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The Best Markers for Kids for 2023

best markers for kids

Are you planning to buy the best markers for kids that can create a more fun-filled and exciting learning and playing experience for your little ones? Markers are deemed more perfect mediums than crayons because they are convenient to use and do not produce more mess than paints.

It is beneficial to buy premium quality markers designed for kids because they help boost children’s concentration and develop their motor skills. Aside from being useful in school activities and assignments, markers can also be enjoyed at home.

To help you buy the right option for your kids, we will provide you a list of top-quality markers for kids that you can compare in this post.

Best Marker for Kid Reivews

1. Crayola Pip Squeaks Washable Markers

crayola pip squeaks washable markers

We were looking for top-quality washable markers for kids, and we ended up buying this product. What attracted us the most is the convenient and sturdy casing of these washable markers. Since they come in handy, they are ideal to carry around during long travels or when you’re on the go. Keeping your stuff organized is less hassle too.

In addition, they are designed as washable, so they are less messy and can be easily washed. As a neat freak, I am easily annoyed when my hands get dirty whenever I work on my crafts. Luckily, these don’t leave difficult-to-remove stains on my hands. I also don’t have problems washing my clothes, even when they were stained with these pens.

The kit contains lots of colors and shades for users to pick from. Since these items are formulated as safe and non-toxic, they are also considered ideal gifts for kids aged four and up. These markers come in small size, so it’s easier and comfortable for toddlers to hold. Such markers can perform excellently when coloring since they are super bright.

While there’s no question about how handy and sturdy the case of the markers is, it is a bit difficult to open as it is quite tight. Just gently handle it with care to avoid breaking your nails.

  • Built with a portable and durable travel casing
  • Less messy on skin and clothing
  • Ideal gifts for kids aged four and above
  • Formulated with high-quality washable ink
  • Lots of shades and colors to select from
  • The casing is sometimes hard to open

Overall, these children’s markers come in a very ideal size. The set provides more colors to select from; they are super bright and perform well for various art projects.

2. Mr. Sketch 1924061 Washable Scented Markers

mr. sketch 1924061 washable scented markers

These coloring markers for toddlers are designed as washable for easy cleanup. What sets them apart from other available marker options is that they come with luring scents that can inspire your old and young users to unleash their creativity. These water-based and non-bleeding markers are ideal for easels. You can rely on these markers as they are great partners for different art projects.

Moreover, the sleek flowing bevel tip can help you enjoy sketching even more. The tip of the pen is durable and versatile so that it could keep its shape for a long time. The set contains bold shades that can make your coloring experience more fun-filled. Also, these markers are excellent gifts for kids aged three and up.

I am surprised by these markers’ vivid and bright colors, yet they do not produce a severe mess on my clothing and skin. The ink seems high quality as well since it can last for an extended period. This marker set is manufactured with an easy-to-handle large cylinder, so storing them is a piece of cake after every use.

These scented markers fascinate me each time I draw medium, fine, and broad lines. I find them especially ideal for that application. Each color comes with its aromatic scent, and even if the ink dries up, the smell remains. When I’m thinking of ideas about my art work, I keep sniffing the scent that comes from these markers because they come with a refreshing smell.

On the cons, this option is slightly pricey compared to other similar products. If you’re on a budget, this item might not be the most affordable alternatives for you.

  • Designed with a versatile chisel tip
  • Equipped with an easy-to-handle large cylinder
  • Specifically made for kids aged three and up
  • Comes with bold shades to ensure a more fun-filled coloring experience
  • Built with captivating and fascinating scents that kids will enjoy
  • A bit pricey compared to other brands

As a whole, this item is on the pricey side, but the smell of each marker is genuinely captivating, and the intensity of colors is bright and excellent.

3. Do A Dot Art Brilliant Dot Markers

do a dot art brilliant dot markers

We find these products as the best dot markers for toddlers. They are ideal to use as they promote early childhood development. Since I am teaching preschoolers, I recommended these markers to my students’ parents. These dot markers are great for color recognition, developing hand-eye coordination, and layered learning. These pens are designed with non-toxic, latex-free, and gluten-free formulation.

Furthermore, they serve as second to none art medium for kids of all ages. These markers are manufactured with a large sponge tip dauber that isn’t prone to drying out, so these are ideal for making flawless dots. They work exceptionally for mixing, dabbing, layering, blending, and dotting colors to create different artworks. Such items perform excellently for developing users’ artistic skills.

