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The Best Scrapbooking Pens for 2024

best scrapbooking pens

Novices and professionals in scrapbooking crafts are indeed aware that you’ve got to invest in the best scrapbooking pens to make your projects and artworks successful. We hate pens that smear on different surfaces, and we are annoyed when markers easily run out of ink quickly. Not to mention, we hate the mess that poor-quality pens produce. 

It is crucial to carefully check out the types of scrapbooking pens that you purchase for these reasons. Luckily, if you need help picking the right scrapbooking pens for your art projects, this post can help you compare various options.

Best Scrapbooking Pen Reviews

1. Tanmit Scrapbooking Gel Art Markers Pens

tanmit scrapbooking gel art markers pens

Most of us certainly prefer non-toxic and acid-free pens for scrapbooking. This is because markers like this are safe to use for both adults and children. This gel pens set serves as the perfect solution if you like unique, vibrant, and bright colors in various styles. These colorful pens are highly recommended for coloring, sketching, drawing, and writing.

The package includes gel pens that are designed with fine tips and come with large-capacity ink. They also come in a well-organized package, so storing them after use is a breeze. So, whenever I work, picking the colors I need is made more accessible and more convenient. I make sure that I carry these pens with me wherever I go since I can always rely on them whenever my creativity strikes.

Likewise, these gel pens are adept at creating nice solid lines without any difficulty on my part. They are so sleek to use, and there’s not a day my hands felt tired while using them. Since I love various artworks, I need to buy more art supplies for my projects. Fortunately, these highlighter pens are affordable, so I don’t need to significantly cut my allowance when I need to buy another set.

Sure thing, I have no problems with how these pens execute their purpose. I am also fascinated by their vibrant and striking colors. On the downside, I was surprised to see that the ink ran out quite faster than I expected. Or, probably, I was just too overwhelmed that I didn’t notice that I already used too much of them.

  • Acid and toxic free formulation
  • Features a well-organized package, so they’re easy to store
  • The set contains different types of ideal colors
  • Perfect for coloring, sketching, drawing, and writing
  • A good value for the money
  • The ink does not last long

In a nutshell, this gel pen set is a practical investment for shoppers looking for quality art supply items reasonably priced.

2. Aen Art Journal Planner Pens

aen art journal planner pens

I consider these items one of the best pens for card making because that is the application I purposely used them. But, they are not only valuable for that aspect; these pens are ideal for many different activities and projects at school and work. Unlike other options, I find them easy to write and ink with.

What’s more, these multifunctional fine-liners are not prone to bleeding, and they dry quickly. Designed as water-based, acid-free, and non-toxic, these are safe art supplies to use for adult and young users. I like their slim and easy-to-control shape. They also work great on different paper types and weights. I am more impressed by their pleasant and vibrant range of colors too.

These fine line pens have been my companion since my university days. Now that I am already working, I make sure that I have them on my office table. I find them quite useful for journaling, sketching, planner, note-taking, and calendar.

These smudge-free pens are smooth to write with. I find them comfortable whenever I write, sketch, or draw something.

Additionally, these colored felt tip pens utilize the sturdy metal-clad design to help prevent the tip from breaking or wigging. They don’t quickly fade when the eraser is used over them. And, the good news is that you can also consider them as very affordable premium gift sets for everyone on any occasion.

On the other hand, I wish the manufacturer would consider doing some enhancements to this product’s packaging. The packaging does not offer more convenience, and it appears flimsy too. Luckily, the pens work well for their purpose, so I didn’t find the poor packaging a severe deal-breaker.

  • Multifunctional fine-liner and smudge-free
  • Easy to write and ink with
  • Nice range of colors, water-based, and non-toxic
  • Not prone to bleeding and dries quickly
  • Practical to use for many different activities and projects
  • Does not come in a convenient package

As a whole, these drawing porous point pens are multifunctional. They are great options for people who prioritize a more comfortable drawing and writing experience.

