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The Best Markers for Manga in 2023

You have probably become a fan of manga or anime because of their unique stories. But you have to admit, they would not have been interesting to read or watch without the creative and colorful illustrations of every scenario and character, would they?

The truth is, manga involves creativity, skills, and excellent quality drawing tools. And if you have just gotten into this Japanese art, using the best pens for manga and anime art markers will showcase your techniques and talent as well as the stories you really want to convey.

Obviously, you are here because you are looking for the best markers for anime and manga. Lucky for you, this comprehensive guide unravels detailed research and reviews of different markers I tested. Read on to see the top-notch picks.

Best Markers for Manga Reviews

1. TOOLI-ART Dual Tip Manga Brush Pens

tooli-art dual tip manga brush pens

The reason why I consider this TOOLI-ART set the most trustworthy markers for anime drawing is because of its versatility. I am no manga artist but I know that is something many manga artists look for when working on their artistic creations since they have to execute different line widths all the time.

Well, let us dig into the contents. First of all, it comes in a neat carry case. But upon checking the markers, the very first thing I noticed is the dual-tipped design, which I find very useful in creating thick strokes and intricate lines. With just one flip, you can quickly switch between tips and go on drawing.

I have tried a lot of markers before and one of the significant features I look for is a flexible brush tip. Fortunately, that’s what I found with these markers. They have tips that are not overly stiff or soft but firm enough to create thick and bold lines.

But of course, I have to make sure these tips will deliver what I expect them to do. When I tested them, the markers just went on nicely on paper, leaving the strokes clean and crisp. I tried a few more strokes to see if the ink flow would be consistent and it is a good thing they are.

My next concern is, would they bleed? The first few strokes did not bleed or smear. I guess it is because the ink is quick-drying and I was using cardstock at that time. Moreover, coloring and shading are much easier to do since there are no messy ink stains or smears.

However, watch out for some bleed-throughs on thin paper. You should also make sure to secure the caps after use. One time I left it for a couple of minutes, it had dried out easily. It did work again after a few shakes, though.

One more thing I like about these pens is their water-based ink. Although I sometimes prefer alcohol markers for highly pigmented colors, these water-based marker pens for manga haven’t failed to provide vibrant colors so far. This ink type is non-toxic as well, ensuring its quality and safety. So if you have kids around who would use them for art, they are safe to use.

So far, the brush tips have not frayed yet. Thus, I can say they are durable and it looks like they will be in my marker arsenal for a while. Their sleek and slim bodies also make them comfortable to hold for long periods.

  • Versatile dual tip design for broad and fine lines
  • Durable brush and liner tips that glide smoothly on paper
  • Quick-drying ink to prevent smears and bleeding
  • Water-based ink for steady ink flow and vibrant colors
  • Features a slim body that enhances comfort when drawing
  • The ink can dry out quickly when left uncapped

I must say that the versatility and excellent ink quality make these markers the best pens for drawing manga. I bet advanced and beginners artists would love the innovative dual-tipped design because they can quickly produce thick and thin lines.

2. Art-n-Fly Professional Manga Markers

art-n-fly professional manga markers

There are two things I love about this marker set: the beautiful array of pastel colors and the refillable ink design. Right out of the box, these Art-n-Fly brush markers look incredibly attractive with their pastel tones displayed on their caps.

As soon as I laid down the colors, I noticed that these alcohol markers are subtle and not as vibrant as I want them to be. I don’t think this is a downside, though, because pastels are typically soft colors. Having said that, I bet these pastels would work perfectly as supplementary shades when blending or layering colors in your manga.

Sifting through my other favorite feature, the refillable ink design amazingly expands the marker’s life span. Personally, running out of ink is my constant dilemma, much more so when working on detailed drawing illustrations.

But since these markers have refillable inks, you can draw and sketch with full confidence and hence, revel in uninterrupted drawing sessions. There is no worrying about inks running empty because you can just refill them every time.

Did I mention that these are dual tip markers? It has a brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other. Just like the TOOLI-ART markers, it becomes so easy to achieve various consistencies whether they are thick or thin.

