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The Best Redacting Markers for 2023

best redacting marker

Are you looking for a tough marker that can hide personal information in your documents or confidential forms? Well, all you need is a quality redacting marker.

This marker is mostly used in offices and schools. It is used to secrete information that is personal or confidential in your documents such as addresses, names, check numbers, and account numbers, among others. It can also be used to cover labels and addresses on shipping boxes.

There are many redacting markers now in the market. And I can help you look for quality ones. After thorough research, I have rounded up the best redacting markers in the market now. You may go through these products below and see which one will best suit your needs.

Best Redacting Marker Reviews

1. Holmes Secure Marker Redacting Pens

holmes secure marker redacting pens

At first glance, you will think that this redacting marker is like the permanent marker out there. However, do not be deceived by its looks, this marker works well in concealing information that you do not want everyone to know.

The Holmes Stamp and Signor or the Artline secure redacting marker has this special black ink that can hide personal or private information. Also, if you need to hide information on sensitive documents, or prescription bottles, glass, wood, and paper, this redacting marker works well.

I also think that this redacting marker can work with one swipe only. But, to make it cover the text completely you can have a couple or more swipes.

Also, it is better if you practice it first before applying it to text. You have to put pressure on the marker when writing so that the ink will flow better.

In one instance, the ink won’t flow, you press it a little bit harder, so the ink will pour. However, do not press too much as the ink may burst out and ruin your document.

Another plus factor of this redacting marker is that it does not have an odor, unlike other markers. If you are sensitive to the smell of the chemical of a pen, then this marker is for you.

I also like how wide and thick is the nib of this marker making it easier to use. Besides, it seems durable and can last for a period.

Also, it has a wide coverage, which is paint-like. With one swipe, you can entirely cover your text.

However, I notice that it does not have enough volume of ink. No worries, as you can easily grab another marker that is included in this package.

  • Contain special ink that can cover a text fully
  • With a paint-like feature
  • The nib is durable, wide, and thick
  • Do not have an odor
  • Do not contain enough ink

Overall, the Holmes and Sign Artline Secure Marker Redacting Pen is a great choice to hide some personal and confidential text in your documents. Besides, this is an affordable marker and a good value for your money.

2. ExcelMark Security Redaction Markers

excelmark security redaction markers

If you are looking for a redaction marker that does its job, the ExcelMark redaction marker is the right one for you. This marker can blacken the text in your document with one or a couple of swipes.

However, you let it dry completely. Also, it is perfect for hiding information you do not want to see on prescription bottles or personal information in medical documents.

I notice that the nib of this marker is wide and thick. Also, it is kind of straighter, and by this, you do not need to angle the marker when you redact a text.

It is easy to use too. First, you shake the marker thoroughly. Then, open the cover of the pen, and press down the tip on a paper till the nib draws in. Release the tip of the marker once the ink flows. You may now use it to redact text.

However, I notice that it does not dry instantly. You have to wait for several seconds to dry the ink completely. Also, do not make another swipe if it is not yet dried because this may saturate the paper.

This redaction marker pen does not work only on ordinary paper. You can also use it in glossy or shiny paper and stickers of prescription bottles.

A single marker also has enough ink. It does not run out of ink fast. Also, it does not have any marker smell so it is good for those who are sensitive to the smell of the marker.

  • Work not only on regular paper but also for glossy paper
  • Good for stickers on prescription bottles
  • Nibs are wide and thick
  • Do not run out of ink
  • Do not have any odor
  • It takes a bit of time to dry completely

One ExcelMark redaction marker has enough ink that can block out the text you do not want others to see. It is ideal if you have many texts that need to be discarded.

3. Sharpie Pro Magnum Permanent Markers

sharpie pro magnum permanent markers

Sharpie Pro Magnum Permanent Marker is not a redacting marker. However, it is effective in covering texts and labels that you want to conceal.

Besides, with its wide and thick nib, you can do many things. It has a wide chisel tip, so it has good coverage. Also, the ink does not fade fast.

I also notice that it passes out a decent amount of ink. On the other hand, it can get a little bit dry.

I tried it and swiped it on texts with black ink. I observed the black ink was covered easily. And I also tried it on colored ink. With this, you have to apply more layers of the marker to hide the colored texts completely.

This marker can be applied not only in regular paper but also in glossy paper. You can also use it in oily and wet areas. These include tile, stone, concrete, plastic, foil, metal, vinyl, poster board, wax paper, and boxes.