3. Soucolor Scrapbooks Gel Pens

soucolor scrapbooks gel pens

These super value scrapbooking pens markers are comfortable for scrapbooking, doodling, drawing, sketching, art designs, and crafting. The item is even packaged with a case that is convenient to use. It is handy when you’re traveling or on the go. The pens are easy to hold and allow a comfortable grip, so your hands won’t get quickly tired.

Furthermore, these marker pens feature 0.8mm-1mm ballpoint tips. So, this means that it’ll be easier for users to ensure a sleeker and more precise color application. I find them ideal for adult coloring books too. They’re not prone to smearing, skipping, and they dry faster, unlike other similar products.

Shoppers looking for safe-to-use coloring pens will find these marker pens an excellent art tool that children can use. I got one set for my office, and I got another one for my daughter for her school supplies. My daughter and I are art lovers, so we find these gel pens proper art supplies for our creative projects and activities. The product comes with a free coloring book once purchased, so this is a plus.

The minor gripe we have encountered on these gel pens is that a few of the colors appear not similar to the color that was written on the pen. It would have been better if the manufacturer improves this minor flaw so that users can quickly get the precise color they need when working on their art projects.

  • Highly recommended for effortless, sleek, and precise color application
  • Convenient and practical choice for many different applications
  • Offers a more comfortable grip and easy to hold
  • Quick-drying, no smearing, and skipping
  • Equipped with a portable and easy-to-store case
  • A few of the colors seem not even close to the color that’s labeled on the pen

Right to it, these pens are excellent choices for people looking for sleek, colorful ink that keeps your ideas flowing and brighten your scribbles.

4. Castle Art Scrapbooking Gel Pens

castle art scrapbooking gel pens

I highly regard these gel pens as one of the best pens for scrapbooking. This item offers a massive selection of top-quality colors for you to select from. I am amazed by the special effects they emit, and I am fascinated by the glistening shaded to pick from. If you prefer metallic, pastel, swirl, glitter, and neon colors, you might want to uncover more what these unique pens can offer.

Different pens have distinct effects, which are more thrilling to discover and experiment with. I find these smooth fine-tip gel pens comfortable to hold. They come with caps that securely snap on. Formulated as acid and toxic-free, these markers are safe for old and young users. You can consider them as ideal gifts for any artwork enthusiast and aspiring artist.

Apart from this, you can get this gel pen set for the whole family if you’d like to enjoy some family art activities. They dry quickly, and the ink does not smear. Enjoy your creative artwork more without worrying about the mess.

This product is not one of the most reasonably priced options on the market these days. So, if you’re searching for low-cost gel pens set, this might not be ideal for your budget. Anyhow, it is still a wise investment considering it offers a huge and high-quality color selection. Besides, this brand is a trusted one, so it’s okay to spend a bit.

  • Features a wide and varied selection of top-quality gel pens
  • Ideal gift for any aspiring artist or artwork enthusiasts
  • Ensures special effects with glittering shades to select from
  • Designed with fine-point tips
  • The caps snap on securely, and the pens are comfortable to hold
  • This brand is marketed a bit price than other available options

To conclude, this set of gel pens is a popular treat. It is the perfect option for buyers who prefer smooth writing and richly pigmented colors.

5. BOXUN Metallic Brush Marker Pens

boxun metallic brush marker pens

I was planning to buy the best pens for black scrapbook paper, and a good friend recommended this brand. So, I bought the set, and luckily, these art markers work great for any art project and execute an excellent job when working on my DIY greeting cards. Since I am prone to allergies, these pens are life-savers because they are formulated with toxic-free and water-based formulas.

Indeed, we prefer eco-friendly art supplies, and these marker pens are perfect options for that. I love using them because they are stellar in providing wide variety of colors. The colors look authentic in photos. With them, I can delight in a smooth writing experience. Unlike other marker pens I used before, these do not smudge, and they dry instantly. So, I have no severe mess to deal with.

These art tools are highly recommended when you’re working on dark color and non-transparent types of papers. The colors can stand out and look fabulous when applied. Regardless, while a very soft brush pen might not be a problem to some users, I find the soft brush pen a bit difficult to control when I’m lettering.

