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The Best Paint Pens for Rocks for 2023

best paint pens for rocks

Why do you need the best paint pens for rocks? Well, it can be a fun activity for you and your family. Using these pens can also be therapeutic at times. There is something about taking something as mundane as a stone and then making it colorful. It is relaxing and fun at the same time.

Although you can go about decorating rocks with sharpies, they will only show as dark marks with varying hues. If you want to make them look lively, you need to use acrylic paint pens for rocks. However, using a regular paintbrush on rocks can be difficult, but using a paint pen will make it seem like child’s play.

This article will teach you all about the different kinds of paint pens. Once you finish reading this article, you will have a good idea of what to look for when shopping for the best pens for rock painting. This will surely make you happy with your purchases.

Best Paint Pens for Rock Reviews

1. Niutop Acrylic Rock Painting Pens

niutop acrylic rock painting pens

Of course, since you are looking for painting rocks supplies, it should not be a question that you would want pens that can write on non-porous surfaces. This is not a problem with this set, as the ink has a thick consistency. It also has no problem adhering to all surfaces. I have been writing on mugs and glasses and I have no complaints.

As I mentioned earlier, I also use Artistro paint pens for rock painting whenever I need to write on ceramics and glassware, so it would be a shame if all that hard work would just wash away easily. The ink of these paint markers dries up in just a couple of minutes.

Once they dry up, they are highly water-resistant. I have also used these markers to draw on shirts. I noticed that even after a couple of washings, the colors have very minimal fading.

If you will be using these markers exclusively for rock painting, then you will surely like that these markers have replaceable nibs. I have gone through several nib replacements as rocks do a number on the felt tips. The nice thing is that you can use the replacement nibs from other marker brands.

These markers are the ideal medium when you do rock painting with the whole family. These inks use water-based inks that are non-toxic and do not have any nauseating fumes. This makes them perfect for use even by young kids.

I used these pens primarily for rock painting. While the paint does a great job sticking on the surface, the nibs did not last. I think that the original nibs that came with the markers lasted just for a couple of projects. After that, they were all frayed and needed replacing. I used another brand of nibs and they lasted much longer.

  • Can write easily on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Dries to a waterproof finish
  • Features replaceable nibs
  • Non-toxic and has no foul odor
  • The set comes with 12 different color markers
  • The nibs are too soft

If you will be using these paint pens on rocks, make sure that the stones are not too rough, or else they would eat through the nib in no time. It is a good thing though that the nibs are replaceable. These pens are also great for other uses, like glass painting, labeling plastic containers, and many more.

2. MISULOVE Metallic Marker Pens

misulove metallic marker pens

I wanted to give my rock paintings a bit more pizazz, so I got this set of MISULOVE marker pens because they have metallic inks. Unlike other paint marker sets, this one has 10 different colored metallic markers, so I can let my creativity run wild. Using metallic colors gave my rock paintings a lot more depth compared to the usual colors.

These markers have a 2mm tip, and although it is not technically a fine-point nib, it can still create fine enough lines. I often use these markers when I am creating simple mandalas or line art drawings and I am quite happy with the uniform lines they make. You can even make the line weight lighter by not putting a lot of pressure on the nib.

These are among the top paint markers for rocks, so they should be able to write on any kind of surface. I have not tested these pens extensively, but I have used them to write on many things. Aside from rocks, I have also used them to write and draw on glass, ceramics, wood, stainless steel, on top of painted surfaces, and many others.

Another nice thing about these pens is that MISULOVE has excellent customer service. I once received a set that had 3 pens that were completely dried up. I contacted MISULOVE customer service, and they got me sorted in just a couple of days. I got a brand-new set of pens. This time, I am happy to say that every pen wrote perfectly.

I do not have anything serious to complain about, as I love these pens so much. However, if I have to be nit-picky, I would say that the inks took a bit longer to dry completely. I had to use a hairdryer at times just to make the inks dry quicker.

  • The set comes with 10 vibrant metallic color pens
  • Has a 2mm tip that is great for fine lining
  • Can write on any surface
  • The ink dries to a waterproof finish
  • Excellent customer service
  • Takes a while to dry completely

These markers would have been great for rock painting aside from the fact that the ink does not dry quick enough. If you will be painting a rock with different layers of color, you will need to wait around 15 to 30 minutes for the previous coat to dry; otherwise, you will be smearing the ink.

