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The Best No Bleed Pens for 2024

best no bleed pens

Finding the best no bleed pens should be on top of your priorities if you are fond of journaling, color-coding, drawing, or doing other writing tasks. Generally speaking, ballpoint pens that don’t bleed, particularly those with quick-drying inks, fine tips, and assorted colors, are perfect for your sketch notebooks and bible and bullet journals.

High-quality ones are those that let you write smoothly without leaving a mark or smear on your paper. Most of them are also easy to grip and fun to use. Note that you have numerous choices for the best non-bleed markers and pens, though. However, through this article, you can pick the right one in a less complicated manner.

Best No Bleed Pen Reviews

1. Mr. Pen No Bleed Bible Pens

mr. pen no bleed bible pens

I find these 16-pack-colored pens impressive because they write well without bleeding even when used on thin paper. These products are, therefore, among the best pens for bullet journal no bleed. I find the pens particularly useful when highlighting stuff on thin and sensitive kinds of paper.

What I liked the most about this set of colored pens is that it has 16 different vibrant colors. I am delighted that there are several colors to choose from as I can easily pick the ones that can perfectly meet my specific journaling preferences and needs. I actually prefer vibrant and bright colors and the ones in the kit did not disappoint.

The pens are so versatile, too. I discovered how useful they are in a wide range of tasks – among which are journaling, highlighting Bible verses, and color-coding. I also use them for drawing and lettering. With the pens’ versatility, I particularly enjoy their sleek drawing, crisp and consistent lettering, and skip-free lines.

I am also always on the lookout for the best pens that don’t bleed and I was not disappointed when I have chosen to use this product. I think it is mainly because of the pens’ fast-drying feature. They don’t leave messy stains, taints, smudges, and smears, which is a good thing as the results of my activities with the pens are always seamless.

I am also impressed with the overall structure of the pens as it makes them very comfortable and easy to hold. It is so comfortable that I no longer complain about heavy writing. It is hassle-free and effortless to use these pens on various types of paper because of their level of comfort.

While I can’t find a lot of things to complain about regarding these colored pens, I still discovered upon regular use that their ink does not seem to flow easily once I start writing. This minor flaw is easy to solve, though. Just scribble the pen slightly to make the ink flow before using it on your actual work.

  • Useful even on thin and sensitive paper
  • Highly versatile as you can use it for various tasks
  • Has several vibrant and bright colors
  • Comfortable and easy to hold
  • Guaranteed to not bleed and smudge
  • The ink of the pens does not immediately flow

Overall, these no-bleed pens are what you need for almost all your writing and journaling tasks.

2. Honsing No Bleed Planner Pens

honsing no bleed planner pens

One impressive fact about these colored pens that don’t bleed offered by Honsing is that they provide several color options. What you will be getting in this set is a dozen brilliant and varied colors. These colors result from the water-based and high-quality inks used in creating these pens. The inks are guaranteed to be no bleed, too.

What I like the most about these pens is that they are safe for kids. I have kids at home who also use these pens but I do not have to worry about their safety as these items are non-toxic and acid-free. The fact that they are easy and quick to wash also makes them all the more kid-friendly.

I like how these pens are built for professional use, too. Each one has a professional construction, which is the reason behind its excellent balance. It features a 0.4-mm tip, which you can use in several situations. Every pen in the set also adheres to the standard writing length of 770m without leaking or drying.

Right after I opened the set, I was able to prove that the pens are perfect for several uses. You can use them for a wide range of activities – among which are writing, painting, signing, marking, and coloring intricate and small patterns. I even discovered how remarkable they are when it comes to making fine-ink drawings.

However, while these products are among the best fine point pens that don’t bleed, they still have a flaw – that is it takes quite a while to see the lighter colors. I also noticed that these lighter shades dry up and fade quicker compared to the thicker colors.

  • Comes in a dozen varied colors
  • Made in a way that they will not bleed or smudge
  • Non-toxic and acid-free, making the pens kid-friendly
  • Useful on various creative activities
  • Easy and quick to wash
  • The pens with lighter colors usually take a while to appear and are prone to drying up and fading quickly

Even with that flaw, I still have no qualms about using these no-bleed pens that don’t smudge for most of my projects. They are high-quality plus they deliver a performance that is expected of them and even exceed such expectations.

