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The Best Washable Markers For 2024

best washable markers

Kids have their creative young minds that unleash boundless possibilities. They are curious and excited to try new things, including a colorful set of permanent markers. Unfortunately, they can be messy and reckless and in just a snap, your home can turn into complete chaos.

You see marker stains on your child’s shirt, hands, face, and all over the desk! Not to mention those filthy scribbles on your walls and floors, which probably need tough scrubbing and cleaning to remove those stubborn stains.

Have you experienced any of this? It is totally fun to let your kids enjoy arts and crafts but there is another way to enhance your kid’s creativity without all the mess; you need the best washable markers. Read on to see the top choices, unbiased reviews, and a comprehensive buying guide.

Best Washable Marker Reviews

1. DOODLE HOG Washable Dab and Dot Markers

doodle hog washable dab and dot marker

At a first glance, I can tell that these washable markers are not like the usual types of markers for kids. The name itself, Dab and Dot, pretty much explains how these markers work; kids and toddlers can doodle, color, and create colorful art projects using light dabbing and dotting.

While their design makes them stand out among other markers, I understand why they are made that way. Instead of scribbling, writing, and doodling with typical bullet tips, the large round sponge tips allow toddlers to produce colors with precision and minimized mess.
Since this tip design holds more ink, the markers can dispense ink even with light dabbing. But the best part is that it flows steadily without any leaks.

Therefore, those little artists can enjoy learning and identifying colors without the parents or teachers worrying about chaotic ink spills! Plus, they do not dry out easily. Thanks to their twist-off caps that secure the markers very well.

The colors come in quite vivid and one of the primary features I am looking for with washable markers. It is nice that even with a gentle dab, the markers give off highly pigmented colors that can beautifully showcase an artistic and colorful work.

I almost forgot to mention the cap vents, which I think promote the safety features of these markers. Although I would definitely supervise the kids every time they play with these markers, I am glad that the manufacturer added these vented caps to ensure safety, just in case they were accidentally swallowed.

In addition to that, I am hands down to its washability. If you are looking for washable markers for fabric, skin, walls, tables, and almost any surface your toddlers would scribble on, I suggest going for these markers. You can tidy the ink stains quickly and completely even with just baby wipes.

The only downside with these markers is that they need a few shakes to get some ink out of them. I noticed this when they were left unused for a long time. They also tend to bleed so it is best to avoid thin papers or put something underneath the paper to protect your desk.

  • Easily cleans with just wiping
  • Reinforced round sponge tips for precise and messy-free applications
  • Designed with easy grip for added comfort when held
  • Comes with twist-off caps for ease of use and to prevent ink from drying
  • Delivers rich colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Tends to bleed sometimes
  • Needs some shaking to activate ink when left unused for long periods

With regards to their washability, performance, and safety, these washable markers are among the best ones out there. The overall design and safe formulation are thoughtfully curated for toddlers to enjoy using even when they get a little messy!

2. Ohuhu Washable Dot Markers

ohuhu washable dot marker

Ohuhu refers to these dot markers as Bingo markers that feature round tips similar to Doodle Hog markers. Surprisingly, the innovative concept looks identical, only these dot markers look more compact and have smaller heads.

While I can’t help but compare these two markers, I must say that these Ohuhu dot markers can stand out with their respective features. One of the first things I like is the vividness of the colors.

Impressively, the markers are a burst of colors that kids can indulge in. They can produce a variety of shades and showcase brilliant and artistic art pieces.
Besides these eye-candy colors, the water-based ink and materials are all non-toxic, making them safe to use even when your kids get some stains on their faces or all over their hands.

Speaking of ink stains, the washability of these markers is not the best I have seen. Soap and water can get rid of the marker stains on the skin but they leave faint residues. Still, they are washable and a few washes won’t hurt if you want to eliminate the stains completely.

I also recommend using aprons or table mats when your kids use them. Although these markers are washable, it is sad to say that they do not come out of clothes and furniture. Thus, the ink stains stay and it might take tough scrubbing to remove them.

On the other hand, since the heads come in small sizes and shapes (around 0.4 to 0.5 inches in diameter), I am sure that kids will find it a lot easier to produce accurate color applications. I think it can also minimize the mess as they would have to press and dab the markers all the time.