Since these items are crafted with easy-to-grip bottles, they are highly recommended for young users. Kids won’t have a hard time using these fast-drying markers for the first time. These markers are highly recommended for preschoolers, toddlers, and kindergarten students. Parents can also use these art materials to lessen their kids extended use of gadgets.

Introducing art to children early on can be beneficial since their artistic and creative skills can be significantly improved at a young age. Nonetheless, the potential setback you might encounter when using these markers is the mess that isn’t easily removed. Unlike other washable markers, these art materials leave a difficult-to-wash-off mess that can be annoying at times. Sadly, they are not washable as they claimed to be.

  • Features easy-to-grip bottles for a more comfortable user experience
  • An excellent art medium for kids of all ages
  • Non-toxic, latex-free, and gluten-free formulation
  • Encourages early childhood development
  • Smooth sailing to use and fast drying
  • Not easy to wash off

Ultimately, these dot markers are the best bang for your bucks. They are the perfect partner for young kids to learn, develop and explore more.

4. Ohuhu Art Coloring Brush Fineliner Markers

ohuhu art coloring brush fineliner markers

These water markers for toddlers are highly recommended for diverse types of art crafts and projects. I bought this because a friend recommended this brand for being ideal for coloring, drawing, and calligraphy. I find this marker set useful for my art class. I am a bit clumsy and messy when working on any artwork, so these markers perfectly suit me.

Since these pens are quickly drying, I am worry-free because I won’t have to deal with blotches and streaks. Every time I work on my art projects, I don’t need to deal with a hard-to-remove mess because the cleanup process is a cinch. These markers are wise investments because they are always all set whenever inspiration strikes.

With these markers, layering and mixing colors is not a problem. The brush tip is great to utilize when coloring and blending, while the fine tip does a great job when working on more minor details. Fundamentally, the flexible dual-tip design allows users to enjoy a marker that lets you do everything in one art medium.

The kit contains vivid and striking marker colors. The colors are highly pigmented. Each set contains complementary and primary colors adept at blending flawlessly for an added dimension to any art project. These options are kids-friendly and worth buying because they feature odorless, toxin and acid-free ink formulation.

The handy barrel organizer of these markers is undoubtedly trendy and sturdy. Indeed, the color-coded caps make picking the right color plain sailing. But, ideally, markers should be stored horizontally, so this is difficult to do with a round-shaped container.

  • Fine tip is ideal for more minor details
  • Dries instantly, odorless, toxin and acid-free ink formulation
  • Brush tip is best used for smooth blending and coloring
  • The kit includes vivid and striking marker colors
  • Perfect for different artwork projects
  • The round storage container is durable but storing the markers in a horizontal position is difficult

Unquestionably, these water-based markers are the real deal. The kit contains vivid and lovely marker colors that are useful for various art projects.

5. Cra-Z-Art Kids Washable Broadline Dry Erase Markers

cra-z-art kids washable broadline dry erase markers

I find these dry erase markers as one of the most affordable alternatives available today. Compared to other similar products, these options do not emit a powerful and annoying smell. Marked with safe and non-toxic formulation, these markers are kids-friendly and ideal presents for young users. You can easily find these items in local stores, but you can find countless of them online.

In the same way, these dry erase markers are designed with a broad tip. In particular, this tip size is best used for covering larger areas. Since I am just a beginner, I bought this set of markers because they are recommended to fill in large areas, create art, and create large-scale hand-lettered pieces.

Fortunately, these dry erase markers are easy to use. It’s great to work on different art projects with the right art material by your side. The kit contains superbly bright colors that are sufficient for completing an artwork. They are stored in a container that allows easy and fast storage after use. You see, keeping your art stuff organized is made easier.

Be that as it may, these dry erase markers are not washable as advertised. It takes a bit of time for the mess to be removed. If you’re using a whiteboard, you can easily remove the residue with alcohol. To remove the residues on the skin, you’ll need to rub the stained area repeatedly using a wet cloth.

  • Does not come with irking odor
  • Less expensive than other available options
  • Manufactured with a broad tip
  • Safe and non-toxic formulation
  • Easy to use and kid-friendly
  • Hard to remove from skin and clothes

To wrap up, these dry erase markers are highly recommended for buyers looking for budget-friendly and easy-to-use markers for beginners.