3. WAPETASHI Rocks Painting Acrylic Paint Markers

wapetashi rocks painting acrylic paint markers

I like having plenty of colors to choose from when I am rock painting. It just makes the activity a lot more enjoyable. Also, because this set of paint markers contains 30 different colors, I am loving every minute I use it. Unlike other paint marker sets with very limited color options, I can create rudimentary gradients with these pens.

These pens use water-based inks, so they are non-toxic. They also do not have the strong chemical smell that you sometimes get with cheap acrylic paints. I am quite sensitive when it comes to chemical fumes, and I haven’t felt any discomfort whatsoever when I used these pens.

I do not have that much patience when it comes to rock painting. I would prefer if I could lay down the next layer of paint right after finishing the first. Although these pens do not allow for immediate layering, they do dry in a couple of minutes, which is quick enough for me.

Besides rock painting, I also enjoyed using these pens for drawing on other things. I like to draw on sneakers and these pens did the trick. They laid on thick and did not bleed into the canvas. I also like to draw on glasses and mugs and these markers hold up well.

I did have a minor issue, though, one of the pens in the set came with one pen seemingly dried. It will not prime even after shaking it for a long time. I called WAPETASHI’s customer service and they were kind enough to advise me on how I could “revive” the pen, which was surprisingly easy.

  • Offers 36 different-colored pens
  • Non-toxic and does not have any foul odors
  • Dries quickly and will not fade or wash away
  • Writes on any surface
  • Easy to prime and use
  • There is a chance that one or two pens may come dried out

These are almost the perfect pens for rock painting. Aside from giving you 36 different colors of pens, I also noticed that they write and color quite well. If you are unlucky to receive one or two dried-out pens, they are quite easy to revive using just a bit of light paint thinner.

4. FUMILE Acrylic Paint Pens

fumile acrylic paint pens

I just loved the variety of color choices in this set of markers. This set comes with 36 different colors of markers, which is more than enough for rock painting. It is also the reason why I use these markers for other art projects, like acrylic paintings. I like using these markers instead of brushes when I am drawing details.

I also liked the ink flow of these markers. The ink comes out thick and evenly. When I want to cover a space with color, I rarely have to do more than one pass with these markers. The ink is so opaque that even if there are spots that are a bit thin, it was easy to touch them up.

Also, unlike other acrylic paint pens I have used in the past, these products were easy to prime. I had the displeasure of using pens that I had to shake so much I felt like my shoulder popped out of its socket. These products hardly needed shaking. All of them were also primed on the first try.

Another neat thing about this is that when the package arrived, I was surprised to find that each pen was wrapped individually in plastic to prevent them from drying. I liked this attention to detail. It shows that FUMILE does care about its products and customers.

However, I do have to point out that the ink used in these markers is a bit watery. If you will be using these on smooth surfaces like mirrors or glasses, the ink might run a bit. On the other hand, if you will be using them primarily for rock paintings, I am happy to report that they work quite well for that purpose.

  • Contains 36 different-colored pens
  • The ink lays on thick and uniform
  • Easy to prime and use
  • Excellent packaging
  • Great customer service
  • The ink tends to run on smooth surfaces

These pens write quite well on rough surfaces but do run a bit on smooth surfaces. However, if you are primarily looking for pens for rock painting, I think that these products can work well. I am happy to say that the paints are quite bright and provide good coverage.

5. Mr. Pen Rocks Painting Marker Pens

mr. pen rocks painting marker pens

Even though this set of markers only have a limited number of colors, 8 to be exact, the included colors are all bright and vibrant. I use these mainly for rock painting and the colors easily contrast against the dark background. Also, having only a few color choices make it easier for kids as their senses will not be overloaded with lots of choices.

Another nice thing about these markers is that they have reversible nibs. I like using the bullet-tipped nibs for general purposes, which includes rock painting. The chisel-point tips are great for illustrations and calligraphy. The narrow edge of the chisel tips is also great for fine lines. You are essentially getting three types of markers in one set.