When you look closely at the markers, you will notice ergonomic non-slip grips that are suitable for those small hands. This design lends a comfortable feeling so the kids can color happily for endless hours.

The 30-page coloring or marker pad included in this set is a sweet deal. The durable pages can accommodate these markers and allow layering, blending, and doodling, allowing the kids to unleash their creativity and play with different pops of colors!
Just some caveats with these markers: they tend to bleed a lot when pressed heavily.

Although it is nice that they deliver smooth-flowing ink, these markers sometimes leave awful ink blotches and usually bleed through thin papers.

One more thing, these markers will leak if you lay them down on the desk unless you keep them in an upright position.

  • Features smaller heads for precise coloring
  • Easy to use and hold due to their ergonomic grips
  • Provides bright and beautiful colors
  • Made from non-toxic materials including the water-based ink
  • Washable on skin with soap and water
  • Sometimes leaks when not stored in an upright position
  • Tends to bleed through thin papers and heavy dabbing

These markers can be a decent spin-off of Doodle Hog’s dot markers, particularly in terms of vibrancy and smooth ink flow. Although they are mostly washable on skin with soap and water, kids can still create colorful art projects with confidence.

3. Crayola Create & Color Washable Markers

crayola create & color washable markers

First of all, they are from Crayola. For me, that is enough reason to add these markers to my shopping list. But besides the brand reputation, I’ve got two more reasons: excellent washability on skin and clothing, and impressive color range.

Let’s first get into their washability; they are unbelievably true to what the brand claims. They do wash off easily, especially when your kids end up with marker scribbles or ink stains all over their hands.

I bet that is good news for parents or teachers who always clean up messy marker stains! Apart from that, it is also a relief that the markers use non-toxic ink, making them safe to use for kids from 4 years old and above.

When it comes to their pigment quality, they look incredibly vibrant as the permanent markers that render solid colors. Plus, they come with Super Tips that can produce various line widths.

In addition to that, they deliver smooth-flowing ink, allowing kids to color or draw without any leaks or bleeding. You can try them with the 20 coloring pages and 20 blank pages included in this set.

Whether they are at home or on a long car ride, they can easily carry these markers around with their travel-friendly case. It keeps the markers neat and organized and on my part, my niece loved it so much.

Therefore, if you have a kid who is constantly coloring or you need something to entertain them during trips, I recommend these markers.

I think the potential issue would be buying replacements every time the ink runs out since they are not refillable. Fortunately, you can purchase separate sets of the same variant and quality. However, I have noticed that some of them do not fit nicely in the case.

  • Offers excellent washability on skin and clothing
  • Has versatile tips for fine and broad strokes and line widths
  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Smooth ink flow for hassle-free applications
  • Neatly organized in a sturdy case
  • Replacement markers purchased separately do not fit well in the case

Of all the marker sets I have tried, I must say that these can pass for ultra-clean washable markers because they really are, particularly on clothing and skin. Besides the superb washability, the color selection, pigment quality, and portability are impressive features that make this set worth trying.

4. Do A Dot Art Washable Markers

do a dot art washable markers

This marker set is probably love at first sight for young artistic girls like daughters, nieces, or whoever fancies bright and shimmery hues. That’s just the packaging. But if you take a look inside of it, it has five vivid colors that can beautifully showcase your child’s art projects.

They are not your typical markers with pointed tips but rather round sponge tips for dot coloring. Similar to Doodle Hog and Ohuhu, these markers are all about creating colorful masterpieces with better precision and minimal mess.

I know it might not be to everyone’s liking, but the innovative tip design is an easy way to introduce colors to kids. Aside from that, it promotes messy-free coloring and marker applications while helping them perfect colorful dots every time.

The markers provide a consistent ink flow that enables smooth layering and blending. A gentle squeeze makes this work. But even when you put some pressure on it and dab it on paper, the ink flows efficiently without leaking or bleeding.

In addition to these highlighted features, I am sure that parents care more about the safety of these markers. Luckily, this non-toxic washable marker set contains no harmful or toxic ingredients, making them safe for kids of all ages.