Then, of course, I went for the tips again. The markers feel slightly similar to the TOOLI-ART markers, though these ones feel much firmer. However, they are flexible enough to glide smoothly when laying down colors and versatile line widths.

If you would ask me or some manga artists, they would probably agree that frayed tips are a no-no. This is because they compromise precision and smooth coloring and drawing.

Thus, it is so nice to have replaceable tips with these markers. Since you can have brand new tips every time, it can deter uneven applications.

Honestly, these drawing markers remind me of Copic markers because of similarities in some aspects. I think the only thing that sets them apart is the color quality. Unfortunately, there is a color discrepancy between the cap and actual ink in some markers.

  • A set of subtle pastel tones
  • Replaceable inks for long-lasting quality
  • Replaceable nib designs
  • Dual-tipped design for versatile applications
  • Smooth-flowing alcohol-based ink
  • The actual and cap colors are not similar in some markers

Nonetheless, these markers are more than just the pretty pastel tones. Those artists who are huge fans of Copics can find these markers a more affordable alternative but almost similar with their impressive performance and characteristics.

3. Dyvicl Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens

dyvicl black micro-pen fineliner ink pens

When it comes to black manga pens, this Dyvicl is among the best pens for anime drawing that come to mind. Impressively, they are not a letdown. When I tried the pens, the black ink gave off solid and high-quality pigment that kept the lines and strokes beautifully polished.

Furthermore, I like how the archival quality of the ink enhances its ability to resist not only water but also fading. That is why I consider this a significant factor if you are a manga artist and want to preserve your drawings and illustrations for a long time.

One more thing I love about these pens is the variety of tip sizes. Mind you, all these nine black pens are micro-pens or fine liner pens.

Although the tip sizes are quite small, they do not feel rough and flimsy. I admit they are quite intimidating to try at first. But if you know what width or complexity you are aiming for, you are all good. I noticed that they are firm enough to glide smoothly on paper for effortless drawings.

What is more impressive is that you can create fine to ultra-fine line widths using the various nib designs. Obviously, that is what I would expect from these pens. I must say that producing clean and crisp strokes has never been easier with these fine liners.

Here’s another addition I love: the black brush pen. I think it balances out the set so you can enjoy drawing both thick and super-thin lines. With the brush pen, you can make solid color fills and bold outlines.

The only downside I noticed when using these fine liner pens is that they are not easy to control. The smaller the nib, the more steady and controlled your hand should be. Thus, it may require some learning curve and practice, making it a difficult set for amateurs.

  • A set of pigment fine liners in black
  • Offers different nib sizes for fine lines and complex details
  • Able to create sharp and very defined outlines and strokes
  • Does not skip or smear
  • Water-resistant and fade-resistant
  • Not ideal for beginners

If you are trying to achieve precise, sharp, and neat outlines, I reckon these assorted micro pens are the best options for professional artists to accomplish such tasks.Formulated with water-resistant black pigment ink, even the smallest details and strokes have smooth and deep hues.

4. U.S. Art Supply Super Manga Markers

u.s. art supply super manga markers

Another challenge when drawing anime or manga is the illustration of realistic skin and hair tones. Without a doubt, it is much easier to do and blend colors seamlessly with skin tone markers like these Super Markers from U.S Art Supply.

Since it has enough variety of colors, you come up with various shades and showcase lifelike portraits and manga art. But like I said, the trick is to blend and layer colors smoothly. Good thing these markers are highly blendable, which lets you explore and produce diverse skin and hair color tones.

But you are probably wondering why it creates superior blending; it is all because of the alcohol-based ink. When I laid down the colors, the ink flowed consistently. It is a huge factor in their performance as it can deter smudging and bleeding.

If you also look at the markers, you can see the dual tips: a brush tip and a chisel. With this innovative design, you can work on broad and precise lines in a breeze.

While giving these marker pens a drive, they feel comfortable when held even for extended hours. I like the unconventional tri-oval shapes, which are contributing factors for convenient use. Since they are not round, you can lay down these markers on the table without rolling off.

However, here is a caveat: the markers easily dry out and run out of ink. That is why proper storage is a must. It is crucial to keep the caps secure at all times.

