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The Best Markers for Card Making in 2023

best markers for card making

Handmade greeting cards are an excellent way to express your affection and gratitude to your loved ones. These cards usually present eye-catching, imaginative, and unique details adorned with a spectrum of colors. Using the best markers for card making is one effective way to personalize and embellish your cards.

Numerous marker packs on the market are intended for creative activities such as coloring, doodling, adorning, writing, and, in particular, card making. Indeed, markers are very simple to use, widely available, and can produce remarkable results on your cards.

However, deciding which card-making markers to purchase can be difficult, particularly for beginners due to the abundance of options. Luckily, your card-making tasks for special events year-round would be much more enjoyable if you own one of the top-rated markers I am about to discuss below. Allow me to show you each one of them.

Best Markers for Card Making Reviews

1. Aen Art Card Making Coloring Markers

aen art card making coloring marker

These marker pens by Aen Art are available in 24 vivid colors. They are incredibly charming and can help elevate your creative side, especially when it comes to making greeting cards. I love how the dual tips are incredibly easy to use, versatile, and sturdy.

With these markers, I can create various designs with intricate art details with their fine tip. I can also perform calligraphy and gradients with the wider tip.

I can seamlessly shift between these two durable and smooth-gliding tips. These are some of the major reasons why I consider this collection to be one of the best pens for card making.

Furthermore, whenever I use these markers on my detail marking and book coloring, I can effortlessly and smoothly apply the colors I need by using the wider tip.

The color palette is quite diversified and bold. Truly, the cards I make with these markers are always unique and eye-catching!

The ink in these markers dries out easily on the surface and does not leak through any type of paper. It causes no stains and does not smudge on the surface. My workstation is always left neat whenever I use these markers. Whenever I accidentally let the marker touch my clothes, the pigment can be easily removed with water.

Coloring with these markers is far more engaging and entertaining. When it comes to the ink quality, it is quite long-lasting and smearproof.

Each pen is utterly unscented and safe to use. Additionally, these markers are water-based and non-toxic, making them an excellent choice for youngsters.

The downside, on the other hand, is that the colors are not very blendable. Blending it with other colors results in unsightly marks. This is probably because it uses water-based ink.

  • An excellent option for beginners
  • The wider tip is ideal for coloring cards and detail marking
  • The fine tip is great for drawing complex details
  • Non-toxic and water-based ink; safe for kids
  • Smudge-free and quick-drying
  • Difficult to blend

With the quality and performance of these card markers, I must say that they are suitable for novice card designers. Apart from that, the vivid hues allow you to display creative and artistic details for your cards.

2. YOOHO Craft Acrylic Paint Pens

yooho craft acrylic paint pens

The acrylic paint in these Yooho markers is thick and creamy; hence, they are perfect for coloring and marking cards seamlessly.

Even with a single stroke, these markers can produce thick lines, enough to cover large areas. Furthermore, the ink dries quickly on the surface, allowing no chance for the color to leak through the paper.

What makes these best markers for cardstock unique is that they are painting markers. This is because it uses acrylic paint, which provides highly pigmented colors that do not easily wear off over time.

As soon as I had these metallic markers on hand, the color quality and consistency were pretty impressive. I once tried a metallic gold marker pen on a greeting card and the details turned out quite artistic and elegant at the same time.

Another feature I like about these card-making acrylic paint markers is their solid and sharp point, making them great for creating precise lines.

Moreover, I used a few markers in this set to create artistic lettering and creative details on invitation cards. It is nice how the markers effortlessly produce pigmented lines onto the cards without leaks and smears. Besides that, the colors look beautifully vibrant, making the details colorful and attractive.

However, what I did not like about these markers is that they tend to dry out quickly when left uncapped for long periods.

  • Does not leak
  • Very thick and creamy consistency (just like a genuine paint)
  • Permanent ink
  • Very solid and sharp point
  • Vibrant colors
  • Tends to dry out quickly when left uncapped

Therefore, I must say that this pack of acrylic paint markers is still a great option for showcasing artistic skills and techniques, particularly in card-making projects. Since using these markers is a breeze, both beginners and experienced artists can enjoy them.

3. Guangna Cards Writing Metallic Marker Pens

guangna cards writing metallic marker pens

The Guangna metallic marker pens come in assorted colors and are ideal for professional artists, painters, marker enthusiasts, and kids.

