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The Best Pens for Black Paper in 2023

best pens for black paper

Are you into writing crafts? Do you like scribbling, doodling, sketching, journaling, and creating impressive artwork? If yes, you’re probably aware that buying the best pens for black paper is necessary. To accomplish a beautiful masterpiece, you’ve got to get the suitable markers that can serve as your companion.

Nowadays, there are lots of first-rate pens and materials that look beautiful on black paper. But, to get the most suitable option for you, you must be knowledgeable of what you’re searching for. To ensure ending up with a wise investment, you might want to explore the product reviews and buying guides below.

Best Pen for Black Paper Reviews

1. BOXUN Premium Gel Pen for Black Paper

boxun premium gel pen for black paper

Do you prefer the best metallic pens for black paper? Then, you might want to inspect the unique features of this item. I bought this for my teenage daughter, who is into sketching and drawing. I chose these metallic gel pens because they’re water-based and ensure sleek ink flow. My daughter loves them because they’re ideal for several different uses as well.

What’s more, these pens are designed to be toxic-free, acid-free, and quick-drying. So, if safety is what you’re concerned about, this option is risk-free to be used by everyone. This is one of the reasons why they’ll make an excellent gift for artwork enthusiasts. These items are not prone to bleeding, so they can be safely used for Bible highlighting too.

As for affordability, these pens for black paper are pocket-friendly, so I didn’t need to spend more. My daughter adores the different colors, including silver, white, and gold. I am always fascinated by my daughter’s masterpiece, and I’m glad that I bought her the right pens. These markers are smooth to use, so working on your craft is easier and fun-filled.

Moreover, they execute a great job when used on black papers. They encourage you to unleash your creativity by drawing more artistically. If you are into card-making, adult coloring, scrapbooking, and illustrating, these pens can be your go-to. You can easily store them after use, so no need to worry about the mess.

There’s no question as to how excellent this pen is when used on dark cardstock. On the cons, my daughter noticed that she had to apply more pressure to achieve the best result.

  • Toxic-free, acid-free, and quick-drying
  • Great for multiple applications
  • Water-based formulation with sleek ink flow
  • An excellent gift for artwork enthusiasts
  • The kit with gorgeous colors
  • Can work on dark cardstock but needs more pressure

To conclude, these metallic markers are a great value for the money. They are great additions to your artwork supplies.

2. Morfone Metallic Marker Pens

morfone metallic marker pens

These metallic pens for black paper work exceptionally for most surfaces. Designed as superbly pigmented pens, these are ideal for coloring the surface with a captivating look. They perform well in terms of providing a great metallic gloss to various art projects. I consider them as one of the most affordable pens for black papers.

What I liked best about them is that they are stellar to use for diverse crafts. So, they don’t limit your use. These markers are reliable when painting rocks, sketching on black paper, and for calligraphy. They have been my companion for several years now since I work in a card-manufacturing company.

Designed with a medium tip, these odor-free pens guarantee sleek, firm, and consistent ink coverage. So, unlike other markers, these are not messy to handle. Since they are crafted with water-based ink formulation, they are fast-drying and opaque. I think this is why they are deemed excellent for different art décor projects.

I used these markers on my DIY photo album, and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I realized that having the right art tools are a must to achieve the preferred outcome. So, I make sure that I don’t run out of supply. These markers are great investments for my artwork projects.

Nevertheless, I’m a bit disappointed because the colors of these pens are not as bright as I expected. A few colors are muted, so I hope the manufacturer can upgrade these items next time.

  • Produce smooth, firm, and consistent ink coverage
  • Perform excellently on most surfaces
  • Designed with a medium tip
  • Appear vivid and offer a stunning metallic gloss
  • Appropriate to use for several art decors
  • The colors are not the brightest

On the button, these metallic markers are highly recommended for crafting projects. They are odor-free and include diverse colors.

3. Dyvicl White Ink Pens

dyvicl white ink pens

I accidentally mentioned to a good friend that I was planning to buy a white ink gel pen. And, to my surprise, she handed me this set of white markers the next day. The pens are lightweight, come with a lovely circular barrel and a cinch to use. I am satisfied with these markers when I’m sketching on black or colored paper. They dry quickly, do not smear, and can resist water.

