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The Best Marker for Metal for 2023

best marker for metal

Have you ever marked a metal with a regular permanent marker? If you haven’t yet, you might think it will work and perhaps, save yourself some time and bucks. But if you have, you’d probably agree that you can’t expect remarkable results, unless you’re using the best marker for metal.

Working with metals can be a bit challenging whether you’re writing labels, measurements, outlines, or simply revamping it for artistic handicrafts. That’s why you need to find the perfect tool to get the job done, of which paper markers can’t do.

If you don’t want to end up with wasted money, effort, and a scrap of metal, go ahead and read on to find the popular and best-selling picks for metal markers. I’ve jotted down the comprehensive buying guidelines and unbiased reviews to help you out!

Best Marker for Metal Reviews

1. FLYMAX Permanent Marker Paint Pens

flymax permanent marker paint pens

Of all the markers I’ve tried and tested, this FLYMAX acrylic paint marker is probably among the best ones out there that can wrap up an excellent metal marking. It includes 6 white metal markers for maximized usage.

I figured that the water-based premium quality ink is a significant factor that makes this paint marker remarkable. I noticed that it goes off quite nicely on the surface, thereby providing effortless applications.

One of the primary merits of this type of ink is the safety use. It is non-toxic, water-resistant, and odorless. That’s why I recommend this to those who are wary of any hazards, especially when there are kids or pets around while working.

Aside from that, the ink quality renders a solid white color that can produce clear and distinct markings, which I think is a great advantage when working with a tough surface like metal.

What’s also great about these markers is that they’re quick-drying but provide long-lasting ink quality. I tried rendering outlines on metals and it took only a couple of minutes to dry. It’s pretty fast although the ink does not flow like a typical writing pen.

Thankfully, it features a pump action to stabilize the flow. Initially, I was skeptical about its design since such a type is typically prone to leaking. However, this one isn’t. I also like the 0.7mm tip size, which is exactly what I need for fine and neat lines.

Although I have primarily used it for metals, it is also compatible with multiple surface types like leather, paper, plastic, glass, fabric, stone, wood, canvas, and concrete. Thus, it’s perfect for artists or hobbyists who love working with handicrafts and creative projects.

The only drawback is it’s not permanent despite being advertised as it is; it wears off over time. But the good news is it can be permanent if you apply a protective coating over it and leave it to dry.

  • 6-pack white metal markers
  • Uses water-based ink for non-toxic and odorless formula
  • Versatile; suitable for metal and other surface types
  • Quick-drying
  • Smooth and non-leaking ink flow
  • Has 0.7mm tip for fine details
  • Can wear off over time

This non-toxic white permanent marker for metal surfaces will wrap up the job without leaks. Besides its innovative design, it offers impeccable versatility that can work on multiple surfaces.

2. EKKONG Acrylic Paint pens

ekkong acrylic paint pens

One of the ultimate picks I found that can spruce up metal surfaces with bright and vivid colors is this 15-piece set of permanent paint pens. It offers a vast array of colors that will let you mix and play with various shades and colorful applications on metals and many other surface types.

This set is one of my favorite multicolored markers for metal surfaces because of its excellent opacity. As you know, metals are not always forgiving toward paints or markers unless you’re using premium quality ink and vibrant colored paints. That’s why these EKKONG paint pens are an exception.

Besides the stunning color selection, the oil-based ink does the charm to maintain the pigment of all the colors. Unlike water-based inks, these markers are permanent and do not wash or wear off easily despite long periods of exposure. Plus, they are water-resistant, which amplifies their long-lasting quality.

One more thing I like is the quick drying time. Once you apply it on the surface, you can just leave it for a minute and you’re all good! Because of this, you can wrap up your creative projects in no time, saving you time and effort.

In addition to that, these amazing colors feature superb lightfastness. Therefore, they retain their opacity and vivid quality even when placed outdoors or exposed to sunlight. I find this true and tested since the metals I marked are still looking sleek and beautiful for quite a while now.

On the other hand, the consistency is neither too thick nor too thin since the markers have medium tips. Considering the tip design, I recommend it to those who need high coverage and thick lines. If you want to achieve delicate details, this set might not be the perfect pick.

