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The Best Wet Erase Markers for 2023

best wet erase markers

To be considered as the best wet-erase markers, the markers need to have a few vital characteristics. A good one allows you to create temporary works of art. It should also be able to help make attention-grabbing announcements. If you are looking for a good wet-erase marker, then this article will guide you through the steps of choosing the right one.

What are wet-erase markers? Good wet-erase markers are those that let you write clearly on non-porous surfaces without streaking or smudging. The colors should be bright and the lines should be sharp and even. Most importantly, there should not be a trace of ink on the surface when you erase it.

One thing to remember, though, is that with the many brands of markers on the market right now, only a few of them work as well as they should. That said, you should choose methodically to avoid wasting your money on low-quality ones. Making the right choice is also the key to getting markers that you will enjoy using for a long time.

Best Wet Erase Marker Reviews

1. PENGUIN Artist 3MM Chalk Marker Pens

penguin artist 3mm chalk marker pens

These fine tip wet-erase markers may not have the most accurate colors among the markers that I had the pleasure of using. Despite that, they still write easily on smooth surfaces. I have used the items to decorate my shop windows. My kids also used them to draw on our glass doors. The ink adhered nicely on all smooth surfaces and paper.

As I mentioned earlier, I used these markers to decorate shop windows and the output always turned out great, thanks to the bright neon pigments used in the ink. If you intend to get people’s attention, you need to use these pens for your signs. Even with overcast skies, you can easily see their colors from blocks away.

I also said earlier that I let my kids use these markers to draw on our glass doors, and they love it. These markers do not contain any toxic ingredients. Apart from that, they do not have any foul odors. They are safe for use by kids. Also, if they get any ink on their hands and faces, they are easy to wash off using just soap and water.

The best thing about these wet-erase markers is that they leave absolutely no trace behind. You can erase them using a damp rag. Unlike other chalk markers, these items do not leave any dust and faint marks on the surface. All the pigments wipe away cleanly.

What I did not like about these markers is that it is a bit hard to prime when using them for the first time. I had quite some trouble with the yellow marker specifically. I was shaking and blotting the pen for a good ten minutes before the ink went out smoothly.

  • Writes legibly on any smooth surface
  • Comes in bright neon colors
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Erases cleanly and does not leave any dust
  • The package came with free sticker labels
  • Getting them primed when used for the first time takes a lot of time

Overall, these markers are great for leaving messages or making signs because of their bright neon colors. Kids will also love using these pens. They will surely get endless hours of enjoyment drawing with these markers.

2. Kassa Liquid Erasable Chalk Markers

kassa liquid erasable chalk markers

If you are looking for markers with colors that pop, then you need to check out the Kassa chalk markers. It does not matter if I am writing on a plain piece of paper or black background. All the colors contrast quite well. I also noticed that they are very visible.

I also liked the included metallic markers. They are just the perfect pens for accenting drawings. Apart from being great for adults, these items are also the perfect gifts for kids with a lot of creativity.

These markers use non-toxic inks, so there is no chance of poisoning. If any ink does get into the eyes or mouth, just wash them out with plain clean water. These pens are also odorless.

Another thing I am fond of about these markers is their versatility – that is all thanks to their reversible nibs. To be honest, I did not read the label when I first got my set. I figured that they would be the same as my other paint pens.

I was pleasantly surprised that there is a hidden chisel-point that you can use just by pulling out the nib and reversing it. The chisel-point worked well for creating sharp lines, and also for flamboyant calligraphy.

Now, the thing that I liked the most about these markers is that they can write on non-porous surfaces just as well as they would on porous surfaces. I liked how these markers worked on poster boards while also working well as wet-erase markers for whiteboards.

The bright colors also show up vibrantly when used on smooth surfaces like glass or plastic. Moreover, you can erase them off smooth surfaces using just a wet piece of cloth.

Although it seemed like I only have praises for this product, there is one thing that I wished the manufacturer improved – that is the priming function of the pens. You need to give each pen a good shake for a couple of minutes each before the ink would start flowing.