According to its content information, these markers are gluten-free, latex-free, and have passed the highest safety standards as well. With that in mind, I bet this is a huge sigh of relief should your kids end up with ink stains all over their hands and faces.

How about washability? It is not the best I have tested but not the worst either. I expected more on its washability performance since they are formulated to be washable. However, simple washing will not do the trick.

I have tried it on a toddler’s hand and the marker stains were still visible for a day or two. It needs multiple washes and thorough scrubbing to get rid of the stains completely.

  • Highlights its sponge tip for easy coloring
  • Delivers smooth ink flow without leaks and bleeding
  • Provides super pigmented and shimmery colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Poor washability

Although the washability level needs improvement, I am hands down to its stunning range of vibrant and shimmery colors. The unique tip design makes coloring easier and more fun as well.

5. Chalkola Washable Dot Markers

chalkola washable dot markers

Since dot markers have been quite a trend on washable markers, I might as well try one more brand. This time, it is the 10-piece washable marker set from Chalkola.

First impressions? These dot markers are surprisingly big! Compared to the aforementioned dot markers with around 40ml of ink, these markers hold the largest capacity with 60ml of ink!

While that will definitely take a long time before the ink runs out, I love the fact that it can minimize bleeding and leaks with their quick-drying water-based ink. This also allows kids to build and blend colors to achieve a vast array of hues.

It takes light pressing and dabbing and the ink will come out smoothly without bleeding or ink pooling. The kids can hold the markers comfortably as well due to their non-slip ergonomic grips, making coloring more enjoyable.

It is nice that the set comes with a 50-page activity book for creative coloring. This encourages the kids to try out different colors, learn shapes and numbers, and cultivate hand-eye coordination as well, especially for toddlers.

Down to its washability, these non-toxic and odor-free markers wash off easily on skin, clothing, and floors but not on carpets. I tried removing the ink stains off the carpets but unfortunately, they didn’t come off as easily as I expected.

It requires multiple washes and scrubbings with bleach and soap but they can only lighten the stains. Additionally, they are not washable markers for walls.

Thus, I recommend supervising your kids when using these markers to prevent leaving any tough ink stains on these surfaces.

  • Offers a huge amount of ink (60ml)
  • Easy to hold and use with their non-slip grips
  • Does not bleed or leak
  • Quick-drying ink that allows layering and blending
  • Washable on skin, floors, and clothing
  • Not very washable on walls, glass surfaces, and carpets

For large capacity and excellent ink quality, these markers would be an ideal pick. Just make sure to keep the markers off the walls and carpets to make coloring and fun activities completely messy-free!

6. Rainbow Chalk Markers Glass Pens

rainbow chalk markers glass pens

What if your kid loves doodling and scribbling on glass surfaces? Perhaps, you need to decor windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces with colorful embellishments? That’s definitely going to be a problem with permanent markers.

Fortunately, throughout my search for erasable and washable markers for various surface types, I found this glass pen liquid paint marker that easily washes off with water and a paper towel.

The primary factor that makes this work is the advanced water-based ink formula that is suitable for multiple glass surfaces. It is available in 10 different colors but the one I got is in black. Plus, it has a reversible tip that can produce broad and fine line widths.

I particularly used them to write labels on my glass jars and whenever I make some mistakes, I can just wipe them off with wipes or paper towels. However, this may seem pretty ironic but this marker is also water-resistant, keeping the ink highly pigmented but erasable at the same time.

I must say that they perform like regular permanent markers. I like how this shade delivers rich color that renders solid and dark hues, which is probably one of the best black washable markers I have tried.

Both adults and kids can use this marker since it uses non-toxic ink. Therefore, if your kids want to doodle your car windows or scribble on mirrors, they can do so safely even in enclosed places.

However, keep in mind that this marker needs to be activated before using; you can’t use them right away. I think this could be a little tricky for some who are not familiar with glass pens like this.

Therefore, you need to blot the tip a couple of times until the ink comes out or the tip is soaked in ink. Should you forget to do this prior to use, it might end up with messy ink spills and blotches, and I think that’s the downside with this marker.

