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How Many Copic Markers Are There?

how many copic markers are there

Have you recently discovered the pleasure of using Copic markers, making you somewhat addicted to this specific brand nowadays? If you are, then you are probably thinking of collecting every available Copic marker there is. But the question is, how many Copic markers are there?

Although Copic markers usually come in sets containing a lot of different colors, those colors are not the only ones used by the company. You can still find other shades and hues usually included in different sets.

This article will try to shed light on the actual number of Copic markers that you can possibly get right now, and if it is a realistic goal to collect all of them.

How Many Copic Markers are There?

types of copic color markers

If you are wondering how many colors Copic markers come in, the answer is 358 at the time of writing, and there might be more coming soon. Now, when it comes to how many types of Copic color markers there are, the answer is three, namely:

Copic Sketch

The Copic Sketch is, by far, the most popular type of Copic marker in the market today. These markers also come with dual nibs: a flexible Super Brush nib on one end and a firm, medium broad chisel edge on the other. This is the only set among the three that contains all 358 available colors made by Copic.

The Copic Sketch is the color marker brand of choice for most professional artists. The main reason is the versatility of the nibs and the wide assortment of colors to choose from. In addition, the barrel has an ergonomic design that “teaches” you how to hold the markers properly.

Copic Ciao

The company markets the Copic Ciao as their beginner line of color markers. These pens use the same dual-tipped nibs as the Copic Sketch (medium chisel and Super Brush nibs) but they have smaller, circular barrels.

In addition, the Copic Ciao markers only come in 180 colors, which is almost half that of the Copic Sketch. However, even though there are fewer colors, it is very unlikely that casual users will be able to use all 180 colors available.

Copic Classic

copic markers color

This is the original Copic marker that shot the company to fame way back in 1987. Even though it is not quite as popular as Sketch, the Classic color markers still have a sizeable and loyal fanbase.

The Classic markers also use dual nibs. One end has a medium chisel point while the other has a fine felt tip. The fine tip is loved by those who use Copics for technical and architectural drawings because it can draw thin and consistent lines.

However, the Copic Classic is only available in 214 of the colors provided by the company.

Special Mention: Copic Wide

The Copic Wide only gets a special mention because it is technically not a color marker. When you buy a pack of Copic Wides, you are only getting empty marker casings. You will need to fill the marker with your choice of colored ink, which you can also buy straight from Copic.

These markers have niche uses but will be indispensable once you know what you can use them for. These markers have crazy wide 21mm chisel nibs. Most users utilize them to fill large spaces with color, like when you need to lay a background color for your drawing.

Benefits of Using Copic Markers

copic inks and nibs

There are many reasons why Copic markers are so popular among artists, including, but not limited to:

Hundreds of colors are available

There are 358 colors of Copic markers in total, so you will not be left wanting. You can find whatever shade of any particular color that you want.

In addition, if you somehow cannot find that one particular color in the vast catalog provided by Copic, you have the option of mixing your own. Copic provides empty ink bottles and markers so you can easily create your own unique color marker.

Copic inks and nibs are high quality

One of the biggest reasons why Copic markers are so popular is that their inks and writing nibs are of top-notch quality. Copic inks have bright colors and they don’t easily bleed through regular paper. In addition, the nibs have the right combination of stiffness and flexibility, making them a joy to use.

Are There Downsides?

The only real downside of Copic markers is their price. They are some of the most expensive color markers that you can find. The high costs are usually the reason why beginners usually avoid using Copics, or at least until they feel that their skills have improved enough that they can justify the purchase.


How many Copic markers are there? When it comes to color markers there are several, including the ever-so-popular Copic Sketch. However, when you’re talking about the number of available colors, there are currently 358 in their inventory.

With all of these color options available, you can be sure that you will always find that one particular shade that you are looking for. Moreover, the markers are refillable, making it possible for you to replenish them anytime they start to run dry. The nibs are replaceable, too.