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Fabric Markers VS Sharpie

fabric markers vs sharpie

As designing and decorating fabrics have become widely popular among amateurs and professional artists, deciding over the best fabric marker to use has been the ultimate debate. But how about fabric markers VS Sharpie? Can Sharpie permanent markers work as fabric markers?

If you have just gotten into fabric painting or simply looking for an alternative for fabric markers, then you are probably thinking the same thing about fabric markers and Sharpies. Besides, Sharpie markers are among the best art tools for permanent and vibrant colors.

However, the main concern is the similarity of results, particularly durability and color quality. Therefore, this article will delve into fabric markers and Sharpie markers and their significant features.

Ink Type Fabric markers can either be washable or permanent. If you go for permanent fabric markers, you can expect incredibly durable fabric designs because of their permanent ink.

On the other hand, washable fabric markers are forgiving when you make mistakes while painting fabrics. They minimize messy inks, which is also the reason why they are suitable for kids.

This popular brand highlights their resilient ink formula that makes Sharpie markers permanent, quick-drying, and resistant to fading and water.

But since Sharpies are permanent, rectifying your mistakes while painting or drawing can be very challenging. It may leave messy ink stains or residues that can be quite difficult to remove.

Compatibility with Fabric These markers are specifically formulated for fabrics. Thus, you can showcase artistic fabric designs on different types of fabrics. Although many artists or users experience great success with Sharpies for painting fabrics, these markers are not manufactured for fabric use. Thus, they may fade or wash out on shirts or clothes when washed.
Durability Most fabric markers are bleedproof and waterproof, allowing the ink to adhere to fabric without bleeding or fading even after several washes. Sharpie markers are permanent but not as long-lasting as fabric markers. Fabric designs painted with Sharpies can fade in the long run due to frequent washing cycles.
Color Selection and Quality They provide vibrant colors. However, the selection depends on the brand. Some have a limited color selection. These markers offer a vast range of brilliant colors that can render different shades and depths. Some Sharpie markers come in sets that include over a hundred colors.
Price Range Fabric markers are available at an affordable price range. However, some may cost higher than other markers depending on the brand, color count, and formulation. Sharpies are relatively much cheaper than fabric markers. You can even purchase a set of Sharpie permanent markers for around $5.

Are Fabric Markers Similar to Regular Permanent Markers?

are sharpie fabric markers the best

First of all, many artists associate fabric markers with regular permanent markers, including Sharpies. Both types of markers are permanent, so we can say that they are similar in that aspect. They can last long, resist fading, and can even provide solid and vibrant colors. However, the major difference falls under the compatibility with fabric.

Apparently, fabric markers are specifically designed for fabrics while regular permanent markers are not. Thus, you can achieve better results when painting fabrics with fabric markers. When it comes to Sharpie markers, they have exceptional properties that make them worthy competitors of fabric markers. But let us dig deeper.

Which is Better: Fabric Markers or Sharpies?

To give you a broad overview of the similarities and differences between fabric markers and Sharpie permanent markers, the following breakdown unravels their key features.


Is It Okay to Use Sharpie Permanent Markers as Fabric Markers?

Ultimately, it all comes down to this question. If you come to think of it, Sharpies have remarkably resilient ink that makes them permanent. Plus, they feature intensely brilliant colors that resist fading and water. With that said, these are the same features that many fabric markers have.

But the question is, can you achieve similar results? Not really.

Take note of this: It is okay to use Sharpie markers as an alternative for fabric markers, but using them to replace fabric markers or as the primary tool for fabric painting is not advisable.

Although you can achieve similar artistic effects or aesthetic features on your fabric design, remember that Sharpie markers are not formulated for fabrics. They are best suitable for writing or marking.

Therefore, you might expect some ink runs or bleeding as you apply it, especially if you are using different types of fabric. It can even fade in the long run due to frequent washing.

On the other hand, fabric markers are perfectly compatible with any type of fabric. Manufacturers have formulated fabric markers with permanent ink or dye that does not wash out or fade but rather adheres to fabric for the longest time possible.

Are Sharpie Fabric Markers the Best?

The good news is Sharpie has manufactured markers that are specially formulated for fabrics. The Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers feature permanent ink that will adhere to various fabric types and surfaces. Each marker highlights a brush tip design that can produce different line widths whether they are thick or thin. Plus, each stroke gives off a very vibrant color.

What is more fascinating is they can also resist fading during normal washing cycles. Therefore, you can decorate shirts or any fabric surface while showcasing aesthetic fabric painting techniques and beautiful hand-drawn art.

If these aforementioned features comply with your needs and preferences, you might find Sharpie fabric markers the best for fabric painting. But besides Sharpie, there are many other brands that you can try for permanent and long-lasting fabric designs.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, fabric markers are the ideal option for decorating and painting fabric types. Although Sharpie permanent markers provide exceptional features that resemble fabric markers, they are not advisable to be used as primary tools for fabric designing due to some setbacks: they are not specifically formulated for fabric use. Thus, they can’t deliver similar results as you would with fabric markers. However, they can be a great alternative for fabric markers.

Needless to say, both markers are worth giving a shot. The next time you customize your old shirts and other fabrics, hope this comparative review has helped you decide which marker to use!

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