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The Best Markers for Glass for 2023

best markers for glass

If there is anything positive that you can take from being in lockdown for the past year, then it is the fact that it made many people a lot more creative. One of the biggest DIY crazes that came about in the last year is glass painting. If you want to try it yourself, then you will need the best markers for glass.

Although most permanent markers can write on glass, they would often crack and chip away. Markers made specifically for writing on glass can write more clearly. These markers also have more vibrant colors, so if you want your projects to come out looking the best, then they can then invest in a set of markers for glass boards.

Best Marker for Glass Reviews

1. Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens

vino marker metallic wine glass pens

These markers can write on any kind of surface, even glass. Aside from being made specifically for writing on wine glasses, you can also use them for porcelain and plastics. I haven’t had special occasions that required the use of these pens on wine glasses yet, but I used them to write labels on my canned preserves and the results were great.

I am also glad to say that the ink of these markers always lays on evenly, even on slick glass. Aside from the end of each stroke, there are no faded areas in any of the lines that I made. In other words, you do not need to do another pass on the lines you just drew. You can expect every line to be perfectly even every time.

The ink also dries in just a couple of seconds. This means that you do not even have enough time to smudge the writing even if you want to. With that, it works well even for wine glasses used for serving red wine or on mugs for hot cocoa or coffee.

On the other hand, if you will be consuming chilled white wine, write on the base as this marker will fade when exposed to moisture. Speaking of washing off, after finishing with the glasses, the ink washes off with just a bit of soapy water. I did not even need to scrub to get the paint off as most of it comes off under the tap.

Now, are these for glass painting? It depends on what kind of painting you will be doing, as there are very few that require the use of metallic colors. Also, if you want your projects to not chip or fade, you will need to spray a bit of a clear coat over them.

  • Writes on any smooth surface
  • Lays on ink evenly
  • The set comes in different colors
  • Dries quickly and does not smudge
  • Washes off using warm soapy water
  • Only comes in metallic colors

These markers are great for drawing temporary designs on glass and porcelain, but since they only come in metallic colors, they have quite limited applications.

2. Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers

quartet glass board dry erase markers

These items are specifically for writing on glass boards, but unlike other brands, you can expect them to write a lot clearer. For instance, I have used other black ink dry erase markers and most of them look more like gray. These markers write so clearly that you can see their writings easily from far away.

Another simple yet useful feature that I liked is the clear ink tank. You can tell how much ink remains in the pen just by peeking into the transparent body of the marker. Because it uses free-flowing ink, you can easily tell when you need to have another marker ready.

Now, even though it writes clearly, it is still quite easy to erase, especially if you use a magnetic whiteboard eraser. Unlike other dry erase markers, which sometimes leave a faint mark after erasing, this marker does not leave any residue behind.

The reason why this marker can write is that it has a firm yet flexible bullet-point tip. There is also free-flowing ink in the marker. It allows a bit more ink to flow through the regulator and out of the tip, leading to clearer markings and uniform lines.

Now I do not have any complaints about the black and blue-colored markers, but I do have an issue with the green and red ones. Even though they write clearer than other markers, these two colors only do so by a marginal amount. The red and green colors look washed out and muted, a far cry from the black and blue markers.

  • Brighter and more vivid compared to other brands
  • Has a see-thru ink tank
  • Erases easily and cleanly
  • Bullet-point tips constantly write thick bold lines
  • Free-flowing ink ensures clear lines
  • The green and red colors look a bit washed out

Although I find the red and green markers quite disappointing, I was still very impressed with the black and blue ones. If you are looking for pens to draw on glass, then these markers are some of your most incredible choices.

3. Chalkola Liquid Chalk Markers

chalkola liquid chalk markers

I highly recommend these markers for those who would like to try glass painting. The colors provided by these markers are so bright and vibrant. I even find it enjoyable to use them in creating whimsical designs on clear glass panes and tumblers. You can let your imagination run wild with this set of markers.

In case you make a mistake, you can just wipe off the offending mistake and try again. These markers are essentially dry erase markers, so you just need a paper towel to erase the markings. I use a folded-up paper towel to clean up my outlines to make them look like my drawings are printed onto the glass.

These markers have a neat feature. You may think that these markers only come with bullet-point nibs, but pull it out and you will find that there is a hidden chisel-point nib on the other side. You can use the same marker for coloring in spaces and making crisp lines. I use the chisel-point for making calligraphy for signs and they work quite well.

I also use the markers when I want to draw something more permanent, meaning drawing on porous surfaces. I used them on thick card stock (regular paper is too thin, the ink will run through) and they look great on it, too.

Now the problem arises when you use the chalk markers on chalkboards. The manufacturer said that these would be fine to use on blackboards and that they could be wet-erased. That isn’t the case as the markers still left a mark on the surface after scrubbing with water.