  • A selection of colors for hair and skin tones
  • Dual-tipped design: brush and chisel nibs for varied line widths
  • Features an ergonomic tri-oval barrel for added comfort
  • Does not roll off of the surface or table
  • Highly blendable alcohol markers for effortless layering
  • Dries out quickly
  • The ink runs out easily

Good markers for drawing anime and manga skin tones are hard to find. But this set of art markers has an excellent color selection that can feature realistic hair and skin tones. Both beginners and experienced artists can enjoy this particular color theme.

5. Faber-Castel PITT Artist Manga Pens

faber-castel pitt artist manga pens

I have always been a fan of Faber-Castell because of their high-quality pens and markers. And when it comes to manga art and anime drawing markers for beginners, this 8-piece Manga Basic Set has the essential tools that make learning a lot easier.

Honestly, I was skeptical about these gray shades because they might just look washed out or faded. As some gray colors are. However, they all work great for shading and preliminary sketching and drawing.

Even when held lightly, the grays still look very pigmented. But I guess that is what I expected since these markers are lightfast and waterproof. You can also take advantage of their excellent color quality if you do not like to create washed out gray shades.

Moreover, this set is a combination of brush nibs and super-fine nibs. Thus, you have pens for wider line widths and smaller details.

As you create strokes with them, you can feel the ease while working, which is why these pens work great with beginners. You can explore different textures and line widths to develop your techniques and skills.

I love how the brush tips are so easy to control and maneuver. Even if I were a professional artist, I would enjoy using them. The consistent ink flow plus the flexible tips all jive to deliver smooth strokes.

They look like regular pens, though. But I find this an advantage because they also lend a familiar feel, making them comfortable to hold and use even for extended periods.

Perhaps, my only issue is that some of them run out of ink quickly when used frequently. But if you draw occasionally, I guess this will not be a problem.

  • A set of artist pens for beginner manga artists
  • Features various nib sizes for versatile drawing and shading
  • Comes in different shades of gray to create effects
  • Lightfast and waterproof
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Ink can run out quickly when used regularly

This is an excellent set that can help you learn and accomplish the basics of manga art. Whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, you can use these different shades of gray to create artistic effects and exhibit diverse line styles at the same time.

6. Copic Ciao Markers

copic ciao markers

If there is one brand that delivers exceptional performance for illustration and design, Copic is among the top-notch brands that come to mind. I always find the refillable inks very impressive because they can make the markers usable and reliable for many years to come.

This is also the excellent ink quality that you want to go for and use over the long haul. Copic’s alcohol-based ink is actually one of the reasons why I always go for alcohol markers; they do not dry out easily. But of course, these markers also stand out because they render a consistent ink flow for an effortless performance.

Aside from that, the colors are blendable, leaving smooth finishes and solid layers of colors close to perfection. Therefore, for a manga artist who needs the most suitable markers for coloring anime, I can say that these markers will not be a disappointment.

The flexible brush nibs are also contributing factors to why these markers provide smooth blends and paint-like applications. So far, the nibs haven’t frayed yet. So even when they have replaceable nibs, I can use them for quite a long time before I change the nibs with new ones.

As what Copics are known for, these markers have refillable inks, which make them long-lasting. I remember having my first set of Copic markers and it has been years since I bought them. They feel brand new because of these innovative features: replaceable nibs and refillable ink design.

Moreover, what’s not to love about these dual-tipped markers that allow you to create broad lines and intricate details. On the other hand, it can actually be intimidating to use these markers since they are widely used by professionals.

However, this set is from the Copic Ciao collection, which is recommended for beginners. They are easy to use and great for developing skills. But I will not expect more with its selection of colors; they have fewer colors and lower ink level. Plus, they come at a hefty price tag.

  • Refillable inks that can extend the longevity of markers
  • Features replaceable nibs for neat applications
  • Dual-tipped markers for versatile lines and strokes
  • Highly blendable
  • Uses acid-free alcohol-based ink
  • Expensive
  • Has the least ink level compared to other types of Copic markers

These Ciao markers are great for beginners looking to develop their skills. I know it is not as affordable as other markers but the overall innovative design makes these Copic markers among the highest quality markers for manga illustrations and anime.

