to lighten the colors

These markers have saved me quite a lot of money on furniture repairs. If you want your wooden furniture to always look new but you do not have that much in your budget, then these markers are the next best thing.

What to Look For When Buying a Furniture Touch Up Marker

best furniture scratch repair

If you are in the market for wood markers for scratches, then there are several factors you have to consider. Among the most relevant ones are the following:


Wood comes in a lot of different shades and colors, so when it comes to furniture repair markers, you should have more than just one. Many excellent repair kits have at least five different wood colors that are the most popular wood choices for furniture.

Of course, you will not get an exact color match most of the time, but you can mix various colors to get the right shade.

Included Filler

Furniture damage is not just light surface scratches. You will also discover that there are some deep gouges in certain places. You may even find a couple of holes and cracks. For these types of damage, you need to use colored wax sticks.

These are basically like crayons and they come in wood colors. These crayons fill the gouged areas, so aside from hiding the damage, you will not also feel them.

Drying Time

For regular markers, you want ink that dries almost instantly, but that is not the case for touch-up paint pens for furniture. Of course, the markers should still dry quickly, but they should provide you with a window of time to allow you to blend colors.

The best touch-up markers can give you a couple of minutes for blending but will dry completely after fifteen minutes or so.

Frequently Asked Questions

brown marker for furniture

Are Furniture Touch-Up Markers Permanent?

Yes, once you lay down the colors and let them dry, the markings will be permanently on the surface. Wood furniture repair markers need to be permanent, especially if you will be repairing your wooden floors.

How do You Get A touch-Up Marker off Furniture?

If you make a mistake when using a touch-up marker, you can erase the marks using a bit of rubbing alcohol. You can also use a bit of paint thinner, but you need to be very careful when using it. Test it first on a place that is hidden from view.


Wooden furniture may be beautiful but it would be difficult for you to preserve its look. There will always be accidents and you will find that no matter how careful you are, there will be scratches and dings on the surface of your furniture.

For these kinds of damage, you do not have to go all out and refinish the entire piece. You can just use the best furniture touch-up markers and they will be just fine.

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