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The Best Graffiti Markers for 2024

best graffiti markers

Graffiti is a form of art that depicts diverse expressions and illustrations embellished with a vast array of vibrant colors. It may seem like a chaotic sight of scribbled drawings and writings; however, from the way I see it, it reveals a picturesque art of precise details and complexities.

How is that so? Besides creativity and an amazing set of skills, this can only be possible with the best graffiti markers.

With all the research and markers I’ve tested, I’ve learned that choosing the best markers for graffiti isn’t just about the brand or color range, but also the tip size, ink type, versatility, and opaqueness of colors. I’ll tell you more about these aspects in this article as well as the top picks you should check out!

Best Graffiti Marker Reviews

1. Touchcool Graffiti Alcohol Markers

touchcool graffiti alcohol markers

The very first thing I noticed with this Touchcool marker set is the staggering array of colors that come in 80 vibrant shades. It may seem an overwhelming count but it won’t be for artists who work on massive graffiti projects.

Besides the stunning colors, the premium quality alcohol-based ink stands out for its vividness and exceptional blendability. As a result, it allows you to achieve various artistic effects and coloring styles without compromising its pigment quality.

Other than that, I’m impressed with its smooth ink flow, which makes blending and mixing colors a lot easier. That’s why I consider these markers an ideal option both for beginners and professional artists.

I’ve also compared its drying time to other markers I’ve tried before, and these markers didn’t disappoint. They dry almost instantly, which deters any smears or ink pooling.

Therefore, I recommend these pens if you need to layer colors and refine their depths without worrying about messy smudges.

Aside from that, the chisel tip design maximizes its versatility, allowing you to produce fine and broad strokes. For graffiti artists, I think this type of tip makes a lot of difference to the artwork since it is usually a merge of thick and thin lines.

I also want to highlight the color-coded caps that look very pleasing because of their neat and systematic arrangement. Not to mention the specific color number and name, which helps me identify the exact color I’m using. Should they ever run out, at least I’ll know particular color to buy.

To wrap up this amazing set is a compact and portable carrying case for hassle-free storage. However, some of the markers won’t stand upright. I just wish that it’s more rigid so they won’t fall off every time I open it.

  • Offers an extensive variety of colors
  • Uses alcohol-based ink for highly pigmented colors
  • Delivers smooth ink flow for seamless color layering
  • Blendable and quick-drying
  • Color-coded caps for an organized storage
  • The storage case feels flimsy

Overall, this marker set takes the color quality and quantity up a notch. While the vast color selection is a sweet treat, the vividness and smooth ink flow amplify its performance even more so.

2. NAWOD Graffiti Acrylic Paint Pens

nawod graffiti acrylic paint pens

Black and white colors seem to complement each other wherever I find them in various items. And when it comes to graffiti art projects, I know these colors will be a perfect combo. With that in mind, these Nawod Flysea acrylic pens are an excellent find.

First of all, this 6-pack includes 3 black and 3 white markers only. The options might seem limited, but I think this set would suffice, particularly for graffiti artwork that showcases straightforward techniques and minimalist color schemes.

Furthermore, among its highlighted features is the high-quality water-based acrylic paint that renders rich and opaque colors. Plus, they don’t fade easily over time.

I especially love the white ones, which blend well against dark surfaces; they don’t skip or smudge. Hence, I recommend these markers if you’re looking for the markers for black book pages, canvas, or fabric.

The black paint pens also don’t fall short of their performance, and they deliver bold and solid colors that are useful for detail painting, outlining, and filling large areas. I find this very significant since black is one of the dominant and basic colors ever used.

In addition to that, the 2-3mm bullet nibs are reliable for writing or drawing with better precision and control.

Since they have round medium tips, I think these markers can minimize errors, making it much easier to draw, write, or color whatever surface you’re working on.

Impressively, these versatile markers are compatible with various surface types, including wood, glass, leather, plastic, stone, metal, and concrete.

Besides that, these markers are non-toxic, which are ideal for all ages or when you’re working with students or young kids. Plus, the markers are easy to use due to their pump design that dispenses ink smoothly.

On the other hand, I think there’s a little hiccup with its design; it needs a lot of shaking to work efficiently.