  • Come in vibrant colors
  • Features dual-tip nibs for added versatility
  • Very kid-friendly
  • Writes well on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • The set comes with metallic ink markers
  • Priming the markers takes a while

These products are great if you want to get the effects of chalk writing and create detailed lines. I find them among my top choices when it comes to the vibrancy of the inks.

3. EXPO 16074 Vis-A-Vis Wet-Erase Markers

expo 16074 vis-a-vis wet-erase markers

These were the go-to markers with presentations that use old-school overhead projectors. If you want to temporarily write on acetate film, I advise you to use these markers. They have inks specially formulated to resist the heat produced by overhead projectors. They won’t fade nor crack when exposed to the projector lamp’s heat.

Speaking of the inks, the colored markers (red, blue, and green) have semi-transparent inks. This means when you use these extra-fine wet-erase markers on whiteboards, they will appear vibrant and opaque. However, if you use them on overhead projectors, their colors turn translucent, allowing them to show their colors on the screen clearly.

I also like the fine-point nibs of these pens. The points have a bit of give to them. However, they are durable and can last for a long time. The tips have just the right amount of firmness, making them easy to write with

I used them when I need to jot down quick notes, and I have gone through a number of them through the years. Never did I have a problem regarding broken- or worn-down nibs.

Here is the most important part. The markers are easy to erase. If you use them to write on non-porous and smooth surfaces, you can be sure that you can erase them easily when needed.

I use them on a small whiteboard on my fridge so I list down the things I need to include on my next grocery shopping. I am happy to report that the whiteboard is still as white as ever. No trace of ink even remained after I erased them using a damp paper towel.

These are serious wet-erase markers. With that said, I think they are more at home in a corporate or higher learning environment. This is evident by the very limited number of colors you can work with. If you need markers for art projects, then these items may not help you that much.

  • Can withstand intense heat without cracking
  • Vibrant, semi-transparent inks
  • Durable fine points
  • Easy to erase without leaving any trace
  • Does not require priming
  • Limited color options

These products are basic, utilitarian wet-erase markers. I find them great for what their main purpose is. However, because of their precise fine point nibs, you can also use them for detailed line drawings.

4. Crafty Croc Wet Erase Liquid Chalk Markers

crafty croc wet erase liquid chalk markers

One thing that impressed me about this marker is that it writes well. The ink goes on the surface thickly and evenly. It does not have any signs of ghosting. This white marker looks almost exactly like what you would get if you wrote with chalk. I use this to create menu boards and other kinds of signages and the results always turn out great.

Another neat thing about this marker is that it comes with reversible nibs. When you first get the marker, the nib would be set on the bullet-point tip. However, you can pull out the nib and discover that there is a chisel point at the other end. This adds another layer of versatility to an already exceptional writing instrument.

I also used this marker to decorate the bases of wine glasses for parties. It just adds a bit more whimsy to the event. You do not need to worry about your guests. The ink is non-toxic and it does not have any nasty odors. I also like to use this marker to write things like reminders or grocery lists on the door of my refrigerator.

Unlike other chalk markers, this one is not that troublesome when it comes to priming. The ink inside does not clump up easily. It is also easy to loosen up with a couple of shakes and pumps of the nib.

Now, this marker would have been near-perfect if not for a somewhat annoying issue – that is it runs out of ink rather quickly. It could be because it lays on the ink thickly, resulting in it drying up quicker than other markers. It is a shame though as I would gladly pay more for it if it had more ink.

  • The ink goes on thickly and evenly
  • Looks and feels like real chalk markings
  • Comes with reversible tips
  • Can write on both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Easy to prime
  • Runs out of ink rather quickly

These markers are among the few that look like real chalk writing. Although it is a shame that it does not last quite as long as I would have liked it to, I can still say that the markers work as advertised.

5. Lana and Luca Wet Erase Marker Pens

lana and luca wet erase marker pens

These markers are among my favorites when it comes to writing large signs mainly because of their thick 6mm nibs. It takes a lesser number of strokes to fill in spaces. The lines they make are also nice and bold. Also, it is possible to reverse the nibs. It means you can change from using a bullet-point to a chisel-point nib in seconds.

