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The Best Paint Pens for Wood in 2023

best paint pens for wood

When decorating or revamping wood projects and DIY crafts, you need time, effort, and the right set of tools, including the best paint pens for wood. Typically formulated with acrylic paint, you can unleash your creativity and spruce up your wooden art pieces with colorful embellishments.

If this is what you aim to do, the next step is to find the best paint markers for wood. However, there are just a plethora of paint pens to choose from, which is why you need to consider these key features when looking for wood paint pens: ink type, surface compatibility, tip size, color longevity, and color selection.

In this article, we will unravel these significant factors as well as an in-depth roundup of the top paint pens for wood crafts and various artistic projects.

Best Paint Pen for Wood Reviews

1. Trandpter Acrylic Paint Markers Pens

trandpter acrylic paint markers pens

If you have a wide array of acrylic paint pens for wood, I bet you can unleash your artistic side and accomplish a lot of creative projects. That said, this 24-piece set Trandpter paint pens can make that possible.

The set offers a variety of high-quality and vibrant spectrums of colors that can spruce up your wood projects. This is all because of the premium quality water-based ink that can provide durable and opaque colors.

Aside from their vividness, these markers give off a nice and glossy finish whether on light or dark surfaces. Honestly, decorating and revamping wood is not always easy-peasy, but these paint markers have excellent quality ink that can render optimum coverage and solid strokes.

I also want to highlight the quick-drying ink, which I find useful when layering the colors. In this way, you can freely build depths of colors without any bleeding or messy paint blotches, not to mention that it is water-resistant and fade-resistant as well.

Moreover, the ink is non-toxic, which I consider an imperative feature if I want to use these pens with kids or young students. In this way, I can feel at ease, knowing that I can have fun doodling and working on various creative crafts without worrying about toxic components.

One more thing I love about these paint pens is the 0.7mm extra fine nylon tips. These pointed nib designs can create precise details and intricate strokes as well as accentuate delicate embellishments.

Impressively, these pens deliver an effortless flow rate no matter what the surface is. Thanks to the durable tips that do not feel rough or scratchy whenever I use them. And yes, these pens are suitable not only on wood surfaces but also on rocks, stones, fabric, canvas, and metal.

Probably the only problem with these paint markers is that some of them sometimes leak. Thus, proper storage is a must.

  • A 24-piece set of acrylic paint markers for a vibrant selection of colors
  • Designed with 0.7mm extra fine nylon tips for precise applications
  • Uses water-based paint that dries instantly for seamless layering
  • Water-resistant and fade-resistant
  • Offers smooth flow rate for optimum coverage
  • Some paint pens sometimes leak

Nonetheless, this is an excellent set of paint pens for wood crafts and many other creative projects on different surfaces. These non-toxic acrylic pens use high-quality ink that can revamp your work with a vast array of vibrant shades.

2. TZARROT Acrylic Paint Pens

tzarrot acrylic paint pens

The sophisticated and minimalist hues of white, black, silver, and gold always look good together. At least for me, they do. That is why when I am writing on wood with paint pen markers, I usually go for this color range. Luckily, these pens are not hard to find since TZARROT has these colors available.

These acrylic paint pens give off exceptional sheerness because of their high-quality Japanese acrylic paint pigment. That is sometimes difficult to pull off, but these paint pens can provide beautiful metallic finishes that you can use to render dainty sparkles.

If you need a pigmented white paint pen for wood, you can have two in this set. The silver and gold colors look amazingly beautiful against dark wooden surfaces and the black color on light or white surfaces.

Although they seem like shimmery gel pens that would cause bleeding or pooling, these pens use water-based that dries quickly.

Since it is drying, there is no hassle producing various lines and strokes without worrying about paint blotches or bleeding. This also makes it a lot easier to build colors and layer them to achieve the color depths you want.

Just like the Trandpter paint pens, these feature 0.7mm extra fine tips that offer detailed and precise applications. They feel smooth as you glide the pen across the surface. Moreover, it is nice to see neat and crisp lines without leaving any mess.