All of these have a gleaming metallic sheen with sparkles, making them the best pens for Christmas cards. This is why I find them suitable to use for card-making activities, including wedding invitations.

Thesemarker pens stands out for their dual tips. You can use each pen as a 0.7-millimeter extra fine tip on intricate drawings or as a 2-millimeter medium-fine point for broader application. There are several sizes to choose from so you can use this set for a wide range of applications.

Moreover, they can be used for a longer duration without the ink drying out. I always use these markers on glossy papers, but surprisingly, they do not smear even if they come in contact with water.

The ink of these markers produces seamless and consistent lines. In comparison to other metallic pens, the permanent and waterproof ink guarantees long-lasting quality that does not bleed through or smear quickly.

One more thing I like is the ergonomically designed grips. For someone like me who loves to doodle and draw for hours, the added comfort from the grips makes everything a lot easier to do.

Furthermore, there is no trouble recognizing the colors due to the well-designed caps and labeling. Thus, the neat and organized collection allows kids, young artists, and even professionals to sort out their favorite colors effortlessly.

The only problem I had to deal with these markers is that their caps sometimes do not close properly.

  • Gorgeous metallic sheen with glitters
  • Ink does not smudge on glossy paper
  • Dual-purpose pen tip
  • Produces seamless and consistent lines
  • Ergonomically designed grips
  • The cap sometimes does not close properly

Nonetheless, I think these markers are ideal for kids and beginners because of their straightforward yet innovative design. In addition to that, these markers can provide a smooth writing experience and a sparkling metallic effect, making them very suitable for various types of cards.

4. VigorFun Card Making Illustration Alcohol Markers

vigorfun card making illustration alcohol markers

With this assorted paint marker set by VigorFun, I bet you can unleash endless creative possibilities, especially with your card-making projects.

Similar to what I love about versatile markers, these marker pens also have dual tips. It features a wide tip that can be used for thick consistencies and vast coverage, whether you are coloring or writing. The other end has a fine tip, which works great for complex details.

The colors in this vast collection feature incredibly vivid hues that dry quickly on the surface. Several markers offer lighter shades that can be used for subtle and soft details.

Even so, numerous art enthusiasts like me find these bright-colored markers useful, specifically when highlighting some art details. I love how the colors yellow, red, green, and orange are strikingly appealing.

Aside from that, these markers provide a rich and solid color quality. And because of their fine-tip end, I find these paint markers reliable for refining drawing and shading.

Truly, the versatile design of these pens makes them much easier to use for creative artists whether they are beginners or experienced ones. The wide spectrum of colors allows artists to play and experiment with various shades.

Moreover, I appreciate the barrel shape and design of these markers. Since it is triangular, it prevents the marker from rolling off the table.

Unfortunately, these markers do not blend well.

  • The whole set contains 88 different colors
  • Dual-tip
  • Highly vivid colors
  • Versatile marker pens; good for coloring and writing
  • Triangular cap to prevent the marker from rolling on the table
  • Poor blending capability

Nonetheless, these paint markers are advisable for artists and enthusiasts who enjoy working with brilliant colors that stand out on their own. With their versatility and long-lasting ink quality, I bet you can embellish your cards with creative and colorful details.

5. TEOYALL Cards Drawing Self-Outline Markers

teoyall cards drawing self-outline markers

These self-outline markers by Teoyall draw in a striking metallic silver with colored borders. The innovative technology that these markers use automatically generates outlines for you to produce a stunning dual-color impact.

I find these outline markers so reliable when it comes to designing different kinds of greeting cards. The double lines and shades leave an artistic effect on my card projects, particularly when lettering.

Whenever I use this marker, I always make sure to carefully push the tip down on paper for a few seconds until the ink runs flawlessly to the tip. This is to ensure a seamless and neat application. Furthermore, I like using these pens on light-colored cardboard papers for a better color effect.

I love how it features a uniform and solid color as well as a glossy and metallic finish. Moreover, it has a stylish embellishment to accentuate the loveliest art details of my card projects. With its metallic sheen, I am able to achieve that shiny appearance I want on multiple surfaces without any smudging or fading.

You can simply write like a standard pen using these pens without intentionally putting more pressure. It consistently produces precise and clean lines. I can even write extra-small letters on my card very neatly.

All of these dual-line markers are loaded with xylene-free, non-toxic, and environment-friendly ink in vibrant colors. With that in mind, I consider this set suitable for kids and experienced artists as well. Apart from that, the ink provides a smooth, quick-drying application that does not fade quickly over time.