In my opinion, these markers work a whole lot better than real chalks. I would sometimes still use real chalk, but I like using these markers more because they are less messy. You don’t have to worry about chalk dust for one thing. Also, they lay down ink evenly. I discovered that I don’t need to go over my lines again when using these pens.

The bright neon colors are also a big hit with children. I bought a box of these markers for my kid so he could draw whatever he wants on our glass doors and windows, and he won’t get into trouble because they wipe away easily. These markers can even write on gloss-painted walls. They are still easy to remove in that case.

Speaking of ease of cleaning, you can erase the markers using a damp rag. I usually use them on shop windows and wet-erase blackboards, and I have yet to see these markers leave stains on those surfaces. As mentioned earlier, I don’t need to worry about chalk dust.

These markers are great overall, but they are not without fault. I discovered that you need to be careful when priming these pens as they tend to leak when primed too much. You will need to stop pressing on the tip right as the ink starts to flow. Do it longer and the ink would leak around the nib.

  • Comes in bold and bright neon colors
  • Messier than actual chalk
  • Wipes off clean
  • Has a large 6mm tip for bold lines and lettering
  • Kid-friendly – The markers are non-toxic, easy to clean, and do not come with fumes
  • Tend to start leaking after just a few uses

Among the strong points of these markers are their bright and bold colors. You can see them from far away, making them the ideal markers for signages.

6. MMFB Giant Jumbo Liquid Chalk Markers

mmfb giant jumbo liquid chalk markers

The first thing that you will immediately notice about these markers is the huge 15mm wide nib. Of course, this means that these markers will not be great for adult coloring books. However, the items work well for showcase windows, wet erase blackboards and anything else that needs bold and bright lines.

If you prime these markers properly, you will not have any ink flow problems. The ink has just the right consistency to cover the whole nib evenly. You will have a hard time finding another brand of marker that can write lines as thick as these markers can.

I am also impressed with the versatility of the nibs. The 16mm wide nib is not just for writing 16mm-wide lines. If you look closely, the edges have varying widths. The corners can write 3mm and 5mm wide lines and the broad edge can write 15mm lines. It means you can draw pretty much anything using just one marker.

The thing that I liked the most about these markers is the way their ink adheres on glossy surfaces, even on smooth glass. The lines drawn by these markers look just like paint when seen through the reverse side of a pane of glass. Once dried, the ink will not easily scratch or chip. However, it is still easy to erase using a damp piece of cloth.

Just be careful when priming these markers before every use. Because of the large nibs, they tend to leak quite a bit when you prime them too much. I had a couple of messy accidents with some of my pens. Thankfully, the ink is water-based and easy to wash off.

  • Boast of extra-large nibs that are ideal for large format pieces
  • The ink flows out thickly and evenly
  • Has reversible nibs
  • Writes neatly on non-porous and glossy surfaces
  • The chisel nib can draw three different line weights
  • Tends to get runny when you prime it too much

Because of the wide writing nibs that came with these markers, it is easier to create large drawing or lettering projects. Aside from signs, you can also expect them to work well if you want to decorate large plate glass windows with a splash of colors.

7. Miliomo Wet Erase Markers

One reason why these markers are among my favorites is their high ink capacity. The manufacturer said that you can write up to 4,000 inches before the pen goes dry. It is an impressive amount if you think about it.

Each pack contains five markers and I have yet to go through half of them, even though I have been using them quite often.

Unlike other chalk markers, these markers boast just the right thickness. Most of the others I used in the past are a bit too thick and can be quite tiring to hold and control. These markers are quite comfortable to use. It is almost like using a regular pen.

These markers can write on smooth and non-porous surfaces like wet erase blackboards. They leave marks that are similar to that of real chalk but more vibrant. Also, you do not have to deal with chalk dust when you need to erase anything. This is great news for people with asthma or other respiratory issues.

These markers have 6mm thick nibs, allowing them to write bold lines and letters and making them more visible and readable. This is perfect if you are an instructor who likes using wet-erase blackboards rather than traditional whiteboards. Also, the nibs are reversible. There is a bullet-point tip on one side and a chisel-point on the other.