In terms of convenience, these metal markers feature thick and durable barrels that resemble regular marker pens. It’s easy to hold and write with.

The first time I used it, I knew I could rely on it for my future projects. However, there’s a caveat: you’ve got to be extra careful when using it because it is prone to leaks, which happens when you shake the marker extensively or you don’t use it correctly.

  • 15-pack of multicolored permanent paint pens
  • Suitable for metal and multiple surface types
  • Quick-drying oil-based ink
  • Highly pigmented lightfast colors
  • Medium tips for high coverage
  • Convenient body design for easy use
  • Can cause messy leaks when not used correctly
  • Not ideal for creating small details

Nonetheless, I think this paint marker set is an exquisite treat that can flourish metal surfaces with a bright and beautiful spectrum of colors.

3. BIC Intensity Metal PRO Permanent Markers

bic intensity metal pro permanent markers

When the options for metal markers seem overwhelming, I always take a quick route and look upon popular brands. Luckily, I ended up with BIC and its lineup of markers, including this 12-piece metal marker set in jet black ink.

It’s among the finest choices you can find if you’re after a black paint marker for metal and revamp the surface with clean and clear markings. It is innovatively designed with durable and ultra-resistant ink that can work on challenging surfaces whether they are wet or oily.

I’m amazed that it can deliver rich black ink that dries fast, thus preventing any smudges or messy ink spills. And although it focuses on metals, it is also suitable for wood, glass, plastic, and even when you need to leave marks on PVC pipes.

Given its remarkable resistance to demanding surfaces, I find it no surprise when it can mark multiple surface types and conditions. But I didn’t expect that it can exceed its performance as it can withstand wavering temperatures whether hot or cold.

That’s why I think it’s an ideal option for artists or workers who need industrial quality metal markers. Aside from that, it has a sturdy bullet tip that delivers consistent strokes.

When I tested it on a metal surface, the black ink was surprisingly rich. However, I must say that it isn’t the blackest of blacks and not as intense as the manufacturer says.

With regards to its downside, I don’t think it’s truly permanent since it rubs off easily at times. It does work great on metal if you need temporary markings or labels. I guess its longevity and stability depend on the surface type.

  • 12-piece black metal markers
  • Ultra-resistant ink for heavy-duty performance
  • Works on multiple surfaces or conditions and temperatures
  • Features a sturdy bullet tip for excellent writing consistency
  • Delivers rich black ink
  • Dries fast
  • Can wear off over time

Despite that, this black metal paint marker is reliable for heavy-duty markings, especially if you deal with metal surfaces under extreme temperatures or conditions.

4. AKARUED Store Paint Markers Pens

akarued store paint markers pens

For other reliable white metal marking paint pens, the ones from AKARUED have been among my favorite picks due to their versatile and quick-drying acrylic ink.

It renders a very opaque white color when applied on metal and even on other surfaces like walls, ceramic, wood, plastic, fabric, and canvas. With such versatility, this is an ideal writing or designing tool for artists and art enthusiasts who work with handcrafted cards or personalized gifts.

Since it’s water-based, I was worried it could wash off quickly when touched or splashed with water accidentally. Surprisingly, it resists water and does not cause any ink spills or smudges. The white pigment stays intact, leaving neat and distinct writings.

I also noticed that the ink has no unpleasant chemical smell, which I think is one of the advantages of this non-toxic ink. Therefore, both adults and children can enjoy using it for various creative projects besides metal markings.

If you look closely at the tip design, it’s slightly bigger than the FLYMAX white paint marker. It has a medium tip that measures around 2 or 3 mm, which is great for thicker lines and better precision control.

Furthermore, the tip size lends smooth and easy applications. It can also fill in large areas easily and highlight writings or labels efficiently.

In terms of convenience, it goes easy-peasy with just a bit of shaking and gentle pressing. You may start writing once you do this but to prevent any skipping or leaks, I always test it first on a piece of paper or a small part of the metal.