7. DasKid Artist Dual Tip Art Markers

daskid artist dual tip art markers

There is probably nothing that makes a manga artist jump to excitement but to have a massive collection of colorful markers. I would feel the same way if I had this 50-piece artist dual tip marker set from Daskid.

Right off the bat, the color collection is definitely eye-candy. You can have a vast spectrum of colors to play with. As for me, that means endless possibilities for shading anime pictures or creating manga illustrations.

If you look into the color selection, there are primary colors and supplementary shades. The curated color palette has vibrant and beautiful colors, but you can also tell that some are lacking vibrancy.

Nonetheless, they are reliable for blending and layering. If you lay down the colors, you can tell that the ink lets you work at your own pace. It is consistent and smooth. If you are an amateur manga artist, you can take advantage of this for effortless applications.

Yet again, we have double-sided markers. Like most dual-tipped markers, you can create bold colors and complex details with just a quick flip.

Let us get into the barrel design; they are square-shaped. Honestly, I am not a fan of the barrel shape in terms of comfort. Some do like it, though.

However, the markers still showcase an ergonomic design with regard to storage considerations. They have a unique shape that prevents them from falling off the table. At the same time, they all fit in perfectly when placed in its carry case.

Just a heads up, you need to use heavy or thick paper with these markers because they tend to bleed. When they do, some line appearances do not look clean and crisp anymore.

Considering this, I am not sure this is a good option for professional artists. However, novice manga or anime artists can use these markers to practice and develop their techniques.

  • Offers a wide selection of vibrant colors
  • Double-sided design for broad and fine lines
  • Features a square-shaped barrel design to prevent rolling off the table
  • Smooth-flowing ink for a continuous application
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Tends to bleed sometimes
  • Not ideal for professional artists

This marker set is a stunning collection for beginners to practice and develop their skills in coloring, shading and drawing. As long as you use heavyweight paper, you can achieve smooth finishes and polished lines.

8. Sakura 50203 Pigma Manga Comic Drawing Kit

sakura 50203 pigma manga comic drawing kit

The highlight of this Sakura Pigma Manga-Comic pro set is the exceptional longevity of their pens. While other marker pens use dye, these manga artist markers use high-quality pigment that resists fading and discoloration.

But do they really resist fading and discoloration? Impressively, they do. I have used these markers and tested their durability in an artwork I did before. I had placed it in a frame and let the time and light test it. The colors and details still look good until now, although you can still see some minor parts wearing out.

Therefore, the ink quality is a significant factor to consider if you want to preserve your work for the longest time possible. The Pigma ink has a lot of merits and will do a great job to keep your work timeless.

All these micro-pens carry that durable ink that also does not bleed through paper. If you go for some strokes, you can see that they stay on the top layer without messy inks. Apparently, that’s what you would want if you want to showcase your illustrations with sharp edges, precision, and versatile line styles.

Similar to the Dyvicl set, this fine liner pen set includes a brush pen. I always think this is a great balance in sets of micropens because you can fill in spaces while working on various super-fine lines. Plus, the mechanical pencil is a nice treat for making drafts and sketches.

These marker pens are slim and sleek, comfortable enough to use for long periods. Although the “pro” in its product name sounds intimidating for beginners, it is not. These pens are actually great for novice artists and learners who want to develop their skills.

However, these pens are relatively smaller than other marker pens in the market. Thus, it has a lower ink level and can run out fast when used frequently.

  • Features Pigma or pigment ink that resists fading and discoloration
  • Includes fine liners for intricate and complex details
  • Has a flexible brush pen for broad applications
  • Bleed-proof and smearproof
  • Ideal for beginners and professional artists
  • Ink can run out quickly when used regularly

The high-quality pigment ink and bleedproof quality make these pens excellent for manga and anime artwork. With its amazing merits in terms of performance and ease of use, both beginners and professional artists will enjoy this set.

9. Arrtx ALP Manga Markers

arrtx alp manga markers

The best thing about dual markers is their practical design; you have two markers in one. This makes drawing or coloring a lot easier because you do not have to switch pens every time. That is also what I love about these Artxx pens.

