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The Best Skin Tone Markers for 2024

best skin tone markers

A coloring marker set will never be complete if it does not have the best skin tone markers. Even if you usually only draw landscapes or mandalas, there will always be times when you will need good skin tone shades to complete the look of certain pieces.

One thing to note, though, is that many different brands out there claim that they have the most accurate flesh tone markers without usually providing enough evidence to support their claims. In addition, many factors can come into play when choosing skin tone markers, and coloring markers, in general.

Fortunately, this article is now around. It will guide you in spotting the right skin tone markers that you can use for your artwork.

Best Skin Tone Marker Reviews

1. Copic Ciao Skin Tone Markers

copic ciao skin tone markers

This product is a 12-marker set, which contains 10 skin tone markers of varying tones and shades. It does not matter what skin tone you need. You will discover that all colors are already in this set. You can even blend colors to get the exact match that you are looking for.

These markers are very versatile, I think it is all thanks to them having dual tips. One end is a medium chisel-point nib, which is great for even coloring and creating sharp angled lines. Meanwhile, the other tip is a brush point. It is the best for fine lines, brushstroke calligraphy, and creating different line weights in a single line.

As I said earlier, this 12-marker skin tone marker set contains 10 skin tone markers. As for the remaining two that form part of the set, they are the black marker and a colorless blender. The black is for creating outlines while the colorless blender does exactly what its name states, and it does so splendidly.

The thing that I liked the most about these markers is that they can last a very long time. If you take good care of them, they can potentially last a lifetime. When the nibs get considerably worn down, you can replace them with fresh new ones. Also, when the markers run out of ink, you can refill them with Copic inks.

Speaking of the ink in these skin tone markers Copic brand, the only thing that I have an issue with is that the pens have rather small capacities. A couple of the markers in the set I bought already dried up after a week and a half of use.

  • Contains all the skin tones that you will possibly need
  • Markers have dual nibs
  • Lasts a long time
  • The set comes with a black and blender marker
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Runs out of ink quickly

Copic is one of the most popular brands of coloring markers in the industry and these flesh tone markers are not an exception. These markers have accurate colors and show clearly on paper.

2. Art-n-Fly Brush Tip Skin Tone Markers

art-n-fly brush tip skin tone markers

Unlike the previous set of flesh tone markers, this set from Art-n-Fly has two more shades. This gives you even more versatility and control over the colors. Having more flesh tones will give you more versatility. It also means that you do not need to do quite as much blending to get the shade you want.

Speaking of blending, if you have a colorless alcohol blender marker, you can use it to blend the colors of these markers to make the color transitions seamless. The nice thing about them is that you can still blend them even after they completely dried. It is possible to reactivate the pigments upon coming in contact with the colorless markers.

These markers can possibly last for many years if you take care of them properly. When the markers run out of ink eventually, you can refill them. It is also fine to replace the nibs when they eventually wear down. These markers have the potential to be the last set that you will ever buy.

Another thing that I liked about these markers is that they come with two kinds of tips. On the one end is a chisel-point nib, which I like to use for coloring in large spaces. However, the brush-point tips are the ones that I use more often. You can use them to color in large spaces, but they can also create fine lines.

However, I wish that the colors on the caps would accurately represent the colors of the markers. There are huge discrepancies in colors between the caps and the inks. That said, you need to make test swatches every time just to make sure you have the right color.

  • Comes with 12 accurate skin tone markers
  • Boasts of blendable inks
  • The markers come with dual tips
  • Replaceable tips and refillable
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • The colors of the caps are inaccurate

These markers are much more affordable than the other professional-grade markers, but they perform just as well. If you are a budding artist and you do not have much room in your budget, then these markers are your ultimate choice.

3. ARTIFY Alcohol Brush Markers

artify alcohol brush markers

You can never have too many skin tone markers. In fact, it is better if you do. You will be saving a lot of time since you will not be blending colors that much. I like this kit because it gives me a separate collection just for skin tones that are the trickiest colors to get right. Having 22 color choices makes coloring a lot easier.

Another nice thing about these markers is their ergonomic design. The barrels of the pens are triangular, making them easier to grip and control. These products are among the most comfortable markers that I have used. It is why I like using them whenever I am working on a large drawing.

These markers also come with dual points – one end has a chisel-point nib and the other has a brush tip. You are essentially getting two types of markers in just one set. This added versatility, which means you will most likely not need to buy another set of color markers just because you need a different writing point.

Another nice thing about this set of markers is that there is a colorless blender included, and it is a very effective one to boot. I usually buy a separate blender pen, but I find the included one more than enough. Aside from the blending marker, the set also includes a black marker for outlines and other details.

