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How to Get Free Copic Markers?

how to get free copic markers

If I told you that you can get some of the best coloring markers in the market for free, would you believe me? There are several methods on how to get free Copic markers, and they are not that hard.

This might sound too good to be true, especially since Copic is among the most expensive brands of color markers. However, there are several ways that you can get these most excellent markers for free, or at least at a heavily discounted price.

If you were a bit apprehensive about using Copic markers before because they are so expensive, here is your chance to get your hands on your very own set.

Join the Copic Awards

get free copic markers

This is an annual award geared toward Copic fans. It is an art contest that the company holds annually. If you are skilled and lucky enough to win, you will get a cash prize and a full set of Copic markers placed in a customized acrylic case. Even if you manage to snag the lowest-tier award, you will get a standard set of Copics.

What to prepare:

  • A set of Copic markers
  • Your choice of drawing media

Detailed steps:

Step 1 – Register at the official Copic website ( Go to Copic’s website and navigate until you find the Copic Awards page. Fill out the application with your details and wait for them to send you a confirmation email. In the confirmation email are instructions on how you can submit your entry.

Step 2 – Compose your entry. Using Copic markers, you need to work on the piece that will be your entry for the Copic awards. There is no particular theme to follow. You just have to use Copic markers in your art piece. It needs to be an original piece that you have not entered in other contests yet.

Step 3 – Take the best picture of your entry. You will need to upload digital pictures of your artwork, so take the absolute best photograph that you can. If possible, use a professional-grade camera and a simple lighting setup to make sure that you are getting all the details and color nuances.

However, if you only have a phone camera, you can still use it to take a picture of your entry. Just hold the phone really steady. Ideally, you should use a tripod and ensure that you have good lighting. Do not put a watermark or alter the picture digitally in any way.

Step 4 – Submit your entry. Once you have taken acceptable photographs of your artwork, the next step is to upload the pictures in the link provided in the confirmation email you received from Copic. You can upload up to three photographs of your entry, Copic will then decide which one they will place on the contest’s webpage.

Step 5 – Wait and hope for the best. After uploading your photographs there is nothing else that you can do other than wait for the results to come out and hope for the best. If you are skilled enough to get one of the 12 prizes, you will receive at least a 72-piece set of Copics.

Wait for Copic’s Black Friday Deals

copics black friday deals

You may not be getting the Copic markers entirely for free but you will be getting them at significantly lower prices anyway.

Step 1 – Wait. There is nothing else you can do for now other than wait for Black Friday to come rolling over. In the meantime, save your money until the day comes.

Step 2 – Snag your choice of Copics. Wake up pretty early to get the best deals. Right as the clock hits midnight on Black Friday, click on the links to buy Copic sets. There are lots of people who are waiting for the prices to drop, so expect them to go out of stock quickly.

If you are quick, you can probably get freebies with other Copic sets that you buy. For instance, there are times when you buy a 120-piece set and Copic would throw in a Ciao 12pc set for free.

Is It Fine to Purchase Second Hand Copic Markers?

join the copic awards

If you are strapped for cash but determined to get a set of Copic markers, then you should settle for second hand sets. If you will be going down this path, there are a couple of things you have to consider including:

The condition of the items – This is the biggest concern that you should have when purchasing second hand marker sets. Look for sets labeled as “slightly used” as they are more likely to have all colors still available. These sets might be priced higher than others, but you are at least somewhat guaranteed that all the pens still contain ink.

Price – Even if the Copic markers are only slightly used, the fact that they have been taken out of the original packaging means that they should not sell at brand new retail price. They should still be priced well below the original price and hopefully, there is still room for negotiations.


Are there ways how to get free Copic markers? Yes, they may be limited but they are there. Copic markers are quite expensive, so if any opportunity arises where you can score a set for free, you definitely need to take it.

On the other hand, you can also find these excellent markers selling at massive discounts. You just need to wait for sales and giveaways and you just might snag a great deal on a set of Copic markers.