  • Formulated with erasable ink specifically for glass surfaces
  • Has reversible tip for versatile applications
  • Water-resistant and non-toxic
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Delivers rich and dark black ink
  • Can cause leaks and ink spills without proper use

Anyhow, this washable glass pen marker does what it is supposed to do. It is erasable but it provides great color quality and versatile applications.

7. KIDDYCOLOR Washable Markers

kiddycolor washable markers

When it comes to versatility, there’s no doubt that these Kiddycolor washable markers are one of the best ones I have tried. Each of them features a tapered tip design that can produce various line widths – thick, medium, and fine.

Some markers have a similar tip design but it is nice to see this on these washable markers for kids. It can encourage them to expand their creativity and imagination and produce multiple types of lines and strokes.

Amazingly, these markers glide smoothly on paper, thereby allowing seamless applications and hassle-free coloring. The flow of ink is consistent and does not bleed or leak.

Apart from that, each marker delivers solid and vibrant colors that can flourish the kids’ creative art pieces. Not to mention they come in 36 beautiful colors!

Moreover, it is good to know that these markers are non-toxic and eco-friendly. I have a niece that uses these markers and I won’t have to worry every time she uses them since they are safe to use.

But of course, what stands out with these markers is their washability. They are formulated with water-based ink that can wash off quickly with soap and water, especially if your kid gets some on their skin.

I tested it on clothing and walls and tidied the ink stains with water and soap. Sadly, faint ink stains are still visible. If I were you, I would also keep these markers away from wooden desks because they’ll be tough to remove.

  • Washes off quickly on the skin
  • Offers a wide selection of vibrant colors
  • Designed with a tapered tip design for versatile applications
  • Formulated with non-toxic water-based ink
  • Consistent ink flow
  • Not washable on wooden desks or surfaces
  • Leaves faint ink marks on clothing and walls

These markers are all about versatility and premium color quality. Although they may not be suitable and washable for some surface types, this marker set is still a sweet treat for young aspiring artists and learners!

8. Zoozuca Washable Liquid Chalk Markers

zoozuca washable liquid chalk markers

In my experience, it isn’t always easy to find the correct writing or decorating tools for non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, or blackboards. So, when I learned about these washable liquid markers from ZooZuca, I thought of giving them a shot.

First of all, these are water-based markers that need some shaking to get the ink smoothly flowing. They are formulated to be erasable, promoting error-free and messy-free writing and decorating.

As it boosts your confidence in creating art pieces or improving the aesthetics in your home or commercial space, the vibrant color collection showcases a bright and beautiful spectrum of hues.

I know that working on dark or black canvases can be a little challenging because you need to find the perfect markers that would definitely stand out.

Luckily, these markers render a highly pigmented range of colors that can beautifully highlight and flourish writings and decorative details. I also tried them on dry whiteboards and did great as well.

In terms of versatility, these markers boast a reversible tip design. You can easily switch between broad and fine lines using the chisel and bullet nibs.

But of course, when it comes to its washability, these colorful chalk markers did not fail to impress. When I tested them on plastic, metal, and blackboards, I can get rid of any errors and ink stains quickly and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Moreover, they are non-toxic. Therefore, kids and adults can have fun with these markers and unleash their creativity on various artistic projects without worrying about harsh and hazardous ingredients.

However, the drawback lies in its longevity. I won’t deny that they write smoothly and the colors are impeccably vivid, but I wish these markers would last longer.

Keep in mind that these markers require shaking before use. It is also imperative to test and press the marker on paper first, otherwise, the ink will splatter.

  • Contains all the skin tones that you will possibly need
  • Suitable for non-porous surfaces like glass, ceramic, chalkboards, and more
  • Designed with a reversible tip design for versatility
  • Washes off quickly with a damp cloth
  • Delivers vivid colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Ink is not long-lasting
  • Tends to leak or bleed without prepping the ink before using

For confident writing and decorating on non-porous surfaces, I recommend going for these washable markers. The interchangeable nibs allow versatile applications that will refine your creative art pieces as well.

9. Smarkers Washable Scented Markers

smarkers washable scented markers

I have always been a sucker for scented markers because they make writing and coloring more enjoyable. Although I will definitely take some home for myself, I find this especially beneficial for kids so they won’t have to endure the awful chemical smell usually found on markers.

