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How to Prevent Marker from Bleeding Through Paper

prevent marker from bleeding through paper

One of the complaints when using markers is their tendency to bleed through papers. This situation occurs when the marker’s ink is visible from the other side of the paper. Normally, the cause of bleed through is the lack of opacity of the paper.

But how to prevent the marker from bleeding through paper? There are many ways that you can do to prevent the situation, such as using the right type of paper and the right type of pen. Check this article to find out more.

Using the Right Type of Paper

When dealing with bleeding through, the problem is not the marker. When you are using the correct type of paper, no marker will bleed on the surface. If you use the wrong paper, expect the marker to bleed and make a mess.

But what types of paper will not make the marker bleed through? Please check the list below:

Using a Marker Paper

using the right type of paper

One type of paper that can be used for the marker not to bleed through is marker paper. These papers are specifically manufactured to use with markers. They are smooth, superior, and bleed-proof, allowing the marker to provide optimum performance when used.

A marker paper has all the properties and qualities that allow the sheet of paper to act as a barrier and eventually allow for more layers before the normal bleeding affects the surface. Using marker paper will take time for its ink to seep underneath the sheet of paper.

Use a Thick Paper

Using thick paper can also prevent the marker from bleeding through. A thick paper is the best alternative if you are not using the preferable marker paper. Using a tucker or a heavier marker paper will have more layers that can stand the ink and prevent bleeding.

Many paper brands are thick enough to eliminate bleeding issues. The key is to look for papers with thickness and weight because they have more layers. On the contrary, papers that light are always prone to bleeding.

Using a Barrier

Another way to prevent the marker from bleeding through paper is using a paper barrier. Most of the experienced artists using paper are using this method to eliminate the constant problem of bleeding through. These experienced artists who use this paper know there is still a chance for the ink to bleed through even when using the thickest papers.

So, the clever solution is to use paper that will act as a barrier to prevent the ink from bleeding through the surface. The paper barrier is a piece that goes underneath the sheet and will protect the next sheet of paper. This paper barrier will be used to protect not only one piece of paper but the whole sheets and all the pages.

What You Want to Know About Bleed through

using scrap fabric

All the markers can basically transfer the liquid paint to another surface. Bleed through will happen depending on the paper’s density and surface quality. In this scenario, using the correct type of paper when using the marker is essential.

However, some markers contain the right amount of paint which can also help prevent bleeding. The tip of the marker can also help if it is properly shaped and designed to avoid the ink overflowing while also adding comfort to your hands.

When the marker adds too much ink to the paper’s surface, the ink will flow away from the marker and the saturated cellulose fibers to the closest fibers that have not absorbed the ink. That is what you will see when a marker when ink bleeds through the paper.

Other Related Information

As mentioned earlier, a marker bleeding through a paper will depend on the paper and the marker itself. Please note that all markers come with a pigment carried in a liquid medium inside the marker.

It is also interesting to note that papers are made of fibers that have been compressed through a process. This process contributes to the paper’s smoothness, thickness, and ability to absorb ink. Unfortunately, not all papers are made the same way, making their resistance to bleeding different from one another.

All types of markers transfer liquid paint to the surface. The quality of the paint combined with the density and the quality of the paper contributes to the bleed through. So, the cases of the bleed through depend on your marker and your paper.


Bleed through is always an issue when using markers on a piece of paper. In this article, we presented different ways how to prevent the marker from bleeding through paper. The solution is pretty easy. All you have to do is use the correct type of paper and the right type of marker. A paper barrier is also an excellent way to prevent the marker from bleeding.