  • Boasts of bright and vibrant colors
  • Easy to erase off all non-porous surfaces
  • Comes with two kinds of nibs
  • Permanent on porous surfaces
  • Non-toxic and dustless, making them safe for children
  • The chalk markers are hard to wash off blackboards

These items are the best pens for writing on glass for anyone interested in trying out glass painting. The markers write clearly on glass and they include a lot of bright colors.

4. Arteza Wine Glass Markers

arteza wine glass markers

The nice thing about using metallic markers like these items from Arteza is that they contrast well against both dark and light backgrounds while also popping out against black backgrounds. They are also great for when you are drawing on glass and other non-porous surfaces. The ink lays on evenly and is thick enough so it does not run.

What I liked about these markers is that they are all-purpose. I used them to draw on all sorts of surfaces, like wood, paper, stones, plastics, mirrors, and plate glass windows. Regardless of where I use these markers, the lines and colors always come out clear and vibrant.

I often use these markers to write signs on storefront windows and dry erase board menus, and I can wipe them off using a plain paper towel and all traces of the writings all go away. If the markings have been left on the surface for a bit too long, you can still easily remove them using a bit of rubbing alcohol.

I also discovered that these markers are a hit with the kids. I have a couple of young kids, and they found that they like to draw on our sliding glass back door. The best part is that these markers had them preoccupied for a couple of hours. If they did miss the glass door, these markers were still easy to clean off the walls and from their hands.

The only issue that I had is that their metallic colors are not quite as apparent compared to other brands of markers. It is most noticeable in colors other than gold and silver. The red marker is barely metallic at all.

  • Metallic colors contrast well on both dark and light backgrounds
  • Can write on almost all kinds of surfaces
  • Dries quickly and does not smudge easily
  • Easy to erase
  • Water-based ink, non-toxic and washable off the skin
  • They are not quite as metallic as other brands

These markers are quite fun to work with while also very forgiving when it comes to errors. If you will be making mostly metallic glass paintings, then you might want to give these markers a try.

5. Acrylico Store Glass Paint Pens

acrylico store glass paint pens

I have yet to find anything that I could not use these markers on. I have used them on almost everything that I can think of and they wrote great on all. Unless the surface is wet, you can expect these markers to leave a very clear mark on it.

Another thing that I liked a lot about these markers is the way they write. Every stroke is completely opaque, thanks to them using actual acrylic paint instead of ink. This makes every stroke very clear and the colors amazingly vibrant.

Even though these markers use acrylic paint, they dry quite fast, similar to dry erase markers. This works well in my favor because I tend to place my wrist in the wrong places when I am drawing. Using quick-drying oil-based markers on glass prevents me from smudging the lines I painstakingly laid down on the surface.

Speaking of line drawings, these markers come with fine 1-mm nibs, making them the best paint markers for glass for drawing semi-detailed images. The line weight is thick enough that you can differentiate each color easily, but still fine enough to create details in your drawings.

Moreover, even if you don’t put a lot of pressure on the nib, it still dispenses the right amount of paint.

I don’t have any real serious issues with these markers. However, if I must pick out one, it is that you need to clean the nibs properly before each use as paint tends to glob up on the tips. You just need to blot the pens on a separate piece of paper before using them on the surface of the project.

  • Can write on all surfaces
  • Marks are almost completely opaque
  • Fast drying and non-smudging
  • Features fine tips that are perfect for line drawings
  • Non-toxic, odorless, and washable off the skin
  • The nibs need to be cleaned before every project

These products are among top markers for glass I have ever had the pleasure of testing. If you are thinking of trying glass painting, fabric painting, or any art project you may have in mind, then I can say that these items are among your best choices.

6. Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers

kassa liquid chalk markers

One of the greatest things about this set of chalk markers is that you get 20 colors in the kit. In other words, you essentially have all the colors you will need. I have been using these markers for a while now and there are still a couple of pens that I have yet to use.

Aside from colors, I can also draw all sorts of lines using just these markers, thanks to their reversible tips. Pull out the bullet-point nib and you will find a chisel-point on the other end. The bullet-point is great for general lines and the chisel-point is perfect for fine lines and calligraphy.

This product is also a great gift for kids. Give your kids pens that write on glass and wipe off so they can let their imagination run wild and draw whatever their hearts desire without making a huge mess.

What is even better is that these markers wipe off easily. If they get colors in places that they should not, a bit of soapy water will get the marks right off. It even comes in a beautiful gift box so you do not need to worry about wrapping them.

I am also quite impressed at how these markers can write on virtually anything if the surface is dry of course. I have tried these markers on everything that I could think of – drinking glasses, jars, stones, concrete, and even fabric. When you are using these markers, your imagination is your only limitation.