Speaking of the chisel tip nibs, these are 4mm wide, making them great for applying color over a large area. As mentioned earlier, I used this set of markers for drawings and illustrations. Whenever I need to under-paint or cover a wide area with color, I use the 4mm edge of the pens to finish it as quickly as possible.

The inks that these pens use are water-based and non-toxic so they are safe for use by children. I have a bit of an asthma problem. Still, these markers have not triggered my condition. The ink also dried quickly. Unlike other brands that I have tried that used to take more than 15 minutes to dry, these pens dry in under a minute.

As I mentioned earlier, this set only contained 8 different colors of markers, which might be enough for most folks. However, artists would find it seriously lacking. If there were at least 12 colors with each color having at least one darker shade, this set would have been much better.

  • The included colors are all nice, bright, and vibrant
  • Feature reversible nibs
  • Has 4mm nibs that provide great coverage
  • Great for other art projects other than rock painting
  • The ink dries quickly and is water- and fade-resistant
  • Would have been better with more colors

I would have loved this set of markers more if there were more colors. However, since the colors are quite bright and opaque, you can still do a lot of things even with just the eight pieces. If you do rock painting as a family activity with your kids, then I think these markers will do you just fine.

6. AROIC Rock Painting Acrylic Paint Pens

aroic rock painting acrylic paint pens

One thing about this set of markers is that you will be getting all the colors that you will be needing. I know that you will be using just a couple of colors when making rock paintings. However, if you are planning to use these markers for other projects, having more than just the basic colors would be nice.

If you like making rock paintings with your kids, which is a good idea since it is really fun, you can safely use these pens. The inks in these markers are all water-based. You can wash them off easily if your kids made a mess, granted though that the ink did not have enough time to completely dry.

These paint pens are not just for rock painting. I have also used them plenty of times to decorate wine glasses and bottles, mugs, and teacups. There was even a time when I would use these for decorating shop windows. These markers can write anywhere, which gives them a huge advantage over other kinds of markers.

Another thing I liked about the inks these markers use is that they are quite thick. This means you can cover more area using fewer passes. Aside from ensuring that you will not be consuming quite as much ink, if you like rock painting, it also means that the nibs will last longer.

Now, what I did not like about the posca paint pens for rocks is that they take a while to prime. This may be due to the fine-tipped nibs, but it is quite hard to get the ink to flow. Expect to shake these pens vigorously for a couple of minutes straight, which means that once you’ve primed all the color pens you will be using, your shoulder will be sore.

  • Provides 24 different-colored markers
  • Kid-friendly – It makes use of non-toxic water-based inks
  • Ideal for use on any kind of surface both porous and non-porous
  • The inks provide good coverage
  • Feature fine-tipped nibs that allow you to draw fine lines
  • It takes a couple of minutes to prime

There are very few acrylic paint pens that have fine tips like this one, so if you are looking into drawing mandalas and line art, these are quite nice pens to use. These are also great for rock painting. However, you should get another set of paint pens if you want to cover the whole surface with colors.

7. Beager Acrylic Paint Pens

beager acrylic paint pens

The thing that I liked the most about these pens is that they have 0.7mm nibs. The reason why I like them is that they are thin enough to make thin yet still visible lines. I like making mandalas in my rock paintings and these pens make that sort of work a whole lot easier.

Unlike other fine-tipped paint pens, I am happy to say that these write smoothly. They also prime easily. After just a bit of shaking and pressing of the tips, all the pens in the set wrote perfectly. Besides rock painting, I also use these pens for traditional acrylic painting.

The ink in these pens flows so smoothly that it is like using regular markers. I hardly need to put pressure on the paper to make the ink transfer. The only times I needed to apply a bit of pressure were when I was drawing on non-porous surfaces. On rocks, wood, and paper, you just need a light touch.

It was also nice that this set of paint pens came in 30 colors. I discovered that this is more than what I typically use for rock painting and other projects. Thanks to the many different shades of colors in this set, I could make somewhat detailed rock paintings, which have become a relaxing hobby of mine.

I also leave a couple of rock paintings with inspirational quotes around my neighborhood should anyone need cheering up. I do not have to worry that the rain will erase my rock paintings because the ink, when properly dried, is completely waterproof and will not fade.