6. Faber-Castell Jumbo Broad Line Markers

faber-castell jumbo broad line markers

These items are certified safe markers for toddlers because they are acid-free, non-toxic, and crafted using food-grade dyes. More importantly, they are kid-friendly because they are designed with ventilated safety caps that help prevent choking hazards. I am impressed by these markers’ rehydratable design. You only need to dip dry them in water, and from there, they’ll be refreshed and ready for use again, instead of throwing them in the bin.

I prefer sturdy and broad tip markers, so I found this option as one of the most recommended ones. These markers execute an excellent job of sustaining heavy pressure when working on any artwork. They are also reliable in providing bold strokes of color. Hence, these markers are ideal for adding colors to significant artworks and posters.

Additionally, I adore the vibrant and pigmented ink colors, which are perfect for school, work and home art projects. You can also add a broad line of color with sturdy marker nibs. I find the water-based and long-lasting coloring ink one of the best features of this product. These art mediums are worthwhile investments for aspiring artists and artwork enthusiasts.

As you might already know, Faber-Castell is a trusted and well-known brand. So, when it comes to art mediums, the products they manufacture are your safest choice. In my case, I always make sure that I have a set or art materials manufactured by this reputable brand. Their products are durable, functional, and reliable.

On the flip side, I have observed that these markers are prone to bleed through. I have no issues with the colors and their washable feature, but since I also intend to use them for coloring books, they seem to be too wet for that application.

  • Features rehydratable design
  • Designed with sturdy and broad tips
  • Highly recommended for adding colors to large artwork and posters
  • Vibrant and superbly bright ink
  • Acid-free, non-toxic, and crafted using food-grade dyes
  • Looks like they’re prone to bleed through

Right to it, these paint pens for kids are worth a shot. They are safe for young users, and they work like a charm in many different art projects.

7. INC Glitter Marker Pens

inc glitter marker pens

Top markers for kids are those that are designed with a toxic-free formulation. I’m always fascinated by glitter marker pens, so I chose this item because I’ve read plenty of positive reviews about it. I am amazed by the sparkly glitter that these markers give off. They are perfect for various arts and crafts projects. They don’t stain or mark permanently on furniture and clothing.

The assortment of colors is also satisfying. The vibrant ink colors emit stunning glitters that make every artwork pleasant to behold. Since I am stunned by shimmering stuff, I can’t get enough of these markers. I frequently use them whenever I create greeting cards for loved ones and friends, posters and designing my photo album.

This water-based glitter ink can be utilized on most porous surfaces. The rounded bulleted tip design of these markers is perfect for ensuring precision when creating diverse art crafts. I am more than delighted seeing my finished art work glimmering with vibrant colors. Without fail, I consider them as my go-to when I prefer using something fun and shimmering.

Please note that it is necessary to prime these markers when using them for the first time. First, shake the markers well, push the pen tip down on a rigid surface, and repeat the process until the ink begins flowing. Once the tip is already full of color, you can start your masterpiece.

These items are perfect for drawing and writing. In like manner, the colors of these markers are adorable, and the glitter comes with a fascinating shimmer. Anyhow, the major complaint I have for these glitter markers is that they run out of ink quite faster than expected.

  • Highly recommended for various arts and crafts projects
  • Designed with a rounded bulleted tip to ensure more precision
  • The kit contains assorted vibrant colors with stunning glitters
  • Water-based and non-toxic formulation
  • Does not stain or mark permanently on furniture and clothing
  • Runs out of ink faster than expected

Right to it, these shimmering markers are one of the safest and trendiest options when creating impressive and creative artworks and crafts.

8. Chalkola Kids Washable Dot Markers

chalkola kids washable dot markers

I always look for mess-free markers for toddlers because I don’t like dealing with unsightly mess every time I work on my art projects. Since I am allergic to certain substances, these items are ideal for me because they are 100% toxic-free. I am happy that I discovered these washable dot markers as they’re specifically designed to promote safety for users. This product is safe to use for kids aged two and up.

Such markers are highly recommended gifts for children because they are reliable in promoting childhood learning development. I also bought a set for my younger sister because our family would like to introduce art to her at an early age. The design of these markers can easily fit her tiny hands. Hence, she doesn’t feel any discomfort even when using them for an extended time.