  • Highly pigmented black and white markers for superb color quality
  • Medium round nibs for precise marking
  • Uses water-based acrylic paint for excellent opacity and longevity
  • Suitable for multiple surface types
  • Features a pump-action design for easy ink dispensing
  • Requires a lot of shaking to work well

The best thing about these black and white markers is their versatility. Besides their compatibility with multiple surface types, they refine artwork details whether you’re outlining or filling in large areas.

3. Crafts 4 All Graffiti Fabric Markers Pens

crafts 4 all graffiti fabric markers pens

It can be pretty challenging to find the perfect graffiti marker set, especially when working with fabric. The markers need to be lightfast, long-lasting, and very pigmented. Luckily, these features are present in these Crafts 4 All permanent marker pens.

They all look like regular marker pens but the formulation highlights its premium quality German fabric dye that resists fading. Plus, it’s machine washable. Therefore, you can use it on shirts, bags, sneakers, or any fabric without worrying about color deterioration.

Aside from the easy-flowing ink, the bullet nibs play a significant role in its performance, especially for intricate and precise detailing. And it didn’t fail to impress when I tried it on fabric to create some outlines and add decorative details for graffiti artwork.

Since it is easy to use, aspiring artists of all ages and levels can enjoy these markers. Plus, the markers utilize non-toxic ink for safe use.

Although it boasts its compatibility with fabric, its versatility extends to other surfaces like walls, canvas, paper, and other types of fabric. What’s also amazing is that the markers are smudge-proof and weatherproof; thus, you can retain your art’s beauty for a long time.

Moreover, the colors exhibit vibrant fluorescent colors that render deep and solid strokes. Not to mention the 24 available colors to choose from; it would be perfect for highlighting various shades.

I also like how the shades are similar to what you see on the caps except for the gold one, which looks more like a muted olive shade. It isn’t bad though, but I wish it was more vivid than that.

  • Fade-resistant and lightfast ink that deters color deterioration
  • Perfectly compatible with fabric
  • Smudge-proof and long-lasting
  • Features bullet nibs for precise detailing
  • Safe to use due to its non-toxic formulation
  • Ideal for all ages and levels
  • The gold shade looks different

The fabric markers won’t disappoint when it comes to exceptional color quality and retention, particularly when showcasing colorful graffiti art. Whether on fabric or paper, the lightfast and pigmented ink can preserve your work’s beauty for a long time.

4. Montana Acrylic Markers

montana acrylic markers

Next on our list is the Montana acrylic marker that boasts its 15mm standard tip. It is one of the markers I’ve found very useful when working on large surfaces.

Since the square tip is impeccably soft and porous, it dispenses smooth-flowing ink that quickly and efficiently covers a large area. A little goes a long way with this one, and every stroke gives off solid and vivid hues.

Moreover, I was actually a bit skeptical about the tip design since it is bigger than the ones I usually use. Surprisingly, it worked great both on thick and thin strokes. Plus, it allows you to draw with better control and precision.

This is despite the fact that the paint is very thin, the unique tip design can deliver exceptional results and can wrap up coloring or drawing tasks within a short time. Aside from that, the tips are replaceable.

I also find this true when it comes to large-scale projects such as mural paintings and graffiti. That’s why I always consider this as one of the best markers for drawing on walls.

In addition to that, this marker uses a non-toxic water-based ink that provides rich and deep color, and this one’s in shock orange light shade.

What’s also great with its formulation is that you can dilute it with water and hence, suitable to use with mixed media and even with traditional acrylic paint. And in case the ink runs out, it is refillable.

Moreover, it lends a sandy feel when it dries, which is exactly what I like for a sophisticated finish. And although it is water-based, it doesn’t wear off easily over time due to its excellent properties; it is waterproof and also resists fading and scratches.

However, I think the only downside is that you have to purchase it piece by piece; thus, you need to spend more to collect all the colors. I guess it would’ve been better if it would be available in a set.

