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The Best Metallic Markers for 2023

best metallic markers

Are you into arts and crafts? Then you are probably aware of how the best metallic markers can give all of your craft projects a literal shine. These markers can instantly make all your calligraphy and drawings a lot more festive and whimsical.

However, I am sure you are also aware that not all pen touch metallic markers are the same. Some are much better than others. You do not want to use sub-par products, especially if you intend to sell some of your craft projects. You deserve only the best and you will know how to find one through this article.

Best Metallic Marker Reviews

1. Sunshilor Metallic Markers

sunshilor metallic markers

I tested these metallic permanent markers from Sunshilor right after I received them and I was impressed at how they worked. I used them on paper and they worked great. After that, I tested them on non-porous surfaces, like glass, smooth stones, and plastics. I discovered that these markers are so versatile they can write on all of them well.

The colors are mostly accurate while also being incredibly vibrant. I have been using a more expensive brand of colored metallic permanent markers before and the ones from Sunshilor are almost at par with them. The colors on the rocks I painted are still bright even after weeks have passed.

I tested many metallic pens over the years and most of them have a leaking problem. I hated it when I was about to finish a piece and then the pen decides that would be a good time to leak all over the project. I am glad to report that this is not an issue with these metallic paint pens. I have even finished many projects without any issues at all.

I mostly work with paper and I use metallic pens liberally in my calligraphy pieces. However, some of the pens I tested had runny inks, so they always bled into the paper. The Sunshilor pens have inks that have a rather thick and even consistency, allowing them to stay on top of the paper and not bleed into the fibers.

Now, I do have a problem with these metallic pens, and it is that they are not fine-tipped as they claim to be. The tips might measure 1mm, but they are quite soft so they tend to leave a much thicker line than expected. Although it is still possible to draw fine lines, you need to use a light touch to do so.

  • The inks adhere evenly to any surface
  • Produces bright colors even without a clear coat
  • Not prone to leaking – The markers also apply colors evenly every time
  • The ink does not bleed into the paper
  • Has vibrant pigmentation

The pens are not fine-tipped.

These pens are great for general craft projects and calligraphy, but I would not use them for drawing details as their tips are not fine enough.

2. XSG Metallic Marker Pens

xsg metallic marker pens

I tested all the XSG metallic coloring pens on all kinds of surfaces that I could imagine using them on, and I am glad to say that they wrote on all of them nicely. Although they do not cover up quite as well as the more expensive brands, these markers did an above-average job in my opinion.

When it comes to the colors, I can say that all of them are very vibrant. A single layer of ink can provide a good contrast to a black paper background, but if you will be using this on a transparent or white background, then you may need to apply another layer to make the colors stand out more.

I also liked how the inks dried quickly. It is enough that I do not have time to smudge them accidentally. However, you need to keep in mind that these pens use water-based inks, not acrylic paints. With that in mind, if you intend to use these on items that you will display outside, you have to apply a layer of clear coat to protect the ink.

The tips on these markers are a bit too soft for my personal preferences but I can still say that they do the job well. The markers are also not fine-tipped though they are not also broad either. They are somewhere in the middle. I can vary the line weight by adding or reducing the pressure on the pen without blotting the ink.

It is disappointing, though, that there are only ten colors in the set and three of them are varying shades of metallic brown. It would have been better if there were more color variations.

  • Can be used on almost all surfaces
  • Dries quickly and does not smudge easily
  • Provides bright and vibrant colors
  • Boasts of firm yet flexible points
  • Applies ink smoothly and evenly
  • Very limited color options and are a bit inaccurate

These metallic pens are great for general arts and crafts. However, the overall quality may not meet the expectations of more experienced calligraphy artists.

3. Crayola Metallic Markers

crayola metallic markers

One thing to keep in mind about this product is that these Crayola markers are ideal for kids, so they might not work for your detailed arts and crafts projects. You will need a fine point metallic pen for those. Still, you will love the vibrant colors, as expected of Crayola, so if you have projects that you want to dazzle, these are the markers you need.

As mentioned earlier, these markers are mainly for kids, so it is great that they are non-toxic. Young children are curious creatures and they will put almost anything that they touch into their mouths. If you see your kids or even your pets suddenly have colorful mouths, then you do not need to panic as those products are non-toxic.

