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The Best Permanent Markers for Vinyl for 2023

best permanent marker for vinyl

If you will be writing on flexible vinyl, you will need to use a quality marker specifically designed for the material. Using anything less than the best permanent marker for vinyl that is available right now will result in dried-up and cracked markings.

A good permanent marker will move with the material. The ink should be flexible even after it dries. Keep in mind, though, that not all markers are created equal. Some are better at writing on vinyl than others.

This article will teach you how to shop for markers that are the best for writing on vinyl surfaces. You will know everything necessary in finding markers that are worth your money and effort.

Best Permanent Marker for Vinyl Reviews

1. Sharpie 15661PP King Size Permanent Markers

sharpie 15661pp king size permanent markers

These large markers are ideal for writing on large surfaces, like vinyl sheets. The extra-large chisel points can write large and bold lines that you can see even from a distance. These are also great when you want to blackout sensitive information from documents you are planning to dispose of.

These extra-large pens contain a whole lot more ink compared to the regular-sized Sharpies. You can use these on large-scale projects without worrying about them drying out while in the middle of work. If you will be using these markers around your household, expect that they will be useful for the better part of a year.

These markers are intended for industrial use, among others, which means they can write on all kinds of surfaces. However, the most impressive thing about these markers is that they can even write on wet or greasy surfaces. This means that writing on a non-porous material like vinyl will not be a problem.

When Sharpie said that their pens are permanent, they are not lying. Once dried, the ink will be highly resistant to water and the elements. Even direct sunlight will not make the ink fade or crack. This means you can use it to write on a vinyl tarp and it will stay visible for a long time.

I do have an issue with these markers, specifically the newer versions. The older versions of these markers have durable nibs that are suitable for heavy-duty uses. These new ones have nibs that easily fray.

  • Extra-large chisel nibs for clear and bold lines
  • Contains a lot of ink
  • Can write on both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Highly water-resistant once dried
  • It will not peel off and is highly resistant to fading
  • The nibs are not that durable

One might think that due to the size of these markers, it is not ideal for use on most heavy-duty tasks, but that is not the case. The nibs might not stand up well to rough surfaces. However, it does work quite exceptionally if you will be using it on relatively smooth surfaces.

2. TFIVE Waterproof Permanent Paint-Marker Pens

tfive waterproof permanent paint-marker pens

What I like about these pens and acrylic paint markers, in general, is that they can write on virtually any surface. These pens write well on paper, cardboard, and even on wood, but they can also write on non-porous surfaces. I used them on glass, ceramics, and vinyl and they worked quite well.

This set of markers come in 12 vibrant colors. The colors are so bright that they can contrast well on any background. They look nice when used on regular paper, but they somewhat look better on a darker background due to their colors contrasting a bit more.

Now, color vibrancy would not be much of a benefit if the ink fades quickly. This will not be the case with these markers as they use highly pigmented inks. Unlike dye inks, even if you expose pigments to direct sunlight, it will take a lot of time before they fade one shade lighter, if at all.

The ink in these pens also dries quickly, which is useful if you sometimes tend to smudge your drawings. The ink will be dry to the touch after just a couple of seconds of application, thereby preventing smudging.

I do have a bit of an issue with the writing tips of the markers. They tend to sputter after a while. For instance, if you are trying to write one continuous line, the tip would sputter a little, leaving small ink blots behind. This has always been an issue with paint markers, but it happens somewhat more frequently with these.

  • Can write on virtually anything
  • The colors are vibrant and highly contrasting against any background
  • Highly fade-resistant colors
  • The ink dries quickly
  • The set comes in 12 vibrant colors, including metallic
  • The paint would sometimes sputter from the tip

Could these markers write on vinyl? Yes, they could do so easily, but I would not recommend it for outdoor use. If you use these markers on non-porous surfaces, it is crucial to bake in the ink to make it permanent. Otherwise, the paint will be washed with just a bit of water.