I don’t have any complaints about the markers themselves. However, I have an issue with whoever thought it was nice to include small labels with the package. The labels are too small for these markers. You cannot write anything more than two or three letters on them using these pens.

  • High ink capacity
  • Ergonomic design, making it easy to hold and use
  • Significantly cleaner and easier to use than real chalk
  • Incredible ink quality – It goes on thickly and evenly
  • Has reversible nibs for added versatility
  • The package came with labels, but the points of the markers are too big for them

These markers are the perfect alternatives for real chalk. They may even be much better than them. You can still get the charm of chalk writing but without the mess. Aside from that, the markers are easier to use.

8. Artsy Rhino Wet Erase Paint Pens

artsy rhino wet erase paint pens

Unlike the other markers on this list so far, the Artsy Rhino set includes 12 different colors. Aside from high-contrast traditional colors, there are also a couple of metallic colors in the kit. These are more than enough colors for any project that necessitates the use of chalk markers. I have yet to use maybe 2 or 3 markers myself.

Although I also use these markers to write on labels (which came free with the set) and on black poster boards, they excel when writing on smooth non-porous surfaces. I have used them to create menu boards for diners and decorate shop displays and even wine glasses for parties. The only thing that will limit you is your imagination.

I mentioned earlier that I used these on wine glasses, and I did so with confidence because these markers are non-toxic. Although the ink is not food-grade, I at least know that no one will get sick from it. My kids also like to use these markers to write on our glass doors and windows. The best thing about them is that they clean off easily.

If you are an instructor and you prefer using a wet-erase blackboard, then these markers will be a joy to use. Not only are these pens comfortable to hold, but the nibs also have just the right amount of give to them. Also, these pens lay on their ink thickly on the writing surface, making them look like real chalk markings but brighter.

These pens have been a joy to use so far. However, I do have an issue with some of the colors in the set. I have the biggest issue with the brown one as it does not contrast well on dark backgrounds. It should have been a bit lighter.

  • The set has 12 colors of markers, including metallic ones
  • Can write on all kinds of surfaces
  • Safe for kids to use
  • Has durable yet flexible bullet-point and chisel-point tips
  • Dispenses ink thickly and evenly
  • The brown color does not contrast well with a dark background

These markers are great for menu boards, especially if you like making them more stylized with plenty of small details. This set has more than enough colors for most projects that you may have in mind for them.

9. Staedtler Lumograph Wet Erase Pens

staedtler lumograph wet erase pens

You might think that with these markers’ hard tips, they would not write well on smooth surfaces, and you thought wrong. I have used these markers for writing on glass, plastics, metal, and just about anywhere I need to write on. The ink in these pens adheres on any surface easily without any sort of preparation.

Speaking of ink, these pens use fast-drying ones. They would dry up almost instantly upon contact with the writing surface. Even if you are a left-handed person, you will be surprised that you do not need to wipe off ink smudges from your palm and wrist. These markers do not smudge.

It is rare for me to find wet-erase markers with fine tips that write as well as these items. These best wet-erase markers for planners have firm nibs, but still have a bit of give to them, making them a joy to write with regardless of the writing surface. These pens are great for making intricate drawings that require a lot of detail.

The best thing about these pens is that they are refillable, which is rare when speaking of wet-erase markers. This means you can use these markers for several years, or until the nibs start deteriorating, which can take a while. This can also help you save quite a lot of money on markers while doing your part in reducing waste.

In my opinion, these markers are pretty much perfect. However, I do have a bit of an issue with the yellow pen. When used on its own on a light background, it can be hard to discern the markings. This means the yellow is a bit too bright for my taste. On the other hand, it works great for annotations and it contrasts well on dark backgrounds.

  • These pens write well on almost all surfaces
  • The fast-drying ink does not smudge.
  • Has durable, smooth-writing precision nibs
  • Refillable and can last many years
  • Easy to erase from non-porous surfaces
  • The yellow marker can be hard to see on light backgrounds

The Staedtler brand has always been known for making some of the best writing instruments, and these markers are not an exception. If you are looking for ultra-fine tip wet-erase markers that you can use for years instead of just a couple of weeks, then I can say that these are among your best choices.