Aside from that, I like how this 8-piece set gives you extra markers for backup just in case one runs out of ink or you misplace it. I just wish they had wider availability of colors.

  • 8-piece white metal paint markers
  • Water-based acrylic paint; non-toxic and odorless
  • Very pigmented and long-lasting
  • Does not rub off and water-resistant
  • Medium tip for hassle-free and precise application
  • Easy to use
  • Available in one color only

Nonetheless, these white metal markers would make a nice addition to your marking tools. They deliver highly pigmented versatile and quick-drying ink that will produce rigid and consistent lines.

5. Markal 96006 Silver-Streak Metal Markers

markal 96006 silver-streak metal markers

Making rigid layouts or markings on metal parts for fabrication work like cutting, shearing, or welding might not always work with just a paint marker pen. That’s when I found this Markal Silver-Streak metal marker.

Contrary to a paint marker for metal, this marking tool boasts its heavy-duty tip that won’t fade and rub off. Looking closely at the tip design, it does resemble a pencil lead only it is thicker and sturdier. I’ve dropped it a couple of times and neither the tip nor the mechanical holder broke or shattered.

The lead delivers visible and legible marks that don’t wear out despite being exposed to several condition types, which I think can be immensely useful for workers who need a high-grade metal marker.

I also find its resistance to fire or torch flames quite impressive. If it were painted, it might melt or wear off in a matter of minutes or seconds.

However, this multipurpose metal marker impressively lasts long and can handle any surface conditions or types whether they are smooth, rough, cold, hot, wet, dry, oily, and rusty.

In addition to its exceptional durability and superb performance, it can provide solid and crisp lines or bold marks. Moreover, I noticed that it doesn’t abrade or scratch the surface.

Since it doesn’t use any paint or ink, there’s no need to worry about ink shortage or drying out. I love the fact that I don’t have to sharpen it because it has a built-in sharpener for maximized usage and uninterrupted procedure.

Additionally, it features a sleek and compact design that you can carry around and pull out of your pocket whenever you need it. My only concern is that it doesn’t come with extra leads; they have to be purchased separately.

  • Sturdy tip for solid and fade-resistant markings
  • Can withstand multiple surface types and conditions
  • Ideal for heavy industrial or fabrication work
  • Water and fire-resistant
  • Does not scratch or abrade metal surfaces
  • Has a built-in sharpener
  • Spare leads not included

It is an innovative and portable metal marker that elevates the convenience and performance of a typical pencil. I consider this among the ultimate picks for a heavy-duty or industrial marker that can handle even the toughest metal surfaces and conditions.

6. ARTIQO Paint Metal Pens

artiqo paint metal pens

When I came across this 15-piece paint marker set, the very first thing I noticed is the vibrant and beautiful pop of colors. There’s a variety of shades that I can take delight in, which I found perfect since I want to make color-coded markings or decorations on metal surfaces.

This pack strikes me as a child’s colorful marker pen set because of the size, availability of colors, and ease of use. Surprisingly, they are all easy to write with and each of them renders a smooth and seamless glide when applying on a metal surface.

When it comes to their vividness, the metal paint markers provide decent metallic hues rather than super bright. They’re all eye-catching though; however, I was expecting solid and highly pigmented colors since they’ll be applied on metal surfaces.

Luckily, you can build the colors and achieve deeper hues when you apply multiple layers. You just have to let one layer dry before you add more. Good thing that they’re quick-drying. The oil-based ink also does a great job keeping the markings waterproof and weatherproof.

I’ve tested writing on a piece of metal and left it outdoors overnight. Despite sunlight exposure and changing temperatures, the markings held up pretty well. Plus, the metallic colors give off a nice sheen to the markings, especially the gold color.

Therefore, if you like repurposing things or revamping outdoor decorations on anything metal, these paint pens will do the job. With its vast range of colors, you can maximize your creativity and work on your art projects with ease.

Moreover, it takes a few rattles to get the marker work. You can press it down to stimulate ink flow while a gentle push on the tip will clear the air for smooth performance. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to shake it while uncapped as it can cause minimal leaks.