These mess-free markers are also ideal options for neat freaks. I dislike markers prone to ink leakage, so these alternatives are the best solutions for me. Unlike other markers, these are not messy to use and don’t leave unsightly residues as they dry quickly. The kit is an intelligent purchase since the markers are built with premium quality, and it also includes a free bonus activity book that I gave to my sister.

On the drawback, it is a bit irking when you need to shake these markers first every time you use them. It is slighting disturbing when you need to shake the marker first for roughly 5 minutes before getting the ink to work efficiently.

  • Helps prevent more mess and not prone to ink leakage
  • Crafted with 100% toxic-free formulation
  • Ideal for promoting childhood learning development
  • Dries quickly and easily fit tiny hands of young users
  • The kit includes a free bonus activity book
  • Requires constant shaking every time you use them

On the button, these kid smart markers are worthwhile investments. I highly regard them as great art mediums that help support and develop your artistic and creative skills.

9. Jar Melo Washable Kids Markers

jar melo washable kids markers

Many shoppers consider these products one of the greatest markers for toddlers because they are ideal for many different art projects and activities. In particular, I purchased these items because they are reliable in emitting bright and vibrant colors. Since these are designed with washable ink, they can instantly be removed on painted walls, clothing, and skin.

It’s good that you have no severe mess to clean up after finishing your coloring activities and projects. The distinctive tapered tip design of these markers controls the width of the lines. They don’t bleed and provides the perfect fit for your hands. They’re also equipped with a sturdy canister, so storing them after use is not a hassle.

Since these markers are handy, I can carry them with me during trips as well. Of course, I only want safe and toxic-free markers, so I am impressed by these pens because they are gluten-free and odor-free. Additionally, they don’t irritate delicate skin, so I don’t have to worry about treating red spots due to allergic reactions each time I use these markers.

Such art schools supplies are my companion whenever I draw, doodle, color, and work on my school projects. These markers were also used when I made greeting cards for my family and closets friends last Christmas. I also bought several sets of these art materials as presents for my young cousins.

Regardless, I have noticed that these washable markers are priced more expensively compared to other available alternatives sold on the market today. So, buyers looking for top-quality markers for might find these items as budget bombers.

  • Easily wipes off painted walls, clothing, and skin
  • Features distinctive tapered tip design
  • Free from any irking odor, toxic-free and safe for kids
  • Emits bright and vibrant colors
  • Ideal to use for many different art projects
  • Priced higher compared to other similar options

All things considered, this is an excellent set of washable markers for kids. The colors are vibrant, bright, and moist; they are also handy since they’re stored in a sturdy canister.

10. BIC Kids Coloring Markers

bic kids coloring markers

These magic markers for kids are surprisingly so affordable, yet the quality is superb. I bought these reliable coloring markers specifically for my art class. Since I am still a beginner, I didn’t want to spend more on my art supplies and I don’t have enough allowance to do so. Fortunately, I ended up buying long-lasting coloring markers that are suitable for artists of all ages.

Best of all, I found myself so in love with the vibrant colors that these markers produce. I am more interested in working on my art crafts now, so the time spent for using gadgets was significantly minimized. I prefer these markers because they are messy-free, don’t bleed through and excellent at creating more precise lines.

I always ensure that my art materials are organized. So, since these markers are equipped with a sturdy case, it is hassle-free to keep them well-kept after each use. They don’t leave permanent stains on skin and clothing, so they promote an easy cleanup process. Every time I go on long trips, I make sure that these art tools are with me. This is for me to have instant access in case I’d like to draw.

Also, the blocked tip design of these markers does a sterling job of resisting being pushed in. On the other hand, the medium point tip is ideal for coloring and drawing projects. The assortment of colors is impressive, and once applied to any art medium, they look pretty and can create stunning artwork.

On the negative side, it is essential to ensure that you put the cap back after you use these markers. This is because they can be prone to drying too fast if the cap is left off for a long time.

  • Long-lasting and easy-to-use coloring markers
  • Equipped with a sturdy case for easy storage and organization
  • Features blocked tip and medium point tip designs
  • Can be easily washed off from clothing and skin
  • Produces vibrant colors and does not bleed through
  • These markers can get dry relatively fast if the cap is left off

To sum things up, these washable markers are one of the top choices for buyers searching for safe, easy-to-use, and long-lasting markers intended for different art projects.

What To Look For When Buying A Marker For Kid

best dot markers for toddlers

Your little one seems to be okay with any set of markers you pick. Nonetheless, how do you pin down the options to find the most suitable markers for kids?