Now, while I like these markers a lot, I still have a bit of an issue with a couple of the colors in the set. Some of the markers are not bright enough to contrast on a black background, but they do show when on a lighter surface.

  • The kit contains 20 colors
  • Features reversible nibs
  • Non-toxic and washable off the skin
  • Writes on almost all surfaces
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box
  • Some of the colors are not that bright when written in black

These markers make great gifts for children, but no one will blame you if you keep them for yourself. These items are great for most arts and crafts projects.

7. Name It Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens

name it marker metallic wine glass pens

Although these markers are meant for use on wine glasses and bottles, I used them on a lot of arts and crafts projects using different materials. These markers can write permanently on anything porous, but they can also write on smooth, non-porous surfaces.

Another nice thing about these markers is that unlike some of the other metallic markers, you do not need to shake the pens before using them. Just pop off the cap and start writing. The ink will immediately start flowing out of the tip and onto the surface with no preparations whatsoever.

These markers use food-grade ink, so they are safe for use on glasses and dinner plates. It is not something that I am particularly proud of, but I often use these markers a bit too close to the rim of the glasses, so there are times when my lower lip got tinted a bright metallic color. It is a good thing that these markers are not toxic.

I also like the fine tips. I have a side gig drawing and writing calligraphy on shop windows, and these markers are quite nice for making line drawings. I can easily make fine-flowing lines for detailed drawings and lettering. The tips are also quite durable. They will not get bent out of shape even after an entire afternoon of using them.

However, here is the problem – the caps are too tight-fitting that I would sometimes need to use all my strength just to twist the cap off the pen. However, the cap needs to be tight because the ink will dry out quickly. A couple of my pens dried up in just days because the caps were not replaced properly.

  • Writes on almost all surfaces
  • The metallic ink contrasts well against light and dark backgrounds.
  • Safe to use on wine glasses and plates
  • No shaking necessary
  • Comes with fine tips that are great for detailed drawings
  • The caps have an overly tight fit

These markers are great for parties. Your guests can use them to write on their wine glasses, so they will not get mixed up once the party starts to pick up.

8. Emooqi Paint Markers

emooqi paint markers

Compared to other acrylic paint pens, these permanent marker pens for glass lay down the colors thick. All the lines I drew using these paint pens are all opaque and if there are parts that are a bit translucent, it is because I did not put enough pressure on the tip. These markers are the perfect choice when you want to paint on all sorts of materials.

Another nice thing about this product is that the paint dries in just a couple of seconds, which is more than fast enough to prevent me from smudging the paint. With that said, you need to be careful when using the markers on porous materials as you will have trouble erasing your mistakes.

Now, this is what I liked about these waterproof markers for glass – they do not run even when used on regular letter stock paper. Other paint markers are a bit too runny so they make a mess of regular paper, you will need to use card stock instead. Some of the colors do run quite a bit, so I usually use heavier stock to prevent it.

These markers are ideal for making glass paintings as they are highly water-resistant and pretty much permanent. These pens that write on glass permanently use acrylic paint, so they will not crack and peel off the surface once dried. However, I always spray a layer of clear coat over my projects using non-porous surfaces just to make sure.

I do have a minor gripe about these markers, though, and that is the tops are easy to unscrew by accident. The caps of these markers are so tight that you might accidentally twist the top of the markers, thereby resulting in a brightly colored mess.

  • Covers well – Every stroke is opaque
  • Dries quickly and is highly water-resistant
  • Writes well even on regular paper
  • The set contains 20 different colors
  • Safe for use by children
  • The top is easy to remove by accident

These items are among the best acrylic paint pens that I have had the pleasure of using. The colors are accurate and they cover surfaces well. They can also write on all surfaces that I can think of; I highly recommend these markers for anyone interested in crafts.

9. W OUTWIT Liquid Chalk Markers

w outwit liquid chalk markers

I occasionally get jobs that require me to draw on menu boards and shop windows to get the attention of people, and I like using these markers for the large 6mm tips. I can cover a lot of areas using fewer strokes. The markers can also make bold lines. Also, the tips are reversible, with the other end being a chisel point, which I use for finer lines.

These markers provide vibrant colors, thanks to them using a specially formulated ink from Japan. This ink is dustless and non-toxic, which makes it safe for use by children. My kids love using these markers because of the bold and striking colors and the thick lines. They can easily erase things if they make mistakes.

I also like how quick the ink dries. I sometimes forget that I should not rest my wrist on the surface when I am writing or drawing on a non-porous surface, so I tend to smudge the ink. This is not a problem with these markers as their ink dries in just a couple of seconds, leaving me with no time to mess them up.

