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The Best Whiteboard Markers for 2023

best whiteboard markers

An ordinary lecture can become a well-prepared presentation and thorough demonstration if it is performed on a clean and shiny whiteboard. Every verbal explanation can be well comprehended with the use of visual demonstration and illustration.

This is one of the main reasons why professionals and trainers prefer using a whiteboard for their lectures and presentations. It is clean, easy to maintain, and presentable.

However, a whiteboard can only be useful and versatile with the use of a dependable whiteboard marker. It is a make-or-break presentation depending on the quality of your whiteboard marker, and how long it will last.

The following reviews will help you decide and choose which are the best whiteboard markers in the market today. These factors are worth considering because every whiteboard presentation relies on the durability and quality of the markers you use.

Best Whiteboard Marker Reivews

1. EXPO 1871133 Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers

expo 1871133 low-odor dry erase markers

Are you looking for the best whiteboard markers for teachers and trainers in your school or office staff?

It is very important to choose the right one because it will help you deliver the quality of information to your students, faculty members, or training participants. For average size classrooms and audiences, a vivid color whiteboard marker is important. A low odor ink will also be beneficial especially if it is to be used indoors or in enclosed rooms and offices.

EXPO Whiteboard Markers with ultra-fine tips in four (4) colors are very useful for small to average size audiences and participants. They have fine tips that deliver vivid colors which can easily be seen and recognized. Their fine tips can help you illustrate smaller details, objects, and markings.

Even if you are in a closed room or office, its low odor formulated ink will be appreciated. There will be no problem with irritable fumes especially if you are presenting before people with a sensitive sense of smell.

Participants and presenters alike tend to be irritated by strong ink odors that usually come from regular whiteboard markers. This is not the case with Expo whiteboard markers.

Children and adults alike will benefit from the safety standard these whiteboard markers have. They are AP-Certified non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236. ASTM D-4236 is a standard procedure in labeling art materials for possible health hazards.

Having a certificate for non-toxicity is very important especially if children or students will use them, too. Conformity with such health standards will give us peace of mind and trust.

  • Set of 4 colors (red, blue, green, and black)
  • AP-certified non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236
  • Low odor ink formulation
  • Vivid color for easy visibility
  • Do not write too hard, fine tips may easily break

Whiteboard markers with fine tips are best for detailed presentations and lectures. With 4 different colors to choose from, an illustration or drawing can easily convey better thoughts than a single color presentation.

2. YES4QUALITY Magnetic White Board Markers

yes4quality magnetic white board markers

Whiteboard markers are used not only for big classrooms and office settings. There are whiteboards at home and even in the kitchen.

Some use them to teach children one on one. And these smaller whiteboards are very effective teaching tools. They serve as reminder boards both at home, in school, and offices.

But what type of whiteboard markers will suit such places or type of use? Markers with fine tips and not so glossy are the ones ideal to use. If children are going to use them, a non-toxic formulation is a must. Low odor ink is also very ideal if you are to use them in smaller rooms or even inside your bedroom.

YES4QUALITY fine tip whiteboard markers are suitable for these categories. It is a set of eight (8) color markers with easy-to-wipe ink. These colors are black, blue, red, green, brown, violet, yellow, and orange. Enough color selections to make a detailed illustration, graphics, or color codes for every whiteboard you have.

These markers are safe to use indoors and in closed-door rooms because of their low-odor formulation of their ink. You do not have to worry about strong fumes that may irritate you or your participants.

Children are safe to use these whiteboard markers also. These are non-toxic and you can have your children use them for their artworks, drawings, and daily activities without worries and troubles. But of course, adult supervision is still recommended for younger ones.

What I like also about these markers are the small built-in felt erasers on their respective caps. You can use it anytime to correct any small details or letters on your work.

These markers can also be used on bigger whiteboards especially if you are using dark-colored pens. There are times that during your presentation, you either hold on to your other pens or put them in the holder.

One of the best things about these markers is the magnets on every cap. These are very useful on metallic whiteboards or those with metal frames where you can stick your magnetic markers on them for easier access.

  • With small erasers on the cap
  • With magnets on the cap for metal marker slots
  • Non-toxic
  • Set of 8 colors
  • Low odor and quick drying
  • The light color markers are very light and invisible from afar

Every whiteboard marker has its specific uses. It is vital to read the labels and trust their reviews. It will save you time and money, instead of purchasing it right away just to find out that it is not the right type you need.