3. G.T. Luscombe Pigma Micron Pens

g.t. luscombe pigma micron pens

This kit is also one of those that left a good impression on me mainly because it produces clean and smooth results whenever I use it for my projects. I mainly use it to highlight or underline certain parts of the bible and I did not experience any problem with bleeding or smearing. It is safe to use for sensitive bible pages, too.

Coming in a pack of four, I find the colors included in the kit useful. I like the included colors, namely blue, red, green, and black as those are also among the shades I often use for my creative tasks.

All my tasks and projects that require the use of no-bleed felt tip pens also came out great after I started using this kit. The reason is that these pens are built in a way that drawing skip-free and smooth lines, as well as crisp and consistent lettering, are easier. The pens never disappointed me in any way when I used them for my tasks.

Writing with the pens in this kit also feels good. It is mainly because it writes smoothly plus it has a fine tip that works great when dealing with small fonts. It can create really fine points, which is why you may notice slight imprints on some pages. The good news is that it will never result in bleeding.

I have nothing huge to complain about in this bible note pen kit except for the limited number of colors. Since I consider myself a creative person, I find the number of colors in the kit somewhat lacking for my needs. I would have been happier if this kit comes in more shades – maybe at least ten.

  • Guarantees to deliver clean and smooth results
  • Safe to use even for sensitive and thin bible pages
  • Does not bleed or smudge at all
  • Allows you to draw skip-free and smooth lines
  • Bright and vibrant inks
  • Somewhat lacking in the number of colors in the kit

The four colors included in the kit are all great, though. I just hoped there were a bit more, but overall, this product is undeniably one of the best pens you can collect.

4. Mingtron No Bleed Color Pens

mingtron no bleed color pens

Another frontrunner in my list of pens and markers that don’t bleed through paper is this set of 12 color bible pens from Mingtron. I like this set as it comes from a well-recognized brand. This brand has already earned an incredible reputation when it comes to providing bible journaling supplies, like highlighters and pens.

The fact that the pens are offered by a reputable brand somewhat proves their overall quality. Just like me, I am sure you will love using these pens for writing. One reason is that these are capable of gliding smoothly on all types of paper. This can deliver impressive results without leaving any mark or smearing thin paper.

I find this set satisfying as it has a dozen of colorful and vivid inks. It provides a wide range of choices when it comes to the colors to use for my coloring tasks as well as for taking notes. The colors are also perfect for underlining, writing, bullet journaling, and bible journaling.

The durability of the bible pens is also quite impressive. It allows refilling of the ink, allowing the writing length to reach a max of 700 meters. The ink used here is of top-notch quality as it came from Germany. This results in vivid colors that have no sign of being toxic and acidic.

I do not find the ink dark enough for my taste, though. I hope that the inks for the pens are kind of darker, as there are instances when I need to incorporate dark shades in my work.

  • Offered by a well-renowned brand, somehow proving its quality
  • Glides smoothly regardless of the type of paper you use
  • Works without smearing or leaving marks on thin paper
  • A dozen color options provided in the kit
  • Non-toxic and non-acidic, making the pens safer to use
  • Some colors are not as dark as what most users prefer

If you are looking for a set that you can use on all kinds of paper without thinking about the risk of bleeding, then this one is a good choice. The overall quality is even so good that they work for both students and professionals.

5. Raclox Rollerball Non Bleed Pens

raclox rollerball non bleed pens

This one is another set of pens that I absolutely love. One reason why I am so impressed with the pens is that they seem to be suitable for every task that requires me to use them. The pens feature ultra-fine tips that make them appropriate for use in drawing, writing, marking, note-taking, doodling, bullet journaling, and sketching, among others.

This kit is also one of my favorite options when I need high-quality pens that don’t bleed when wet. I find them truly effective when it comes to fluent and smooth writing. I also discovered how they can truly prevent bleed-through. The pens do not bleed or smear at all.

The fact that the inks of these rollerball pens do not bleed and smear allows them to produce skip-free writing and clean lines. The pens also tend to dry quickly once imprinted on paper. With that, the results will always look clean and professional. It is why you can also use the pens for school and office aside from just your home.

