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The Best Pens for Bible Journaling in 2023

colnk journaling planner gel pens

You cannot use just any old pen for bible journaling. The problem with most pens is that their inks would bleed through the page. With the thin pages most Bible journals have, it is almost always an issue. The best pens for bible journaling do not just address the issue of ink bleeding but also provide a lot of other benefits that other pens do not.

You can try to figure out which pens are the best for journaling by trying out as many of them as you can until you find the one that suits your needs the most. Or you can continue reading this review so you do not have to potentially spend a lot of money on extensive trial-and-error.

I have taken on the task of trying out as many pens as possible so I could provide you with insight on which of them are worth your time and money. Continue reading to get a couple of recommendations and a bit of advice for when you want to go on your own search.

Best Pens for Bible Journaling Reviews

1. Mr. Pen Bible Journaling Pens

mr. pen bible journaling pens

If you like to keep your Bible notes organized by color-coding them or just write using bright colors because they put a smile on your face, then you should get a pack of these pens. You will be getting ten different colors of pens that will make your bible journaling even more fun and inspiring.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a bible journaling pen is that you need pens that won’t bleed through Bible pages. This pen delivers just the right amount of ink that it will dry while still on the surface. It will not also go through the page and onto the other side.

Thanks to these pens’ ballpoint tips, writing on thin and delicate paper will not be a problem at all. The tip glides over the surface almost effortlessly. It will not scratch or rip through the thin pages of a Bible so you can write on them as much as you want without damaging the surface.

The best thing about these pens is that they are quite budget-friendly. For the same price as a top brand marker, you will be getting a pack of ten pens. It adds up to less than a dollar a pen, which is a great value for any kind of pen, let alone a non-bleeding one.

The issue that I have with these pens is that you have to scribble a bit before the pen would start writing. Even with a retracted tip, the ink would still dry at the ballpoint. This is why you need to have a piece of paper handy to get the pen going.

  • The package comes with 10 different colored pens
  • The ink does not bleed through pages
  • Writes smoothly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Boasts of fine points that are perfect for writing on the margins
  • Needs to scribble to get started

These are just regular ballpoint pens but with the added benefit of using non-bleeding and quick-drying ink, making them one of the best colored pencils for bible journaling. The sturdy and smooth ballpoint tip makes writing on the bible much easier. It does not scratch or snag on the paper, making it an inexpensive option for journaling of any kind.

2. iBayam Fineliner Journaling Pens

ibayam fineliner journaling pens

If you like using a lot of colors for your Bible journal, then you will be glad to know that this kit comes with 24 different colored felt-tipped markers. You will have more than enough choices to make your journaling journey more fun. You can also use these markers for other hobbies like adult coloring books or drawing mandalas.

I was a bit apprehensive at testing these for bible journaling as most of the felt-tipped pens I tried poked holes through the paper. Imagine to my surprise that these markers wrote smoothly on the thin paper of my journal without a snag. You do have to put very light pressure on the tip.

Another nice thing about this set of markers is the vibrantly pigmented ink that they use. Even the light colors, like yellow, are visible on white paper. When you use these pens for bible journaling, you can be sure that when you go back to your previous notes you can still read your writings.

Speaking of the ink, these markers use non-toxic and water-based inks. These markers do not have any smelly fumes like alcohol-based inks. They hardly have any smell at all. In addition, if you happen to get ink on your fingers accidentally, you can easily wash it off using soap and water.

Here is the problem with these markers. They bleed through the paper slightly. If you hold the pen on one point a bit too long, the ink will bleed through the page. However, the bleeding is not too bad that you will get ink on the next page. However, it can still be quite annoying.

  • Comes in 24 different colors
  • Has smooth-writing felt tips
  • Features vibrant-colored inks that show even on dark surfaces
  • Uses water-based inks that have no fumes
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case
  • Bleeds a bit

If you will be using these pens for bible journaling, you better make sure that the paper is thick enough so that the ink will not bleed through quite as much. Using this on the typical thin parchment of most bible journals will make the ink bleed through the paper. However, it might not mark the following page.