These markers also have thick pen bodies, making them easy to hold even for small hands. I also have a set of these metallic markers and I often use them on my larger craft pieces. I like how comfortable they are in my hand. Although not meant for drawing details, these markers still work great for general coloring.

I am happy that these markers can write on non-porous surfaces. However, note that they also tend to get washed off by just water. This is great for parents whose kids sometimes write on the furniture and walls, but not so great for craft projects that you intend to put on permanent display outdoors.

However, if you do want to make the colors permanent, just spray over them using an acrylic clear coat.

What I did not like is that the ink dries quickly, even with the cap placed tightly on the pen. If you will be getting yourself a set of these products, then make sure that you use them often.

  • Vibrant colors guaranteed
  • Non-toxic, making them safe for children
  • Water-based, promoting ease when it comes to cleaning
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Features large felt tips for covering large areas
  • Dries up fast even with the cap on

If you are looking for metallic markers for your kids, you cannot go wrong with Crayola. However, it would be better to go for another one meant for adult use if you intend to use them for arts and crafts supplies.

4. ZSCM Outline Metallic Marker Pens

zscm outline metallic marker pens

These kinds of markers were very popular back in the early 2000s and they are making a comeback. Even if you are not a kid anymore, you would be mesmerized at just how it seems like magic that the outline suddenly pops out when you use these markers to draw.

Because of the way these metallic markers with outline write, they are ideal for writing whimsical calligraphy or uplifting messages. The central part of the lines is metallic glitter, making them pop out even more when used for calligraphy.

These markers can also write on any surface. I have tried using it to write on glass and I was surprised at how nicely it adhered to the surface. Another great thing about these markers is that, unlike other metallic pens, you can expect them to look good even on white paper.

I also like how easy to use these markers were. You do not need to do anything special to prep the drawing surface. You just have to shake the pens well to redistribute the glitter and the pigment and then start writing.

Now, the thing with these kinds of markers is that they are only great for whimsical calligraphy. You cannot color things in since only the outlines have pigments. You can use these to draw stuff but you will be limited to mostly silhouettes.

  • Colors and outlines at the same time
  • Great for whimsical calligraphy
  • Can write on any surface
  • Do not blot that easily – You can always expect it to run smoothly
  • Not suitable for coloring

If you are looking for the metallic outline markers that can add a bit of pizzazz to your projects, then I highly recommend these markers as they have the quality that I am sure you are looking for.

5. Tomorotec Self-outline Metallic Markers

tomorotec self-outline metallic markers

If you want to make incredible-looking lettering and doodles without doing too much work, then these self-outlining metallic markers are for you. All you need to do is shake the pen a couple of times to redistribute the ink, press the tip into the paper to get the ink flowing, and start writing.

These kinds of markers were popular back in the late 90s and early 2000s, and they’re making a comeback now that calligraphy is in style. I used these markers to make greeting cards, posters, and scrapbooking projects. These markers performed beyond what I expected of them.

These markers come with thick fiber tips, allowing them to lay down consistent lines. You can also vary the line weight by applying less or more pressure on the tip. Even though these markers are not meant for drawing detailed drawings, you can create beautiful pieces using these markers alone if you can master how the outlines work.

If you will be gifting this marker set to a child or have pets in your home who like to get into your art supplies, these markers are a good choice. The fact that these products are non-toxic means that ingesting the ink accidentally will not be a problem. Also, these pens do not emit any smelly fumes.

The only issue that I had with these markers is that the ink is so potent that it bleeds through the paper. You will need to put at least two sheets of paper underneath what you are working on to make sure that you do not get ink on the table.

  • Easy to use
  • Comes in vibrant colors
  • Adds a cool effect to calligraphy projects
  • Non-toxic and safe for children and pets
  • The fiber tips make thick and consistent lines

The inks are very strong and will bleed through the paper

Although not suitable for coloring, these markers are great for adding a couple of whimsical touches to your arts and crafts projects.

6. AKARUED Outline Metallic Markers

akarued outline metallic markers

Unlike some of the self-outlining metallic markers on this list, this one has a finer and harder tip. These markers are suitable for projects that require a certain level of detail, at least as much as you can get from pens of this size. I used it for filling in script calligraphy and they looked great.

