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How to Refill Copic Markers

how to refill copic markers

Are your Copic markers already running out of ink? No worries, as these markers are refillable. There is no need to go out and buy new Copic Markers. You can refill them in two ways, and you are set ready in creating your beautiful art pieces.

In line with our goal to provide you with information about markers, we would like to share some methods of how to refill Copic markers.You may continue reading below.

2 Methods to Refill Copic Markers

Copic markers are alcohol-based ink, which is non-toxic and has a low odor. They also have nibs at both ends, and their inks are stored at the middle of the barrel of the marker.

The following are the two methods in which you can refill your Copic Marker with ink. Let’s get started.

Dripping Method

In the dripping method, we are going to use the old design of Copic Various Ink. Its nozzle is short, so it is easy to use the dripping way. Here are the steps:

  • The first thing to do is to protect your work area. It is because you may spill some ink on your work area, such as a table. You may cover the table or any work area with newspaper or scrap paper. Also, wear gloves and short sleeves so your hands might not be stained with ink and avoid obstruction. Keep in mind that the Copic ink is hard to remove.
  • Then, remove the caps of both ends of the marker. It helps balance the pressure in the barrel of the Copic marker.
  • Carefully handle the refill bottle and uncap it. Avoid turning it upside-down when you are not yet ready to refill the marker.
  • Take the marker with your right hand at 45 degrees angle. With the refill bottle in your left hand, carefully squeeze it to the chisel or broad nib of the marker. Apply one drop of ink at a time. You will notice the nib or chisel absorbs the ink.
  • Continue to drip ink into the nib until you see that the nib of the marker is filled with ink or if you saw the ink dropping from the nib at the other end of the pen. It takes about 20 to 30 drops to fill the Copic marker with ink.
  • Lastly, you clean the mess in your work area using alcohol that can remove the Copic ink stains. You may also use pre-packaged alcohol wipes, which are more convenient.
  • You are now good to go and can now start making your art pieces.

refill your copic marker with ink

Using a Booster of the New Copic Various Ink

  • Purchase the new Copic Various ink, which is a refill booster bottle with a needle that will refill your marker with ink.
  • Cover your work area with old newspaper or scrap paper, or plastic sheet to avoid ink stains. Also, use gloves to protect your hands from stains. Do not forget to wear short sleeves to prevent any obstruction.
  • Get your Copic marker and remove its nib using tweezers.
  • Take your Various Ink booster with your left hand and get the needle and screw it onto your Various ink bottle.
  • Then, insert the needle of your refill ink bottle in the opening of the Copic marker. Gently squeeze the refill ink bottle so the ink will drop into the Copic marker. You must hold them both vertically.
  • You may add at least 1.5 to 2 milliliters to the marker if it is empty. The marking on the side of the refill bottle refers to 1 milliliter each. Do not overdo it because it may cause leakage.
  • Once the marker is filled with ink, remove the refill booster bottle and set it aside. Get the nib of your marker using the tweezers and put it back in the open end of the pen.
  • Remove the booster needle from your refill bottle and clean it with rubbing alcohol, or you may use Various Ink cleaning solutions. You are now done!


Refilling your Copic markers can make you save time and money because Copic is an expensive brand. Besides, no need to go out to purchase a new one. Also, you can refill your Copic Sketch with Copic various Ink 12 times, the Classic marker 5 times, and the Ciao marker 9 times.

Simply, if you have the Copic Various ink whether the old and new design, you can refill your Copic markers. And follow any of the two methods mentioned in this article on how to refill Copic markers, and you are all set to go to create and complete an appealing work of art.

We are open to any ideas about refilling Copic markers. You may write down your suggestions in the comment box below. Our readers will be glad to read them.

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