  • Features a 15mm standard tip for a smooth application
  • Dispenses ink seamlessly that covers large areas
  • Delivers highly pigmented colors that resist fading and scratches
  • Compatible with other acrylic paint and mixed media
  • Uses a non-toxic and refillable water-based ink
  • Waterproof, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant
  • Needs to be purchased by piece to avail all the colors

Compared to other acrylic paint markers I’ve tried, this versatile marker impressively delivers. It can provide excellent pigment and ink quality, ample coverage as well as seamless applications.

5. Posca PXPC5M8 Acrylic Paint Markers

posca pxpc5m8 acrylic paint markers

There are three remarkable features why these Posca acrylic paint markers deserve a spot on our list: they are mixable, layerable, and versatile.

In my experience, mixable or blendable markers are truly a gem. Since they can maximize ink usage and performance, showcasing various effects becomes achievable.

For example, you can smoothen out the paint as long as it is wet; thus, this allows you to create smooth gradient effects and build color depths. Impressively, these are the amazing results I discovered with these markers.

One more thing I look for the best paint markers for graffiti is seamless layering. Thanks to their quick-drying ink, these markers allow multiple layering or coating whether to build colors or apply highlights and light colors over dark.

Moreover, these markers ramp up their versatility with their water-soluble ink. I think this feature is highly an advantage, especially when working with mixed media or you want to spruce up your graffiti artwork with transparent and gradient effects.

When I tested it out, I was actually worried that the ink might wear out or smear after mixing it with water. Surprisingly, it was the other way around; the wet paintbrush transformed the ink into a workable color.

Therefore, if you want to revamp the shades with more artistic effects or washes, you can do so. Plus, there’s no trouble using the markers. It just needs some shaking and pressing and you’re all set!

What I also like about these markers is the tip design. Although I’m a fan of chisel tips, these bullet tips are useful in rendering clean and precise lines, particularly when adding very detailed strokes.

In addition, it boasts its compatibility with different types of surfaces. Although I prefer using it on paper and cardboard, these markers deliver the same color quality and versatility.

My only concern is that it tends to leak when you push the nib heavily, particularly on the first try. That’s why it’s better to test it out on scratch paper to prevent any leaks or messy smudges.

  • Highlights a water-soluble ink to achieve artistic color effects
  • A set of mixable markers that can produce gradient colors
  • Can be used on multiple surface types
  • Uses a quick-drying ink that allows multiple coatings
  • Features bullet tips for precise and clean line appearances
  • Easy to use
  • They tend to leak at times

This is a versatile marker set that both professional and beginner artists can use. Aside from the ease of use, these markers offer promising properties that can elevate your graffiti artwork in many ways.

6. ZEYAR Graffiti Art Permanent Markers

zeyar graffiti art permanent markers

These permanent markers are more than just good graffiti markers. The first reason why I think so is that they’re permanent; thus, these markers are long-lasting and won’t easily wash off.

Impressively, these markers weren’t a letdown with their waterproof and smearproof ink. Not to mention their durability and resistance against all kinds of weather and outdoor conditions.

That’s why I recommend these markers if you want to exhibit graffiti art pieces on heavy-duty surfaces like wood, walls, metal, rock, and many more.

All the colors stay highly pigmented even when applied on various surfaces. It’s pretty amazing that every stroke gives off solid and vibrant shades. Plus, they’re lightfast and won’t easily fade.

Besides the premium quality ink, these markers didn’t fail to impress with their performance. I like how they don’t skip or feel scratchy when I write or draw with them.

I think the sturdy felt tip makes a significant difference and hence, provides smooth ink flow as well as seamless applications.

Aside from that, the chisel tips make these markers a lot more convenient to use, especially when writing or drawing various line widths. With just a few tweaks on the angles, it can render thick and thin lines.

Other than that, I also noticed that the ink doesn’t dry out completely even when left uncapped for hours! This is exceptional although I don’t find it quite a surprise since the ZEYAR claims that they provide an extended cap off time up to 15 days!

Thanks to its R&D ultra air-resistant ink, these markers last for long periods. I find this an advantage, especially for someone like me who sometimes forgets to keep the caps on.

Moreover, what matters most to me is that these markers are safe to use due to their non-toxic ink.

There’s nothing really disappointing with this set except for the limited color options. It would’ve been better if there was a wider color range.

Since they only come in blue, red, green, and black, I think they can work as supplementary colors or if you’re working on monochromatic graffiti artwork.