In terms of versatility, this acrylic paint set is compatible with various surfaces. Although I mainly use them on wood, you can also use them on fabric, metal, stone, glass, leather, paper, concrete, and canvas.

They resemble regular markers, which is why these ergonomic pens feel comfortable in the hand. They are compact and easy to carry around.

There is just one thing I noticed with the white color – the opacity seems thinner than usual.

  • A set of classic colors that give off metallic and sheer finishes
  • Quick-drying water-based ink for durable and bleedproof layering
  • Designed with 0.7mm extra fine tips for better precision and control
  • Can create solid and crisp line widths
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • The white color is not very opaque

Despite that, this is a superb acrylic paint set that offers beautiful classic colors. If you want to elevate your wood projects with highly pigmented metallic shades, I suggest going for this one.

3. Reaeon Wood Paint Pens

reaeon wood paint pens

When working with wood projects for outdoor purposes, many consider whether or not the paint will last long or stay intact despite the rain. I think that is highly significant, considering the harsh condition outdoors and wavering temperatures.

Therefore, the best paint pens for wood signs or outdoor art crafts should be waterproof and long-lasting. That said, these Reaeon non-toxic acrylic paint pens come to mind. Besides their stunning array of vivid colors, these paint markers stand out for their waterproofing properties and outstanding longevity.

I have tried it before on a wood surface and displayed it outside for a couple of days. Surprisingly, the paint stays intact; there were no paint spills or splatters. Thankfully, these paint pens are permanent.

But also remember that the trick is to allow the paint to dry for a couple of hours to ensure its durability. While this is applicable for wood surfaces, you can also use these acrylic paint pens for other surfaces like canvas, leather, fabric, metal, ceramic, glass, and more.

When it comes to its paint and color quality, I must say that the colors are highly pigmented. They deliver vivid shades that can showcase a bright spectrum of colors whether you are writing or making intricate decorations.

I especially love the bright yellow and lime green although the rest are very opaque. I also like that the set includes a nice metallic gold color. This can add some elegant sheerness to writings or abstract drawings.

Moreover, the paint is water-based; thus, it is quick-drying. This enables artists to build solid layers of colors, not to mention that the tips are around 2 to 3mm, which can cover large areas.

As far as I have noticed, the main concern with this set is that the tips of some pens feel a little wobbly. There was one time that the tip popped out. But it is nice to know that this happens very rarely.

  • A set of permanent and waterproof acrylic paint pens for long-lasting quality
  • Can withstand wet and other outdoor conditions
  • Offers a stunning selection of opaque colors
  • Features 2 to 3mm medium tips for wide and efficient coverage
  • Quick-drying; allows seamless and multiple color layering
  • Some tips are a little wobbly

For the best markers for wood that can withstand water and other outdoor conditions, I recommend trying this set. The permanent acrylic paint pens are durable and waterproof, which can keep your artwork beautiful and vivid for a long time.

4. Lelix Oil Based Permanent Paint Markers

lelix oil based permanent paint markers

There are two things I love about oil-based paint markers: they are long-lasting and incredibly vibrant. With those features in mind, these Lelix paint markers are truly a delight because of their premium quality oil paint. Plus, they are water-resistant.

First of all, this color selection includes rich basic colors and two metallic colors, which are silver and gold. As they are permanent, the pens render a range of vibrant shades that can showcase polished and solid colors.

The paint flows smoothly, allowing effortless applications whether producing blocks of colors or emphasizing outlines or intricate details. Plus, the medium tips promote better precision and control so you can unleash your colorful and creative ideas in various line widths and consistencies.

It is easy to use. All you need is to shake the pen, press the tip 2 to 3 times, and test the pen on paper until the ink comes out and flows smoothly. Then, you are all set for various wood arts and crafts.

Moreover, these paint markers use non-toxic paint, allowing you to use them safely and at ease even when you are working with kids. You can have fun coloring and draw not only on wood but also on multiple surface types like ceramic, paper, rock, plastic, and metal.