3. Sakura Pigma Micron Bible Journaling Pens

sakura pigma micron bible journaling pens

The Sakura brand is well-known among artists as being one of the best Bible journaling pens. These markers have rounded felt tips that allow them to glide over the paper smoothly and without snagging on the fibers. These pens will always write uniformly. There will be no ghosting or skipping. You will always get fine and uniform lines.

Although the number of colors in this package is not as many as in the other brands, their colors are quite bright and accurate. If you will be using these markers for things other than bible journaling, like coloring or drawing, you will love their bright colors.

As mentioned earlier, these markers have other potential uses other than just bible journaling or note-taking in general. I primarily use these markers for drawing, for line drawings specifically. These markers write so uniformly that I am confident in using them for making close parallel lines.

The reason why these markers are ideal for bible journaling is that they do not bleed through paper. Even when writing on thin paper, there will be very minimal to no bleeding whatsoever. When I use these for bible journaling, the other side of the page is still usable for taking notes.

I do have a small complaint, though, and it might only affect artists who are very particular with their equipment. I do not like that there is no number coding on the markers. These markers would have gotten higher scores if this small yet somewhat detail was included.

  • The rounded micro felt-tip pens write smoothly
  • Comes with 8 different colored pens
  • Ideal for line drawings and coloring
  • Does not bleed through paper
  • Contains a lot of ink
  • Does not have color numbers on the cap

The Sakura Pigma pens are popular in artists’ circles for being excellent writing implements. These markers are not just great for drawing but they also excel at note-taking. Although these pens are a bit on the pricier side, they are a good investment if you are somewhat serious about journaling.

4. G.T. Luscombe Fineliner Bible Pens

g.t. luscombe fineliner bible pens

There are only a handful of the best bible journaling supplies that are specifically made just for writing on thin parchment paper. Even if you are using a regular bible that has really thin pages, you can be sure that these markers will not bleed through. The colors will slightly show through the page, but it will not go all the way through.

Another reason why these pens are great for bible journaling is the 0.8mm fine tip. These markers can write a thick enough line that you can easily read your notes. However, it is still not so big that your thoughts will not fit inside the margins of the page.

Aside from not bleeding, these markers also use quick-drying inks. This means that the ink does not have any time to smudge. This is good news for lefties and right-handed people who are messy writers. You will be glad that you do not need to wash the ink off the base of your wrists every time you finish your journaling for the day.

If you also like to give your bible journals a bit more character by using different colored pens, you will be happy to find that this suitable pen for writing in the Bible comes with 12 different colored markers. Aside from color-coding your notes, you can also draw colorful doodles. You can let your creativity go wild with these pens.

I cannot find any fault with these pens apart from the fact that some of them do not seem to have that much ink. I try to balance the use of every color. However, some colors dried out way before the others did. If you are an extensive journal keeper, then you should get two kits just in case.

  • Made specifically for writing on bible paper
  • Has a 0.8mm tip for precise and fine lines
  • Quick-drying ink, which does not smudge
  • The color shows through but does not bleed
  • The kit contains 12 vibrant colors
  • Does not have quite as much ink

This is one of the top pens that you can use for bible journaling. The ink shows clearly on the page, but it does not bleed unless you stay in one spot for too long. If you are really particular about the pens that you use for bible journaling, then these pens may just be the perfect choice for you.

5. COLNK Journaling Planner Gel Pens

colnk journaling planner gel pens

These pens use quick-drying gel inks. Because of the thick consistency of the ink, it shows up clearly on any kind of paper. The ballpoint tips of these pens also make them easy to write with. You can expect them to glide over the surface with ease. Unlike fine-point felt-tip pens, they will not snag on the fibers of the paper.

The thing I like about gel ink pens, in general, is their thick consistency. This means that they are not as easily absorbed by the paper, which prevents them from bleeding through too much. I have been using these pens for bible journaling for a couple of weeks and I have only experienced minimal bleeding.