The problem with having 0.7mm tips on paint pens is that if you do not clean them right after using them, they will clog up easily with dried paint. Getting rid of the clogged paint is not that difficult, though, but it can be a hassle, especially if you need to use the pens immediately.

  • The pens have 0.7mm nibs, making them perfect for detailed work
  • The ink goes on the surface with just a bit of pressure
  • The set contains 30 colors of pens
  • Dries quickly to a waterproof finish
  • The inks are water-based, non-toxic, and do not have any foul odors
  • The tips easily get clogged up with dried paint

Although these paint pens are a bit finicky to use, they are still quite amazing. I would not recommend letting young kids use these, though, as they might damage the nibs easily.

8. Trandpter Rock Painting Paint Pens

trandpter rock painting paint pens

These acrylic paint pens work great for rock painting, but they are nice for other art projects. For instance, I also often use these paint pens to draw on old wine bottles, mugs, and other non-porous surfaces. The ink contained in the markers has just the right consistency that they could easily stick to glass and other smooth surfaces.

Speaking of the inks, they are brightly colored and contrast well on any surface. These paint pens work well for rock paintings because you would usually use dark-colored stones. The bright colors provide a great contrast against them. I also use the pens to draw on black paper and they are always visible on the page.

Each pen also comes with large 2mm nibs. Although you cannot use these wide tips for painting details on your rock paintings, they do have the advantage of being able to color large spaces quicker compared to regular pen nibs. If you want to give your rock paintings a colored backdrop, these pens can give you just that easily.

Just looking at the size of these pens’ barrels, you can tell that they contain a lot of ink. I have been using the same set of pens for at least two months working on rock paintings and they have not shown any indication of running out of ink yet.

Now, although I did like the consistency of the inks in these markers, it does make them difficult to prime. You need to put your shoulder into it when shaking the pens to loosen up the ink. Even though there is a shaker ball, it was still a struggle to get the pens primed.

  • Great for writing on non-porous surfaces
  • Comes in bright and vibrant colors
  • The pens come with 2mm wide tips, making them great for filling in areas with color
  • Uses water-based inks, so it is safe for kids to use
  • Each pen contains a lot of ink
  • The inks are a bit too thick, making the pens difficult to prime

You will need a bit of patience to use these markers, as you will need to spend a couple of minutes priming each marker. However, once you get the pens all nice and primed, using them will definitely be a joy.

9. ADIS&GUYS Acrylic Paint Pens

adis&guys acrylic paint pens

If you like drawing fine details in your rock paintings just like me, then you will also love using these acrylic paint pens. I have drawn detailed paintings on rocks using these markers, like mandalas and simple landscapes. What I can tell you for sure is that these pens are much easier to use compared to brushes.

Even though these markers are fine-tipped, they do lay down ink quite thick. This means that you can easily tell the colors of each line you write. It is not like other fine-tipped acrylic pens where you cannot tell the difference between a black and blue line.

Another nice thing about these pens is that they can write on smooth surfaces. I have used these pens countless times to personalize coffee mugs, drinking glasses, shot glasses, and other objects that come with non-porous surfaces. The ink also dries quickly, which then turns the ink waterproof.

One of the best things about this set of pens is not the pens themselves, but the included complimentary ebook. The ebook that comes with these markers is an instructional one that teaches how to use these paint pens to create art. I know how to draw but I also like to dabble in calligraphy and this book teaches the basics.

Here’s the problem I have with this paint marker set; it is difficult to create a continuous line. Whenever I try drawing a long and straight line, the ink flow would arbitrarily stop even when I am in the middle of making long and wavy lines.

  • The pens have fine-tipped nibs
  • Lays on thick – It is visible even on dark backgrounds
  • Can write on all kinds of surfaces
  • Comes with a complimentary e-book for beginners
  • The ink dries quickly
  • Hard to get a continuous line going

This would be best for rock painting because you will only be doing small strokes. However, these markers are not great for drawing on paper or any medium that is larger than a rock. The lines often break, so you need to prime the pens quite a lot of times, which can get annoying.

10. Alerie Rock Painting Acrylic Paint Pens

alerie rock painting acrylic paint pens

You are getting quite a good variety of paint pens in this set. This is a set of markers with 12 different colors and each color has two markers. You will be receiving 24 markers in total – 12 markers with fine-tipped nibs and another 12 with dual-tips. The colors also include metallic ones that work well for rock painting.