There is not much I can complain about of these markers. However, I noticed that they do bleed a bit through the paper. Still, they do not bleed quite as much as the other brands like the skin tone markers Crayola. I just place a loose sheet of paper underneath the paper I am coloring so the colors will not bleed into the next page.

  • The kit contains 22 skin tone markers.
  • Ergonomically designed, promoting comfort and ease of use
  • High level of versatility, thanks to the dual tips
  • Vibrant and brightly pigmented inks
  • Comes with a colorless blending marker
  • Bleeds quite a bit

These products are ideal for those who are still beginners in using color markers. Aside from being truly affordable, the markers also seem to work just as well as the name-brand ones.

4. Ohuhu Skin Tone Markers

ohuhu skin tone markers

This 36-piece coloring marker set comes with all of the skin tones and shades that you will need, and a couple more that you did not know you needed. Having these many options in skin tone colors can help you get the right shades without having to spend a lot of time blending several different colors to get the one you are looking for.

These Ohuhu skin tone markers also have double tips – one end is a medium chisel tip and the other is a fine bullet-point tip. I usually use the chisel point nibs for architectural drawings and to color in the wider spaces, and the bullet point nib for the smaller spaces.

I like the versatility of these markers, too. I think this versatility is brought on by its dual tips. It is versatile that you do not need to buy separate markers because you are getting two types already.

One of the characteristics of good skin tone markers, in my opinion, is that they need to be easy to blend. These markers use alcohol-based inks, so they are easier to blend. I like how seamless the transition between skin tones is after a bit of blending using a colorless marker.

These markers are also easy to keep organized. It is a huge plus for me because I am a bit of a stickler when keeping my drawing supplies organized. The caps do not only have colors similar to the shade inside but they also come with codes for easier color identification. You also get a color tone markers list as a guide for choosing shades.

Here is what I do not like about huge sets of color markers – some of them are so similar that you could swear you got doubles of the same color. In this set, there are a couple of markers that look so close to each other that caused me to use them interchangeably.

  • Contains 36 skin tone colors
  • The markers have double tips
  • Easy to blend, even if they are dry for a while
  • Color-coded caps
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case
  • Some of the colors only have few discrepancies that they can almost be identical

As I mentioned earlier, having more skin tone shades gives you more accuracy and less time spent blending just to get that one perfect shade.

5. TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers

tooli-art acrylic paint markers

If you draw a lot of portraits or just someone who loves to use earth tones in your works, then these markers are for you. This kit comes with 36 different colored acrylic markers – all of which are earth and skin tones. I already have a set of acrylic markers, but I just had to get this set because of all the different earth and skin tones.

Because these markers use acrylic inks/paints, every line you lay will be almost completely opaque. I like using these markers in most of my drawings as they are much easier to layer. However, they are also harder to create gradients with. On the other hand, I have my alcohol markers for those kinds of drawings.

What I genuinely liked about these markers are the durable fine-point nibs. With this kind of marker, you will be doing quite a lot of line work. It means that nibs will take a beating. I am happy to report that even after a couple of months, all my pens still have stiff but quite flexible tips.

I am also delighted that these markers can write on almost all kinds of surfaces. I have used them on all kinds of objects. Of course, I expected them to work well on paper, but I have also used them with varying degrees of success on river stones, glass, wood, and plastics, among many others.

These markers would have gotten higher marks if they were easier to organize. There are no color names printed anywhere on the pens. I think even the inclusion of some color codes would have been helpful.

  • Has plenty of flesh and earth colors
  • Uses acrylic paints so they are very opaque
  • Has very durable and precise tips
  • Can write on almost all kinds of surfaces
  • Non-toxic, odorless, and safe for children
  • Hard to organize as there are no codes or color names

Even though these markers would have been better if they had their color codes printed anywhere on the pens, I still think they work and perform as advertised. You will be getting bright and vibrant colors plus they can write well on any surface.

6. Chameleon Art Skin Tones Pens

chameleon art skin tones pens

Using these color tops almost seems like you are cheating because they make blending colors effortless. You just need to put the caps on the markers that you want the colors to blend with. With these accessories, you will not need a blending marker to make color transitions smooth and effortless.

I am also delighted that these tops come in four skin tones – four nudes and a brown one. For most artists, these five shades are more than enough to recreate any kind of skin tone they need. With a bit of practice, you can use them to create almost life-like portraits, and any other kind of drawing that will need flesh tones.

These items are not just for painting portraits. You can also use these tops for coloring adult coloring books, or if you like creating mandalas. Aside from that, they seem to work great for coloring whimsical drawings and giving your calligraphy projects a bit more wonder.

If you already have a set of Chameleon color-changing skin tone permanent markers, it is imperative to get a set of these color-changing tops as well. These things just make blending colors a whole lot easier and quicker.