The addition of a free ebook is also a sweet treat, especially for budding artists and beginners who want to learn more about creative painting. There are a lot of ideas to check out and try on all surfaces, particularly wood.

Although they are designed for different types of surfaces, I do not think they look as good and work as efficiently on other surfaces, especially the non-porous ones. Writing and drawing on these surfaces are doable, though. But as expected with oil paint markers, they take a long time to dry.

  • A set of oil-based paint markers that provide long-lasting quality
  • Water-resistant; It can withstand wet conditions
  • Features medium tips for optimum coverage
  • Renders highly pigmented vibrant colors and metallic shades
  • Includes a free ebook guide for more creative ideas
  • Drying time takes a while
  • Do not look as good on some non-porous surfaces

These pens work great and last long on wood surfaces. The oil-based paint ensures durability and vibrant color quality that can highlight the beauty of your work.

5. INK LAB Acrylic Metallic Paint Pens

ink lab acrylic metallic paint pens

The best pens for writing on wood should provide a smooth flow rate and be long-lasting. And since I prefer to add some sheer and sophisticated hues to my art pieces, I must say that nothing beats the classic colors: black, white, silver, and gold.

I am glad I found these elegant colors from this 15-piece acrylic paint pen set from Ink Lab. Besides the stunning color range, the premium quality Italian ink takes the color appearance up a notch.

All the colors are opaque and give off glossy finishes, leaving stylish and smooth features. I especially love using these colors to enhance the aesthetics of wood crafts or if I want to decorate wood surfaces with minimalist hues.

This set also comes to mind when I think of the best pen for writing on wooden plaques and handmade crafts like wedding souvenirs and decorative home pieces. Not only because of the vivid and exquisite paint quality but also because the extra fine tips create sharp and crisp lines that are delightful to look at.

Speaking of the tips, they are super stiff, and hence, they do not cause any splatters or messy paint blotches. It also gives you more comfort and control as you work on those complex details or intricate lines.

The fluidity of ink makes these pens very workable. They just glide seamlessly on surfaces whether they are non-porous or porous surfaces. These are like the paint pens for wood Hobby Lobby have made available before, which I purchased for the same superb quality.

Aside from that, it only takes a few simple steps to get these pens working. Just shake the pen, press the tip, and test on paper to pump the ink. Because the paint is quick-drying, you can achieve different depths whenever you draw or produce lines.

Some do not find this convenient but I actually do not mind doing this since they work so well. Plus, the paint flows smoothly and applies effortlessly on the surface.

Probably the only issue with this set is the limited color selection. If you need some fancy and preppy colors, I think you should skip this set.

  • A set of quick-drying acrylic paint in classic colors for elegant aesthetics
  • Uses premium quality Italian ink for durability and superb opaqueness
  • Delivers vivid colors and glossy finishes
  • Has extra fine tips for rendering precise details and strokes
  • Easy to control and comfortable to write with
  • Limited color options

This is a stunning selection of classic colors that deserve a spot in your marker stash. It is superb ink quality and performance all wrapped up in a 15-piece wood paint pen set.

6. Colorfairy Permanent Paint Art Markers

colorfairy permanent paint art markers

One way to spruce up fun and creativity is to incorporate playful colors into various arts and crafts. That will definitely go well even when you are working on a plain and boring piece of wood.

Fortunately, this 18-piece of permanent acrylic paint markers can make this happen and give your wooden projects an artistic touch. As beautiful as the brand sounds, Colorfairy is all about a bright collection of colors that will revamp your wood projects with magical hues – from the basic shades to metallic ones and darker tones.

Apart from this preppy set of colors, each pen boasts water-based paint that dries quickly. Therefore, there is no hassle painting in layers or building colors for solid coverage. The acrylic paint is highly pigmented that will accentuate details, outlines, and even the littlest details on the surface.

The silver and gold colors flourish lines and strokes with sheer finishes. The dark tones, on the other hand, look incredibly vivid against white or light surfaces while the white color is the other way around.