Also, it dries fast. So, you do not need to wait for a long time if you want to swipe another layer of ink. It also has enough ink volume. One marker can do its job well in covering many texts. Besides, it does not have a strong chemical smell, unlike other markers.

What I also like about the Sharpie marker is that it has a thick and round barrel, which is easy to hold. On the other hand, the caps are difficult to remove. It can be a problem for those with arthritic hands.

  • Durable and thick chisel tip
  • Ink is very dark and does not fade fast
  • Ink dries easily
  • With enough ink volume
  • Durable and rounded barrel
  • It is not a redacting marker but can hide personal information well.
  • The caps are difficult to remove

In general, the Sharpie Pro Magnum marker has this very dark ink that can conceal information, especially for hiding addresses on shipping boxes and mail. Besides, you can also use it in other projects.

4. PILOT Premium 400 Permanent Markers

pilot premium 400 permanent markers

Are you looking for a quality blue ink marker? Well, you have it with the Pilot Permanent Marker. Blue ink markers are hard to find. Meanwhile, you can have options for other colors such as black and red.

Pilot is known for its quality pens. I have used some Pilot pens and they indeed have fine points and write beautifully. And now this manufacturer comes up with another premium marker. This marker is not a redacting marker but with its quality, it can hide labels and text you do not want to see.

The marker has a broad point chisel tip. When you swipe it, you will see the dark bold black or blue line on the paper. It will entirely cover the unwanted texts or information in one layer only.

Also, you may use the broader area of the pen to black out labels in your documents or even in shipping boxes.

You can also use this marker not only on paper but also on plastic, bottles, metal, glass, wood, and fabric.

Another plus factor of this marker is that the ink lasts for a long time. You can cover lots of labels and texts you want to hide.

The ink also dries immediately. It means you do not need to wait for several minutes, you can add another layer easily if you like to completely cover the information. Sometimes, I need a second layer or more to cover the texts fully.

On the other hand, I think it is not appropriate for those who are sensitive to the smell of the chemical of the marker. It is because this marker has a mild odor, but I do think it is manageable.

  • Broad and durable nib
  • Have options for blue, black, and red colors
  • Ink lasts longer
  • Ink dries immediately
  • With a mild chemical smell of a marker

Take it from the pioneer, Pilot Permanent Marker will indeed hide your confidential texts and information in its black or blue dark ink. Besides, this marker can last for a period, which can save you money.

5. Arteza Permanent Markers

arteza permanent markers

Well, this marker is not a redacting marker like Sharpie. The question is, does it work for redacting and protecting identifications and confidential forms? Yes, it does secure information and similar use like Sharpie markers.

Arteza is known for its products especially for pens and markers. So, why is this marker effective in concealing confidential forms?

It is because of its ink, which is fade-resistant and can even last long. Also, the ink is waterproof and smear-proof. With this, you can be sure that it will secure your hidden information. It can be used in paper, metal, cardboard, and plastic.

The ink dries fast too. You can swipe immediately as needed to block the labels and texts. The ink does not have odor too, which is good for those who are sensitive to smell.

Also, the pen has a chisel tip that is ACMI-certified, which is safe for you and your children. It means this marker is certified non-toxic. It does not have any components that can be injurious to human beings. Also, it will not cause any chronic or acute health problems.

On the other hand, I think that each marker does not have enough ink, which is the downside of this marker. It is quite disappointing when a marker runs out of ink quite fast.

  • Ink is waterproof and smear-proof
  • ACMI-certified chisel tip that is safe for you and your children
  • Ink dries quickly so you can apply second layer immediately
  • Ink does not have a smell
  • Do not have enough ink volume

Arteza Permanent Marker is a marker that can be relied upon when you redact documents. With its premium waterproof ink, you can indeed black out personal information you do not want to see.

6. Mr. Pen Black Permanent Markers

mr. pen black permanent markers

Are you looking for a low-cost yet quality redacting marker? Well, you can opt for Mr. Pen Permanent Marker. It works like Sharpie, which is not a redacting marker but can also hide personal information effectively.

Why can this marker redact? This marker has this very bold black ink that can completely cover the texts you want to hide. With one swipe, it will already work.

Besides, the ink of this marker is waterproof and smudge-proof just like the Arteza Permanent Markers. You can be sure that this marker is not washable. Hence, your confidential information will be protected.

Another good thing about its ink is that it also dries quickly. So, no need to wait to put another coat of ink if it is needed.

The marker has a mild smell, but it is not that strong. Also, it is non-toxic and good for adults and children.