Even though these markers are essentially smudge-proof, they are easy to erase when needed. When used on non-porous surfaces, you can wipe the markings off using a damp piece of cloth. If you accidentally use these markers on somewhat porous surfaces, like wood or concrete, a bit of soapy water will usually do the trick.

I don’t have any problem with how these markers work, but I do dislike the way they are packaged. If you mistakenly switch the caps of the pens, you will not be able to tell that they are the wrong colors unless you remove the caps again.

  • Has reversible bullet and chisel point nibs
  • Vibrant colors and does not run
  • Quick-drying and does not smudge
  • Easy to erase
  • Safe for use by children
  • Easy to mix up the colors of the markers

Although these are marketed for kids’ use, I highly recommend them for anyone who likes arts and crafts in general.

10. THE Rainbow Glass Pen Liquid Paint Markers

the rainbow glass pen liquid paint markers

These markers are a lot of fun to use, especially when drawing on non-porous surfaces, like glass doors and the windows of your car. Because of the wide 15mm tips, coloring in large areas is not a problem at all. You can turn the tip on its side and use the corner for thinner lines.

The colors are also quite bright and vibrant. I used these markers quite a lot in my side-gig drawing on shop windows and menu boards, and they have yet to fail me. The markers draw lines that are opaque and evenly laid down. Even when writing on glass and other smooth surfaces, they dispense ink evenly and cover the glass opaquely.

Even though these markers write clearly, they are still easy to erase. If you use the pens on whiteboards and glass boards, you can use a dry eraser to get rid of the lines. Now, the marks may become a bit harder to remove if you leave them alone for a couple of days, but it is nothing that a little rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth can’t fix.

Even though these markers are mostly for writing on non-porous surfaces, you can also use them on porous surfaces. However, since you will be writing on porous materials, the ink will be much more difficult to remove. Even water and soapy water will be able to remove the traces of ink.

I do not have any major issues with these markers at all, but it does get a bit tedious when you must shake and prime the pens every time you first use them. It gets even more annoying when you must use all the colors for just one piece.

  • Features a wide tip that covers a lot of areas quickly
  • Comes in vibrant and contrasting colors
  • Can write on almost all surfaces
  • Easy to clean up
  • Non-toxic and safe for kids to use
  • Needs to be primed up before every use

These markers lay down lines that look just like chalk but without the nasty dust. You can expect them to be perfect for drawing and writing on large shop windows, mirrors, and other non-porous surfaces.

What to Look For When Buying a Marker for Glass

best markers for glass boards

In your search for the markers that you can use for glass, certain key factors should influence your final buying decision. Among the most important ones are:

Drying Time

When shopping for glass markers, you must get those that dry almost instantly. This will prevent the ink or paint from running while also keeping your wrist from smudging it. Ideally, the marking should be dry in just a second or two regardless of the surface that you applied it on.

Permanent or Erasable?

Are you planning to make a non-erasable glass painting or do you want to give your mirrors or windows a new look every week or so? If you want your drawings to not fade or get erased, choose the best permanent markers for glass. On the other hand, if you want something temporary, then go for dry erase markers.

Ink or Paint?

Glass painting markers come in various colors and mediums. There are the regular dry erase markers that write just like regular markers. Some markers contain acrylic paint while others have ink that mimics the appearance of chalk.

Choose the type of marker depending on what you would like your project to look like. You can also mix different types of markers, use your imagination.


Are you thinking of making simple designs? Then you can use traditional colors like black, blue, or even red. If you are thinking of making something whimsical, use metallic markers, chalk markers, or both.

Regardless of what kind of project and medium you will be using, there will surely be a couple of brands that you can choose from.

Ease of Use

Ideally, markers should just be straightforward. Pop off the cap and then proceed to draw. There are some markers that you need to shake vigorously and then prime before they can write properly. These kinds of markers usually use paints instead of ink, so you need to loosen them up a bit by shaking them so they will flow properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

best markers to write on glass

How to Write on Glass Temporarily and Permanently?

Technically, all markers can only write temporarily on glass. Even permanent markers can crack and fade when used on glass. However, if you are thinking of markers that you can easily erase, then you need to use whiteboard/dry erase markers. These are easy to erase using only a rag or a whiteboard eraser.

Now, if you want to make the writings or drawings permanent, you need to spray a light clear coating over the drawn-on surface.

What Kind of Markers Write on Glass?

Of course, erasable markers for glass can write on glass easily (that is what you can use them for). However, many permanent markers can also write on glass. You can also find metallic ink markers and chalk ink markers that can write on glass.


If you want to unleash your creativity, then it is advisable to get yourself a set of the best markers for glass. These markers will let you unleash your creativity on any surface, not just on paper. Give your windows and glass doors a new look by painting something new on them every week.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for your markers, you can now start giving your home a bit of whimsy and joy.

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