3. Artellius Whiteboards Dry Erase Markers

artellius whiteboards dry erase markers

Fine tip markers may be too fine or invisible for bigger audiences. Chisel tips may sometimes be too bold if used carelessly. But a bullet tip whiteboard marker can do the job more satisfactorily. People choose this type of tip for its consistency and clarity.

But of course, it all depends on the quality of the bullet tip marker you plan to purchase and use. Some markers cannot write legibly when used on a slightly bent angle. Some cannot write at all in some writing angle.

The advantages of the ARTELLIUS whiteboard markers set are having a bullet tip design that can be drawn at any angle, and a consistent ink flow to maintain bold lines at every angle. The set consists of twelve (12) pens in different colors. These markers can make bold lines visible even from the farthest audience.

Any size of white board and marker of this type of tip complement each other well. That is because a bullet tip of this quality can produce a thin line by lightly drawing the pen. While a bold line will consistently flow by pressing it a little bit more.

The low-odor formulation can give assurance that it is safe to use in closed doors. It is also non-toxic and safe for children most especially for their school or home activities. Nevertheless, adult supervision is still recommended if being used by younger children.

  • Set of 12 pens of different colors
  • Bullet tip with consistent bold ink flow
  • Non-toxic and safe for children
  • Low odor formulation
  • May leave some ghost marks on some whiteboards

Bullet tip markers are more user-friendly because they can write and draw at any angle. The utmost tip can still draw fine lines while pressing on the bullet tip will produce consistent bold lines. These techniques can be achieved using this whiteboard marker set. It is safe both for children and adults.

4. Volcanics Chisel Tip Whiteboard Markers

volcanics chisel tip whiteboard markers

Most People use black whiteboard markers because they are very visible even from a distance. Even black fine point markers are visible from afar. However, some fine tip-colored whiteboard markers can hardly be seen especially in large rooms and bigger audiences.

For bigger whiteboards and numerous participants, thick whiteboard markers are a necessity. These are the reasons why presenters, teachers, and trainers choose the chisel-type tip for their whiteboard markers.

The VOLCANICS whiteboard markers are chisel tip pens in a set of ten (10) different colors. These colors are more than enough to illustrate different color codes and highlights for every demonstration and presentation.

Their chisel tips are dual-purpose tips. You can use the pointed part for fine lines. Use the chisel part to make bolder lines for your letters or drawings. It is more convenient because you do not have to replace your pen to make fine lines. All you need to do is use the pointed part for that purpose.

The ink formulation is easy to erase so you do not have to worry about leaving ghost markings on your whiteboard after every erasing. These markers are safe to use, certified non-toxic, and use low odor ink.

These whiteboard markers can deliver the type of use you need while making sure that it is safe to use for children and adults. Ideal for closed rooms because of the low odor ink being used.

  • Set of 10 colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Low odor formula
  • Chisel type for bold and fine lines
  • Some colors may be translucent if used on glass surfaces

These are the ideal thick whiteboard markers for bigger crowds and audiences. All the colors, especially the dark colors are very visible from a reasonable distance. Chisel tips are dual-tips by design, so you can alternately use them conveniently without the need for a fine tip marker to make fine lines and smaller illustrations.

5. MC SQUARES White-Boards Tackie Markers

mc squares white-boards tackie markers

Both dry-erase markers and wet-erase markers can be used on whiteboards. Both types are accepted as cool whiteboard markers. But there are some differences that a user must consider whenever he plans to purchase or use any of these types of whiteboard markers.

While both types of markers can be used effectively on non-porous surfaces like whiteboards, glass, mirrors, and plastic, each type of marker has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how you intend to use them.

If you need to write on your whiteboard and have it erased every once in a while, then you need to use a dry erase marker. These types are easier to erase using a dry eraser. The ink is not permanent at all on a whiteboard surface.

However, if you need a semi-permanent marker on your whiteboard, wet-erase markers are the markers highly recommended. These are for writings or drawings that need to stay on your whiteboard for some time. The ink is smudge-proof and can only be erased using a damp cloth.

So if you need a semi-permanent marker for your whiteboard, MC SQUARE fine point smudge-free markers are the best type to use. It is a set of twelve (12) colors namely, Red, Orange, Purple, Cyan Blue, Lime Green, Black, Pink, Gold, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Gray, and Lavender.

