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The Best Pens for Planners in 2023

best pens for planners

The year is about to end once more, and you are probably already planning to get a new planner. Note, though, that aside from that, you should also get the best pens for planners. It would be a shame to have a great planner, and then ruin it by using a mediocre pen to write your entries.

One of the reasons why you should use a separate special pen for your planner is to make the activity more enjoyable. If you have the best black pen for planners and a quality planner, it just makes the act of writing more fun.

Even the process of picking out pens for your planner can be fun and yet challenging. The reason is that there are lots of brands to choose from.

This article aims to teach you how to choose the most suitable pens for the happy planner and are worthy of your special planner. Although there are times when you get what you paid for, you can also get high-quality journal planner pens at affordable prices and that is our plan here.

Best Pens for Planners Reivews

1. VITOLER Journaling Planner Pens

vitoler journaling planner pens

If you like your journal to look colorful, then this set of 24 colors of fine-tipped markers might just be the thing that you need. I love using different colors of markers whenever I am writing in my planner. It just makes my notes a bit more organized and easier to understand.

These pens for passion planners have fine felt tips that write well. I have used other fine felt-tipped pens before and most of them snagged on the paper. Some also punched holes through them. These pens wrote like a dream. They glided over the paper almost as if they were ballpoint pens.

The inks were also quite nicely pigmented. I could easily tell which colors were which and they all contrasted well on white paper. Even the yellows showed nicely. If you like color-coding your journal entries or just think that using one color a day would be neat, then you would like how these markers work.

Speaking of the ink, these markers contain a lot of them. Just based on the size of the pens, I first thought that they would all be dried up before March. Surprisingly, the set lasted until June. If you will be using these for planners with entries that are significantly shorter than journals, one set might last an entire year.

The biggest issue I had with these markers is that some of them bled through the pages badly, especially the orange one. I had to set aside the orange marker and use it only for bulleting and maybe for doodling on the margins.

  • The set comes with 24 colored markers
  • The pens have fine felt tips that are ideal for note-taking
  • Have bright colors that do not fade easily
  • Contain a lot of ink
  • Comes with a sturdy plastic carrying case
  • Some of the colors bleed a lot

These pens are among the best-colored pens for planners if you like adding color to your planner entries. I highly recommend these markers for journaling enthusiasts who have limited budgets, but still want their journals or planners to look great.

2. Lelix Medium Point Felt Pens

lelix medium point felt pens

This set of pens have a wide assortment of colors to choose from. This is nice if you like color-coding your journal, or if you are like me who is fond of doodling on the margins of the page. In any case, though, it would be great to have a lot of colors to choose from rather than just having one or two.

Some people were a bit disappointed with the hard plastic tips of these pens, but I liked them quite a lot. Although they do not write as boldly as felt-tip pens, they do glide over the surface of the page smoothly. It is comparable to writing using ballpoint pens. They do not scratch or snag on the fibers of the paper.

Also, because these pens do not write as boldly as felt-tipped markers, they are still nice as the pens write without bleeding through the page quite as much. The pens will still bleed if your lines overlap one too many times. However, if you are just writing normally, then the ink should not bleed through the page.

One reason why these pens do not bleed quite as much as other pen brands is that the inks dry quickly. It only takes a couple of seconds for the ink to dry and set in the paper. Not only does this prevent bleeding but this also keeps the writing from smudging.

However, the biggest issue about these pens remains – that is they write lightly. You will need to place a bit more pressure on the paper if you want to leave a more visible mark. This means that it is slightly more tiring to use these pens compared to felt-tipped pens.

  • Provides 30 different colored pens
  • Feature durable and smooth-writing plastic tips
  • The inks dry quickly and are fade-resistant
  • The inks have minimum to no bleeding
  • Highly versatile pens with many uses
  • The pens write too lightly

These products would have been the best markers for planners if only they wrote clearly. However, they do make up for it by writing smoothly. The hard plastic nibs just glide over the surface of the paper so smoothly. If you like making long journal entries, you would love writing with these pens.