What I like most about these pens for black paper is that they are convenient to use for several applications. They work like a charm when writing or outlining on painting rocks. You can rely on them too when Bible journaling, sketching, coloring, scrapbooking, and detail drawing. Furthermore, they are toxic-free, acid-free, and waterproof.

The opaque white ink is adept in ensuring great coverage and sleek writing. In my opinion, this is the reason why beginners and professional artists pick this product. This fine-point white gel marker won’t break the bank since they are priced more affordably. If you’re thinking of a perfect gift to an artwork lover, this is a good option.

One time I found a few of these pens not smooth to write with. Luckily, my friend advised me to press the pen lightly to keep the gel consistent. She said that it’s normal for markers to act like that. So, every time I need to get a flow going, that’s what I do. Problem solved!

  • Designed with a fine point
  • Ideal present to give away on any occasion
  • Practical to use for a broad array of applications
  • Ensures excellent coverage and smooth writing
  • Highly recommended for colored or black papers
  • A few of these pens are not sleek to write with

Overall, I think these white markers for black paper are the real deal. They’re first-rate for accents and embellishments in the artwork.

4. PuTwo Metallic Markers

putwo metallic markers

Are you planning to get coloured pens that work on black paper? These metallic paint pens might be what you’re searching for. Such markers perform exceptionally in providing flawless color performance. You can use them on rock surfaces, black paper crafts, billboard signs, and ceramic mugs. They are designed as fade-resistant, toxic-free, and come with a fine tip.

Likewise, these artwork tools are recommended for buyers who prefer versatile applications. These waterproof metallic and glossy pens are unrivaled for graffiti, doodling, scrapbooking, and DIY posters. But, I find them more practical for card-making, autographs, coloring, signage-making, and calligraphy. I don’t leave home without these incredible pens with me.

Additionally, such fine tip markers enable me to write more smoothly, and they dry quickly. They look perfect when used on dark or black mediums as well. If you use them on light or white mediums, they won’t produce a standout presence. So, these pens seem to be best for darker mediums than light ones.

As for the price, these are economical options. You get more markers in one set, and they seem built to last. These pens can serve as helpful art tools for people who love to work on creative and artistic crafts. Young and adult users will find these items a must for various DIY projects.

Regardless, the potential setback of these markers is their unsuitability to be used on thin papers. Since they are pretty wet when used, they will work better on thick paper. Make sure to consider this minor glitch before getting one.

  • Guarantee second to none color performance
  • Ideal for versatile applications
  • Waterproof, fade-resistant, and toxic-free
  • Look stunning on dark or black mediums
  • Dry quickly and ensure sleek writing
  • Not ideal to use for thin papers

As a whole, these metallic gloss markers are unmatched when it comes to providing impeccable color performance.

5. MyArTool Metallic Marker Pens

myartool metallic marker pens

Artwork fanatics who need scrapbook pens for black paper will indeed find these items excellent additions to their art supplies. The water-based ink metallic pens are manufactured using top-quality materials. I am amazed to see how fast they dry, and they’re capable of providing strong coverage. These markers are fade-proof, opaque, acid-free, and odorless.

These are the best bang for the money because they are so affordable. They don’t look cheap and are helpful for several different applications. I can rely on them regardless of the medium I use when working on my art projects. I am impressed by their excellence in working on most surfaces.

In the same way, these metallic markers are ideal alternatives for painting on porous surfaces. I often use them for various DIY crafts. They did not fail me when I work on my scrapbook, paint on fabric, and make greeting cards. Surprisingly, the ink can be instantly removed using a wet cloth on glass or ceramic surfaces.

If smooth writing is your main concern, these gold metallic permanent pens can be your best buddies. They are a breeze to use. Best of all, they enable a smooth flow when coloring and drawing.

The main complaint I have about these metallic pens is that they run out of ink quite instantly than expected. But, apart from this, I find them dependable in executing their purpose. It would have been better if their ink is built to last longer.