It has a Japanese chisel tip, which has good coverage. The nib is thick and seems durable. However, I think the ink runs out quickly. But, using one marker can completely cover the sensitive information in your documents.

  • Works like Sharpie marker
  • With very bold black ink
  • Ink is waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Ink dries immediately
  • A Japanese chisel tip with good coverage
  • Ink runs out quickly
  • Has a mild smell

Overall, Mr. Pen Permanent Marker is a decent marker that can be used for redacting texts and labels you do not want to see. You will never get wrong with its very bold black ink.

Features to Consider When Buying a Redacting Marker

secure redacting marker

Keep in mind the following considerations when you are buying blackout pens. Also, some markers work like redacting markers because they have the following features:

Quality of the Ink

The ink is the most important feature of redacting markers. It covers the texts and labels completely if you have that quality ink.

What is the ink that we are looking for redaction? The ink must have that paint-like quality that can block out the undesirable texts on surfaces. It must also dry immediately, so you can put another layer quickly and will not smear too.

Besides, it is also good if it is waterproof and smear-proof. Also, the darkness of the ink must be taken into account. If possible, it must be very bold black ink to ensure that the texts are hidden even if you put the paper on the light. The texts must not be visible.

The ink must also work on all kinds of markings or various types of papers or other materials. These include glossy papers and stickers on prescription bottles or other medications, among others.

The Volume of the Ink

What is more disappointing is having a marker with a spot of ink that runs out very fast. Make sure that the pen you choose will have enough ink volume to complete many tasks. In this manner, you save not only in effort but also keeping money that you can spend on others.

Safety and Ease of Use

Do you have a difficult time using the redacting pen? If yes, you may look for another quality marker. The marker that is easy to use is that when you swipe it the ink flows smoothly. The ink must dispense properly.

Also, choose a marker that is not leaky. Sometimes, there are markers that tend to leak fully. It is better if the caps are easy to open too.

Meanwhile, you have to consider as well its safety. Some redacting markers are ACMI-certified and non-toxic. These markers are safe and will not cause you health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

redaction marker pen

What is a Redacting Marker?

A redacting marker is a security blackout marker that can conceal sensitive and confidential information. If you wish to hide texts or labels, you may use this redaction pen rather than destroying the whole document.

This marker has thick and very black ink that can cover sensitive texts effectively. You may apply one or a couple of swipes. Most of them have a paint-like consistency. These won’t fade quickly too.

How to Redact a Paper Document?

You can redact a paper document using a redacting marker or a marker similar to Sharpie that has a feature of a good redacting marker.

Simply, print your document on paper. Then, get a quality redacting marker. Shake it first and open the pen. Press it down on the pad, then release the tip once you see the ink flows. Apply a swipe on the sensitive texts you want to conceal.

You may rescan the hidden texts. If they are still visible, you may apply another swipe of the redacting marker.

How to Read Blacked-out Text on Paper?

If you want to read blacked-out text on paper, you may place the pad with blacked-out text in front of light or areas that are bright. If you can read them, then it means that the sensitive texts are not redacted.

You may apply a couple of swipes of your redacting marker to blacken out completely the sensitive texts. In one instance, you cannot read the blacked-out text anymore, then your redacting pen is of good quality.

Where to Buy Redacting Markers?

Redacting markers can be purchased offline and online stores. These include office and school supply stores.

And if you do not want to go outside because of the pandemic, you may buy them in online stores such as Amazon. They offer quality redacting markers that are suitable for your needs at such reasonable prices.

How to Care for the Redacting Markers?

Redacting markers may leak if not in a good position. To prevent this from happening, you may put your redacting pens in an upright position. In this manner, the ink will not spill or leak.

In one instance, your marker leaks, and the ink gets on the barrel, grabs a tissue paper and rubs it on the affected area. You may also put alcohol and clean the spills of ink.


Concealing confidential information is significant. It will protect your identity and keep you safe. That is why you have to keep redacting markers that can hide your sensitive information.

The redacting markers are often used by employers, personnel, and office workers. It is also used by people who want to protect their personal information such as addresses in shipping boxes and documents they want to throw away.

Also, these markers are used in the medical industry especially in the prescription medications, in which some people do not want to see the prescription. These redacting pens do their jobs in concealing personal information effectively.

They are available in the market now. You may try any of the best redacting markers we review in this article. These are all reliable redacting marker staples.

If you have any suggestions or you know any effective security marker, you can share them with us. Simply, write it in the comment box below. We surely appreciate and thankful for your help.

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