I have had my share of experience with dual-tipped markers like Copic and DasKid brands. But what sets this apart from them is the quality of the fiber tips. They are flexible and durable, and so far, have not frayed yet.

With such quality, rendering lines or building bold layers of colors just go on seamlessly. The steady ink flow makes this possible as well. Since it is alcohol-based, I can feel that the ink blends effortlessly so you can achieve gradient colors nicely without bleeding.

Moreover, I have to say that this set is one of the largest color collections I have found. With such variety, you can explore vast combinations of colors to layer and blend.

Initially, the set seems too good to be true because of its stunning color choices, and they can present brilliant colors. However, like what you expect in sets like this big, there are at least one or two markers that do not work well. Some dry out really quickly as well.

On the other hand, I want to go with the minor features, which are the color codes displayed on their caps. Some do not find this useful but for me, it saves time and a lot of hassle when looking for the colors you need. What is also great is that there is no color discrepancy between the cap and actual ink.

I also think that the artistic and aesthetic box deserves to be noticed. it is not just a simple box; it has partitions inside to keep your pens organized and properly stored. It even has a lock, too.

  • Offers a vast selection of vibrant colors for various drawing and designing tasks
  • Crafted with sturdy and flexible fiber tips for smooth applications
  • Uses alcohol-based ink that blends well
  • Bleedproof
  • Double-sided markers
  • Some markers dry out fast and do not work well

If you delve into this stunning marker collection, you can see beautiful dual markers that can make drawing and shade a lot easier and faster. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced manga artist, the color variety and double-sided tips can flourish your work.

10. Arteza Art Alcohol Drawing Markers

arteza art alcohol drawing markers

Three things come to mind whenever I come across Arteza markers: versatile, premium quality ink, and a Copic marker alternative.

These Everblend Ultra markers all have these characteristics because they are versatile with their dual nibs, use high-quality ink, and feature stunning colors that resemble Copic’s unique color wheel.

But of course, these Arteza markers stand out for their quality and performance. If we delve into its dual-tip design, you can use the chisel tip for filling in large areas while the fine tip is for precise details.

If you notice, manga art has vast combinations of complex details and bold colors. That is pretty difficult to accomplish; however, these dual markers can fill in an artist’s demand for versatile applications.

Because both tips are durable and flexible enough, you can render lines and strokes according to your own pace. Should they wear out, the tips are replaceable just like Copic markers.

Having these markers for quite a while now, I can also tell that they use premium quality alcohol-based ink. Not only is it because of the consistent flow but also the long-lasting quality that does not dry out quickly.

Like what I have always loved about alcohol markers, these markers can deliver vibrant and strong colors. With such characteristics, you can exhibit beautiful color blends and seamless layers. Yet again, the premium ink does that job, not to mention the bleeding is manageable.

Whenever I use them, they feel comfortable in the hand similar to the U.S Art Supply tri-oval shaped markers. It is a creative tweak with the barrel design but it works because it can elevate comfort. Plus, they do not roll off the table.

Unfortunately, some of the markers in the set seem to have dried out and do not work well. Nevertheless, these Arteza EverBlend markers are unique with their color palette and smooth-flowing ink.

  • Dual-tipped markers for broad strokes and precise fine lines
  • Uses alcohol-based ink that flows smoothly
  • Offers vibrant color palette
  • Ergonomic barrel design
  • Replaceable nibs
  • Some markers can dry out easily

Overall, there are similarities between these markers and Copics, right from the color options to the innovative designs. They are also affordable and decent-quality markers that can deliver amazing illustrations, suitable for beginners practicing their techniques.

What to Look For When Buying a Markers for Manga

best markers for anime drawing

Ink Type and Quality

Manga artists need the best manga art supplies that include high-quality markers with consistent ink flow. These markers are usually available in alcohol-based or water-based inks. Both types share their respective outstanding properties in terms of color quality, longevity, and ink flow.

Some are dyes while others are pigment inks. Personally, I prefer pigment inks rather than dyes because they are durable, meaning they can hold their colors and vibrancy for quite a long time without fading or discoloration even when exposed to UV light.