Therefore, I think Smarkers did a great job with these fruity scents. Not to mention that they can last for two years so you can preserve your creative artwork and fragrant smell as well!
But of course, my search has all been about washable markers, and fortunately, these scented markers did not fail me at that point.

I remember my niece had so much fun that she ended up with messy ink stains all over her hands and face. Luckily, they were easy to clean up with just soap and water. Wipes also did the trick and she looked all neat in a matter of minutes.

However, I don’t think it is washable on clothing and walls. You can get rid of them but I noticed some faint ink residues afterward. That’s why it needs tough cleaning and multiple washes to eliminate the stains eventually.

Besides that, the colors are rich and solid, rendering a vast array of vibrant shades. The tapered tips can also deliver various line widths, allowing you to create intricate and precise details or thick lines.

The ink flows smoothly and nicely, making it easier to write and color on paper. Unfortunately, some of these markers leak and awfully bleed sometimes if you don’t put them away in an upright position.

  • Formulated with long-lasting fruity scents
  • Washable on the skin; easy clean-up
  • Offers highly pigmented colors
  • Designed with tapered tips for broad and fine lines
  • Leaks and bleeds sometimes
  • Not really washable on clothes and walls

Despite that, these scented markers are a unique twist on washable markers. They smell great, deliver vibrant colors, and wash off the skin without a hitch!

10. Shuttle Art Washable Dot Markers

shuttle art washable dot markers

For the last dot marker brand that I have tried, the ones from Shuttle Art took this spot. Like the dot markers I have tested before, this set is pretty much the same in terms of color quality, vividness, design, and ease of use.

One of its key features is the deep and premium quality ink that delivers an excellent array of colors. They look vibrant and true to their labels and caps.

Designed with non-slip ergonomic grips, toddlers can hold the markers comfortably. Although I have seen this type of grip before, I consider it an essential part of the marker since kids have smaller hands and these markers are usually chunky!

They highlight the round sponge tips that can control ink flow when the child dabs or presses it on paper. It minimizes all the ink clutter while allowing your child to improve precision when coloring.

As the kid holds the marker nicely and dabs on paper, you can see a consistent flow of ink without too much bleeding or ink spills. It dries quickly as well, so if you layer or blend the shades, you may do so easily.

The additional activity cards included in the set are a perfect treat for kids. They can start right away and play with colorful markers!

One more thing, if your kid gets some on their hands or face, need not worry about the ink since it is non-toxic. Plus, they are washable on the skin.

However, you cannot get rid of them the first time. I noticed that it leaves faint ink residues and just lightens with soap and water. Therefore, I recommend washing and scrubbing multiple times to eliminate the stains completely.

In addition to that, I suggest putting them away in an upright position or in a solid case to prevent any leaks.

  • Features a unique round tip design for messy-free coloring
  • Designed with a non-slip grip that lets kids hold markers comfortably
  • Able to provide rich colors
  • Washable on skin
  • Non-toxic and easy to use
  • Leaves faint ink stains
  • Tends to leak sometimes when not properly stored

These innovative dot markers can help introduce colors to your kids. With minimized ink clutter due to their washable formula, your kids can freely enjoy the colors and create wonderful art pieces.

What to Look For When Buying a Washable Marker



One of the significant factors to consider is the washability of these markers. Although they highlight their innovative formulation, these washable markers vary from the level of washability.

Some brands easily come off with just a few washes and leave some faint stains while others erase completely. Unfortunately, some marker brands require multiple washes to thoroughly remove the ink stains.

Moreover, the washability level sometimes depends on the type of surface you are working on. You may also check whether they are washable markers on walls, skin, papers, fabric, floors, clothing, desks, and other surface types.

Safe Formulation

Since the target market for washable markers is toddlers or small kids from 3 years old and above, it is a prerequisite to identify whether they are skin-safe washable markers or even when ingested. Some brands abide by the safety and health standards through AP Seal or certification (Approved Product) conducted by ACMI or The Art & Creative Materials

Institute, Inc.

Art supplies from different manufacturers undergo this certification program that conducts a toxicological evaluation. This determines the health and safety standards of their products, including washable markers. Should these markers pass this process, these manufacturers can ensure that any harmful ingredients or toxic materials are not present in their products.

