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How to Erase Crayon from Paper

how to erase crayon from paper

Crayons are often used in children and adult coloring. They make lively and appealing art drawings. However, you must know how to use crayons and the techniques in using them including how to erase them from a paper.

What if you or your child made a mistake in using crayons. What can be the best remedy for this? At first, it seems difficult to remove the crayons marks. But there are some easy ways on how to erase them.

In this article, we will share some ways on how to erase crayon from paper. The materials are easy to find. Some of them can be bought in a bookstore or the market or just in your pantry. You may try any of these following ways below.

4 Ways on How to Remove Crayons from a Paper

Before you erase the crayon from a paper, take into account the paper you are using. There are materials that you may use for flimsy paper or sturdy and thick paper. Also, consider the pressure on how you will rub the crayons from the paper using the materials below:

1. Using a Lemon

You need just a slice of lemon and a cotton bud for this tutorial. Here are the steps below in removing crayons from the a fairly thick paper:

  • Slice a lemon and squeeze it. Get the lemon juice and set it aside.
  • Take a cotton bud and dip it in lemon juice.
  • Rub the cotton bud on the crayon marks you want to erase.
  • Rub it carefully until the crayon marks are removed.

You will notice that the crayon marks are erased after rubbing them with lemon juice. On the other hand, do not press the cotton bud too hard on the paper because it might puncture the paper.

2. By Heat-Treatment Method

This method can be used for thin or flimsy paper. You may follow the steps below:

  • Take iron and set it on its low heat setting.
  • Get paper towels and place them over the crayon marks you want to erase.
  • Then, place the iron on the paper towels and press it for a few seconds. Continue pressing the iron until the crayon marks are melted onto the paper towels.

You may repeat the process until the crayon marks are fully melted and soak onto the paper towels.

3. Using a Vinegar

using a kneaded eraser

It is surprising but a small amount of vinegar can remove the crayons marks on quite thick or sturdy paper. Again, be careful in rubbing because it may tear the paper. You may continue reading the steps below:

  • Get a small amount of vinegar from your pantry. Set it aside on a small plate.
  • Dip a cotton bud into the vinegar.
  • Rub the cotton bud with vinegar on the crayon marks.
  • Rub carefully and you may repeat the process until the crayon marks are removed.
  • Do not put too much vinegar on the crayon marks because the paper will get wet and when you rub it may be punctured.
  • On the other hand, you will notice as you rub the crayon marks with vinegar, they fade away.

4. Using a Kneaded Eraser

The kneaded eraser is often used for thick paper. This eraser is also called putty rubber and can effectively remove the crayons from paper. Simply, follow the steps below:

  • Loosen up or stretch first your kneaded eraser using your hands. You can also knead the putty in between your fingers until it becomes elastic or supple.
  • Once the eraser is flexible, apply the eraser to the crayon marks in a circular motion.
  • You may continue rubbing the eraser until the crayon marks are removed.
  • You will notice that the crayon marks soak into the eraser. Clean the eraser by stretching it.
  • Or you may use the clean area of the eraser to finish removing the crayon marks on the paper.


Coloring using crayons is fun and indeed makes your drawings beautiful and pleasant. On the other hand, we cannot avoid having mistakes, especially the children. If you or your child scribble the crayon incorrectly, well, there is a solution for it.

The above ways on how to erase crayon from paper will resolve this issue. You may choose any of these ways, and you will have no hard time erasing crayons from a pad.

Also, we hope that the above ways on how to remove crayons from a paper may help in making your coloring easier and create a beautiful masterpiece.

We would like to hear from you. If you have any suggestions or ideas about this topic, you may share them in the comment box below. We surely appreciate and are grateful for them.

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