You have a complete color set for every color code or color combinations you need to use for a semi-permanent marking on your whiteboard or any non-porous surfaces like glass and plastic.

These are also the most recommended markers if your whiteboard is located outdoors. Wet erase markers of these types are durable and resist heat.

  • Semi-permanent ink & Smudge-free
  • Heat resistant
  • A set of 12 markers
  • Water can be used if ink suddenly dries out (put the tip on water)
  • Box comes with a built-in stand
  • Not suitable for quick-changing or frequent erasing of marking

It is important to identify the correct use of your whiteboard marker. Wet erase markers of MC Square can be mistakenly used in place of dry erase markers. Use this set of markers only if you intend to make semi-permanent marks or drawings on your whiteboard.

6. June Gold Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

june gold dry erase whiteboard markers

Writing on a whiteboard can be very tiring. Not only are you writing vertically, but also you normally write while standing. Odors from the whiteboard marker may also affect your performance and ability to concentrate, thus, affecting the quality of your presentation or teaching.

A dependable whiteboard marker is a necessity to overcome these challenges and similar challenging situations. The best whiteboard marker for this job and performance is very crucial.

First, you need an ergonomically designed marker pen to protect your hand after a long period of using it. Secondly, it should last long to complete one or two sessions in a row. And third, but could not be the last, it must have a low odor ink to help you focus on your presentation or lecture.

Taking into consideration these elements in teaching or presentation, the JUNE GOLD whiteboard markers set is highly recommendable. It is a set of 39 markers, three (3) packs in thirteen (13) colors. Such a complete set can guarantee to complete your task.

Every pen is ergonomically shaped with a contoured grip for comfortable handling and ease in writing especially on longer periods. The low-odor and non-toxic ink formulation in each pen is very beneficial for the user and participants as well. They may not be some scented whiteboard markers, but the ink odor is low and safe.

These markers are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236 and EN71-9 standards. You can use every pen with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Set of 39 Colored Premium Chisel Tip Markers in 13 Unique Colors (3 Packs of 13)
  • Conform to ASTM D-4236 and EN71-9 standards
  • Low odor & Non-toxic
  • Ergonomically shaped with comfortable grip design
  • Dark and vivid colors in every chisel tip
  • May dry out easily if left uncapped or stored vertically. Horizontal storing recommended

The chisel-tip design of every pen makes it more versatile especially if you need to use them daily over longer periods. You can conveniently shift from fine point lines to bold lines without the need to change your pen tip type. Use the chisel side for thicker lines and strokes, and use the utmost tip part to make finer lines or smaller letters and markings.

7. RUBEX Whiteboard Erasable Markers

rubex whiteboard erasable markers

How long can a whiteboard marker last? It all depends on the ink type and the barrel size of the pen. Some whiteboard markers set with many colors come in slimmer barrels. They don’t usually last long. Extra care must be kept to make sure each pen is well capped to prevent quick drying out of ink.

These smaller barrel pens are ideal for quick projects and presentations. They are usually used on occasions not performed daily. There are big barrel pens, though not so big that they will be harder to handle. Just big enough to have sufficient ink storage to last a series of presentations regularly.

For these types of tasks, I recommend the RUBEX whiteboard markers set that comes in 12 pens of different colors. Each pen will last long because of its large barrel diameter to hold an ample ink supply to make sure you complete your task without delay. Every pen lasts long so you may not need refillable whiteboard markers after all.

Having bigger ink storage and wider barrel diameter can hold better ink dilution to make it last longer and be very effective to prevent drying. But of course, leaving the pen uncapped can still make your pen dry out. So always return the cap properly to make it last longer.

The ink formula in every pen is non-toxic and low-odor. This is very ideal for young children because it is safe and hazard-free.

  • Ink formula is non-toxic and low-odor
  • Big barrel ink storage, last long
  • Chisel tip for dual functioning (fine and bold lines)
  • A set of 12 different vivid colors
  • The cap may be hard to remove and return for smaller children

The best way to finish a lecture or presentation on a whiteboard is to rely on a marker with enough ink storage that will easily flow consistently.

Chisel-type tips will make the ink flow more generously and more vividly. Ink flow from chisel tips is visible even from a reasonable distance. That is the reason why several users prefer chisel tip markers for bigger audiences. But it can only be a reliable chisel tip pen if backed up with an ample ink storage pen barrel.