The very fine tip also does the trick to produce accurate rendering. I love how the lines and strokes turn out to be impeccably neat and crisp. Plus, it makes painting in smaller areas effortless, especially for a meticulous artist like me.

Furthermore, the waterproofing properties are pretty impressive. I bet this is a significant factor to consider when you are planning to create outdoor decorations. Since it can endure rain or varying outdoor conditions, there is no need to worry about displaying it outside for a long time.

One more thing, I appreciate that these acrylic pens are non-toxic, which heightens the safety standards. In this way, you can paint and have fun with kids or even leave them to play and be creative while you take a rest.

These are great pens, especially for kids and beginners. I just wish they would last longer. Some have already dried out after several uses.

  • A set of assorted color pens that provide all the necessary shades
  • Uses water-based ink for effortless applications and quick-drying paints
  • Delivers an array of vivid colors that can showcase beautiful artwork hues
  • Features very fine tips for accurate rendering and detailing
  • Non-toxic; Safe for kids
  • Some pens easily dry out

For a set of wood paint pens that will amplify your art with a beautiful spectrum of colors, I recommend going for this set.

7. NAWOD Premium Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

nawod premium acrylic paint marker pens

When it comes to a versatile color collection, I can’t think of anything else but this 35-piece set of NAWOD premium acrylic marker paint pens. It includes all the essential colors to create artistic projects. Some colors may have duplicates but the difference lies within the tip sizes.

I do not usually have issues using acrylic paint pens with uniformed tip sizes, but having them in two different sizes would be better. That is why I am fond of using these paint pens due to their medium and fine tip sizes.

Filling in narrow spaces or creating small details is easier with this 0.7mm fine tip. The medium tips, on the other hand, are reliable for covering large areas and producing blocks of colors.

Moreover, the nylon tips are stiff and durable, preventing any messy ink pooling or paint splatters. It can produce clean and crisp lines that are imperative for outlines or detailed strokes.

Besides their versatility, the water-based ink lends smooth and opaque colors. I like the fluidity of ink that flows smoothly on the tips. But the best thing about it is its resistance to water and various conditions, which is why it is suitable to use for outdoor decorations.

Apart from wood, I have also been using it on different surfaces like metal, fabric, plastic, canvas, glass, stones, concrete, and other non-porous and porous surfaces. However, I noticed that it wipes off easily on smooth surfaces, making me wonder whether they are permanent or not.

Although this may seem a caveat, I found out that it works better on porous surfaces like wood. And if this should be used on non-porous surfaces, it is important to allow it to dry for a couple of hours or overnight to keep the paint intact.

  • A set of colorful markers with two different tip sizes
  • Can create fine and broad consistencies
  • Uses water-based ink for seamless applications and color vividness
  • Water-resistant
  • Features durable and stiff nylon tips for accurate and neat applications
  • Wipes off easily on some smooth or non-porous surfaces

Nevertheless, this set is worth every penny if varied consistencies and vibrant shades are the main goals. There might be issues with its permanence but this paint pen set can amplify your work with delightful pops of colors.

8. PANDAFLY White Paint Pens

pandafly white paint pens

Black and white may seem dull but these colors have always defined sophistication and simplicity. And whenever I run out of these colors in my wood paint marker set, I always look for this Pandafly set for white and black paint pens.

This includes 6 white and 2 black paint pens, which I think is more than enough to complete several projects. If you aim for minimalist abstract lines or mandalas in panda colors, I suggest going for this set.

The pens use a water-based ink that dries quickly so you can easily layer the colors. This also prevents smudges or bleeding, which may ruin your artistic designs. I love using these white paint pens against black or any dark surfaces. Trust me, you will see how the white paint pops out beautifully, revealing its super pigmented color.

I also love the fact that the manufacturer included two black paint pens in this set, which can be useful when building contrast against the white paint. They are very pigmented as well, allowing you to create solid outlines and crisp lines.