  • Allows a broad range of uses
  • Can be used on various types of mediums
  • Fast-drying, sleek writing, and waterproof features
  • Several applications that work on most surfaces
  • Manufactured using premium quality water-based ink
  • Prone to run out of ink faster than expected

Right to it, these gorgeous metallic marker pens can outplay other expensive brands. Loaded with practical features, there is no need to look elsewhere.

6. Sunshilor Metallic Paint Pens

sunshilor metallic paint pens

I love paintings on black paper, so I find these medium-point metallic paint markers essential investments. Their medium-point design is perfect for creating thicker accents and lines. I prefer this option because I find them practical for my coloring, drawing, and writing activities. These eco-friendly markers are sterling in terms of covering large areas.

Furthermore, these pens for black papers are non-toxic, water-based, and odor-free. Since they adhere to ASTM D-4236 standards, they are safe to use. Each metallic color appears captivating and makes my artworks look more creative and fun-filled. The marks and lettering I create with these pens look more prominent.

Both beginners and professional artists will find these metallic paint pens good additions to their art tool collections. Whether you use them on light and dark surfaces, their colors will stand out. These markers are convenient to utilize on rock paint, fabric paint, and glass paint. I am impressed by their superiority in leaving a permanent and vibrant design on diverse surfaces.

Also, you’ll love the glittering and vibrant colors that these pens produce. Unlike other markers, you won’t have trouble with bleed-through. With them, I can take pleasure in impactful and permanent results. You can consider these items as must-have back-to-school supplies for your kids as well.

On the flip side, these metallic paint pens are pricier compared to other available options. But, in my opinion, these items are smart purchases since you get more than what you pay for.

  • Designed with a medium point for thicker accents and lines
  • Feature attractive, creative, and fun-filled colors
  • Highly recommended for beginners and professional artists
  • Eco-friendly option that guarantees excellent coverage
  • Appear luminous and bright on both light and dark surfaces
  • A bit pricey than other available options

To sum up, these metallic paint pens are specifically designed for challenging, rough, and sleek surfaces. They’re slightly costly but worth every penny.

7. Art-n-Fly White Gel Pens

art-n-fly white gel pens

Since I need pens with white ink to write on black paper, I discovered this brand. The white gel pen is designed as water-resistant. So, you can be assured that your doodles and drawings won’t smudge and will dry fast. The gel pens come with a fine point, so they are ideal for detailed illustrations. Alternatively, they can be utilized as excellent writing pens for a black sketchbook.

Similarly, these white gel pens feature a rubber grip to allow more convenient and comfortable use compared to other options. They are also toxic and acid-free and quite versatile to use for everyone. More importantly, these drawing and sketching pens allow for a neat and precise drawing.

The top-quality ballpoint design of these art tools makes every artwork more fascinating, creative, and fun-filled experience. You’ll never worry about running out of ink because these pens are filled with ink that will surely last. I think this feature is quite rare these days. So, that is another great advantage to users like me who do not wish to spend more.

On the downside, at times, if you draw over the dark colors, they bleed through. So, this needs adding several more layers. Unfortunately, there are a few instances when this does not get the job perfectly accomplished. But, you can avoid this from happening by handling the pens with more caution, especially when using thin mediums.

  • Designed with a rubber grip for more comfort and convenience
  • Work as premium quality writing pens
  • No smudge, dry fast, and water-resistant
  • Fine point design makes them ideal for detailed illustrations
  • Recommended for ensuring a neat and precise drawing experience
  • Dark colors sometimes bleed through

In general, these sketching pens are worth a shot for beginners and professional artists. Such gel ink pens can work wonders in your art projects.

8. INK LAB Metallic Marker Pens

ink lab metallic marker pens

I am fascinated by unique sketches on black paper. So, I consider these metallic markers multifunctional for my countless art projects. These are highly recommended for rock painting, black paper crafts, drawing, and customized mugs. These pens for black paper are safe to use for both adult and young users.