I also love the silicone grip. The silicone grip makes the pens easy to grasp and control. These pens for bible art journaling are ideal for me because the margins of my bible are not that big so I have to write in small letters. The combination of the smooth ballpoint tip and the silicone grip makes writing a joy with these pens.

To prevent the pens from leaking while in storage or while on delivery, each pen has a red wax seal on the tips. The wax prevents the tips from leaking and drying out while they are still in storage. Once you receive your pens, just pick off the wax tips and the pens are ready to go.

Regarding performance, I cannot find anything serious worth complaining about. However, and this is purely subjective, the cutesy mouse designs on the “vintage” pen sets are a bit off-putting. I would have liked it better if the pens were just plain, but then again, this is my personal preference.

  • Has quick-drying ink, which prevents smudging
  • Does not bleed through the page
  • Has comfortable silicone grips
  • Comes with wax seals to prevent the ink from drying
  • The kit comes in 8 different colors
  • The vintage pens have childish designs

If you don’t mind the rather childish designs (it’s also okay if you like them, no judgment), these gel pens are excellent choices for bible journaling. The colors are bright and bold and they do not bleed that much through the pages.

6. Writech Retractable Journaling Gel Pens

writech retractable journaling gel pens

Among the absolute best things about these gel pens are the colors of the inks. You will still be getting various colors, but these are not the usual bright pigments. You will be getting vintage color themes that are still some of your usual colors but dulled down to look old. You will be getting unusual yet pretty colors, like carambola green, cameo brown, and smoky rose, to name a few.

These pens use thicker consistency gel inks that dry quickly to avoid smudging. The inks’ thick consistency also prevents them from bleeding through the paper. I have been using these pens for a couple of weeks’ worth of bible journal writing and I have yet to experience any bleed-through from any color.

Another nice thing about these pens is that they write smoothly, thanks to their ballpoint tips. The tips of these pens effortlessly glide over the paper, laying down just the right amount of ink. I haven’t had any problems with skipping, ghosting, or blotting yet, which makes me quite satisfied with these pens.

Aside from writing journals, I also use these pens for making line drawings, mandalas, and for adult coloring books. It just seemed like it’s a shame not to use all of these beautiful colors for creating artwork. The nice thing about these pens, though, is that the ink still won’t bleed through even when used to color blocks or shapes.

It was hard to find anything to fault these best highlighters and pens for bible journaling with, but if I must, I would say that I am not quite satisfied with the quality of the pen clips. A couple of the pens in my set already had their clips snapped off by accident, although it is a good thing that the tips could still retract.

  • Come in vintage color tones
  • Features a ballpoint tip for smooth writing
  • The quick-drying ink does not smudge
  • The ink does not bleed through
  • Ideal for coloring and drawing
  • The pen clip is flimsy

Just the colors of these pens alone make them worth using for bible journaling. Add to those the smooth writing capabilities, the comfortable grip, and the quick-drying and non-bleeding inks, these pens are the near-perfect choices for hobbyists.

7. MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pens

mylifeunit fineliner color pens

The reason why this color pen set ranks quite high on my list of bible journaling pens is the presence of ultra-fine 0.4mm nibs. You will need a fine liner if you want to do bible journaling because you will only have a limited amount of space to write on. These markers allowed me to jot down all my thoughts with still enough space to spare.

If you like colorful bible journals, then you will like this set of 10 colorful markers. You can color-code your entries, underline passages, and add annotations to the pages as much as you like. You can also use these to create doodles if that is how you feel like that day.

These are also ideal for use by kids, especially since they use water-based inks. So even if they write all over their hands and arms, they easily wash off using regular soap and water. Now, if they write all over their clothes, you can use an oxy cleaner to get rid of the stains with ease.

Unlike other ultra-fine tipped markers, these items have nibs reinforced by a stainless-steel cladding. This means you can place a bit more pressure on the nibs and you can’t still expect them to bend or break. However, you really should not put too much weight on the tips as it will cause the ink to bleed through.