I also discovered something unique from the pens – that is their uniquely designed and transparent tube. Here, you will be able to see how much ink is still on the tube. This is a good thing if you want to refill it in a timely manner. Speaking of the ink, it is of great quality plus it does not leak even when used for prolonged periods.

I also specifically love the overall pocket design of the pens. Each pen features a narrow barrel, promoting ease of control as you can comfortably grip it. It is also portable as it features a clip, which you can use in attaching it to your book or pocket.

I just hoped that the pens are made to be sturdier, though, as they seem to be prone to breakage when dropped. They are quite flimsy, which is why you have to be more cautious so as not to drop them.

  • Features ultra-fine tips for a wide range of activities
  • Fluent and smooth writing guaranteed
  • Prevents bleed-through and smearing
  • Dries quickly, producing clean and professional results
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Not that sturdy structure, making the pens prone to breakage when dropped accidentally

Overall, there are so many great things to love about these pens, making them truly sound and wise investments.

6. BLIEVE Bible Journaling No Bleed Pens

blieve bible journaling no bleed pens

If you want pens that you can use mainly for bible journaling, then this kit from BLIEVE will most likely satisfy you. The set is complete with 24 pieces of journal accessories, including colored pencils, highlighters, scripture pencils, and colored bible pens. There are even lettering stencils that you can specifically use for journaling in the kit.

In my opinion, this kit is a satisfying investment because everything that is part of it can let your creative juices flow. Each piece serves multiple purposes. You will find them useful not only in bible journaling but also in other writing and journaling tasks. It also works great for underlining and doodling.

All the pens included in the kit are also proven to be no-bleed even in materials as thin as sensitive as the ones used in the bible. This is great if you are like me who really loves to write in the bible and highlight stuff and readings in there. The pens are also smooth and easy to use for your planners, bullet journals, and other thin papers.

The quick-drying ink of the pens in this kit is also a big advantage. I find it beneficial as the fact that it dries quickly also ensures that it will not smear on the paper. The pens are, therefore, good enough that they can deliver clean and professional-looking effects.

I am also very impressed with the highlighters in this kit. Aside from being gel-like, they also write smoothly and have bright colors. I also noticed how good the highlighters are in providing full coverage on the page without the risk of wrinkling.

There is one thing I particularly do not like about the kit, though – that is the blue-colored highlighter. The reason is that it tends to clump while writing, causing some smears when you wipe it off gently.

  • Contains everything you need for journaling and other creative tasks
  • Guaranteed to be no-bleed, especially when used on thin paper and bible pages
  • Smooth and easy to use pens
  • Bright and nice colors, especially the highlighters in the kit
  • Have multiple uses, including journaling, underlining, and doodling
  • The blue highlighter tends to clump and smear

This is the only color that I find problematic as far as clumping and smearing are concerned, though, so I still think it is a good buy.

7. Leven Deli 8 Liquid Rollerball Marker Pens

leven deli 8 liquid rollerball marker pens

Another set of pens that I can classify as no-bleed is this one offered by Leven. I find the pens truly impressive in this sense as they have an ink flow regulator built in, preventing bleed-through. With this regulator around, I am sure that the liquid ink will evenly flow, promoting an incredible experience when using the pens for both thin and thick papers.

Apart from being no-bleed, I don’t think you will also encounter problems with smudging. The reason is that the pens here use black liquid ink of incredible quality and quick-drying capability. Since the ink is meant to dry quickly, it can prevent smudges, thereby ensuring that the output in your paper will be clean and neat.

The colors included in the kit are also very vibrant, making them fun and exciting to use. I am sure that you will love the eight colored pens in the set that you can use for a wide range of purposes. You can use them not only for journaling but also for other stuff like highlighting and marking.

I am also very delighted that each pen has a huge ink capacity. It assures you that you will enjoy smooth writing for a long time. Every pen is even made in a way that it can sustain a writing length of around a thousand meters. I also like that I can monitor its ink level through the visible case design.

However, I hope that the number of colors in the kit is higher. Since I have plenty of projects that require my creativity, I find the eight colors somewhat lacking. I was hoping there would still be more for the price.