I find these metallic markers better options because they’re designed with a dual tip. Crafted with a brush tip and medium tip, they are best for creating neat lines and bold marks. Besides, I find them exceptional in filling shapes and making additional fine lines. You can rely on these black paper pens because they are compatible on most surfaces.

Built explicitly for dark or black surfaces, the ink of these pens does a great job of flowing excellently. Unlike other markers, they don’t require shaking, yet they can produce consistent colors. I use these markers on ceramics, fabric, card stocks, glasses, photos, and rocks. They are also dependable on my adult coloring projects.

I love the glittering adornments they provide to every artwork I work on. Additionally, these markers for black papers are easy to use and not bulky in hand. They can even fit easily in the loops of a pencil case. Hence, storing them after use is not burdensome for me.

Notwithstanding, these metallic marker pens are intended for dark or black surfaces only. This implies that if you utilize them on plain white surfaces, they won‘t work well. They don’t show up brilliantly and do not show up much when used on white mediums.

  • Designed as multifunctional that makes them ideal for diverse uses
  • Built with dual-tip metallic designs
  • Add glimmering adornments to different artworks
  • No shaking required; ink flows smoothly and nicely
  • Not bulky in hand and easy to store
  • Do not show up much and do not appear quite brilliant on plain white surfaces

Chiefly, I like these pens’ rich colors without being thick. The fine tip can instantly reach even the tiniest spaces.

9. Outus Gel Ink Pens for Black Paper

outus gel ink pens for black paper

Sometimes, looking for black gel pen drawings can be tricky. Fortunately, a professional artist friend recommended this item to me. These gel ink pens are manufactured with visible refills design. So, it is easier for me to tell when they’re running out of ink. But, what lured me to buy more of them is their sleek and effortless writing effect.

These gel coloring pens are designed with water-based inks, toxic-free, and are not prone to leaks. I find more comfort in using these gel pens whenever I scribble and sketch. The gel pen set is enough for me to work on various art projects. For a fact, I can share a few of these pens with other family members.

Each gel ink pen is equipped with a pen clip. This allows me to safely clip it on my pocket, notebook, or books. I can have instant access to these pens because they can also serve as bookmarks. Since I am into DIY crafts, I can always rely on these gel pens. They are ideal for illustrating, drawing on black paper, sketching, black envelopes, scrapbooking, and photos.

Be that as it may, I encountered minor issues with a few of the pens in this set. Two gel pens are a bit annoying to use. Their ink does not flow evenly. I tried to shake them a bit several times, and they work. If you don’t mind doing the shaking when necessary, these pens will be fine for you.

  • Serviceable for limitless applications
  • Designed with a safety clip for easy access and storage
  • Not prone to leaks, toxic-free with water-based ink formulation
  • Feature visible refills design
  • Guarantees more effortless and sleek writing effect
  • There are instances when the ink does not flow evenly

All features inspected, these ink gel pens are a hot deal. I love their visible refills design as it alerts me when I need to replace or buy another one.

10. Graphmaster Metallic Markers

graphmaster metallic markers

Drawing on black paper with white pencil is no longer a challenging task to deal with today. The good news is that there are premium quality art tools that you can resort to. Once you purchased this metallic marker set, you’ll get to enjoy many vivid colors. You can utilize these black paper pens for many art projects.

In addition, compared to other markers, these art tools are excellent for multiple surfaces. These are my buddies when working on different greeting cards for different occasions. They work excellently for diverse mediums too. I have used themon other mediums like plastic, glass, wood, metal, and even ceramics.

Fundamentally, these are excellent choices for people who prefer metallic gloss. These options are particularly formulated with water-based and opaque ink. So, these permanent markers will work best for photo albums, gift cards, and black papers. They don’t produce irking smell and do not contain toxins and acid.

I especially adore these permanent markers because of their capability to provide outstanding coverage. If you draw on sleek surfaces like glass and mugs, you won’t have problems removing the ink. You can remove it by using a drenched fabric or wash it in the dishwasher. In doing so, the colors will instantly fade.