  • Offers long-lasting and heavy-duty color quality
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, and smudge-proof
  • Designed with a sturdy chisel felt tip for versatile applications
  • Won’t dry out even when left uncapped for days
  • Can deliver broad and fine lines
  • Limited color options

These markers highlight their durability and longevity; they can present vibrant colors and superior artwork quality that won’t easily deteriorate over time.

7. Emooqi Acrylic Paint Pens

emooqi acrylic paint pens

For a beginner artist who’s been playing with colors and trying out different techniques to accomplish graffiti artwork, I recommend this 18-pack Emooqi acrylic paint marker set.

First of all, this set has all the essential colors that a beginner would need. The color options are neither too many nor too few. But apart from that, these markers boast their efficient design in terms of the comfort in writing and the way it performs.

When I tested these markers, the consistent ink flow and an opaque array of colors are among its distinct features.

Like the other brands I’ve tried before, this one uses water-based ink that delivers free-flowing acrylic paint and presents a rich quality of colors.

Since the colors are bright and vivid, I find it easier to display the art’s beauty. Plus, the colors are resistant to fading and water; thus, the markers retain the colors for a long time. The glossy finish also leaves a really nice sheen on whether dark or light surfaces.

Additionally, the 2-3mm bullet tips render smooth applications, which allows you to write comfortably and with better control. This minimizes any errors and lets you work on complex decorative details on your artwork at the same time.

Given that these markers are compatible with other types of surfaces, it maximizes their versatility. I can say that they’re among the leading graffiti markers for paper, but if you want to exhibit your work on wood, fabric, canvas, and glass besides paper, I recommend trying this marker set.

One more thing, these markers utilize non-toxic and odorless ink, which I find suitable for adults and children as well.

However, these markers should be kept in an upright position; otherwise, they can leak.

  • Delivers opaque colors with a glossy finish
  • Features 2-3mm bullet tips for smooth applications and comfortable writing
  • Can be used on various types of surfaces
  • Excellent ink flow
  • Uses non-toxic and odorless ink
  • Resistant to water and fading
  • Can sometimes leak when not properly stored

Overall, this marker set would work great for beginners; it can flourish their graffiti artwork with beautiful colors and consistent strokes whether on paper or other types of surfaces.

8. Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers

arteza acrylic paint markers

If there’s another brand that can compete with Posca markers in terms of quality and performance, I think it would be these paint markers graffiti set from Arteza.

First of all, it uses a water-based ink that delivers excellent pigment quality whether you’re using ceramic, canvas, glass, wood, stone, and plastic surfaces.

Aside from its compatibility with multiple surface types, these acrylic markers deliver acid-free and UV-resistant ink that prevents fading and yellowing; thus, able to preserve the vibrant colors and overall quality of your graffiti artwork.

Furthermore, it’s nice that it comes with 3 metallic colors, which I find useful if you want to make your graffiti project fancy and add a dash of sparkles!

Another impressive feature is the blendability of colors. Just like the Posca markers, these acrylic paint markers offer quick-drying ink, which makes it possible to add more layers of colors and decorative details without worrying about smudging or smears.

Since graffiti typically presents a vast range of colors and gradient shades, having the ability to blend and mix the colors easily is very useful. However, they aren’t water-soluble.

In terms of applications, these markers feature bullet nibs that glide smoothly in every stroke. They don’t skip or feel scratchy, which allows seamless writing or drawing. Moreover, I noticed that the bullet nibs seem bigger compared to the markers I’ve used before.

I’m not sure about the exact size but I think these tips are suitable for filling large areas or producing broader lines. They also lend better control and comfort when writing or drawing. It’s just a bummer that the tip design isn’t the best for precise and fine lines.

However, here’s a sweet treat: you can replace the nibs with chisel tips for versatile applications. Plus, the replaceable nibs are included in the set! It also has tweezers for hassle-free nib replacements.

Just some heads-up on the paint quality, these markers offer smooth ink flow but the paint itself seems a little watery and thin. Therefore, you may need to layer more colors to achieve deeper or richer shades.