Speaking of bleeding, these markers are not ideal for coloring as the ink will easily bleed through if you place more than two layers of ink on the paper. If you want to use these to color, you should use a light pointillism technique or maybe even hash the lines a bit.

  • Very fine 0.4 nib draws uniformly
  • Comes with 10 different-colored pens
  • Uses water-based ink, which is easy to wash off
  • Has a metal-clad nib for strength and durability
  • Has plenty of other uses other than Bible journaling
  • Not ideal for coloring

The nice thing about these markers is that they have ultra-fine nibs so you can cram a lot of words in the limited amount of space, like the borders of a bible. The vivid colors also help add a lot of whimsy and fun to your journaling hobby.

8. SUTOROO Markers Brush Pens

sutoroo markers brush pens

The nice thing about these best bible marking pens is that they have dual tips, meaning one end has a fine point nib and the other has a soft felt brush tip. The fine tips are great for jotting down notes and annotating while the felt brush is great for highlighting passages. These pens can do the job of several types of pens.

Another nice thing about these markers is that they use non-bleeding water-based ink. If you want to highlight half a chapter of the text, you can do so without worrying about the ink bleeding through to the next page. However, I still recommend that you place a loose page between pages to catch any bleed through if there is any.

I particularly like the 0.4mm fine tip because it allows me to jot down as many words as I want on the limited spaces in the bible’s margins. The 0.4mm point writes uniformly so even if I write using small letters, it is still easy to read them. I went back to my other journal entries from the past weeks and I could still read my notes with no problem.

These markers come in 24 different colors, so you will never be left wanting for variety. If you like to color-code your notes or doodle in the pages to add more character to your journal, you can certainly do so using these markers. These markers also use water-based inks, so they do not have any smelly fumes.

The only issue I have with these markers is quite minor and most people might not have the same problem. The problem I have is that you must hold the fine tip nib almost perpendicular to the surface to make it write evenly. This does not happen to all the markers, but most of them have this problem.

  • Has dual tips for added versatility
  • Uses non-bleeding ink
  • Has an ultrafine 0.4mm felt tip nib
  • Uses water-based inks
  • Comes with 24 different colored markers
  • You have to get the fine liner tip at a certain angle to get it to write

These markers are the best choice not just for bible journaling but also for drawing and adult coloring books. The dual tips really add a lot of versatility to the pens. You do not need a separate set for note-taking and highlighting as this one set does it all.

9. Aen Art Journaling Gel Pens

aen art journaling gel pens

The feature that sets these gel pens heads and shoulders above the rest is that they have almost 40% more ink compared to other brands. I have been using these markers for a couple of weeks for bible journaling and I barely made a dent in the ink levels of the pens. I predict that it will be quite a while before I buy a new set of pens.

If you like your bible journal colorful and whimsical, you will love the variety of colors that come with this set. Not only are you getting the regular ink colors but you will also receive pastels, neon, glitter, and metallic ink markers. If you like changing up the look and feel of your journals every day, then you will be happy with these pens.

These gel pens also have ballpoint tips that are best for bible journaling because they will glide smoothly over the paper. Unlike felt tip pens, these do not have any chance of snagging on the paper and punching a hole through the page. They also have a very fine point, so you can write down all your thoughts without worrying about space.

One issue, though, is that I find the glitter pens not that useful for the majority of my tasks. I think it would have been better if those were traded with more color choices.

  • Has a ton of ink
  • Comes in 30 individual colors
  • Has smooth-writing ballpoint tips
  • Does not bleed through paper
  • Has comfortable silicone grips
  • Should have more color choices, could have done without the glitter pens

You can unleash your creativity when you use this kit of gel pens. These are quite ideal for bible journaling as the gel inks dry quickly and do not bleed through thin paper. With all the colors at your disposal, your bible journal will be a lot more fun to revisit.

10. Soucolor Dual Tip Brush Markers Pens

soucolor dual tip brush markers pens

I liked that these markers have dual tips because they add a lot of versatility. With the fine tip end, I can jot down all my thoughts all over the margins. The fine point allows me to write as many words as I want in the limited space and still have more left to spare.