One thing I dislike about these permanent markers is that they are prone to drying out instantly. This is more likely to happen if you forget to put the cap back after use. So, you need to take proper care of these metallic markers if you want them to last longer.

  • The set includes vivid metallic color marker set
  • Specifically formulated with water-based and opaque ink
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher or wipe with a wet fabric
  • Perfect to use for multiple surfaces
  • Provides outstanding coverage, free or odor, acid, and toxins
  • Look like prone to drying out faster

Finally, these glittering metallic markers are a smoking deal. Such eco-friendly pens can guarantee more excellent coverage and a smooth writing experience.

What to Look For When Buying a Pen For Black Paper

best metallic pens for black paper

Quality of Ink

The three things you need to look at include lightfastness, opacity, and strong visibility on black papers when it comes to ink. Search for pens that are designed with superiorly pigmented inks as these can offer strong visibility on black papers. Check the label as this feature is indicated there.

Also, check if the ink is opaque. The opacity of the ink means that it is unnecessary to re-apply the colors to obtain solid coverage. As for lightfastness, this feature means that your craft won’t be prone to fading even after an extended time.

Range of Color

As you know, pens are available in many different colors. Indeed, each of them offers particular colors. However, the question is, do you need all of them for your journaling? Of course, it is wise get the ones that will be useful for your art project.
Brightness and High Color Intensity

Colors with incredible intensity generally appear bright. On the other hand, colors with low intensity are muted. Regardless, this does not connote that all pens with incredibly bright colors work outstandingly on black paper. It is necessary to ensure that the quality of ink allows for that type of capability.

Point Sizes

Keep in mind that there is no ideal type of size or tip for pens. Hence, getting a set of fine, medium, and extra-fine points and a few brush tips will let you form a different array of art crafts.

Compatible with other Coloring Materials

Surely, mixing different coloring materials with your pens could lead to beautiful combined-media crafts. Nonetheless, not all markers for black papers are ideal for this type of work. This is why you should check the label and inspect if the pen is manufactured as “fast-drying.”

Frequently Asked Questions

best white pens for black paper

How to Print White Ink on Black Paper?

Step 1

Choose what computer program you prefer to utilize to layout your document. For instance, use InDesign or Adobe Photoshop if you’re working on something complex. For simple projects, you will do fine with basic Windows Paint.

Step 2

As you open the computer program, utilize the option “Fill” to form a black backdrop. Select 100% black as the fill color. For example, click the option “Color 2” in Paint, and pick the black color from the color palette. Afterward, just click the icon “Paint Bucket” to fill the page.

If you’re employing InDesign or something that comes with an identical format program, draw a box covering the page. From there, you can start filling it with black.

Step 3

Then, choose white as your forefront color. Start typing to form white text. You can select the text in your document if you already have it to make it white.

Step 4

Then, start feeding the paper into your printer. If you prefer, you can utilize regular white paper or print on black paper. Connect the printer to your laptop or personal computer.

Step 5

Finally, to print your document, select the icon “Print.”

How to Draw on Black Paper?

The good thing about drawing on black paper is that it already depicts the dark components. So, you only need to draw the illuminated parts of the objects or characters in your work. Hence, betting on what you draw, you can finish your drawing quickly than when using white paper. This way, it’ll appear more ethereal.

When drawing on black paper, you need to choose the right motif. Not to mention, you’ve got to select a suitable paper size. And, lastly, you’ll need to pick the appropriate medium.

What Pens Work Best on Black Paper?

Using black paper on any drawing and writing-related projects gives you a distinctive feeling that your background is in darkness. To add, it also allows you to enjoy painting the light on your drawing scenes.

The best pens that most artwork enthusiasts use today are Faber-Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor Premier.


Ultimately, using black paper for diverse artworks is quite fascinating.

But, it is a must to look for the best pens for black paper to guarantee a satisfying result. Trying new things and using new materials can help you enjoy countless opportunities to think outside of the box.

Working on different layouts and designs are, without a doubt, creative and delightful activities. With lots of top-quality pens available today, you can make your crafts even more fun-filled. We hope you can choose the right option for you by checking out the list and buying guide above.

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