The drawback, on the contrary, is that these pens do not appear vivid on dark-colored cardboard papers.

  • Produces a stunning dual-color effect
  • Very seamless and neat application
  • Glossy and metallic
  • Creates sharp and precise lines
  • Non-toxic and xylene-free
  • Does not look good on dark-colored surfaces

Overall, the innovative and versatile design of these markers can deliver unique and artistic designs that both amateurs, hobbyists, and experienced artists will love. Besides the dual colors, these markers can accentuate your work with a metallic finish

6. ZEYAR Gift Card Glitter Paint Pens

zeyar gift card glitter paint pens

This Zeyar paint pen set is one of the first things that come to mind when I go for glam and glitter on my cards. Since this set includes assorted glitter-colored markers, it paves the way for more creative and colorful card making.

The opacity of the ink is very impressive. I do not need to create an extra layer to achieve the desired level of opacity. Aside from that, I can use it on darker-colored cardboard pieces and still achieve a vibrant color. When it dries, the gloss and glittery finish still appear lovely over time.

The pens are substantially longer than a standard paint marker. Therefore, this indicates that they have more ink in them. Because these pens are longer than conventional markers, I find them simpler to grip.

After priming these markers, they will be much easier to use. You do not have to shake them to get the ink flowing properly again. There is a consistent flow of ink, with no large globs of ink escaping and causing a mess. Plus, it is non-toxic, which makes it much safer to use for kids.

Even if you are a novice artist, you can still find this set very simple to use. Because the tips are versatile, you can apply them to a variety of mediums. You can use it on different types of paper; all of them glide seamlessly on the surface.

Unfortunately, using it on rough-surfaced paper causes the tips to wear out quicker. You can continue to use it, but only with minimal pressure.

  • Produces a lovely glittery effect
  • Rich ink opacity
  • Works well on a huge variety of mediums
  • Consistent ink flow
  • Non-toxic
  • Tips are slightly flimsy

These shimmering markers are ideal for art enthusiasts who are looking for card-making markers that offer long-lasting ink and a smooth writing experience. With their simple and user-friendly design, beginners can use these markers to add glitter effects to their next card-making project.

7. Outus Card Making Metallic Marker Pens

outus card making metallic marker pens

These Outus glitter marker pens have a distinctive dual-color ink design that allows them to draw two different delightful colors on either light or dark cardboard.

The sheen of these oil-based metallic paint markers is spectacular, and you can create mixed-media paintings with multiple pens simultaneously!

Talking about the colors, I must say that they are all genuinely rich and bright. One layer of ink can already create a great contrast to a dark paper backdrop.

However, if you are going to use it on a translucent or white background, you might have to add a secondary layer to let the colors pop out more.

Aside from that, the tips used in these marker pens are quite durable. I can even apply them on rough surfaces without ruining the sharpness of the tip. Moreover, these markers can create extremely fine lines seamlessly.

These gel coloring pens use oil-based and non-toxic ink. Whenever I draw and color, I prefer to use these gel pens because they are more flexible than typical marker pens. The gel pen set is plenty enough for me to work on a variety of creative projects.

Additionally, I find these markers very easy to use. There is no need to do anything complicated to prepare the working surface.

All you have to do is simply shake the pens thoroughly to evenly spread the pigment before beginning to draw and make designs on your card.

However, because it is oil-based, the pigment of these marker pens tends to smudge. Make sure to let the ink dry for up to a minute before touching it.

  • Dual-color ink design
  • Non-toxic
  • Very bright colors
  • Works great on both light or dark backdrop
  • Easy to use; great for beginners
  • Tends to smudge because the ink is not fast-drying

Anyhow, these marker pens can create an eye-catching metallic luster, making this set ideal for making stylish cards. As they are easy to use, I find these markers suitable for beginners.

8. SAKEYR Card Making Squiggles Outline Markers

sakeyr card making squiggles outline markers

The first time I took on a card-making project, I made sure to use budget-friendly yet decent quality marker pens. These Sakeyr outline markers reminded me of that exact same thing: affordable but decent quality markers.

Among the most attractive features of these markers is their innovative design. Honestly, I did not expect that much from them, considering their pricing mark. However, it is pretty impressive to see how these pens can produce double metallic lines at once.

The inner line is shiny silver while the contour line can have different tones, creating a fantastic dual-color impression. Aside from the metallic sheen, these markers can produce beautiful shimmery effects.