  • 15-piece assorted paint metal markers
  • Presents bright metallic hues
  • Quick-drying oil-based ink
  • Works smoothly and easily on metal surfaces
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Can cause minimal leaks when shaking

Anyhow, this metal marker paint set is a considerable option for colorful labels or markings on metal surfaces. As it presents artistic details, the oil-based ink delivers long-lasting quality that can withstand outdoor conditions.

7. Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers

arteza acrylic paint markers

If you need to create varied line widths and decorative details on metal surfaces, one of the best brands I recommend is Arteza. Known for its vast lineup of premium quality materials, this brand offers acrylic paint markers in 3 different tip sizes such as this set.

The nibs come in 3 different designs: chisel, bullet, and plastic. You can use the chisel for versatile applications whether thick or thin strokes. On the other hand, the bullet nib focuses on thick lines while the plastic or pointed nib on thin and delicate strokes.

Since it offers multiple nib sizes, it’s no-brainer covering various writing tasks; I can easily pick out which tip design or consistency I want when writing or marking on metal surfaces.

I find this quite practical as I won’t have to purchase separate pen markers to achieve the ideal consistency and precision.

In addition to that, I want to highlight the quick-drying acrylic paint that provides an efficient and pigmented coverage, similar to the quality of paint out of a container but without the toxic chemical smell.

It’s nice to see how it works well and glides smoothly on a metal surface and even on other types of surfaces, leaving no ink spills or smudges. It’s just a bit of a bummer that it isn’t permanent.

It lasts long but I noticed that the ink washes off over time. Although it isn’t waterproof, I think its resistance to UV makes up for it, which prevents discoloration and fading when exposed to sunlight.

Moreover, I don’t mind using blue marker inks but I wish there were more available colors.

  • Set of 3 acrylic paint markers
  • Available in 3 different nib sizes: chisel, bullet, and plastic or pointed
  • Offers versatile applications and various consistencies
  • UV-resistant to prevent fading and discoloration
  • Water-based ink; Odorless and non-toxic
  • Easy to write with
  • Limited color selection
  • Not waterproof

Nevertheless, this metal marker set is all about versatility and convenience. It stands out with the variety of nib sizes that can refine writings and varied line widths on metal surfaces.

8. Vickay Paint Pens Permanent Markers

vickay paint pens permanent markers

I’ve bought them recently and so far, they’ve performed as any paint marker should; plus, they are permanent markers.

That’s why I expected more on its longevity and color quality on metal surfaces. I had the chance to test its quality when I needed black ink to cover some metal parts. The white color had been pretty useful as well on labeling and writing on metal signages.

As a result, both colors did a great job; even when you wash them off with water or let them be exposed for long periods outdoors, the markers didn’t wear out quickly. No messy ink streaks or smears.

Considering these results, I can say that they are truly permanent. While these markers worked efficiently on metals, they can also handle other surface types like ceramic, glass, fabric, plastic, paper, and even glossy surfaces.

One primary feature that makes the marker’s quality on point is the oil-based ink. Compared to a water-based ink marker, these oil-based paint markers can provide exceptional pigments and are much tougher to remove. No wonder these markers are long-lasting as well as waterproof and fade-resistant.

When it comes to its tip design, all the markers in this set feature medium bullet nibs; they are reliable for fine and consistent strokes, especially if you’re writing labels or filling in large areas. I really like the consistency but I hope there was a variety with the nib sizes since there are 6 markers in the set.

Moreover, these markers are non-toxic, which is a significant factor; however, it gives off an unpleasant paint smell. Therefore, I think it’s better to use it in well-ventilated areas.

  • 6-piece set of permanent paint markers
  • Available in black and white colors
  • Waterproof and fade-resistant
  • Impeccably long-lasting
  • Also suitable on other types of surfaces
  • Highly pigmented
  • No variety of nib sizes
  • Has an unpleasant smell

For minimalist themes or straightforward applications in black and white inks, I recommend this set. Designed with oil-based ink, these paint pens for metal surfaces provide excellent longevity and pigment quality.