3. TANMIT Erasable Clicker Planners Gel Pens

tanmit erasable clicker planners gel pens

I tend to make a lot of mistakes when I am writing, so when I stumbled upon erasable gel pens, I liked them right away. These pens are among the best that I have tried so far, and they are affordable. These pens use thermo-sensitive inks, so you can erase the markers a lot of times without damaging the page you are working on.

While we are on the topic of inks, these markers use vibrantly-colored gel pen inks that contrast well on white paper. Most of the pens, except for a couple of the lighter colors, show up nicely on paper. These pens also write boldly, so I can easily tell the difference between the different colors.

These pens also use ballpoint tips, allowing these pens to write smoothly over all kinds of paper and making the top pens for a plum paper planner. The tip does not scratch the paper. It does not also get caught in the fibers like other fine-tipped markers do. If you like writing lengthy journal entries, then you would love to use these pens.

One of the things that I liked about these pens is that they come with retractable tips. There are no pen caps to worry about, which is a plus for me because I always seem to misplace them. This also means that I can safely put them in my pocket or bag without worrying about the pens leaking and leaving stains.

However, as I said earlier, some of the lighter colors do not show up well on white paper, especially the yellow one. This set would have gotten a higher score from me if all the colors contrasted well against the page. However, if you use a brown paper journal, then the colors might show up nicely.

  • The pens are erasable without damaging the paper
  • The set contains 10 vibrantly-colored pens
  • Feature ballpoint tips that write smoothly
  • Retractable tips that keep the ink from drying
  • Non-toxic inks without any noxious fumes
  • Some of the lighter colors do not contrast well on white paper

These products are great for people who are partial to pencils because they need to be able to erase their mistakes, making them the most trustworthy pens for Erin Condren planner. Not only do these pens allow you to erase your errors but they do so without leaving any residue on the paper and without damaging the page.

4. JARLINK Journal Planner Fineliner Pens

jarlink journal planner fineliner pens

I was quite surprised when I saw just how many pens I was getting for the price. There are a total of 48 different colors in the set, which is more than I needed for my journal and planner. I usually only use 5 or 6 colors for my planner, so I usually also use these pens for my adult coloring books, and they do a good job coloring those as well.

At first, I was a bit worried when I saw the felt tips of these pens. I do not have that many good experiences writing with this kind of pen. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these pens write smoothly on paper. It felt like I was using a pencil because the tips were not scratching the paper and did not snag.

Unlike using pencils, the writing left behind by these pens is vibrant. Even though these pens have fine tips (0.4mm), you can still clearly see the colors of each line. This is why aside from writing on planners, I also use these pens for making line drawings.

It might not seem significant for some people but I liked the plastic case that these pens came in. They help someone like me from losing pens. I am horrible when it comes to keeping track of my pens but with the help of the carrying case they came in, I still have all 48 of them even after a couple of months of use.

The only issue I have with these pens is the colors on the caps do not match the colors of the inks. Most of the colors are not even the same, so it is not just a matter of being one or two shades darker. What I did to fix this issue is I made a color swatch and labeled every one of the markers with a number.

  • 48 different colors of pens in just one set
  • The ink flows smoothly
  • The nice color saturation of the inks
  • The pens come in a nice plastic case
  • Versatile, making it ideal for adult coloring books and other art projects, too
  • The color accuracy of the caps is a bit off – I also noticed some duplicate colors

Even though there are duplicate colors in this set of pens, you will still be left with a lot of color choices. You will also be getting a lot of value for the price, so there isn’t that much that you can complain about.

5. COLNK Colored Retractable Gel Pens

colnk colored retractable gel pens

The colors of these pens give the same kind of feeling when you look through old diaries. The vintage colors make journaling and making planner entries more enjoyable. This is also great for those who want their journals to have a bit of color but do not like the fluorescent stuff.

These pens also make use of gel inks, so you can be sure that every line will be thick. Still, you have an assurance that they will not be so thick that you cannot do fine letterings. The pens all have 0.5mm points, which is just the right size for writing in journals and planners, but still thick enough that you can distinguish individual colors easily.