Both colors feature 0.7mm fine tips that render accurate detailing and intricate strokes. They do not feel scratchy or rough even when you produce delicate lines. Thanks to these sturdy tips and fluid acrylic paint, drawing and outlining have never been much easier.

One more thing I noticed is that they go so well with wood surfaces even on non-porous surfaces like metal, glass, ceramic, porcelain, and more. Just make sure to let it dry for a day or so to keep the paint permanent.

I have no issues with its performance and paint quality. I think the potential issue would be the limited color options. All you have is black and white, which may only work as supplementary colors.

  • A set of black and white paint pens for classic and elegant shades
  • Uses highly pigmented water-based ink for vivid colors
  • Dries quickly; Allows multiple layering without smudges and bleeding
  • Able to create very fine lines and intricate strokes
  • Long-lasting colors
  • Very limited color selection

One thing is for sure: these white and black paint pens can wrap up painting jobs without leaving any messy paint smudges or splatters. The highly pigmented water-based ink and fine tips allow you to paint exquisite details effortlessly.

9. Niutop Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Pens

niutop fine tip acrylic paint pens

Painting with a vast array of paint pens is an enjoyable and colorful feast for many artists. The feeling is the same whenever I work with this Niutop 26-piece acrylic paint set for wood and other surfaces.

These paint markers exhibit a beautiful palette of dark and bright colors, ranging from the basic colors to multiple shades of green, red, yellow, pink, and purple. It also includes metallic shades such as silver and gold, which can be useful for shimmery designs.

Besides the stunning spectrum of colors, these paint pens stay vivid and pigmented due to their water-based acrylic paint. The colors flow smoothly and dry quickly, allowing artists to create layers of colors without worrying about messy blotches.

Every stroke is very pigmented and lays down paint without skipping, rendering paint without any streaks. Just like the markers I have used before, these markers use 0.7mm extra fine tips for precise lines and details.

Moreover, the tips are stiff and sturdy, which I think helps if you need to color or draw with better control. So far, all the pens do a great job, especially when working with wood. Since they are easy to use and function like typical markers, everyone can use them.

Aside from that, I am pretty sure many artists need to know whether or not the markers are safe to use. Luckily, these paint pens are non-toxic and odorless, and kids can definitely use them.

I guess the only caveat is these pens seem to run out fast. Although the colors are quite attractive, it is a bit bummer that some colors do not seem to match the shades displayed on the lids.

  • A set of assorted paint pens to provide a broad spectrum of colors
  • Formulated with water-based acrylic paint for vividness and smooth flow
  • Quick-drying that allows multiple layering
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners
  • Sturdy fine tips that deliver detailed strokes
  • The ink seems to run out fast
  • Some colors look different from the displayed shades on the lids

Needless to say, you can get started with wood painting and crafting with this paint pen set. Although these are not professional quality acrylic pens, it is worth trying, especially for beginners.

10. CH HAICHENG Acrylic Markers Paint Pens

ch haicheng acrylic markers paint pens

Versatile paint pens are a holy grail in my marker collection. They make painting and making wood art projects a lot easier, knowing that you can use them for different types of surfaces like wood. That said, these CH HAICHENG acrylic paint markers are among my favorites.

Some of the paint markers that I have tried work well with non-porous surfaces but not with porous surfaces. Sometimes, it is vice versa. That is when these markers are exceptional because they perform impressively on almost every surface type without compromising the color quality and smooth finishes.

Like most acrylic pens, they are water-based, meaning that they deliver vivid colors. Plus, they are quick-drying, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. This allows you to safely draw and display your wood projects and crafts right away.

One more thing I appreciate about these pens is their transparent body or ink container. It is easy to track the amount of ink you have used. Therefore, you won’t have to wonder if the pen suddenly runs out.

Aside from that, these pens look aesthetically pleasing because you can clearly see their bright colors through the containers.

The 2mm medium round tips also make a difference. Since they are larger, you will have the utmost control and precision to deliver various line widths. They fill large areas with smooth coverage.

Everything sounds perfect but these pens also have some drawbacks: they are not reliable for smaller lines and are hard to blend.