Although I did manage to use these markers on porcelain cups and pots, I discovered that they still need a clear coat to stay. The ink will smudge easily when exposed to even just a bit of moisture, like dew or fog. On the other hand, it also means that you can clean the marks easily if your kids decided to use the markers on your walls.

These markers are so easy to use. I noticed that even young kids can use them. Just give the pen a couple of shakes to redistribute the ink, press the tip onto the paper to get it going, and get to writing. There is no special technique to get the outlines to appear. You just need to apply constant pressure and a steady hand.

Akarued also has great customer service, which is something I am not used to getting from an art supplies provider. When I first got my marker set, two of the pens were half-empty. I contacted Akarued and told them my dilemma, and they sent a new set with all the pens full of ink. They did not even require sending over the defective markers.

Now, the probable reason why I got half-empty markers is that the ink dries up fast even with the caps put on tightly. I suggest that you replace the cap of the pens immediately after using them to prevent accidentally drying out the markers’ inks.

  • Has a fine nylon tip for detail work
  • Waterproof but will need a clear coat for permanent display
  • Easy to use – It does not require any special preparation.
  • Ideal for calligraphy and other similar projects
  • Great after-sales service
  • The ink dries too fast even with the cap on.

If you want to give your projects a nostalgic late 90s feel, then I highly recommend using these markers.

7. YOOHO Metallic Permanent Acrylic Markers

yooho metallic permanent acrylic markers

Immediately after receiving my set of Yooho metallic markers, I used the metallic gold paint pens on non-porous river stones. I was very surprised that the ink went on thick and even on the first try. I then proceeded to paint over other materials, like wood and pottery, and I am so glad that all of them looked great.

Here is what puts these markers above all the others on this list so far – they are paint markers. It means that they use acrylic paint as the pigment. In other words, you are painting over surfaces when you use these markers. You do not have to worry about them washing off, but in my experience, putting a coat of clear on top never hurts.

Another thing I liked about these metallic paint markers is they have a rather hard, fine point. It makes them ideal for detailed drawings and outlining calligraphy. Aside from the obvious applications, I also used one of the pens I got to fill in the letters of my bike’s tires. I was surprised how the paint easily adhered to the surface.

The acrylic paint these markers use has a nice thick consistency. Just one pass is enough to provide a thick enough coating for most purposes. Moreover, the ink dries quite fast, not leaving any time at all for the pigment to bleed through paper.

However, it is also the fast-drying quality that I somewhat dislike about these markers. Once you remove the seal, you will only have a couple of weeks to use up the contents. If you do not use all of them, then there is a great chance for the ink to dry up inside the pens.

  • Writes permanently on almost any surface
  • Does not easily wash off seeing as it is acrylic
  • Has a hard and fine point for detailed work
  • Dries fast and does not bleed
  • Vibrant and bright colors
  • The ink dries up fast, making it necessary to use the open markers as much as you can

Aside from drawing and calligraphy, you can also use these markers for giving anything a nice-looking metallic trim.

8. Kassa Metallic Liquid Chalk Markers

kassa metallic liquid chalk markers

Although Kassa marketed these as liquid chalk markers, I used them on a lot of other items. I tried them on stones, jars, earthenware pots, and a lot of others, and all of them looked nice. I sprayed a clear coat on most of my projects so that the markers would not wash away and the ink did not smudge at all.

I used these markers on the menu board of a friend of mine, and it looked better than actual chalk. The edges are crisper, the colors are brighter, and they stayed on longer. Even though they lasted longer than actual chalk, they came off easily using just a wet rag.

I also gave my kids a set of these markers so they can use them to decorate the walls of their room, and they had a blast with them. Another great news is that because they were erasable, mistakes were easy to fix. One of my kids accidentally spilled the ink on the floor, but it was easy to clean using just a damp rag with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

The thing that I liked the most about these markers is the reversible tip. One side of the tip has a chisel edge for fine lines and calligraphy. The other end is a bullet tip suitable for broad strokes. Thanks to its versatile tip, I can make a highly detailed project using just one marker.