One more thing I like is the quick-drying ink. Not to mention it is water-resistant as well. This prevents the markers from bleeding through the card or paper and heavily smears. That is why I did not have a hard time using them to doodle and draw colorful details.

In terms of color quality, I must say that they are pretty decent as well. Compared to other glitter markers I have used before, these ones are relatively more muted. They are not as vibrant as I want them to be although I don’t think they are the worst. Therefore, this can work well on creating details with light and subtle tones.

These creative markers use opaque ink that is safe, non-toxic, unscented, acid-free, and ecologically friendly. They can write on practically any surface, thanks to their excellent adhesion and high-quality fiber tips.

However, here is a caveat: the ink is inconsistent and not long-lasting. I noticed that the markers have already faded out after several uses.

  • Can produce dual metallic lines and colors
  • Can create glitter effects
  • Quick-drying ink
  • Bleedproof and water-resistant
  • Great quality fiber tips
  • Ink is not long-lasting
  • Inconsistent ink quality

Despite that, I still think this is a nice set to have, especially if you are a beginner and still practicing your lettering skills. Hobbyists will also enjoy the glitter and metallic effects from these markers, allowing them to flourish their cards with unique embellishments.

9. Dyvicl Glitter Card Making Markers Paint Pens

dyvicl glitter card making markers paint pens

Unlike some of the common metallic markers I have used before, you do not need to shake or prime this Dyvicl set of glittering marker pens.

These pens are always ready to use. Simply remove the cap and keep on going to your card-making project. The ink will always flow smoothly, resulting in consistent strokes.

Another advantage of using these markers is that they can be easily used on any type of paper or cardstock. Aside from the smooth-flowing ink, the tips glide seamlessly on the surface. Personally, this is a significant feature since most fine tips feel rough when writing or drawing with them.

Due to the ink’s thin consistency, it could penetrate into the smallest crevices of the card’s rough surfaces, providing you with uniform results. Additionally, these markers use non-toxic water-based ink, so they are ideal for children.

These glitter markers give just the appropriate balance of sparkle to your drawings and are convenient to use. I actually like the 1mm fine tips since they allow me to highlight even the small details on the card I work on.

I also enjoy how they are easy to control while being comfortable to grasp and handle. Whenever I use these glitter markers, I have no trouble rotating and moving them. Thus, I strongly recommend this set for calligraphy.

Because of the transparent barrel of these marker pens, I can check and monitor the ink level. Plus, the barrels are quite durable as they do not easily break even if I accidentally drop them at times.

Nevertheless, I just wish that the colors were blendable enough to maximize the color palette for more versatile artwork effects.

  • Very easy to use
  • Consistent ink flow
  • Good for detail work
  • Easy to control
  • Clear barrel design to easily check the ink supply
  • Poor blendability

Indeed, these glitter markers are an excellent choice, especially if you enjoy performing calligraphy on your card-making crafts. Aside from that, you can also expect them to work excellently in drawing intricate details.

10. INK LAB Card Making Metallic Marker Pens

ink lab card making metallic marker pens

Of all the affordable metallic marker pens I found on the market, this set from Ink Lab is by far the best deal to date. At a low pricing mark, I actually do not expect high-quality results with these markers and perhaps, average colors and features will do.

However, it is quite the opposite; you get more than what you’ve paid for. These metallic marker pens render vivid and fade-resistant metallic colors that can adorn your cards with artistic details. Aside from that, the ink is fast-drying, which deters smudging and bleeding.

As soon as I tested the colors, I could already tell how pigmented the shades were. The colors were bold and vivid, which manifested well on white paper. I haven’t tried them yet on dark paper but with their pigment quality, I bet these markers can present similar exceptional color quality.

If that’s already quite impressive, the tip design is much more so. These markers have medium and brush tips that can deliver versatile lines and strokes. They glide smoothly on the surface, particularly the fine brush tips that sometimes tend to feel rough. But with these markers, they do not.

When it comes to their metallic finishes, the ink gives off sophisticated and high-quality metallic features that will look good on your crafts. Since they are water-based, these markers use non-toxic and odorless ink, making them suitable for kids as well.

The only thing that I wish would be improved is the distinction between the brush tip and the medium tip. There are no labels on the caps or the barrels that can help you identify which is which. Thus, you need to open the cap to know the tip size. But compared to the quality of these markers, this is not a big deal.