Instead of blending the colors on the paper, you will be doing it on the nibs themselves. As you are coloring, you can also expect the colors to transition by themselves.

Now, as mentioned numerous times already, these are just the color tops. You will need to get the markers separately. There have been a lot of people who feel like they have been bamboozled into buying the wrong product, which would not have happened if they took the time to read the label.

  • Colors are easy to blend
  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • Creates a lot of different and cool effects
  • Works on any Chameleon-brand markers
  • Self cleans
  • These are only the color tops – The markers are not included

You need to be careful about this product as you will only be getting the COLOR TOPS, not the markers themselves. However, if you already have a set of Chameleon color markers, then it is safe to say that you will need these items in your collection.

7. AITUSHA Skin Tone Markers

aitusha skin tone markers

You can never have enough skin tones, and having 30 of them will make coloring faces and bodies a whole lot easier, and with very minimal guesswork. I love using these markers because they significantly cut down the time spent blending different colors to get the right shade.

Another nice thing that I loved about these markers is that they did not only take the time to print the color codes on the caps. Aitusha even printed the names of the colors on them, promoting ease in identification and organization.

Speaking of organization, this may seem insignificant for most people but I liked the included pen stand and organizer. Although I am fine with just stuffing markers inside a box or bag, I am still very happy with the included organizer in this kit as it made organizing the pens a whole lot easier.

Another nice thing about these markers is that they come with dual tips, meaning one end has a chisel-point and the other has a bullet-point. These tips play a crucial role in adding a wide range of versatility. The wide chisel-point nibs are great for filling in large spaces with color while the smaller bullet-points are for fine details.

Now, my issue with these markers is that they tend to bleed and I mean a lot. If you like using sketch pads, I highly suggest placing a loose sheet underneath the page you are coloring so that the ink will not bleed onto the next page. However, in defense of the brand, their markers do not bleed nearly as much as skin tone markers Michaels.

  • The set comes with 30 different skin tones
  • Have color codes and the names of the colors on the caps
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with a standing base for easy storage and organization
  • Feature dual tips for versatility
  • The inks bleed a lot

Although you do need to be careful about the ink bleeding through the paper, I can still say that this product is a solid set of markers. Just the huge range of colors and shades makes the set a worthwhile investment.

8. JHFart Skin Tones Brush Alcohol Markers

jhfart skin tones brush alcohol markers

This set is great for beginners at using color markers. Aside from being inexpensive, they also feature dual points that are indeed good for beginners. This essentially gives you two sets of markers. The chisel points are great for coloring large swatches and the bullet points are for getting into the tight spots.

You can never have too many skin tone colors, which is why you will love that this kit contains 36 different shades. If you are fond of drawing faces and bodies, you will have access to almost all the different skin tones known to man. You can also access a couple of blush colors to make your drawings come alive.

Even though these markers are on the lower rungs in terms of price, they work surprisingly well. The ink flows through the nibs evenly unless you stop at one position for too long, the ink will not blot. These are significantly better than the old ones I used to have. I discovered that they write smoother and lay down ink evenly.

Another thing that I liked about these markers is that their ink dries quickly, so there is virtually no chance of your hands accidentally smudging them. Another nice thing about these markers is that their ink stays mostly on top of the paper and has very minimal bleeding.

I do not have anything serious to complain about these markers. However, if I need to criticize anything about the product, then I would have to say that I do not like how hard the nibs were. I prefer that my markers have a bit of give. The JHF Art markers have nibs that are quite hard, which is like writing with a ballpoint pen.

  • Dual tip markers for extra versatility
  • All the skin colors imaginable are included in the kit
  • Lays down ink evenly
  • Boasts of fast-drying ink with minimal bleeding
  • Features color-coded caps
  • The nibs are a bit too hard

These markers are inexpensive and work great, making them among the best choices for those who are new to color markers.

9. Arrtx Skin Tone Markers

arrtx skin tone markers

One remarkable thing about these skin tones markers is that they already come with two tips – a chisel-point and a bullet-point. These markers essentially give you two drawing nibs in one maker. The wide chisel tip is great for coloring large spaces with only a couple of passes and the bullet-point tip is for reaching the hard-to-reach areas.

Despite the affordable price point, they write just as well as the brands that cost more than twice. The inks always come out smooth and even, and they do not bleed as much as other cheap brands of markers I used in the past. If you are a beginner at using this medium, then these markers, at their affordable price, are the perfect choice for you.

These markers use alcohol-based inks, which means they dry quickly and do not leave any residues on the paper. Because the ink dries so quickly, you do not have to worry about your wrist smudging the colors.