However, I also encountered a problem with these markers. I noticed that because the ink is a bit too thick, it took me a while to get it flowing. Some of the pens that I got did not want to write no matter how much I shook them, so I had to position them upside down overnight. It was not until the next day when they started working well.

  • Can write on any surface while being easily erasable
  • Comes in bold and eye-catching colors
  • Ideal for kids
  • Comes with dual-sided tips
  • Dries quickly and does not smudge
  • Takes quite a while to get the ink going

These markers are some of the most versatile options I have used so far. It also helped that they came in vibrant colors.

9. Miaosun Metallic Acrylic Paint Markers

miaosun metallic acrylic paint markers

I was a bit skeptical about how well these markers would work considering they are acrylic paint pens with such fine tips. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the paint went on the writing surfaces. It did not matter if the surface is porous or not. The paint will still go on evenly.

Speaking of writing surfaces, I have tried using these markers on all surfaces that I could think of and they wrote on them effortlessly. However, if you will be using these markers on pitted surfaces, like stones, you will need to give them a couple of passes so that the ink gets into the small indentations.

Speaking of porous surfaces, I have used these markers on a couple of river stones a couple of months ago. Surprisingly, the markings are still clear and vibrant even after being outside for such a long time. I don’t think I will even need to apply a clear coat on them at all.

Also, even though these are paint pens, I didn’t even get a whiff of any noxious fumes. I have used other paint pens before and they smelled horrible. With these markers, I do not even need to crack a window as there is no smell at all.

I did have a bit of a problem priming the ultra-fine metallic markers when they were still brand new, though. It said on the label that you only need to shake the pens a couple of times to get the paint flowing. However, it took me almost five minutes of vigorous shaking to help get the paint going.

  • Comes with 0.7mm tips, making it ideal for fine lining
  • Can adhere to almost all surfaces
  • Uses acrylic water-based paints so they will stay on surfaces longer
  • Can stay on porous surfaces permanently
  • Safe and non-toxic while not giving off fumes
  • It takes a while to prime, especially when new

The fine writing tip of these markers is the ideal choice when creating detailed work or when writing on tiny objects. If you have a steady grip, you do not need to worry about smudges.

10. SHARPIE Metallic Permanent Markers

sharpie metallic permanent markers

I got these pens a week before my favorite rock band was to play in my hometown when I heard that these Sharpies were great for autographs. I discovered that the stories were true once I started using these markers. The tips are fine enough that they don’t distort the signatures. They also have thick enough line weight, making the autograph visible.

Unlike the other metallic pens in this list, there is no need to shake and prime these markers. Just uncap them and they are ready to write. It is what makes them great as autograph markers. You do not have to stand there awkwardly shaking a pen in front of your idols.

Aside from autographs, I also used these markers to decorate a couple of terracotta pots in my garden. These markers did not have any problem whatsoever writing on clay pots, and even on glass.

Another thing I liked about these markers is that they do not fade quite as much as the others that I have tried. The pots I decorated using these markers still look great. The ink has not faded that much even after a couple of weeks in the sun.

I do have an issue with these markers, though – that is they come in packs of three colors – gold, silver, and bronze. I noticed that the gold and bronze have very similar tones that it is hard to tell them apart.

  • Comes with durable fine fiber tips
  • No need to prime – It is usable straight out of the packaging.
  • Can write on most surfaces
  • Fade and water-resistant once dried
  • Highly visible on dark surfaces, but also looks great on light backgrounds
  • There is little difference between gold and bronze shades

You can always trust the Sharpie brand to deliver, and these metallic pens are not an exception. This specific product works great for autographs as well as for and arts and crafts.

11. Dyvicl Metallic Brush Art Marker Pens

dyvicl metallic brush art marker pens

These markers have nice brush felt tips, making them highly versatile. I used these markers primarily for calligraphy projects, but they also work great with line work. I could easily vary the line weight by putting more or less pressure on the tips, much like how you would use a calligraphy brush.

Unlike some of the other metallic markers I have used, there is no need to shake and prime these. These pens are always on the ready. Just take off the cap and proceed with your writing. The ink will always flow nicely, giving you consistent lines.

Another nice thing about these markers is that you can use them on surfaces other than plain paper or card stock. I used these markers on brick walls, plastic cups, and even on metal surfaces. Because of the rather thin consistency of the ink, it could seep into the small pits and crevices of rough surfaces, giving you uniform results every time.