3. PONLCY Permanent Nontoxic Fabric Pen

ponlcy permanent nontoxic fabric pen

I got these markers as a gift for my kids and they love using them on shirts, school bags, and on a couple of their old sneakers. The pens leave a clear and indelible mark on fabrics like cotton, canvas, and denim. You do not even need to iron the prints to get them to set.

As mentioned earlier, I gave these markers as a gift for my kids and they are perfectly safe to use as the inks are non-toxic and they do not emit any noxious fumes. However, if your kids accidentally wrote on their hands, the inks may leave a slight stain that could last a couple of days.

I also like how these pens come with dual tips. This gives the pens a whole lot more versatility. For instance, you can use fine tip nibs to make detailed drawings and patterns. Meanwhile, the chisel point is great for calligraphy and covering large areas with color.

This set of markers come in 26 different and vibrant colors. These are more than enough colors for you to make any kind of patterns or designs that you can imagine. My kids love the number of colors that they can mix and match. They can just let their creativity run wild.

Now, with that said, these markers are not ideal for non-porous materials like vinyl. The inks in these markers are dyed, so letting them get absorbed into the material is necessary to leave a mark.

  • Writes well on almost all kinds of fabric
  • Has dual tips
  • The set comes in 26 different colors
  • Non-toxic and odorless inks
  • Lasts a long time and is washable
  • Not suitable for non-porous materials

Even though these markers are great for working with fabrics, they do not work quite as well on non-porous vinyl. On the other hand, if you are working with vinyl fabric, then you might have some success. With that said, you should do a test patch first before going all out.

4. BIC Mark-it Retractable Permanent Markers

bic mark-it retractable permanent markers

If you are like me who keeps on losing the caps of your markers, then you would love the BIC Marking pens. These pens are retractable so you do not need to put a cap on them. If you are worried that the tip would dry out because of the hole, don’t be because there is a small cover mechanism that prevents it from happening.

I like how black the inks of these pens are. Compared to its industry rivals, BIC somewhat has darker inks. This makes them ideal for making marks on vinyl and other materials. In addition, the tips apply the ink evenly. There is no fading, skipping, or blotting.

This marker comes with a fine writing tip. This makes it great for scribbling notes, drawing simple illustrations, and leaving marks or symbols on objects. I often use this pen in my workshop whenever I need to work with non-porous materials like vinyl, plastic, and metals.

Speaking of which, this pen can write on almost all surfaces, non-porous ones. As mentioned earlier, I have used this marker on vinyl, plastics, and metal. Once dried, which only takes a couple of seconds, the ink will permanently bond to the surface and will be highly water-resistant.

One unfortunate thing about this otherwise perfect writing instrument is that the nib frays quite easily. After only a week of regular use, I noticed that the nibs have frayed a bit. On the other hand, the fraying did not affect the pen’s writing capabilities too much.

  • The retractable tips remove the need for caps
  • Highly pigmented black ink
  • Can write on almost all surfaces
  • The fine tip makes it easy to create detailed drawings
  • The inks are highly water-resistant and fade-proof
  • The tips start to fray after just a month of regular use

Although there is a bit of an issue with the tips fraying a bit fast, it does not affect the markers’ performance at all. The lines are still as uniform and straight as they were when the pens were still brand new.

5. Ecovue Oil Based Paint Pen Markers

ecovue oil based paint pen markers

It can be hard to find paint pen markers that can write on vinyl and have the ink stay on the surface. The ink in these markers dries quickly and they retain its flexibility. This is ideal for writing on vinyl as the marking can move with the material.

As mentioned earlier, the ink in these markers dries relatively quickly. This is ideal because it means that it decreases the risk of smudging. There is nothing more frustrating than having to work on an art project for hours only to smudge the ink right at the very end.

Another reason why this is great for writing on vinyl is that the ink becomes waterproof once dried. This means you can use it on vinyl signs, awnings, and other materials that need to be left outside. I used these to write on outdoor store menus and even strong rains were not able to erase them.