  • Features an ink flow regulator to prevent bleed-through
  • Works well without bleeding or smudging in both thin and thick papers
  • Quick-drying, delivering clean and neat results
  • Vibrant colors included in the kit
  • Promotes ease in monitoring the ink level as it has a visible case
  • The number of colors is kind of insufficient for those who prefer to have more colors to use for their tasks

Despite that, I can’t deny how incredible all the pens in the kit are. I can never say anything bad about how useful they are, especially when it comes to journaling.

8. MingNor No Bleed Colored Pens

mingnor no bleed colored pens

If you want a set of colored pens that have numerous choices in terms of colors, then this kit from MingNor will surely delight you. The reason is that it offers 24 colored pens with fine points/tips. With that number, you will no longer run out of choices to use for household, school, or office projects that require the use of colored pens.

As mentioned earlier, the pens have fine tips. The fact that the tips are super-fine while also having metal-clad structures makes them perfect for multiple purposes and tasks. These include coloring books, painting, marking, sketching, writing, graphic designing, animation, and drawing details and lines.

You will even find some use with the pens when it comes to making bills, illustrations, and calendars. In addition, the pens are going to give you a hundred percent satisfaction when you are trying to color tiny and intricate details and patterns or do fine-ink drawings.

I also love the overall quality of the ink used in these pens. Despite being water-based, I can vouch for the ink’s quick-drying capability. I discovered how safe it is to use the pens, too, even when kids and pets are around. The reason is that it is acid-free and non-toxic.

I am also happy to say that the pens have structures that make them comfortable to hold and grip. With that, you will never complain about having a hard time using these pens for your projects.

One fault I noticed, though, is that the yellowish shades in the kit are kind of only transparent, so you may not find a lot of use from them. The remaining colors are extremely great so you can still easily overlook this flaw.

  • Provides numerous options for the colors
  • Useful for a wide range of purposes, not just journaling
  • Works well when coloring tiny and intricate details and patterns
  • Quick-drying water-based inks, thereby preventing smudges
  • Safe even for kids with their acid-free and non-toxic nature
  • The yellowish shades in the kit are not that useful

Overall, the variety of colors and shades in the kit is worth raving for. The fact that they serve numerous purposes also makes these pens among the most versatile ones you can use right now.

9. Rhapsody Studio Ballpoint No Bleed Pens

rhapsody studio ballpoint no bleed pens

One thing I notice right away in these no-bleed ballpoint pens is their fancy and timeless style. I like the attractive glossy finish of these pens as it seems to do a pretty good job in making them look as luxurious and elegant as possible. It is the reason why I also consider the pens as fantastic desk decors apart from being tools for writing.

I am also impressed with how easy and smooth it is to use the pens. They do not result in feathering and bleeding, which is good if you are using different types of paper, particularly thin and sensitive ones, like the ones used in the bible.

I am also delighted with the pens’ 1-mm line. With this line, I was able to use the pens not only in journaling but also in various tasks, like making RSVPs for events and other materials for office and household occasions. The pens even work incredibly well when writing signatures.

Each pen in the kit also contains black ink. What is even better about it, in my opinion, is that it is refillable. With that, you will get to use the pens for quite a long time. The pen also has a nice and slim construction with a cover that has a low risk of tarnishing. It even has a twist-open structure, eliminating the hassle of having to search for the cap.

One thing I dislike about the pens, though, is that they are prone to slipping when you write or hold them. This means that they seem to be lacking in terms of grip.

  • Fancy and timeless style, making them look really incredible
  • Features a 1-mm line that is perfect for several tasks and purposes
  • Uses a refillable ink
  • Nice and slim construction
  • Not prone to bleeding or feathering
  • Not that grippy, causing the pens to slip from time to time

Despite that flaw, I will still highly recommend these ballpoint pens to anyone who needs them. Their overall quality is great plus they tend to serve their purpose well.

10. MICKYU No Bleed Pens Markers

mickyu no bleed pens markers

There is also this set of 24-color no-bleed-through pens from MICKYU. One of its most endearing features, in my honest opinion, is the great number of colors included in the kit. Buying this product will let you access up to 24 fun and vibrant colors that I am sure you will surely be delighted to use.