Moreover, the key is to look for markers that have highly blendable inks to provide smooth finishes and color gradients. As you may notice, a lot of manga illustrations and anime or comic books feature different shading techniques and color blends as well as precise line widths.

Therefore, the ideal choice of markers should not smudge, smear, skip or bleed. Rather the markers for manga or anime should provide premium quality ink that can deliver effortless applications, crisp and clean lines, and blendable colors.

Nib Sizes and Types

When choosing nib sizes or designs, it is imperative to consider your preferences and needs when creating manga. Many artists opt for black marker pens with fine nibs to illustrate intricate details and complex lines in black and white. Others prefer larger nibs for broad strokes.

You may also notice that some manga artists go for different nib types, such as chisel tips, flexible brush tips, or bullet nibs, to saturate colors, produce layers of colors, and sketch lines. With such variety in nib styles and sizes, you can exhibit your characters or sceneries with precise illustrations.

Color Selection

Your choice of colors depends on your preferred palette or type of illustrated features. There are marker pens or sets that include black pens or markers, suitable for manga anime in black and white. For these markers, they should have rich black inks.

If you want to achieve colorful and smooth blends in sceneries and portraits or showcase anime-style illustrations, you can consider marker sets that come in a vast array of colors.

Some sets offer 5, 12, 30, 90, and sometimes over a hundred, leaving you with tons of color choices to play with. For realistic portraits of characters, you may consider marker sets for hair and skin tones.

Consider Your Techniques, Skills, and Project Demands

Are you a novice manga artist or hobbyist? If you have just gotten into manga or anime illustrations, chances are you want to look for markers that can help you develop your skills and techniques.

There are beginners sets that feature markers with flexible tips, various nib sizes, and blendable colors that you can easily control and practice with. For example, Copic has a lineup of markers but their Ciao collection is recommended for beginners and Sketch is for professional and advanced manga artists or illustrators.

Are you an experienced artist in a black and white manga? Do you need markers or pens to present complex lines and intricate details?

Perhaps, you work on portraits of characters and want to give them lifelike skin and hair tones? Are you looking for markers that are safe for kids to use? These questions will help you evaluate your needs and determine the best and most appropriate markers to use.

Comfort and Ergonomic Design

Drawing, sketching, or coloring manga usually requires hours to finish. This means using your markers and pens for long periods. Hence, it is significant to consider the barrel design or shape whether it is ergonomic and comfortable to use even for extended periods.

Replaceable Nibs, Refillable Inks, and Dual Tips

Some markers have these innovative features to prolong the quality and practical use. If you are an artist who uses art pens or markers frequently, you can consider the ones with refillable inks so you won’t have to worry about your ink running empty.

Replaceable nibs are also an ideal option to keep the nibs new every time; thus, these markers become reliable for precise and clean strokes. Other than that, some markers are double-sided or dual-tipped, allowing you to have two tip sizes or designs in one marker. With just a quick flip, you can either create broad strokes or fine lines.

However, you should know that these additional features may affect the overall price, making the markers more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

best markers for coloring anime

What pen do manga artists use?

It depends on their drawing styles and illustrations. Some artists use black pens or markers with very fine nibs for crisp and clean strokes to exhibit black and white manga. Others go for marker pens with flexible brush tips and fine liner pens for beautiful color saturation and blends as well as precise applications.

No matter what features they want to achieve, manga artists use pens or markers with consistent ink flow and highly pigmented inks and colors that do not smudge, skip or bleed.

Which Copic markers are the best for manga?

Copic Sketch markers are the best for manga because they offer the largest selection of colors (358 shades!) that are categorized according to themes or drawing styles. They have specific sets for comic illustrations while some sets feature an extensive color range for various coloring and drawing styles.


Right before you read your favorite manga series or watch anime shows, every scenery and character is the result of the creative minds and artistic illustrations of many manga artists. Using the best markers for manga, they are able to deliver fascinating stories, colorful visuals, and beautiful crafts that many readers and anime fans love about.

If you are an aspiring manga artist, a hobbyist, or a professional illustrator who does the same, these excellent quality markers or pens will showcase your talent and creativity on a whole new level. And who knows, you might be able to share your own manga stories someday!

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