Here is a list of the valuable buying factors to take note of before making the final buying decision:


In general, toddlers are pretty inquisitive. They are normally lured to learning new things and how these things work. Young as they are, as parents, we do not wish to expose our little ones to chemical-based markers and art mediums.

Hence, to ensure that the markers we buy for them are safe, we’ve got to check out if these are manufactured as toxic-free. When buying markers for kids, check the label if it is kid-friendly and non-toxic.

Color Variety

Parents can help their little ones to create lovely artworks by picking markers that offer color variety. If you notice that your kid is showing interest in art crafts at a very early age, be sure to provide them the support they need to hone their skills.

Many brands offer sets of markers with as little as six markers in one package. On the other hand, some offer more color assortments in one kit.

Proper Storage

Our job as parents is to clean up the mess after our little one finishes his artwork or would like to rest after a long day. Cleaning the mess they left behind means properly storing the markers and arranging them for subsequent use.

Due to this, markers that come with convenient and handy storages or canisters are the best options. They help us keep the markers well-kept and organized, and they are easy to carry around when traveling.


In general, manufacturers utilize a combination of powders with water. At times, they also use oil to produce the ink. It is essential to search for water-based markers because such options are effortless to remove afterward.

Reversible Tip

Do you need or prefer markers that can create fine or thick lines? The delightful news is that many markers these days are designed with dual tips. There are also available dot markers that are more fun-filled options for kids because these allow their creative and artistic side to run free.

Frequently Asked Questions

best markers for toddlers

What Age is Appropriate for Markers?

3 to 4 years old is considered the appropriate age for kids to start using markers. This is because compared to toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners have longer attention spans.

At this age, kids are more curious, so they ask more questions and talk a lot. Indeed, they love to experiment with various things. Before they even attend school, they become more interested in scribbling.

Kids aged 3 to 4 years old start to adore pieces of artwork that allow them to color, draw, and sketch. If you notice, this is the period when they are proud of showing or handing you their artwork that they tried to sketch, draw, or color for the first time.

When kids shift to coloring activities, this is regarded as a milestone since their cognitive and motor skills are developing. When they scribble, they develop the movement of their arms as they hold the crayons, pens, or markers in their fist.

As their motor skills develop, they begin using their wrist and fingers to move the markers. Eventually, this leads to basic writing skills. The advancement from scribbling to coloring within the lines depicts rule-following and structure. This is an indication that your little one is learning and developing.

You see, markers are not just meant for keeping your kids busy when traveling or when they are at home doing nothing. Such art materials serve as your kid’s partner in developing many skills to use when they grow older.

Why Should you not Give Markers to Kids?

As previously mentioned, not all markers are designed as kid-friendly. This is why parents need to know the right type of markers to give to their children.

Permanent felt-tip markers are generally found in many stores and homes. But did you know that these markers contain chemicals that can bring about hazards? If absorbed, inhaled, or swallowed, these markers are hazardous, particularly to very young users.

As you know, kids are specifically prone to sucking, mishandling, inhaling, chewing, or swallowing art tools. They also love to decorate their faces and hands using such art materials. Young as they are, they aren’t fully aware of the things that could put their health and life at risk.

Unfortunately, kids are specifically prone to the dangerous effects of chemical-based art mediums since they’re fragile and have a small body size. Parents need to keep in mind that it takes fewer chemicals to bring an unpleasant reaction in a kid than in an adult.

To avoid giving the wrong type of markers to your little ones, make it a habit to search for proper labels. Checking the product’s label can significantly help you select the safest and approved art tools for your children.

Always check if the marker you are buying is labeled as safe for kids or formulated as non-toxic. Make sure to avoid buying permanent felt-tipped markers that are manufactured with toxic solvents.

Chiefly, the safest and suitable markers for children are water-based markers only. Be sure to keep this in mind when shopping for various art materials for your little ones.


In a nutshell, the best markers for kids are regarded as the most practical and versatile writing tools that children can use in school and at home. These pens come in different shapes, colors, and sizes; however, not all options are designed as kids-friendly.

Hopefully, the list of markers for kids that we’ve reviewed in this post provided you with valuable information that you need to buy a suitable option for your little ones.

Be sure to carefully go over and compare the product’s features, upsides, and downsides so that you can end up with an intelligent final purchasing decision.

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