I have to say that the pens’ overall structure is also great. The reason is that it has a slim body, which makes it very comfortable to hold. You will never complain about the pens being hard to use because you can grip them comfortably. They even fit in storage and pencil boxes easily.

These no-bleed-through pens also produce clean and professional results. It is mainly because of their non-bleeding nature. They write smoothly without the risk of bleeding no matter what kind of paper you use. The fast-drying ability of the pens also lowers their risk of causing smudges.

Because of the smoothness and cleanliness delivered by these pens, they seem to work truly great when used in bullet journals, planners, calendars, and diaries. There are also so many things you can do with the pens – among which are scrapbooking, notetaking, animation, drawing, doodling, mind mapping, and completing adult coloring books.

The pens are also long-lasting. Each one makes use of metal to encase its long-wearing tip, which can significantly lengthen its life. The pens are also capable of sustaining even lengthy cap-off times.

One downside, though, is that the yellows in the kit are not that useful. The reason is that they do not write that legibly and are just generally transparent. Most of these yellows may dry out without you making full use of them.

  • Delivers clean and smooth results
  • Does not bleed at all
  • Fast-drying, which means it is not prone to smudging
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • The yellow shades are not that functional

All the other colors and shades are extremely useful, though, which is why this product comes on top of my recommendations for those in search of high-quality no-bleed pens.

What to Look For When Buying a no Bleed Pen

best non bleed markers

Buying no-bleed pens for bible or any other task and purpose requires careful consideration of a few factors and qualities. Some vital factors and points to keep in mind during your search are the following:

Tip Size

Note that the actual size of the pen’s tip contributes a lot to its main function. For example, you may want to use a pen that has a large tip for underscoring several lines or filling in the gaps of some coloring books. A small tip, on the other hand, is perfect if you want to focus on detailed drawings and letterings.

In terms of the actual tip sizes, you have a few options. The minimum size is usually around 0.25 mm. You can also go for a maximum size of up to 0.7 mm. Ensure that pick a tip size that perfectly fits its intended application.

No-Fleed Function

Since you are looking for a no-bleed pen, you have to make sure that your choice does not indeed bleed; otherwise, it may ruin the pages of your paper, especially thin and sensitive ones, like bible pages.

As much as possible, pick highlighters or gel pens that won’t bleed on them. In other words, any underlined part should never be seen in the next pages. This no-bleed function will let you know right away if the pen or highlighter is indeed good even if you are handling thin and sensitive pages.

Waterproof Capability

It is also important for the pen to be waterproof and fade proof. Stay away from those pens with inks that are not completely waterproof or tend to fade. To give you an idea about this capability, you should spend time reading customer’s reviews. Those can surely provide insights regarding the quality of the pen.


It is also good to find a highly versatile no bleed pen. This means it should be up for a wide range of tasks, including note-taking, bible journaling, bullet journaling, and underlining. Your chosen pen also has to be versatile that you can use it to organize notes and color-code the bible, among many other possible tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

best pens for bullet journal no bleed

How do you Stop a Pen Bleed Through Paper?

The most practical solution is to use the right combination of paper and ink. Use sleek and high-quality papers. Use appropriate inks that have a dip pen, too. You may also want to start using a pen with a finer point or nib. It can lessen the flow of ink that lands on the paper and seep through its matrix.

Proper storage of your pens can also help. Ideally, you should store them vertically while being properly retracted and capped.

How do I Make Sure Markers do not Bleed?

If you are using a marker, then note that even high-quality ones are still not completely exempt from causing bleed-through issues. Still, you can find those with only very minimal issues regarding bleeding. This means they will not seriously mess with your notes, papers, journals, and documents. Find them as much as possible.

You can also guarantee a zero bleed-through tendency by getting thick paper then putting it in between the page you intend to mark or color and the page behind it. It prevents the color of the marker from seeping on the page beneath.


If you have a lot of creative projects to finish and accomplish, then the best no-bleed pens and markers are definitely among your most vital accessories. With the different colors, tip sizes, and applications these pens currently have, collecting high-quality sets should be your priority.

Hopefully, this article will guide you during the selection process, allowing you to make a confident and thorough buying decision.

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