I also like the large, hexagon-shaped markers. They are comfortable in the hand. The many angles in the body also promote ease in controlling them. These angled bodies ensure that you will never have a hard time controlling and manipulating the markers. I also like how these pens do not easily roll off my inclined drawing table.

The only problem I have with these pens is that some of them have very similar shades. This means it can be hard to tell them apart without checking the color code. I personally would be happy if a couple of the markers were not included in the set.

  • Features dual tips
  • Applies ink smoothly and blends easily
  • Boasts of fast-drying ink that will not smudge
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Comes in a convenient and beautiful carrying/storage case
  • Some of the colors are almost similar to each other, especially the lighter tones

If you are on a tight budget but you are in dire need of good-quality flesh tone markers, you need to check out this set of skin tone markers by Arrtx. You will be getting 36 different skin tone markers, which is more than enough for most budding artists.

10. CMYK+ Skin Tones Alcohol Markers

cmyk+ skin tones alcohol markers

This set of skin tone alcohol markers contained more than the colors that I need for my drawings. There are 48 different earth and skin tone colors in the set, which covers all the skin tones and shades that I can imagine. I have been using this set for a couple of months already, and there are still some markers that I haven’t used yet.

I like my art supplies organized, and the color codes and names printed on the caps of these markers help me keep them in order. I do not want to spend a lot of time digging through dozens of different colored markers to find the ones that I need. With these markers and the included display case, finding colors is a breeze.

Speaking of the storage case, this kit comes with one and a convenient carrying bag. The case, which is more like a stand, keeps the markers upright and with their labels displayed clearly. If you like to draw outdoors, you will surely love these free accessories.

Aside from the 48 colors, this set also includes a colorless blender marker and a white gel marker for highlights. These markers use alcohol-based inks, so they dry almost immediately. You can also easily blend them using a blender marker. Also, you can use the blender to combine various colors to achieve the exact shade you are looking for.

I do not have anything that serious to complain about, but I do have a bit of an issue with some of the markers not having the same ink consistency as the others. The lighter shades, in my opinion, are a bit looser and need a couple more layers to be visible.

  • Contains 48 skin and earth tones
  • All markers come with color codes and names
  • Includes a convenient storage case and stand
  • Double-tipped markers for added versatility
  • Comes with a colorless blender marker
  • Some colors have a thicker consistency than others

These markers are the textbook definition of getting the most bang for your buck. You will be getting 48 different earth and skin tones for an affordable price, and they work quite well too.

What to Look For When Buying a Skin Tone Markers

skin tone alcohol markers

Are you ready to shop for skin tone markers? Then here are a couple of things you should consider.

Number of Colors

Although you might be good with just five or six skin tone colors, it is still better to have more shades to choose from. In my experience, having at least 12 to 20 different skin tones is best. Aside from ensuring that you will not waste time blending colors to get the shade you want, you will also be saving a lot of ink.

Ink Quality

Aim for markers that apply ink evenly and consistently. The ink should also be thick enough that you will not need more than two or three layers to get a vibrant color.

Regarding the ink type, for skin tones, I find that alcohol-based is better because they blend better than water-based inks. If you are coloring faces, you will be doing a lot of blending.


You should get markers with the tips that you will be using quite a lot. For instance, if you like doing large-format art, then get markers with chisel-point tips. On the other hand, if you like more detailed drawings, then bullet-point or brush tips should be more to your liking.

Alternatively, you can get markers with dual tips, like the ones that have chisel-point and bullet-point tips, so you will only need to buy one set.

Easy to Blend

Skin tone markers need to be easy to blend, as this will make the drawing look as natural as possible. In this sense, you need to get alcohol-based markers as they blend much better compared to water-based ink markers.


If it is your first time using color markers, then buy a set that fits well within your budget. It will let you practice coloring without having to spend a lot of money on expensive brands. Note that many affordable brands can already compete with the expensive ones, so you may want to test out as many of them as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

skin tone permanent markers

What Colors Make Skin Tone with Markers?

Human skin is not just one color. It is a combination of different tones and shades. Skin tone colors range from earth tones like browns and sometimes greens. They also include shades of red, orange, and pink.

How to Use a Skin Tone Marker?

Artists have their own ways of using skin tones. Some lay the colors on top of each other while they put the lighter ones at the base. Others put down the colors side by side and blend them afterward.


Regardless if you are an experienced artist or only a beginner, you will need the best skin tone markers in your arsenal. Although it is possible to mix your own skin tones using the basic colors available in your set of markers, it takes a lot of time.

Also, you will be using quite a lot of ink that there is a chance you may poke a hole in the paper. Having a set of markers dedicated to skin tones makes coloring faces and bodies a whole lot easier.

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