The dual-tipped pens are great because they work like three pens. The bullet-point end is great for coloring and making thick lines. The other end of the nib is a chisel-point with a 4mm and 2mm edge. You can do a lot of stuff just with the dual-tipped set of markers.

The fine-tipped pens in the set are great for adding fine details to your drawings and paintings. The tips are around 0.7mm thick, which is not so thin that you will not see the colors of the inks but not so thick that they obscure the tiny details.

I liked how, in all the pens in the set, the ink flows smoothly. Once primed, the pens can seemingly write continuously until the ink runs out. The line will not break at all. This is good for people who like to create detailed line drawings and mandalas.

The problem that I do have with these paint pens is that they take a significantly longer time to prime compared to the other brands that I have used. The fine-tipped pens were especially hard to prime because of their narrower barrel and smaller tips. However, once primed, the pens will write quite smoothly.

  • Half of the markers have dual-tipped nibs
  • The other half comes with fine-tipped nibs
  • The pens come in 12 different colors, including metallic
  • Has inks that flow smoothly and evenly
  • Water-based so you can still wash them off if the ink has not dried completely
  • Takes a while to prime

These pens are among the most trustworthy paint pens that you can buy right now, so if you get the chance, go grab a set. Just having multiple sizes of nibs makes the purchase more than worth it. You can draw pretty much whatever it is that you want to draw by just using this single set of paint markers.

What to Look For When Buying a Paint Pens For Rocks

artistro paint pens for rock painting

If this will be the first time that you will be shopping for paint pens for rocks, here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

Ink Opacity

Paint pens use acrylic paint, which is already quite opaque. However, some brands cheap out on pigment, which made their ink a bit translucent. When you are painting rocks, you want to use paint pens that write using highly opaque ink.

Ease of Use

This means that priming the pens will not take that long. All paint pens will require some form of priming before they can be of any use. However, some brands have excellent paint that does not need that much shaking to get the ink to flow through the nib. If you can, test as many brands of pens as you can before settling on one.

Nib Size

Ideally, you should get paint pens that have dual-tipped nibs. These are the ones that have chisel and bullet points. The reason why you should get this kind of pen is that you are essentially getting three pens in one.

However, if the narrow edge of a chisel-point nib is not small enough for your needs, then you should get another set, but this time with fine-tipped markers.

Ink Amount

Rock painting is a very enjoyable activity for the entire family, and nothing puts a damper on all the fun quite like your paint pens running dry in the middle of the activity. This is even worse when you just used the paint pens a couple of times.

If you believe that you will be using them often, you should buy acrylic paint pens that contain a lot of ink. They are usually the ones that have thicker barrels.

Number of Colors

This might be a bit subjective as some people are perfectly fine with using a limited number of colors. However, having a lot of colors to choose from will provide you with more versatility.

Regarding the best pens for drawing on rocks, it will always be better to have more colors that you do not use rather than finding yourself in a situation where you need a certain color but you don’t have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

best pens for drawing on rocks

How to Permanently Write on Rocks?

Other than paint markers, you do not need any other art supplies needed for rock painting. You can use permanent ink markers to write on rocks but the markings will only be visible if you write on light-colored rocks. If you want your drawings to be bright and high-contrast, you will need to use acrylic paint pens.

How to Use Paint Pens on Rocks?

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that the rock is clean and dry. Acrylic paint will not stick well on damp surfaces. Next, you need to prime the acrylic paint pens to make their ink flow properly.

Just shake the marker vigorously to loosen the ink and then press the tip onto some scratch paper until it starts to write. After priming, you can start drawing whatever you like on the rocks.


Although permanent ink markers can write on rocks, if you want to make your creations stand out, you still need to use the best paint pens for rocks. These are markers that use loose acrylic paint instead of straight ink for writing. As such, they will leave a brightly-colored and opaque marking on the rocks and other surfaces.

However, paint pens are not created equal. They are also not cheap. If you want to get the most value for your money, you need to shop around diligently. Since you made it to this point of the article, it will be safe to assume that you now know how to pick the best acrylic pens, so go out there and share your talent with the world.

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