In my opinion, this option is more practical for someone who has a better amount of control over their lettering. It would require more control and a light hand with this style of brush pen. Other than that, these art pens work outstandingly for their purpose.

  • Features a toxic-free and water-based formulation
  • Provides wide variety of colors
  • Suitable to use for dark color and non-transparent type of papers
  • Good option to ensure sleeker writing experience
  • Designed with fast-drying and no smudge features
  • The brush pen is too soft

Lastly, these marker pens are ideal to use if you’re looking for a fast-drying, no smudge, and sleeker writing experience.

6. Zig Kuretake 2 Way Glue

zig kuretake 2 way glue

Glue pens for scrapbooking are ideal alternatives if you’d like to prevent messes and keep your work table tidy all the time. Since I am a neat freak, I hate using pens that leave residues and messes after work. So, I find these glue pens my best buddy whenever I need to work on various art projects. Surprisingly, you can get these glue pens at a very budget-friendly price.

I find these items relatively smooth sailing to use as they also feature a dip-free application. I am in love with their two-way glue functions. If you’d like a more temporary adhesive, all you need is to allow it to sit and dry until the glue becomes transparent. Meanwhile, apply when the glue is wet and blue if you prefer a more permanent bond.

Additionally, the two-way glue can be utilized for masking, flocking, applying glitter, working on various handmade crafts, and embossing. These glue pens also work like a charm in providing a fine bead of adhesive for micro-glitz projects. These art pens are highly recommended for gift wrapping, card making, positioning stencils, scrapbooking, and lots more.

Unfortunately, you might find these glue pens hard to find in local stores. I got tired of returning from the local school and office supplies in our area, so I searched for them online. The good news is that there are countless of them if you shop online.

  • Perfect option for several artworks
  • Provides a fine bead of adhesive for micro-glitz projects
  • Easy to use and features a drip-free application
  • Designed with two-way glue functions
  • Sold at a budget-friendly price tag
  • These glue pens are a bit hard to find in local stores

On the whole, these glue pens are worth having. I am stunned by their two-way gluing feature. They allow me to keep my work table mess-free most of the time.

7. Acrylic Scrapbooking Paint Pens

acrylic scrapbooking paint pens

These acrylic paint pens can precisely match the requirements of art enthusiasts who love impressive metallic effects. These paint markers are designed with an extra-fine tip of 0.7mm and are formulated as water-based. They use vivid acrylic ink that dries faster to provide a sturdy opaque and lustrous finish on most surfaces. These paint pens are also reliable for ceramic, fabric, stone, metal, wood, and canvas mediums.

I used these paint pens on both light and dark surfaces, and they were able to execute their purpose. Best of all, the thing I love most about these paint markers is that they are sterling in producing an impressive metallic effect. If you love rock painting, they can be your companion too. You won’t get disappointed in finishing your scrapbook if you have these paint pens with you.

Since I have a very sensitive sense of smell, these paint pens are suitable for me. They are formulated as non-toxic and do not produce irking odor. So, even if I use them more often and for a long time, I don’t feel any discomfort. These paint markers are my go-to whenever I want to create customized gifts for loved ones and friends. They help me unleash my artistic and creative side without breaking the bank.

Contrary to the product description, these acrylic paint pens do not work exceptionally for glasses. When I used them on a glass medium, they came off quickly as I rubbed the ink with my finger.

  • Works like a charm on light and dark surfaces
  • Manufactured with water-based formulation and extra-fine tip 0.7mm
  • Produces impressive metallic effect, sturdy opaque and polished finish
  • Non-toxic and odor-free
  • Helps users create customized gifts anytime and anywhere
  • Appears not usable on glass materials

All things considered, these acrylic paint pens work fabulously. They don’t skip or dry out compared to conventional markers.