Another nice thing about these gel pens is that they have comfortable grips. There is a bit of rubber right near the writing tip that makes these pens comfortable to hold and easier to control. If your journal entries tend to get a bit too long, then you would love to use these pens.

Also, if you are like me who constantly loses your pen caps, then you will also love these pens because they come with retractable tips. This will prevent you from having to deal with pesky caps. This also means you can put the items in your bag without having to worry about the writing on all your stuff.

I do not have any gripes about how these pens work but the design on the pen bodies is kind of off. The vintage color inks do not jive with the cartoonish mouse designs printed on the bodies. On the other hand, if you do not mind the design, I can say that the pens are really good.

  • The ink has beautiful “vintage” colors
  • The pens use gel ink that lays on thick
  • Ergonomically designed pens
  • Retractable nibs that prevent leaking
  • The ink tanks are replaceable
  • The design on the pen body is a bit off

If you can ignore the childish mouse design on the pens’ bodies, then you would love this set of gel ink pens. In my honest opinion, these pens have all the qualities of a good journaling pen. They write smoothly, do not smudge nor bleed through the page, and have great ink colors. I hope that you give these pens a shot.

6. Mr. Pen Felt Tip Planner Markers Pens

mr. pen felt tip planner markers pens

Among the things I liked the most about these pens are the hard, medium tips. These pens can write bold enough lines that you can still see their colors clearly but they are still fine enough for writing small letters. Because they write so evenly, I also use them for making line art drawings.

The inks these pens use dry quite quickly. They only need a couple of seconds to dry to a smudge-free finish. If you are a left-handed writer, you will love how you will no longer need to wash ink smudges from your wrist. Because the ink dries so fast, it does not give itself a chance to bleed through the paper.

You will be getting 8 pens in this set and all of them look great. The colors are not muted, so they show up well on paper. These felt-tipped pens write clearly on all sorts of paper. They dry quickly, which prevents excessive bleeding and smudging of the inks. There will still be some bleeding but it will only be noticeable if you write on thin paper.

The best thing about these pens is their value for money. You will be getting 8 different colors of pens in one set and paying less than a dollar per pen. So, even though you are getting a cheap set of pens, they work just like the more expensive brands.

The only issue that I have with these pens is that they are a bit shorter than your conventional pens. The shorter barrel makes these pens a bit uncomfortable to use for people with slightly larger than average hands. My hands are not that large at all, but I still have to adjust my grip from time to time.

  • Has medium-sized tips ideal for multiple uses
  • The inks dry quickly and are smudge-resistant
  • Bring and vibrant colors
  • The pens write smoothly
  • You will be getting 8 pens for a low price
  • The pens are a bit shorter than usual

Except for their size, you are getting great value for money with this set of pens. They all write nicely, contain a lot of ink, and do not bleed too much through regular paper. You will also be getting this set of pens for such an affordable price.

7. Tebik Planner Note Pens

tebik planner note pens

This set of pens is not just great for journaling but it is also nice for scrapbooking. You are getting 72 different colors of pens. There are also 8 pieces of stencils in the set. You can create dozens of different designs to personalize your journal entries.

You can also let your kids use these pens because they use water-based, non-toxic inks, so they are perfectly safe for use. You will not be able to write in your journal with your kids around, but you can share the pens in other activities, like doing coloring books together.

Another nice thing about these pens is their fine-point, 0.4mm nibs. These pens have fine enough tips that make them easy to write with. I tend to make long planner entries, and having 0.4mm tips make it easier to write smaller letters. I also use these for writing notes on the margins of my Bible.

You will be getting excellent value for money with these pens. For the price, it will turn out that you will be paying less than a quarter for each pen. This means that if you have a tight budget, you should check out this set of colored markers. There will be a couple of markers that will have the same colors, but most of the pens will all be different.