  • Blendable colors that allow multiple color layering
  • Comes with metallic colors for decorative details
  • Designed with bullet tips suitable for broad lines
  • Includes chisel nib replacements for versatile applications
  • Quick-drying ink
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Not ideal for producing fine or thin lines
  • The paint is a little watery and thin

This set takes versatility up a notch with its replaceable nibs and compatibility with various surfaces. Despite the slight hiccups, the blendable and lightfast colors can retain your artwork’s quality for a long time.

9. ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens

zeyar acrylic paint pens

When it comes to intricate details and fine lines, a typical bullet or chisel nib won’t sometimes suffice; an extra-fine tip would do the job. With that in mind, I knew that these Zeyar paint markers would be the perfect pick for something more delicate and refined.

Graffiti usually presents bold and vivid colors but I’ve learned that outlining and shading the letters or characters with pointed tips, and that’s what these markers are all about.

The 0.7mm extra-fine tips provide accurate and clean lines. Additionally, the nibs don’t feel wobbly or flimsy, not to mention the smooth ink flow that makes writing and drawing breezy both on porous and rough surfaces

There’s no denying that 32 colors are an exceptional treat for a graffiti artist, especially when the work demands a stunning array and different layers of colors.

Impressively, the colors look vibrant and beautiful and won’t easily fade over time due to their archival quality.

Among its primary merits is the non-toxic quick-drying ink. Like many other graffiti markers, this type of ink is what I always look for.

While it can deter any smudging or messy ink pooling, it also maximizes the marker’s versatility, which I’m glad to find in these markers. The first layer dries really fast; hence, lets you supplement more layers or details.

Aside from that, I love the fact the ink is water-soluble. Although it isn’t really necessary for graffiti markers, this feature makes the colors workable, and that’s what I did with these markers when I used them to create washes and gradient effects.

These pens are amazing on paper and other surfaces. However, the tip size might limit the coverage and won’t be ideal for filling big spaces.

  • Features ultra-fine tips for superb precision
  • Able to deliver rich colors that highlight artwork details
  • Uses non-toxic quick-drying ink that allows multiple coatings
  • Offers water-soluble ink to enhance graffiti textures
  • Dispenses a smooth flow of ink
  • Not suitable for covering or filling large areas

When the project requires intricate and small details or fine strokes, I recommend this marker set. The markers boast their ultra-fine tips and highly pigmented colors that can refine your graffiti with artistic effects.

10. Evolve E7 DecoColor Grog Paint Markers

evolve e7 decocolor grog paint markers

When looking for the finest graffiti markers for tagging, I often look for the permanent ones.

Not only do they render exceptionally pigmented colors and solid lines but also they’re known to be highly resistant against wavering weather and outdoor conditions. These Evolve E7 permanent paint markers are some of the best ones I’ve found.

Contrary to most of the marker pens here on the list, these markers deliver amazing results mainly because of their formulation; they use oil-based ink.

Like I always expect with this type of ink, these markers weren’t a letdown in terms of durability.

I find it pretty impressive how the colors stay intact and opaque despite being exposed under sunlight or even when it rains or snows. Apart from that, the ink can resist fading and water, preserving your graffiti in its good condition.

In my experience, oil-based inks usually have bad feedback when it comes to the drying time; they take a long time to dry, which hinders the ability to layer colors or add multiple coatings to produce deeper color tones.

However, the case is quite different from these markers because they dry instantly. The 2mm bullet nib also contributes to the markers’ quality and performance. I think it is just the right size whether you’re producing broad or fine lines.

Moreover, the metal barrels enhance their durability and give off a stylish appearance at the same time.

My only issue is that writing and drawing with it don’t feel very smooth sometimes.

  • Weatherproof and fade-resistant
  • Delivers opaque colors and solid lines
  • Uses oil-based ink for superb durability and longevity
  • Dries fast
  • Features 2mm bullet nibs for precise applications
  • Has metal barrels for sturdy quality
  • Doesn’t feel smooth when writing with it sometimes

For permanent markers that display excellent durability and longevity, this set is worth a try. They can resist fading and harsh weather and outdoor conditions; thus, can keep your graffiti in its pristine quality.