8. AROIC Acrylic Paint Markers

aroic acrylic paint markers

Undeniably, we all prefer the best pen for writing on cardstock. If you want to get the real value of your money, it is essential to invest in premium quality pens. Fortunately, these acrylic paint markers are great investments because you can use them for multiple surfaces. The set also includes a different range of rich colors that can make every artwork a sheer masterpiece.

While we go for high-quality paint pens, we surely don’t wish to spend more. If you have a limited budget, these acrylic paint pens won’t spoil your allowance. They are affordable, considering you get a set of richly colored and functional pens that can serve as your companion in various artworks and projects. I’m happy to share that these paint pens didn’t fail me, not even once on my DIY crafts.

I like these paint markers because they dry faster, and they don’t fade easily wherever applied. Whether you plan to use them for indoor and outdoor applications, these pens can serve their purpose. I find these acrylic paint pens even more helpful when I started making cards and scrapbooks that I sell online. You see, they can be your business partner too!

Be that as it may, at first-time use, these paint pens require a bit of work to get them flowing and maintain a continuous flow. So, be sure to follow the user manual when using them for the first time. Luckily, I only encountered that minor issue when I used these pens for the first time.

  • Ideal to utilize for a wide array of applications
  • Dries quickly and not prone to fading easily
  • Highly recommended option for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used for multiple surfaces
  • Sold at a pocket-friendly price
  • Requires a bit of work to get them initially flowing

All in all, these acrylic paint pens worked exceptionally for my purpose. The coverage is excellent, and the pigments are lovely.

9. ANYUKE Metallic Markers Paint Pens

anyuke metallic markers paint pens

Are you fond of glittering metallic colors? There’s no denying that using metallic colors is ideal for scrapbooking, painting, and other DIY crafts. I decided to get these paint pens because they are reliable in producing metallic pigments that offer a shimmering and vibrant effect on my artworks. I am impressed by the manner they paint on multiple surfaces.

These metallic markers are recommended for art lovers looking for options that do not fade, bleed and are made with a water-based formulation. I like these items because they don’t leave a messy effect whenever I work on my scrapbook and other DIY projects. I also got one for my younger sister as this product is kid-friendly, non-toxic, and odor-free.

I am not a professional artist, so I am fortunate that I didn’t have any problem using these paint pens for the first time. They are user-friendly, especially for beginners, and they can guarantee broader color usage. The pen tube is large enough to ensure adequate ink capacity. The sleek writing and consistent ink coverage provide me with a better experience.

I also love the 2mm medium tip as it allows me to enjoy the balance of coverage and control for a broad array of activities. On the flip side, the gray, silver, and white markers are slightly difficult to differentiate if used together. They appear almost identical. But, luckily, the white one pops up when contrasted with other colors, particularly on a black backdrop.

  • Does not fade, bleed, and made with a water-based formulation
  • Produces shimmering metallic colors in various artworks
  • Kid-friendly, non-toxic, and odor-free
  • Easy to use and ensures wide coloring usage
  • Comes with sufficient ink capacity
  • The gray, silver, and white markers are slightly tricky to distinguish

In general, these markers are easy to use, go on sleekly, and provide nice coverage. More importantly, they are not super stiff like most paints when they dry.

10. Ohuhu Scrapbook Metallic Glitter Markers

ohuhu scrapbook metallic glitter markers

I am glad that I invested in the best pen for writing on photos. These metallic markers are non-bleeding and can be used for a variety of art projects. The 1-mm fine tip design provides me the most outstanding balance of coverage and control for various activities. I didn’t have to worry about smudges and blotches. These paint pens are your go-to if you work in black paper and cardboard mediums.

In the same way, I can now enjoy consistent and rich colors for my artworks. Whether you plan to utilize these paint pens on dark and light surfaces, you won’t have any issue. I mainly prefer eco-friendly products, so I chose this one because it is safe for the environment, and it is toxin, acid, and odor-free.

These versatile art pens are my best buddies whenever I color, draw, and write. The glittering effects they produce make my artworks and scrapbooks look even more aesthetically appealing. I don’t have any struggle cleaning up because these markers are not messy.