I also like the overall thickness of the markers. They are comfortable to hold and use while being easy to manipulate. I had no problems twisting and turning these markers whenever I use them. I highly recommend these items for calligraphy.

Now, because the ink is rather thin, it takes a while before it dries, especially when writing on non-porous surfaces. I often use these pens on high-GSM paper and card stock, and I would have to wait upwards of an hour for the markings to dry.

  • Comes with soft, brush tips
  • No need to shake or prime
  • Can write on most surfaces
  • Comes in vibrant metallic colors
  • Very comfortable to hold and use
  • The ink dries slowly

These brush markers are the ideal choice if you like doing brushstroke calligraphy, but you can also expect them to work excellently for line drawings.

12. Lineon Metallic Marker Pens

lineon metallic marker pens

I was a bit skeptical when I bought this set of metallic markers. The main reason is that it is so affordable that I worried about its quality. I was surprised to get these many markers in one set and they all worked perfectly for me. I understand that some people received sets with some pens already dried up, but that was not the case for me.

Aside from the markers themselves, the set came with six fun stencils. I rarely use stencils, but I did have a lot of fun using the ones in this set. It made it easy to make simple bullet points and flourishes.

I was so used to shaking metallic pens before using them that I unconsciously shook these markers as well when I tested them. I was surprised that there was no rattling noise, then it dawned on me that there is no need to give these markers a shake. The reason is that the ink flows steadily right off the bat.

Usually, you use metallic markers for black paper or card stock, but these look the same even on white paper. The golden hues are dark enough that they contrast well with white paper. On the other hand, the silver metallic marker needs to be on black paper to be visible.

Although I don’t have much in terms of complaints, I do have some issues with the colors of the markers. The gold tones in the middle are not that different from each other. The same goes for the silvers.

  • You will be getting 24 color markers.
  • Includes six stencils, too
  • No need to shake
  • Visible on both dark and light backgrounds
  • Comfortable to use
  • Around six of the 24 colors are the same shade

If you are a beginner at calligraphy or you want some fancy markers to use for your scrapbooking projects, then you can expect these markers to work great.

Features to Consider When Buying a Metallic Marker

best metallic outline markers

Is this your first time to shop for metallic markers? Then you may want to keep these key factors in mind during the selection process:

Ink Quality

Check the ink quality of the markers before buying. Is the ink runny, or is it a bit too thick? Choose the right quality and consistency of the ink depending on the kind of projects that you do and your preference.

Some people like thicker inks that seem to sit on top of the paper. Others, on the other hand, like inks that tend to bleed a little into the medium.

Drying Time

It is important to make your decision based on the drying time, too. If you are doing highly detailed projects, you would want a metallic marker that dries almost immediately after adhering to the surface. This prevents the lines from smudging.

However, you also need to consider that this quality also means that the ink inside the markers will dry up rather fast even if you put on the cap.

Ink Flow

The ink flow is an important factor because it will make all your lines and strokes uniform, which is essential for calligraphy. Ideally, the marker should be able to make a consistent line every time you put it on paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

colored metallic permanent markers

Are Metallic Markers Permanent?

Most metallic markers are permanent but you can also find some that are washable. Others, on the other hand, are like dry erase markers that you can wipe them off non-porous surfaces using a rag.

Can You Use Metallic Markers on Glass?

Yes, most metallic markers have inks that allow them to write on non-porous surfaces like porcelain and glass. However, the writing will not be permanent as they would chip off after a couple of days. If you want the markings to be permanent, spray a layer or two of clear coat on top of the markers.

Where can You Buy Metallic Markers?

The best places to buy metallic markers are art supplies stores. The convenient thing about buying in brick-and-mortar stores is that you can test out the markers before you buy them. However, you will only have a limited number of choices. If you want a wide variety of options in metallic markers, you can shop for them online.


Metallic markers instantly add a lot of style and pizzazz to any project. Whether you are working on calligraphy or if you are into scrapbooking, a set of metallic markers will serve you well.

There are so many brands out there, so finding the best metallic markers can be a bit of a challenge. However, if you know what to look for, you will find that shopping for metallic markers can be quite enjoyable.

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