8. Quartet Glass Whiteboard Markers

quartet glass whiteboard markers

Long-lasting whiteboard markers are necessary for a lengthy presentation or for class lectures and training that take hours to perform. Big barrel pens with larger storage capacity can be a source or basis for confidence but nothing beats a big barrel with a fuel gauge. An ink gauge is a plus to be more precise.

There are a lot of times that you rely on a new whiteboard marker just to be disappointed that it lasted prematurely. Not only did it affect your performance but it also put you in a dilemma. Good thing you have an extra marker to save the day and your presentation. Unfortunately, your extra marker is also a disappointment.

Well, a reliable ink system is as good as the ink quality itself. But having an ink gauging capability is a game-changer. Never you will rely on a new marker that cannot give you an idea of its ink status.

QUARTET whiteboard markers have revolutionized the dry-erase marker industry by providing a see-through ink gauge design on each pen. The gauge will show exactly how much ink remains. It will also give you peace of mind on how your marker will perform.

But having a see-through design is not the only factor that will give you the confidence you need. It is backed up with an efficient ink flow system to make that gauge as accurate as possible.

  • Set of 4 neon color pens
  • With see-through ink gauge barrel
  • Bullet type tip for a more consistent bold line at any angle
  • No strong smell
  • Writes fluidly and smooth
  • Not vivid enough to be seen from afar

Black-colored markers are very visible from a reasonable far distance. Bullet-type tips can deliver this visibility. But there are visibility limitations for neon colors. They can easily attract attention but are not as vividly readable when darker colors are used such as black or blue. Neon colors are best used on closer audiences. Best used as color shades both for drawings and letterings.

9. Writech Retractable Whiteboard Pens

writech retractable whiteboard pens

Retractable ballpoint pens became known in the mid-1900s. They remain a popular type of pen until now. Retractability in pens provides ease and convenience in writing and even in art drawings. Surprisingly, whiteboard markers have a retractable design as well.

It is very convenient to use a whiteboard marker that does not have to be capped after every single use. Using a regular marker with caps is quite challenging especially if you need to use several colors for your whiteboard presentation or drawing.

Some children often have the hardest time removing the caps and returning them right. This usually resulted in drying out of the marker.

If you need whiteboard markers with this type of convenient design, the WRITECH Retractable Dry Erase Markers are the marker pens worth considering. It is a set of 12 retractable whiteboard markers with bullet tips. 12 different colors to choose from.

It is a one-hand operation without any cap to twist or remove. With just one click, the marker is ready to use. Another click and the pen activates a valve seal to prevent the marker from drying out.

Adults and children alike will have peace of mind in using each pen in the set. Primarily because it is 100% non-toxic and conforms to the ASTM and EN71 regulatory standards.

Every marker produces a vivid ink that is quick-drying, low-odor, and smear-proof. The ink is also easily washable and completely erases with any cloth or dry eraser.

This is the type of design suitable for both young users and adults that needs the convenience and ease of retractable and safe whiteboard markers.

  • Set of 12 pens of different colors
  • Retractable design for easy one-hand operation
  • With safety valve seal to prevent ink from drying out
  • 100% non-toxic materials used
  • Conforms to ASTM and EN71 regulations standards
  • The clip is a bit fragile, use on thinner materials only

You will never lose a cap again with these retractable whiteboard markers. So ingeniously designed also to provide a seal valve to prevent the ink from drying out. It is safe to use and convenient enough to use several colors alternately without the hassle of picking which cap goes where.

10. ParKoo Magnetic Low Odor Whiteboard Markers

parkoo magnetic low odor whiteboard markers

The more time you use a whiteboard marker, the clearer you notice its advantages and disadvantages. Most users wished they had a built-in eraser.

Some asked for magnetic compatibility so you can just stick the pens on the magnetic board itself. It is useful so you don’t have to hold on to several pieces or run across the whiteboard to get some markers on the holders on the other side.

Moreover, safety must not suffer whenever you focus on convenient features. Having these useful features and quality will accelerate your performance.

Stress will be less and your presentation or lecture will be easy. A balance on these qualities and features is a plus. Product safety is a big bonus or even a real priority.