You are in good hands with these water-based and fast-drying art pens. Their long-lasting pigments can last for an extended period. The extraordinary glimmer they produce can make your art piece a standout. You don’t even need to pump or shake them when you use them for the first time.

There’s no denying that these metallic markers are excellent in many aspects. However, I strongly suggest handling the fine tip with extra caution because it seems flimsy. Be sure not to press too hard if you don’t want the fine tip to go flat.

  • Works wonderfully in both dark and light surfaces
  • Ideal for various art projects and activities
  • Perfect option for writing on black paper or cardboard
  • No more worries about smudges and blotches
  • Eco-friendly, toxin, acid and odor-free
  • The fine tip seems frail

In summary, what makes these paint pens a more prominent option than others is their long-lasting pigments. Their luxurious gloss and unique features outplay other markers out there.

What to Look For When Buying a Scrapbooking Pen

best pen for writing on photos

Nowadays, there are plenty of scrapbooking pens sold on the market. However, not all of them can be the perfect match for your scrapbooking projects. This is the reason why you should be well-informed before making the final buying decision.

Ink Quality

The nature and quality of the ink is a significant buying factor to consider. Some options come with a strong odor and easily bleed through if not dried properly. On the other hand, some inks are prone to fading, especially when exposed to certain elements.

Some chemicals are dangerous to our health, and the strong fumes they diffuse are annoying. Acidic inks also ruin some types of paper so that the wrong pens can damage your scrapbook.

The Purpose

Pens can be utilized for doodling, writing, and drawing. Hence, it is vital to know the purpose of picking a suitable item.

You should not utilize thick pens if you do more writing because they will leave a mark on the back page and destroy your scrapbook.

Meanwhile, choose pens that do not blot if you often work on calligraphy. Choose pens designed with a fine point if you are into sketching. Lastly, if you’re going to use the pen for coloring, opt for thick markers to cover a larger surface with less ink consumption.

Pen Tips

The brush tips and the pen size are essential factors in creating the most outstanding artwork. Thick pens are commonly difficult to control and prone to smearing on the hands.

Meanwhile, pens designed with thin tips allow you to create small markings and designs where you could have better control.


It is essential to inspect if the ink and tip of the pens have been specifically designed to avoid smudges that could damage your scrapbook.

Go for options that are smudge-resistant, as these are designed to dry faster. Alternatively, you can opt for artist-friendly brands because they generally manufacture pens that are smear-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

best pen for writing on cardstock

What Pen Should you Use in Scrapbooking?

When working on your scrapbook, consider buying options that are specifically formulated for journaling, scrapbooking, and calligraphy. This is because these markers are designed as waterproof, acid-free, smear-proof, light-fast, fade-proof, and non-bleeding.

Indeed, they are safe to use for scrapbooking papers, so you won’t have to worry about damages. They won’t deteriorate your paper as well. Scrapbooking pens come in a broad range of pen tips, colors, and shapes.

Lastly, you can purchase them individually, or you can buy them in different sets of ink types and colors.

How to Store Scrapbook Supplies?

To properly organize and store your scrapbooking supplies, first and foremost, you’ll need to set up space for your scrapbooking craft. This may be a corner at your place, a closet, or if you have an ample space, it’ll be better if it is a whole room.

Big or small space, what matters is that you designate it as your scrapbooking spot. From there, you can set the table where you work. Then, start sorting your supplies and designate specific spots where to store each of them.

If you decide to store your scrapbooking tools and supplies in small closets, consider putting a label to make them even more organized.


Overall, you need to have the right art tools and accessories in your arsenal if you want to create an impressive scrapbook. You can safeguard your experiences and memories for a long time with the best scrapbooking pens.

Many of us are into artistic hobbies as this is an excellent way of expressing our feelings, thoughts, and ideas. And, one of the best ways to unleash our artistic and creative side is having the right art tools to assist us in our crafts.

Choosing the right pen for your scrapbooking projects can help you develop a more excellent expression in supporting your creativity.

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