This set of markers comes in 12 different colors. All of the inks have bright pigments that contrast well against any background, especially on black or dark backgrounds. I like using them on black cardboard or paper because the bright colors pop.

I do have a rather serious problem with the quality control of the company. The nibs of two of the markers that I got were leaking like crazy. I did get replacement pens from the company, but the pens made a huge mess on my workstation because of the leaks.

  • Can write on almost all surfaces
  • Quick-drying inks
  • Waterproof once dry
  • Writes smoothly, applies an even layer of ink every time
  • The set comes with 12 different color markers
  • The tips are somewhat prone to leaking

Although you need to be a bit careful when using these pens, they do work well for their intended purposes. Can these markers write on vinyl? Yes, they can and quite well might I add. The ink dries quickly and it becomes waterproof and yet still flexible.

What to Look For When Buying a Permanent Marker for Vinyl

vinyl marker pen

If you are in the market for a permanent marker that can write on vinyl, then here are some of the things that you need to keep an eye out for.

Ink Color and Quality

You need to choose a marker containing ink that can write on non-porous surfaces. Vinyl is also quite smooth, so ink that can write on smooth surfaces is also a requirement. If a marker can write on glass or tiles, then it can write on vinyl without any problem.

However, aside from being able to write on smooth surfaces, the ink should also flex with the material. This is especially true when you will be writing on vinyl fabric.

Nib Size

What will you be writing on vinyl? Depending on what you will be writing, you will need to choose the appropriate nib size. For instance, if you will be writing signage on a vinyl sheet, then it is advisable to use large nibs, preferably chisel-point. On the other hand, if you will be drawing fine lines, then you need a fine-point pen.

You should also choose the right nib shape depending on what you will be writing on the vinyl. If you will be writing mostly straight and bold lines, then you need a marker with a chisel tip. If you will be drawing illustrations or need smooth and flowing lines, then you should go for the bullet-point tip.


If you will be writing on a vinyl sheet that you need to place outside, causing it to be exposed to the elements, then you should be using a marker that has waterproof ink. There are many markers out there that can write on non-porous surfaces but would wash away with a bit of rain.

In addition to waterproofing, if you will be writing on a surface exposed to the elements, the ink should be fade-resistant. This is especially important if you will be exposing the vinyl to hours of direct sunlight every day. Sunlight, specifically the UV rays in sunlight, can make the colors fade from almost anything exposed to it.

Ink Amount

If your usual art projects are not that much bigger than a sheet of paper, it will be fine if you use markers that have the usual amount of ink. However, if you are writing on a large sheet of vinyl, then get pens that have a large ink reservoir, like one of those king-size pens.

Even though the larger pens are a bit more expensive, if you do the math, you will be spending more when you use the regular-sized pens since you will be going through a lot of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

erasable markers for vinyl

How to get a Permanent Marker off Vinyl?

If you accidentally write on vinyl using a permanent marker, don’t worry as there is still a way to get it off without damaging the vinyl surface. You can try using a bit of rubbing alcohol on a soft rag and then vigorously scrubbing the ink mark until it is completely gone.

Can you Write on Vinyl using SHARPIE?

Yes, you can use a Sharpie to write on vinyl. It is one of the best markers for writing on vinyl. Sharpies can write on almost all materials, both porous and non-porous, so leaving an indelible mark on vinyl will not be a problem.

Can you use a Permanent Marker on Vinyl?

Yes, almost all permanent markers can write on vinyl. They are the only ones that are almost always guaranteed to make a mark on the material.


There are many markers that you can use to write on vinyl, but not all of them can leave a permanent mark on the surface. You need to find the absolute best permanent marker for vinyl that you can so that you will not be wasting your time and effort on anything undesirable.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you already know what qualities you need to keep an eye out for, as well as the ones you should avoid.

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