9. SteelWriter Steel Metals Markers Pens

steelwriter steel metals markers pens

The problem with permanent markers is they’re unerasable; hence, errors are unrepairable. Much worse when working with metals. Therefore, if you’re like me who often makes mistakes, you might find erasable marker pens truly a gem, just like this one.

This Steelwriter colored paint marker uses a non-toxic water-based ink that quickly washes off with a damp or wet cloth. Since it’s removable, I reckon that it works best for temporary markings, especially if you want to remove them for industrial or fabrication work.

One more thing I like about it is that it doesn’t leave any residues or any signs of ghosting. So, if you’re a welder or a pipefitter that wants to keep metal surfaces clean and free from abrasive marks, this paint marker will do the job.

It is available in a vast range of bright colors but this one’s in yellow. It renders a remarkably vivid color that’s perfect for rendering visible and readable marks like measurements, labels, or cut outlines.

It glides smoothly on the surface as you write, providing a seamless ink flow for effortless applications. Whether you’re working on porous or non-porous metal surfaces, you can see that it doesn’t skip or smear.

It actually looks and works like a regular marker only this is more pigmented and much brighter because of its color. Fortunately, it doesn’t stain, so if you want to get rid of the marks or rectify some mistakes, you can do so anytime.

On the other hand, the pricing is a minor issue for me. Although some may find it reasonable due to its quality and performance, I think you can already buy a set or at least two markers for its price.

  • A bright yellow metal marker
  • Renders a vibrant and highly pigmented color
  • Removes easily with a wet or damp cloth
  • Leaves no stains or signs of ghosting
  • Ideal for temporary or erasable markings
  • Suitable for all types of metal surfaces
  • Slightly expensive

Needless to say, it’s a decent option if you’re after specialty markers for all types of metal surfaces. It uses water-based removable ink that works great for temporary markings.

10. ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Metal Pens

artistro acrylic paint metal pens

When metal surfaces sometimes call for colorful markings, I know I can rely on these ARTISTRO acrylic paint pens to do the job. It consists of 30 bright and vivid metal marker pens that can spruce up metal surfaces with beautiful pops of colors.

Besides the assortment of colors, among the first few things I noticed is that all the markers in this set have matching tip sizes and designs, which is the 0.7mm pointed tip. I find this useful when producing detailed lines and strokes or perhaps, some markings need a few touch-ups.

I’ve used the lighter colors on a metal surface to write measurements and the darker ones for covering oil-based inks. Thus, whether it is for supplementary or primary applications, these markers do deliver.

Furthermore, the colors lend excellent opacity that covers metal surfaces efficiently and leaves a nice glossy finish. Plus, they’re waterproof.

I especially like the gold color for its metallic finish, which I think can ramp up decorative details. Plus, it comes with a very fine tip that renders intricate strokes and delicate lines.

Among its merits is the quick-drying acrylic ink. While this can prevent any smears or ink pooling, it also allows you to build colors and achieve your desired depths.

Although they’re incredibly opaque, I’ve encountered some metal surfaces that aren’t very forgiving. That’s why I had to layer some of the colors until I got the perfect shade, and these markers did a great job.

Aside from that, these markers are suitable for other surface types apart from metal. It can work on ceramic, plastic, rocks, wood, canvas, and many more.

However, I would love to see more flexibility with the tip design, perhaps some of them should have chisel or bullet tips for thicker applications.

  • 30-piece set of assorted paint pen markers
  • Quick-drying acrylic paint
  • Features 0.7mm tip design for fine details
  • Delivers very opaque colors
  • Leaves a glossy finish
  • Ideal for precise applications
  • No variation of tip designs and sizes

Despite that, I’ve found a good deal with this set, just in time when I needed pens to write on metal surfaces. It presents an opaque color selection that can flourish work with a stunning array of hues.

What to Look For When Buying a Marker for Metal

best permanent marker for metal

Versatility and Compatibility

When looking for the best paint markers for metal surfaces, it is imperative to check if they are compatible with your preferred material or not; thus, this determines the marker’s efficiency and performance. Luckily, manufacturers indicate whether they can handle all types of metals or those with porous or non-porous surfaces.