  • A set of versatile markers that work on multiple surfaces
  • Uses water-based acrylic paint for smooth finishes and vibrant hues
  • Quick-drying and non-toxic
  • Features a clear resin body to easily monitor ink level
  • Designed with medium tips for broad coverage and optimum control
  • Not able to create very fine details
  • Difficult to blend sometimes

I recommend this set if you are after maximum versatility. Besides wood, you can use it on almost every type of surface and showcase your artistic crafts and designs.

What to Look For When Buying a Paint Pen for Wood

best pens for writing on wooden plaques

Ink Type

These acrylic paint pens can either be water-based or oil-based. Both types provide an incredibly beautiful array of vivid colors and consistent flow rates. The major differences, however, are the drying time, longevity, and durability or resistance to water and different conditions.

When it comes to pigment quality and color retention or durability, oil-based inks impressively present these features. This is also the reason why most permanent markers are oil-based since they do not wash off or wear out too quickly.

The typical caveat with oil-based paint pens is their drying time. Some brands innovatively designed their pens to be quick-drying but they still require a relatively long time to dry completely.

Otherwise, they will smudge or bleed. But it is all worth the wait when they dry because oil-based paints are impeccably long-lasting and will probably stay intact despite the rain or other outdoor conditions.

Meanwhile, water-based inks share excellent merits: they are more fluid, which means they can flow more smoothly while providing sophisticated finishes. Plus, the vivid colors. They are also much safer to use as they are typically non-toxic and eco-friendly, not to mention odorless.

When it comes to their drying time, water-based paint pens dry much faster than oil-based ones. Therefore, layering colors without smudges or splatters is achievable. The only slight pitfall is that some of them are not permanent and tend to wash off easily.

Surface Compatibility

You can find a paint pen that is specifically designed for wood although most of the best options are flexible and can work across different surface types. The paint pens mentioned in our list are versatile designs and render vivid colors on wood as well as other non-porous and porous surfaces.

Tip Size

Tip sizes usually range from fine to broad or medium tips. Smaller tips (usually around 0.7mm to 1mm) can spruce up your artistic details with finer lines and intricate strokes. On the other hand, medium tips (2mm to 3mm) can produce blocks of colors and fill in large spaces as well as create thick consistencies.

Color Range and Opacity

Most acrylic paint pens are uniquely formulated with opaque and vibrant inks. You may consider this factor if you are going to display your artistic wood projects or decorations outdoors. This is because opaque colors do not usually wear out or fade easily over time even when exposed to light or outdoor conditions.

Another thing to consider is the number of paint pens you need. They are typically available in sets, which is a practical option if you want to try different colors.

For colorful wood projects and art pieces, you may consider getting a dozen or more.

Some brands offer assorted colors while others offer sets of a particular color only. This depends on your preferences and needs. These markers are easy to use so you can start with a few or go for a broader color selection to experiment and play with different shades.

Frequently Asked Questions

best paint markers for wood

How to get Permanent Markers off of Wood?

There are three (3) things you can use to remove permanent markers: (1) Isopropyl alcohol, (2) toothpaste, and (3) nail polish remover. The procedure is almost the same for each of these household items. All you need is a piece of cloth and a small amount of either of these. Then, gently rub it on the stained or affected spost.

For the toothpaste, make sure to avoid the gel type. Use a damp cloth for this, put a small amount, then rub it across the surface.

Do Paint Pens Work on Painted Wood?

The good news is acrylic paint pens work great on almost any surface whether it is smooth or rough, including painted wood. So, yes, you can write or draw over painted wood. Just make sure to leave it dry completely to keep the paint long-lasting. This can also prevent any messy smudges or bleeding.


The best paint pens for wood should provide vivid colors, consistent and smooth flow, and long-lasting quality. In this way, you can showcase your wood projects using a beautiful spectrum of colors. While finding the ultimate option can be challenging, the roundup reviews and comprehensive guide mentioned above will help you narrow down the choices.

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