Now, it is good that there are lots of pens in this set because they do not have that much ink. I have been using this pen regularly for a couple of months, and almost a third of the pens have already dried.

  • Aside from the 72 colored pens, you also get 8 pieces of stencils
  • Uses non-toxic waterproof inks
  • The pens have 0.4mm thick nibs
  • Provides lots of value for money
  • The inks do not bleed through paper
  • The pens do not have that much ink

There are many reasons why you might like these pens and only a few reasons why you won’t. If you like giving your journals and planners a lot of colors, then you would love this set of colored felt-tipped pens.

8. INC OPTIMUS Bullet Planner Pens

inc optimus bullet planner pens

One of the best things about these pens is the price. You are getting 24 pens without spending too much. Now, don’t worry because this will not be a “you get what you paid for” scenario. These pens write with almost the same quality as other more expensive writing equipment.

These pens come with 0.7mm thick felt tips. They are near the perfect size for jotting down journals and planners. The lines are thick enough that you can still tell the different colors apart, but still fine enough that you can write small letters with ease. I sometimes use these pens for Bible journaling and the tips work well for this purpose.

If you are left-handed, you will love using these pens because their inks dry almost immediately to prevent smudging. When you use these pens, you do not need to worry about cleaning ink off your wrists every time you write. Also, because the inks dry quickly, it prevents bleed-through.

Speaking of the inks, they are all nicely pigmented and do not look washed-out at all. The colors look so well that I sometimes use these pens for coloring in the smaller details in my adult coloring books. Also, because the tips write so smoothly, I sometimes use these pens for creating line art drawings.

I only have a very small issue with these pens and it is because of the brand markings. The silver branding on these pens deteriorates almost immediately when you use them. It is worse for me because I have slightly sweaty palms. I hate that I have to wash silver paint residue off my hands every time I use these pens.

  • Allows you to enjoy 24 different colors of pens
  • The tips write boldly and are quite durable
  • Nicely pigmented colors
  • The inks dry fast and do not bleed
  • The pens contain a lot of ink
  • The print on the outside of the pens comes off easily

These pens are almost the same quality as those that are more than twice the price. The medium felt tips wrote smoothly on any paper. The colors are bright and vibrant, and they are also the pens for planners that don’t bleed. These pens are almost the perfect blend of cost and quality, and you should try them out if you can.

9. Reaeon Planner Calendar Markers Pens

reaeon planner calendar markers pens

This set contains 60 different colored pens with fine writing tips. The pens all have 0.4mm nibs, which are perfect for jotting down notes or making journal and planner entries. The vast assortment of colors you can choose from will make color-coding your planner a lot easier and more fun.

Unlike the other brands of fine felt markers I have used in the past couple of years, these write rather smoothly on paper. It is not quite as smooth gliding as a ballpoint pen, but more like a pencil. However, it does not scratch the surface of the paper. The does not also snag on the fibers.

The inks dry rather quickly too. It only takes a moment for the ink to go into the paper and start drying, so you do not have to worry about smudging. And because the ink dries so quickly, there is very minimal bleed through, even on thin paper. You have to put a lot of pressure on the tips of these pens to make them bleed through.

These pens make awesome gifts for school-age kids. Not only is the large selection of colors appealing to young kids, but the inks used are also water-based and non-toxic. Also, unlike some of the markers that I regularly use for coloring, these do not have a strong chemical smell.

The only issue I have with these pens is that they are a bit too narrow, especially for someone who has rather big hands. They are still usable but they are somewhat uncomfortable to use.

  • The pens all have fine 0.4mm tips, making them perfect for journaling
  • The felt tips write smoothly and do not scratch the paper
  • The inks have minimal to no bleeding
  • Water-based and non-toxic inks
  • The set comes in a nice plastic carrying case
  • The pen bodies are a bit too narrow and uncomfortable to use

If you have big hands, then these pens might seem unwieldy to use because of their thin bodies, but that’s about it. I have no other issues with this set of 60 pens, and would highly recommend this for high school and college students. It works for anyone who likes journaling.