You will never run out of colors to use as you will be getting 32 different-colored markers in the set. I often draw doodles on the pages aside from jotting down my thoughts and I like to use as many colors as I can, and this set really left me satisfied.

Aside from journaling, I also used these pens for drawing and coloring. I also discovered that the brush tips are excellent for calligraphy work. To say that these pens are getting put to good use in my house is an understatement. I may need to get another set before the ones I have run out of ink because I cannot imagine myself using other brands now.

The main reason I got these markers is for bible journaling and they worked great for the purpose. The fine tips made it easier to write within the limited space inside the margins. I also use lighter colors for highlighting passages. Although they are not as translucent as I wanted them to be, they do the job well.

The only gripe I have with these markers is that some of the colors are too similar. For instance, there are three pink shades and their differences are somewhat negligible.

  • Comes with dual tips
  • The pack comes in 32 different colors
  • The fine tips make it easy to write on the margins
  • Ideal for drawing and coloring
  • Does not bleed through the paper
  • Some colors are too similar to each other

Although these are not professional-grade markers, they are good enough for bible journaling. You will never run out of color combinations to try with this set of 32 colored markers. You can let your creativity run loose while you are writing in your journal.

What to Look For When Buying a Pens for Bible Journaling

best bible journaling pens

Are you confused with the number of brands that you need to choose from? If this is your first time shopping for bible journaling pens, it would help if you knew what you need to look for. To help you get started, here are some of the most important qualities you need to keep an eye out for.

Non-Bleeding Inks

Bible highlighters that don’t bleed are among the most important things that you need to look for. You will be using these pens to write on the margins of a Bible and they often use very thin paper.

Using a pen that bleeds through paper easily will make your journal look messy. In addition, if the ink bleeds through, you will not have any space on the next page for your next journal entries.

Smooth Writing

Keep in mind that you will be writing on paper that is quite thin and delicate, so you need to use a pen that essentially glides over the surface with ease. Ballpoint pens have always been the favorite of bible journal keepers for the longest time but now, many felt-tip markers can write just as smoothly.

If you can, try to test as many pens as you can. Choose the one that feels the most comfortable for you.

Ink Quality

Aside from not bleeding through paper, you need to get pens with ink that shows clearly on the paper. You should look for pens with inks that remain vibrant and clear even after years have passed since writing. This way, if in the future you wanted to revisit some of your old journals, you can still read them clearly.

Vibrant Colors

Are you the type who likes to color-code journals? Or maybe you are the type who likes to write in different colors just for fun? Whichever type of journal keeper you are, you would want a set thathas different colored pens.

Some people are satisfied with getting 3 to 5 primary colors while others want pens that have all colors of the rainbow, and maybe even more. There are even some pens that have neon, glitter, and metallic inks. Choose the ones that strike your fancy the most.

Tip Size

Keep in mind that you will be writing inside the margins of a bible, which means you do not have a lot of space to work with. It is the reason why you need pens with ultrafine tips to help you write inside the limited space you have. For this purpose, I suggest that you look for pens that have tip sizes smaller than 0.5mm.

Aside from writing inside the margins, if you like to place annotation symbols within the text, having an ultrafine liner will help you put as many notes and symbols as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bible journaling supplies

What Kind of Pens to Use for Bible Journaling?

There are no strict rules in place when it comes to choosing pens for bible journaling. As long as you can write clearly within the margins and the ink does not bleed through the page, then you can use any kind of pen that you like.

Can you Use Regular Pens for Bible Journaling?

Yes, you are free to use any kind of pen that you like, even regular ballpoint pens. You just need to ensure that the ink does not bleed through the page. It should not smudge easily.


Bible journaling can be a fun and fulfilling hobby. You can make this hobby even better by using the best pens for Bible journaling. Having the right writing instrument can make your journal entries look neat and clean. The use of non-bleeding ink is also important because it prevents you from wasting the next page of your journal.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from the best markers for bible journaling, you can start on your own quest to find the right pens that will help make Bible journaling a lot more fun than it already is.

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