While some paint markers are specially formulated to work on metal surfaces, you may also consider multi-purpose paint marker pens that are suitable for all types of surfaces. Since these markers can work beyond metals, this spruces up versatility and convenience, particularly if you’re working between different types of surfaces.

Tip Size and Style

Consistencies and line appearances differ depending on the tip size and style. If you browse metal paint markers, most of them resemble regular markers that have pointed or bullet nibs. Consider these designs if you need to refine intricate details or produce subtle markings like when making measurements or cut outlines for fabrication work.

Other markers have medium tips that can fill in larger areas or create thicker labels and markings. Aside from that, chisel tips would also be an ideal option if you want a single tip design that can render versatile applications or thick and thin strokes.

Since some metal surfaces are hard to deal with, you may opt for sturdy tip styles or case-hardened steel points such as the Nissen metal marker. Furthermore, if you’re worried about frayed tips or messy ink pooling, you can skip paint markers and go for durable leads with heavy-duty tips that can withstand tough surfaces and conditions. The Markal Silver-Streak metal marker is the best example of this.

Ink Type and Longevity

There are two primary types of ink: water-based and oil-based.
Both types deliver amazing results in terms of color or pigment quality and ink flow. However, their significant differences lie in certain properties such as longevity, resistance to weather or water, and lightfastness.

Oil-based inks are usually quick-drying and incredibly long-lasting. Since they retain the properties of oil paint, they can provide excellent pigment quality that renders bright and vivid colors.

Aside from that, they can preserve the quality of colors with their resistance to fading and water. They are difficult to remove or wash off; therefore, the best permanent marker for metal typically uses oil-based ink due to its longevity.

On the other hand, water-based inks don’t fall short of their performance and quality. This type of ink actually dries a lot faster than oil-based ink markers. It also lasts long, depending on proper care and exposure.

Unfortunately, some water-based markers tend to rub off easily although some are water-resistant. However, the highlight of this ink type is its non-toxic content, making it eco-friendly and safe to use at all times.

Color Selection and Opacity

Markers usually come in sets that include a vast color selection. You can choose between assorted and single colors.

No matter which shade or sets of colors you opt for, make sure to check the opacity and lightfastness, especially if the metal surfaces will be placed outdoors or under direct sunlight and varying weather conditions. Lightfast and opaque colors don’t wear out and fade easily over time; rather they provide long-lasting quality that deters discoloration.

On the other hand, if you don’t need permanent markers or you simply need an efficient marker to produce visible markings or temporary outlines, you’re all good with water-based metal markers and removable markers such as the Steelwriter marker pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

best paint markers for metal

How to Write on Metal Permanently?

There are 3 ways you can do to write on metal permanently:

  • You should look for permanent markers for metals. A lot of manufacturers provide a vast lineup of permanent markers that are specifically designed for metals, rendering long-lasting quality.
  • Go for oil-based inks. Since they are a lot thicker than water-based inks, they are much harder to remove; hence, they last incredibly long. Plus, they provide highly pigmented colors.
    Consider applying a protective coating.
  • Try using waterproof or water-resistant and weatherproof markers. They contain protective properties that can prevent damages or smears on metal surfaces while maintaining the writings intact.

How to get a Permanent Marker off Metal?

The best way to remove a permanent marker off a metal surface is to use a dry erase marker. All you need to do is write over the permanent writings or stains and then wipe them off with a dry cloth. That’ll do the trick!

If you don’t have a dry erase marker, you may also try using dish soap and gently scrub the metal with a soft cloth or sponge until it’s completely removed. Do this carefully to avoid any abrasive effects on the surface.

Can you Write on Stainless Steel?

Yes, you can. You should use the right type of permanent marker on stainless steel surfaces. Fortunately, many brands today offer waterproof, durable, and long-lasting inks or innovative formulas that allow efficient and visible markings or writings on stainless steel.


To sum up, the best marker for metal should deliver superb performance that can cover metal surfaces with long-lasting, legible, and highly pigmented writings and markings. All you need is to take up some research to find the compatible markers, ink types, color selection, and tip designs that will comply with your needs and preferences.

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