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How to Display Paintings at Art Show

how to display paintings at art show

There is no better way to showcase your artwork than to participate in an art show. It is the dream of all aspiring artists to have their work shown to the public regardless of the purpose of the art show. The most important thing is to make your paintings clearly seen by the viewing public.

So, how to display paintings at an art show? The initial step is to decide how you will position your paintings so they can be seen clearly by the viewing public. You can choose to hang it on a wall, use an art display tool, or find other ways to display it. Other tips for displaying your painting at an art show will be discussed in this article.

Decide on the Type of Display

If you want to know how to display canvas art at craft fair, the first thing that you need to do is decide how the painting will be displayed. There are many ways to do it, but hanging it on the wall is the most popular one. This method will give you many advantages that will make your paintings stand out.

First, hanging on the wall will allow you to position and adjust the height easily. Hanging on the wall will also allow you to continuously refine your display until such time that it will be perfect in the eyes of the prospective audience. Hanging on the wall is also easy and simple, which is also a clear advantage for you.

Another method is to use a tool for art display called art display easels. This tool will make it easy for you to display your paintings easily. After all, art display easels are made for showing paintings easily.

Getting the Correct Height

how to display canvas art at craft fair

The right visual appeal is very important when it comes to exhibiting your painting in an art show. Obviously, the prospective audience will need that visual appeal for them to visit your place. You need the paintings to look stunning and different, and one way to do that is to display the paintings at the correct height.

If you need an art display easel or stand to show your paintings, they might as well do it. In doing so, you need the paintings to stand upright. This method will make your paintings visually appealing to the visitors.

If you have chosen to hang your paintings on the wall, there are also certain rules to follow with respect to the height. In a museum, the usual rule in hanging artwork is 58 inches on the center, meaning that the center of each piece or group of the artwork must be 58 inches from the floor.

It has been proven that when you follow this measurement in the display, the painting can be easily recognized and enjoyed by the spectators. Following this display guideline will also make your paintings a professional display look that will attract many spectators.

Designing Your Painting Display

Once you have already decided on how to display your painting and know the proper display height, the next thing is to work on the design of your painting’s display. There are some rules to follow to make your display design unique and effective to the audience.

If you own large-scale paintings, your work can attract an audience from a distance. So, make sure that it is visible even from afar. If you have an enclosed booth, displaying these large paintings on the outside can attract some customers inside.

If your paintings are small, you can consider recreating them on a much larger scale to be used as your display. But when you recreate, make sure to use the most impactful painting you have to help the audience see the best work you have done.

Group the Paintings

One way to design the display of your painting is to group them according to their types. Some artists like to group a series of paintings, while others group them in a unified color scheme. Doing this tip will give additional impact and drama to your display.

Grouping the paintings according to where they belong will create a certain focal point and a strong statement that will attract the viewer’s attention. You can do this grouping method regardless of the sizes of your paintings.

Provide Proper Lighting

Another essential component in properly displaying your paintings in an art show is proper lighting. All your paintings on display will benefit from having good and proper display lighting. Many artists tend to overlook the importance of lights, but it is one of the ways to make your paintings stand out.

It is normal for the lighting resources to be limited in an art show. But you can decide that your most essential paintings will have the best light. You can also try to do cross–lighting to let the light spread and cover most of the paintings that you have.

If you have the opportunity to provide additional lights, the better. The additional lighting will help enhance the overall appearance of the paintings and will help in attracting additional audiences coming to your area.


If you want to be successful at exhibits, then learning how to display paintings at art shows is essential. You can do several things to enhance the display, as discussed in this article. The key is to make your paintings stand out and be visible to prospective audiences that will come into your place.

A successful display has a simple but clean arrangement. This method will allow the spectators to view each painting up close conveniently and easily. Please remember that the better the display, the more people will come and watch your paintings.