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Can You Use Chalk Markers on Car Windows?

can you use chalk markers on car windows

The quick answer is yes!

Decorating your car windows with greetings and heartwarming messages is another way to convey your celebratory expressions. Perhaps, it is for a loved one’s college graduation, your best friend’s wedding, or any other special events that call for cheers and festivities.

Now you decide on writing with chalk markers but you are contemplating whether they are safe to use on car windows or if they will be cleaned off afterward. But the good news is that chalk markers are erasable, versatile, and suitable for non-porous surfaces, making them perfectly safe to use when decorating or writing on car windows.

In this article, we are going to delve into other aspects and break down the reasons why chalk markers are suitable to write with. We will also jot down the best brands you should check out, things to avoid, and how to remove chalk markers on your car window. Keep reading!

Why Chalk Markers are Safe for Car Windows

Knowing that chalk markers are completely okay to write with, you are probably wondering: what makes them safe to write on car windows? Take a look at the following significant factors:

Water-based formula

These chalk markers can either be water-based or oil-based. However, I suggest going for a water-based formula because they come off easily without leaving damages on your car windows. Aside from that, a vast range of chalk markers on the market is water-based.

Since these markers are water-based, they also promote safe applications due to their non-toxic and odorless formula. Therefore, you can use these markers should you wish to decorate, write, or doodle with your kids.


The fact that chalk markers are water-based contributes a huge factor to their erasability. Thanks to the innovative formulations of many chalk marker brands, removing and cleaning off chalk marker writings goes smoothly and easily even with a mere wipe of a damp cloth or paper towel.


Contrary to other types of markers, chalk markers are very versatile. This means that they are very easy to use due to their formulation, nib styles or sizes, and compatibility with various non-porous materials. Thus, using a chalk marker to write on a car window won’t be a problem.

Temporary markings

No one wants to leave residues or stains on their car windows after writing with markers. That is what happens with some markers. With that said, chalk markers are a viable option to render written messages on your car window without worrying about these aforementioned messy results.

Although they can only deliver temporary markings, chalk markers can produce vibrant and solid colors on windows or glass, allowing you to present your colorful decorations and messages beautifully. Plus, there is no hassle of removing them afterward.

Compatibility with non-porous surfaces

Another significant reason falls under the compatibility of chalk markers with non-porous surfaces, including glass or car windows. Hence, you can expect great results when you write and adorn your car windows with the vibrant hues of chalk markers.

What are the Best Car Window Chalk Markers to Use?

why chalk markers are safe for car windows

There are a plethora of chalk markers on the market. But the next question is, which brands are the best to try and use? You may consider the following options:


This brand offers a vast array of liquid chalk markers that come in a wide spectrum of colors and metallic shades, just like the 16-piece Chalkola Chalk Markers. They have become a popular option because of their reversible nibs that can create fine details and bold lines. These markers are water-based, washable, non-toxic, and messy-free.


The bright and vibrant neon colors make these water-based Chalktastic markers among the best for colorful car window greetings and messages. They wipe away easily with a damp cloth, leaving your car windows spotlessly clean without any residues or stains. Aside from that, they are odorless and non-toxic.

Cedar Markers

Cedar Markers is all about stunning color assortment and innovative reversible nibs. Their 12-piece liquid chalk markers offer bright neon colors and metallics, allowing you to showcase arts and crafts in vivid hues. They are washable, non-toxic, and suitable for car windows.


If you want to go with soft tones that you can use on all non-porous surfaces, including car windows, Blami is another perfect pick. One of my favorite sets is the 12-piece liquid chalk markers that come in pastel colors for subtle hues. It comes with an eraser sponge for smooth and easy cleanup.

What You Should Not Use When Writing on Car Windows

If ever chalk markers are unavailable, try not to use different kinds of substances or products to write on your car window. If you think permanent markers work just the same, they don’t, and you will probably have a difficult time removing them from your car window. It may also leave stains, residues, and worse, damages.

Some opt for shoe polish as a more economical option. However, I do not recommend using this since it is not specially designed for writing and decorating car windows. This type of product is actually much harder to remove and may even result in damages to your window.

Cleaning Off Chalk Marker Writings

You can simply wipe off chalk markers with a damp cloth, wet paper towel, or water and gentle liquid detergent to remove them completely from your car window. Do not use soap or detergent with harsh ingredients to deter any damages to your car window.

Wrapping Up

Chalk markers are completely safe to use on car windows. They are washable or erasable, versatile, and suitable for non-porous surfaces, including glass or car windows. Therefore, you do not need to worry about writing and cleaning up these chalk markers afterward. You can spruce up your car windows without leaving any stains, residues, scratches, and other damages.

Although they only render temporary markings, these chalk markers can provide vibrant colors and flexible nibs, allowing you to showcase your celebratory messages and greetings beautifully.

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