What to Look For When Buying a Graffiti Marker

best markers for graffiti

Color Range and Opacity

Many brands offer a wide selection of colors. You may opt for massive sets or go for the basic ones if you’re a beginner. Whichever you choose, it is imperative to consider the color quality, especially if you’re working on graffiti art.

The opacity and lightfastness of colors will highlight the beauty of your artwork and preserve its vibrant hues for the longest time possible.

Formula or Ink Type

The color quality correlates with the type of ink; if you determine a graffiti marker’s formulation or ink type, then so would you with the pigment level or quality you can expect.

When it comes to graffiti markers, the ink choices usually fall under two common types: oil-based and water-based.

Amazingly, they have respective properties that provide promising results. Water-based inks dry quickly and deliver impeccable color vividness although it may still depend on the formulation and the brand.

Some water-based ink graffiti markers, like Posca and Montana markers, are water-soluble to make the colors workable. Therefore, I think this feature would be a significant feature to consider if you want to elevate your graffiti textures and work with other media types.

The only slight pitfall is that some water-based markers tend to rub or wash off easily on other surfaces. Fortunately, many graffiti markers utilize water-based acrylic paint that render long-lasting and versatile quality. Aside from paper, you can use them on canvas, fabric, walls, metal, rock, glass, and many more.

On the other hand, oil-based inks stand out for their remarkable durability and longevity. They don’t fade or wash off easily; they’re weatherproof and can stand harsh outdoor conditions. That’s why they’re suitable for tagging graffiti on walls or other outdoor surfaces.

Besides the fact that they can deliver exceptionally beautiful colors, their formulation is typically used on many permanent graffiti markers.

However, this type of ink falls behind on its drying time; it doesn’t dry fast.

Tip Size and Design

Tip sizes can define the precision and consistency level of strokes and lines when you write or draw. Aside from that, determining the tip size can also help you choose which markers are more comfortable to use and control.

When it comes to graffiti markers, the common tip designs are chisel tips and bullet tips. Since graffiti is a merge of broad and fine lines, it is imperative to consider which tip design you should use.

If you need to fill large areas you may opt for chisel or bullet nibs in 2-3mm sizes. But for quick and seamless applications that can cover large areas, you may need a bigger tip. The Montana acrylic paint marker with a 15mm tip design, for example.

Furthermore, graffiti typically exhibits highlighted or shaded borders for a 3D look. With that in mind, you may consider graffiti markers with ultra-fine or small tips to produce clean and crisp lines, complex details, or artistic outlining and shading.

Drying Time

Determining the drying time of a marker is significant if you like adding several coats or layer colors to achieve gradient effects or build color depths. Fortunately, many markers utilize quick-drying ink that lets you apply another coat or layer of color almost instantly. Some of the best examples of fast-drying markers are the ones from Montana, Touchcool, and Posca.


You can see graffiti artwork anywhere. While many artists choose to exhibit their work on paper or walls, some opt for other surfaces like wood, metal, canvas, fabric, and many more. If you do the same, you should look for versatile graffiti markers that are compatible with various types of surfaces.

Fortunately, many markers mentioned above are designed to accommodate different kinds of surfaces without compromising the color quality and overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

best markers for drawing on walls

What Paper is Best for Graffiti?

You may look for paper types that are specially designed for graffiti. However, choosing the best paper mainly depends on which type of media you’re using. If you’re using pens or you’re trying to create graffiti using pencils, you can go with art sketchbooks.

On the other hand, if you’re using graffiti markers or acrylic paint markers, it is better to use bleedproof and thick paper to deter any smudges, ink pooling, and bleeding.

Are Chalk Markers Good for Graffiti?

Yes, they are. These chalk markers can outline or shade letters to enhance graffiti textures and artistic effects. Some markers are also blendable, which allows you to produce subtle shading and color depths.

Just take note that chalk markers are only compatible with non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, metal, glass, and plastic. You should also consider the brand, versatility, and compatibility of the chalk markers to achieve amazing results.


Have you found your ultimate pick yet? Finding the best graffiti markers might take some research but all you need to consider are five significant factors: color quality, ink type, versatility, tip design and size, and drying time.

Mentioned above are some of the top-notch choices you can consider but ultimately, it will depend on your skills, needs, and preferences.

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