The PARKOO whiteboard markers can deliver these expectations with flying colors. It is a set of 16 markers with 14 different colors plus two more extra black markers as your reserve. Each pen has a built-in eraser and magnet to provide extra convenience.

Children three (3) years old and above, and adults can safely use these markers because they are non-toxic. The ink used is a low-odor formulation. The set conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71 regulation standards. More reason to have peace of mind with every use of each marker.

  • Set of 16 inclusive of 2 extra black color
  • With magnetic cap compatible with magnetic or metallic whiteboards
  • With a built-in dry erasers on every cap
  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71 regulation standards
  • Non-toxic and safe for children 3 years old and above
  • Ink flow is inconsistent on longer strokes

There is no better way to upgrade your whiteboard marker than to make it safe to use because it is non-toxic and conforms to safety standards. However, performance and functions must not be compromised. Good thing Parkoo has maintained a balanced design to perform as needed with ease and convenience.

What to Look for When Buying Whiteboard Markers

refillable whiteboard markers

To be able to choose the best whiteboard markers to fit your needs, here are the factors you need to consider:

Dry-Erase Markers or Wet-Erase Markers

Here is where your true need comes in. Choose a dry-erase marker for your whiteboard if you intend to use it often and have quick-changing or frequent erasing needed in a given presentation. On the other hand, a wet-erase marker will be useful if you need a semi-permanent marker for information or illustrations on your whiteboard that needs to be displayed for a longer period or a couple of days. These are smudge-free ink but are also erasable with the use of a damp cloth. Dry erasers may not erase these inks easily.

Number of Colors in a Set

Every whiteboard marker set comes in different color combinations. You can choose from four (4) colors to 39 colors, or even more. It all depends on your project or presentation. Most of the time, 3 to 4 colors are sufficient to highlight every point you need to address.

More colors are needed for color-coding purposes or for some graphic arts that need to be drawn. Dark colors are visible from a farther distance, while neon colors can easily catch attention. Unfortunately, some neon colors tend to become invisible from afar.

Tip Sizes and Style

There are bullet styles with small to medium sizes. Some are fine tips with extra fine ones. The chisel tips are dual-purpose tips but need some time to get used to them. Bullet styles are easier to use from any angle you choose. Press it lightly to deliver finer lines, and press it a little bit more for bold lines.

Fine tips are for smaller whiteboards or smaller audiences. They are useful for smaller details and markups. Never use these marker tips when presenting to bigger audiences. They won’t be visible enough from farther distances.

Markers with chisel tips are very visible even with one stroke. The thick ink from the chisel tip can be easily seen by the farthest distance of the room or a classroom. By using the uppermost tip, this type can also write fine lines and smaller characters. It does take time to get used to it. But it is very useful & versatile whenever you need to shift from bold to fine lines.

Other Important Factors

There are several factors more worth considering. But it all depends on how you plan to use it. Choose an ergonomically designed barrel with a comfortable grip if you will use it frequently or daily. Bigger barrels with large ink capacity if you need it without interruption. A see-through barrel design is very useful to accurately monitor the ink flow.

Retractable marker pens are very convenient to use most especially if you need to use several colors in one presentation or lecture. A magnetic pen will also come in handy because you don’t have to hold every pen, just stick it on the magnetic whiteboard for easy access.

Frequently Asked Questions

best whiteboard markers for teachers

What is the Difference Between a Whiteboard and a Dry Erase Board?

A whiteboard and a dry-erase board are just the same. They are synonyms. Some people refer to this type of writing board as a whiteboard because they generally come in white color and material.

Is Whiteboard Marker Bad for Your Skin?

Not all whiteboard markers are harmful to your skin. Most manufacturers today conform to the ASTM D-4236 and EN71 regulation standards for safety and non-toxicity. It is best to check every label for conformity to these safety standards. Because there are still some whiteboard markers that contain harmful chemicals called methyl isobutyl ketone, which can irritate the eyes, nose, skin, and can cause dizziness and headaches.


There you have it, a reliable set of reviews and guides to let you accurately choose the best whiteboard markers to use for your regular activity, presentation, or lectures. Every set has its unique advantages and some disadvantages. It all depends on how you intend to use them and who will use them often.

Some brands are certified to be non-toxic, low-odor, and children-safe. But always remember, every child is safer in using any of these whiteboard markers with adult supervision. Nonetheless, adults will benefit from all these factors worth considering.

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