10. ParKoo Erasable Writing Planners Gel Pens

parkoo erasable writing planners gel pens

I sincerely believe that these are the best erasable pens for planners because the inks are heat and friction erasable. Also, unlike other erasable pens, these do not damage the paper. I like using these pens on my unlimited-use Rocketbook notebooks. They leave a clear mark on the surface but you can erase the marks completely afterward.

These pens also use gel inks, which means they lay down lines thick and heavy. You can see the individual colors of the pens. These pens have medium, 0.7mm thick tips. This makes them the ideal size for note-taking, but they also work great for other art projects, like coloring books, ink drawings, and the like.

I am the type of person who cannot seem to keep track of my pen caps, especially the ones that I use often, like for journaling and note-taking. This is not a problem for these pens as they have retractable nibs. This means that there is no risk of them leaking inside your bag or pocket because you forgot to replace the cap.

You are getting great value for money if you get this set of markers. For a fraction of the top brands of pens, you will receive 14 different colors of gel ink pens. You will also like that these pens can last for almost a year, even with daily use. I have been using the same set of pens for a little over three months and they haven’t given up on me yet.

There is absolutely nothing that I can even slightly complain about these pens. They last long, write smoothly and have bright colors. These are near-perfect pens for planners and journals.

  • Write clearly but are also erasable
  • Use gel inks that lay down thick and clearly
  • Retractable tips, so you do not need to worry about lost caps
  • The set contains 14 different and bright colors
  • Ideal for art projects
  • Nothing, these are among the few that I have no complaints about whatsoever

These pens are some of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of using. They write smoothly, the colors are bright and vibrant, and they have a ton of ink. If you are on the market for the most beneficial pens for planners and journals, then I highly recommend that you get these pens.

What to Look For When Buying a Pens for Planners

best black pen for planners

There are many different types and brands of pens available, but if you’re looking for pens specifically designed for planners, then you have to consider the following during the selection:

Smooth Writing

Most folks like making lengthy and detailed entries in their journals and planners. If you are like them, you need a smooth-writing pen so that you can write entire pages without cramping up your hands. Ideally, you should get a ballpoint pen, but you can also get felt-tipped pens that write smoothly and clearly.

Color Intensity

If you like color-coding your planner/journal entries, you should get an entire set of colored pens. In case you wish to go this route, make sure that you are getting pens with colors that are bright and contrast well on the page.

On the other hand, if you are only looking for black ink pens, choose the ones that have intensely black ink that does not fade easily.

Ink Amount

If you are serious about writing in your planner and journal for the entire year, you will need a pen that can keep up with your writing needs. Either you get a pen with a large ink tank (refillable or replaceable preferably) or a set of different colored pens so that you will always have something to write with.


Aside from smooth writing capabilities, you also have to get pens that have an ergonomic design. This means that the pens should sit comfortably in your hand and be easy to move and manipulate.

If you have issues with your handgrip strength, it is all the more important to find a pen that will not make your hand cramp up.


Regarding pens for journaling and planners, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get the ideal pen. However, if you have room in your budget, get a pen that is a bit on the expensive side to ensure you are getting a quality product. You will get a lot of use from the pen anyways, so it is alright to splurge a little.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best erasable pens for planners

What Pens are Good for a Happy Planner?

Ideally, the pens that you should use for a planner are those that have fine-point or at least medium-point so you can write as many words in the limited space available in planners. You can also use colored pens so you can highlight and/or color-code your entries.

Should you Use a Pencil or Pen in a Planner?

Yes! The nice thing about using pencils is that you can correct errors easily, but then again, there are erasable pens now available that let you do the same. In this regard, it will always be better to use a pen. It is mainly because the ink does not smudge as easily as pencil marks.


The best pens for planners are the ones that you enjoy using. Regardless of the price of the pens you use, if you can afford it and you are happy with how they write, then there should be no problem.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you already know how to pick out a good pen among the myriad of choices. Have fun shopping and may you receive a pen that will make your journaling and planner journey more enjoyable.


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