Ease of Use and Ergonomic Design

When it comes to markers for kids, I always look for ergonomic features so that they can enjoy coloring and writing without any hassle. Some washable markers are designed with easy grips that allow those little fingers to hold the markers comfortably.

Although some users do not prioritize cap designs, I consider them essential features of markers because they can prevent inks from drying out over time. As they secure the inks, these caps also protect the tips from fraying and other potential damages.

A particular marker brand, which is the Doodle Hog Dab and Dot washable marker, features a twist-off cap design that enables toddlers to open and seal the markers easily and safely.

Age Compatibility

Although these washable markers are usually designed for small kids, manufacturers indicate which age bracket they are suitable for. I think it is important to consider this factor, especially if you are planning to buy it for toddlers or those younger than 3 years old.

Color Selection and Ink Quality

A spectrum of beautiful colors usually fascinates small kids. This also engages them to explore different colors and unravel their creativity. The good news is that most washable markers come in sets and a variety of vibrant shades.

Other than that, I am sure that the ink quality can make or break the entire performance of the markers. Some of the best ones I have tried , such as the Sharpie washable markers and those from Crayola, deliver quick-drying inks that allow messy-free coloring, layering, and blending while minimizing bleeding and ink pooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

non toxic washable markers

Do Washable Markers Come Out of Clothes?

Yes, they typically do. These washable pens for toddlers offer a unique formulation that removes quickly after a few washes. However, the results may still vary from brand to brand and to their compatibility with different surface types. Some wear off instantly with just soap and water while some washable markers leave stain residues.

Do Washable Markers Come Out of Clothes?

Yes, they typically do. These washable pens for toddlers offer a unique formulation that removes quickly after a few washes. However, the results may still vary from brand to brand and to their compatibility with different surface types. Some wear off instantly with just soap and water while some washable markers leave stain residues.


The alcohol content in it will do the trick. Put a pea-size amount on your toddler’s skin where the stain is. Rub it gently in a circular motion until the stain disappears.

Baby Oil

Pour a small amount of baby oil into the stain on your child’s skin. Massage it slowly until you remove the marker stain. It might get a little messy so you can use a soft cloth or tissue to wipe the residues clean.

Baby Wipes

This multipurpose dirt cleaner can also get rid of stubborn marker stains. Since these wipes are specially made for kids and babies, they do not contain harsh ingredients or chemicals that may result in adverse skin effects or irritations.

To clean the washable markers on skin, you can use one or two sheets of baby wipes. Massage it in the skin slowly and in a circular motion until the stain disappears.

Makeup Remover

Makeup removers consist of ingredients that can effectively eliminate makeup on the skin. That’s why this product can also be useful in wiping the tough marker stains off should your child end up in this mess. Aside from that, you can safely use it on the face since it contains a formulation that targets makeup on the eye and face.

The first thing you will need is a cotton ball and pour some makeup remover onto it. Use it to gently rub the stain on the skin until it erases the ink. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

Rubbing Alcohol

If you will use rubbing alcohol to clean marker stains on your kid, make sure to use it with utmost precaution. This product is known for its strong chemical content that can sanitize skin as well as remove any unwanted markers, including marker stains.

If you are left with no other option, you can use a small amount of alcohol and pour it onto a cotton ball. Dab it on your toddler’s skin to eradicate marker stains. Do it gently to avoid any skin irritations.

What are Washable felt Markers?

Washable felt markers highlight their felt tip designs that usually come in bullet or pointed shapes. These features provide very fine or thin lines and strokes that you can use to create intricate and small details. Since they are also designed to be washable, you can easily wash and remove these marker stains from fabric, skin, walls, and other surfaces.


The best washable markers deliver vibrant colors, non-toxic smooth-flowing ink, and excellent washability. But above all these fascinating features, finding the ultimate set of washable markers will enable toddlers to enhance their creativity and enjoy learning with confidence.

It can be a bit challenging to find the perfect pick but mentioned above are some of the top-notch choices you can consider. Hopefully, the detailed reviews and buying guide will help you narrow down your options and find what exactly you are looking for.

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