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How To Get Oil Pastels Out Of Clothes?

how to get oil pastel out of clothes

In some cases, painting with a watery art medium such as oil pastels may result in accidental spillage on your clothes. Most of these art supply stains dry up really quickly and set in a permanent state on such a fabric surface.

So what is the best way to remove oil pastels out of clothes and prevent them from leaving a terrible odor on your favorite piece of clothing? This article holds the ultimate solution for you to achieve the best outcome right at home.

Do Soft Pastels Stain Clothes?

Yes, if you ever drop liquefied oil pastels on clothes, it is highly likely that they will stain them. Similar to a canvas (a popular type of fabric), this odor tends to dry then stick permanently on your clothes made from fabric of any kind.

The reason why many people did not recognize oil-based stains on clothes right away is because they often create a rather darkened spot, instead of a noticeable bright area. Unless you manage to clear it out quickly off the stained surface, the affected area will get darker over time.

Oil Pastels Tend to Stain on Which Fabric Type?

Oil pastels can leave an odor on almost all types of fabric. However, there are certain surfaces that require plenty of your effort and time to remove once they get stained by this art medium.

In most cases, a stretched material such as a linen or cotton canvas will absorb oil paint quickly. This means the oil color will stick faster to this surface and much more stubborn to get rid of with higher chances of staying there permanently.

Aside from cotton and linen, you may experience a hard time eliminating oil pastel stains on other harder surfaces like paper, cardboard, even a wall.

Is it Dangerous to Leave oil Pastels on Clothes?

The most common reaction when first getting an oil pastel stain on clothes is to try wiping it off with a napkin. I am pretty sure that you will end up having a slightly darker area than the rest of the fabric by using a rough napkin.

Unless you act fast enough, the oil-based odor will get darker as it stays on clothes. So it is alright to throw it into a washing machine? Unfortunately, this type of stains from art medium does not work with soap and water alone.

How to Remove oil Pastel Stains From Clothes?

do soft pastels stain clothes

The goods news is oil pastels are still washable from clothes if you learn the right way to fight them. I will suggest some easy procedures on how to get soft pastels out of clothes right at home with a low budget and limited time.

So far, the most cost-saving and easy-to-proceed method is using alcohol and plain water to remove oil pastels out of clothes.

1. Checking the fabric label

Most people assume that this pre-treat step does not matter and can be skipped, but checking the fabric care label prior to washing your clothes is important to provide them with the right treatment.

By taking a look at this label, you will understand the proper temperature range to wash the garment on. Some specific pieces of clothing will require you to hand wash them only for the fear of ruining their fabric in the machine.

2. Rinsing in water

After that, you should rinse the piece of clothing by hand in water with a strong force to scrape off as much paint as possible. My ultimate tip is to use some extra ice cubes to chill this stain and make it more hassle-free to remove.

3. Blotting with alcohol

Add rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball to fully saturate it, then blot the area. It is ideal to hold a paper towel behind this oil pastel stain you are blotting to prevent the alcohol from soaking through and reduce the effectiveness of your cleaning process.

4. Further scrubbing with soap

In case the stain persists on your clothes, you might want to scrub it harder with a small amount of liquid dish soap and wash thoroughly in water until the oil paint is gone.

Apart from using regular alcohol and washing detergent, some people prefer a stronger method of mixing vinegar and baking soda. Any of these choices will be able to help you remove clothes stains created by oil pastels without a hassle.


Do not panic when you accidentally have an oil pastel stain on your clothes, as it can be easily washed away with the right process and suitable products. Just pay more attention to your work of art while drawing to avoid leaving colorful odors on your favorite clothes, or you can simply put on an apron.

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