10. Chalkola Wet Wipe Erasable Markers

chalkola wet wipe erasable markers

Unlike most other chalk markers, the Chalkola kit comes with an astounding 40 different colors, more than twice the number that other brands provide. Also, none of the colors look washed out or dull. The inks are highly pigmented and they contrast well on most drawing surfaces. If you want a set of washable markers, check these out.

Although these are chalk markers, they are better used on non-porous surfaces. The inks adhere well even on smooth surfaces like glass or plastics. However, if you want to use them on paper, preferably glossy stock, these markers dry quickly and will not smudge or blot. I have used them several times on poster boards and they turned out quite well.

Because the kit contains markers of different colors, it is no wonder that kids like using it. These markers are quite kid-friendly. They are non-toxic and do not emit noxious fumes. Also, if your kids accidentally used these markers on the walls, you can get the markings off using just soap and water.

Another neat thing about these markers is that they all have reversible nibs. I use the bullet-points for regular lines and for drawing details, the chisel-point for calligraphy, and for making sharp, bold lines.

I do have one issue with these markers, though, and it is with the tips. I find the tips too hard. I have a sheet of adhesive-backed blackboard paper on one kitchen cabinet I use to jot quick notes and grocery lists. These markers scratched up the surface bad enough that I had to replace the sheet.

  • Comes with 40 different color markers
  • Writes on any non-porous and smooth surfaces
  • Kid-friendly
  • Easy to wipe off and clean
  • Comes with reversible and dual-pointed tips
  • The nibs are a bit too hard

Just the fact that this set of markers comes with 40 different color markers is more than enough reason for you to get them. If you are looking for a set of markers that you can use to unleash your creativity, then I highly suggest using these products.

What to Look For When Buying a Wet Erase Marker

best wet erase markers for planners

There are plenty of brands of wet-erase markers available these days, so choosing just one can be difficult. To help you shop for the best markers, consider the following qualities while browsing your choices:

Chalk or Regular Ink

This will go down to your personal preference and the kind of surface you will be writing on. If you are the creative type and intend to use the markers for art projects and the like, the chalk markers and their vast array of colors may be more to your liking.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something practical, a marker that you will be using for instructing classes, presentations, or for just making lists and reminders, then go with the traditional wet-erase markers.

Easy to Erase

A good wet-erase marker, regardless if you are getting chalk or the traditional one, should be easy to erase and will leave no trace behind. It should not need anything more than a damp piece of cloth or a wet erase marker eraser.

Thick and Uniform Lines

Every line that the markers make need to be thick and even. Also, the ink should dry quickly to prevent the lines from smudging and streaking. As for chalk markers, they should be able to lay down their ink thickly so they can mimic the look of real chalk.

Ease of Use

Traditional wet-erase markers should be ready to use straight out of the packaging. Just take off the cap and proceed to write. On the other hand, chalk markers will need a bit of priming (shaking and blotting the tip) to get the ink flowing.

In this regard, the pen should not take more than a minute or two to prime. Also, the tips should be securely held in place to prevent the ink from leaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

wet erase marker eraser

What is the Difference Between a Wet Erase Marker and a Dry Erase Marker?

The most obvious difference is that it is easy to wipe away the dry erase markers using a dry piece of cloth or a regular eraser. Wet erase markers need a bit of water to loosen up and erase from the surface. Dry erase markers also create a bit of dust while wet-erase markers do not leave any traces behind.

Can I use Wet-Erase Markers on a Dry Erase Board?

Seeing as dry erase boards are also smooth and non-porous, yes, you can use wet-erase markers on them.

Are Washable Markers the same as Wet Erase?

No, they are completely different. Washable markers are permanent markers meant for use on fabrics. They are washable because you can wash the clothes where you used them without worrying about washing off the colors, too.


You can do quite a lot of things with wet-erase markers. Also, because you can erase them easily, you can have endless amounts of fun using just a single drawing surface. Choosing the best wet-erase markers might seem tricky. However, as long as you know what qualities to look for and consider your needs, the task will get a bit easier.

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