  • Double-ended design: a medium tip and a brush tip
  • Excellent pigment quality
  • Consistent and smooth-flowing ink
  • Vivid and fade-resistant colors
  • Offers high-quality metallic finishes
  • No labels to identify the medium tip or brush tip

Overall, this metallic marker set is quite a steal for its price because of its amazing and consistent pigment quality. Therefore, this is one of the best options for amateur artists and hobbyists who need high-quality metallic marker pens without spending a massive outlay.

What to Look For When Buying a Markers for Card Making

best pens for card making

Know Your Techniques, Drawing Skills, and Card Making Projects

There are a plethora of markers on the market but it only takes one or two special sets to use for card making. Some artists go for more.

This is when you have to consider your techniques, skills, and desired results for card making projects. It is also significant to know what scale your project is – whether it is for personal or business purposes. More cards mean more markers and an extensive array of colors.

The best marker for card making need not be the most expensive or coming from a highly reputable brand. All that matters is how the markers perform and comply with your needs.

For example, if you prefer metallic and shimmery aesthetics, metallic markers are your best bet. If the card design showcases a variety of line styles and strokes, a dual-ended marker would be a practical option.

Consider the Tip Design and Size

The marker’s tip design and size can make or break the entirety of your card embellishments. Illustrations and other aesthetic features in your cards are a composition of different line widths and styles. And as you evaluate your card making projects, you can easily determine which tip sizes and designs to go for.

Typically, markers come in various size tips: fine, medium, and broad. These nibs can either be chisel, bullet, or brush that deliver different textures. For outlining, underlining, and rendering intricate details, markers with fine pointed or bullet nibs will do the trick. Medium and broad nibs are for thicker applications.

Personally, my favorite is a chisel marker because of its versatility; it can create thick and thin lines, which is perfect for card making that exhibits varied line consistencies.

Aside from that, I recommend using dual-tip markers to perform multiple projects at once without having to switch between different markers or pens.

Ink Type and Quality

One of the primary features of markers is the ink type, which defines the quality of markers. When you sift through the options of markers, you will come across alcohol-based and water-based markers.

Fortunately, both types have exceptional properties that provide long-lasting quality, excellent pigment, and ink flow. However, the results may still vary according to brand.

When it comes to card making, one of the first questions to ask is, “Will these markers bleed or smear?”. Of course, you do not want to create prints, patterns, and embellishments that will end up bleeding in a messy ink pool.

Moreover, cards use thicker paper that may come in a variety of textures – rough or smooth surfaces. Thus, it is imperative to identify which markers would work on a particular surface without bleeding and leaving smudges. At the same time, look for markers that can showcase your designs without compromising their colors and line appearances.

With all that said, the key is to look for markers that are bleedproof and smudgeproof. The ones with consistent ink flow would make a great choice since they can deter ink quality errors and issues, revealing neat, crisp, and highly pigmented colors on your cards.

Are you going to have card making projects with kids? Make sure to invest in markers that are non-toxic to ensure their safety.


I like layering and blending colors when making cards. As it creates color depths, blending also unleashes a whole new level of creativity. When it comes to markers, I find alcohol markers highly blendable. But keep in mind that not all alcohol markers have the same level of blendability.

Thus, when looking for the best alcohol markers for card making, you can test out the markers or go through customer reviews to check the blendability. How would you know if the markers blend well, then? You will know when the edges or strokes look seamless on your cards. Furthermore, the colors merge smoothly, presenting a gentle transition that creates beautiful gradients.

Color Options

As I mentioned, your project scale will determine the number of colors you need. When it comes to card making, it can either be for personal use or business purposes. Of course, working on commissions or handcrafted cards for your clients requires high-quality markers that are available in a wide selection of colors. Thus, you can go for larger sets with at least 20 or 30 colors.

Personal handcrafted cards for your friends and family might not need as much as you would for business. Therefore, sets of 5, 12, or 30 will suffice. But of course, it still depends on your preferences and needs.

If card making is your hobby, you’ll probably need more markers to add to your stash. Various colors express emotions and thoughts. The more color options you have, the more effectively you can represent what is in your heart and mind.


Finding the best markers for card making is not a simple task due to the overwhelming options available in the marketplace. Nevertheless, if you keep the basic guidelines in mind – tip design, ink content, blendability, and color options – you can surely discover the ideal marker sets that will fit your creative preferences.

With all of the top-rated recommendations that you have read above, you should be able to find the perfect marker for your card-making projects.

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