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How to Remove Puffy Paint

how to remove puffy paint

Puffy paint is a non-toxic variety. It’s commonly used for arts and crafts and for fabrics to make custom bags, hats, or T-shirts. But like any paint, you can get some into unintended places, and when this happens, what should you do?

In this article, we’ll show you how to remove puffy paint. This way, you don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes or making a mess because of other things.

What is Puffy Paint?

This paint is the kind of paint that looks 3D because it has a raised texture as soon as it dries up. It puffs up off the paper or any surface you paint on. It can be made using different kinds of ingredients.

It can have different levels of puffiness depending on what type of materials you used for your DIY paint. To apply it, you can use brushes, scrapers, or even your hands. It looks like acrylic paint, and it also has the same consistency. The only difference is puffy paint expands when it dries.

Its puffiness is unique, and it has a nice texture; that’s why it’s so popular among kids. They get to paint, and it’s a great type of sensory play. Adults can join in on the fun too. You can use it to decorate your personal belongings.

How to Remove Puffy Paint from Fabric

If you notice that there’s puff paint on your clothing or any fabric, you have to remove it before it dries immediately. If you can, try removing it right away because it’s more difficult to get rid of when it has finally set into the fabric. This can be harder to get rid of, especially when the paint is made for fabrics.

You should also know what kind of puffy paint you’re dealing with. Different types of puffy paint will require different methods of cleaning. Some types are easier to remove than others too. Some paints like the Crayola Puffy Paint are water-soluble and easy to wash.

Here are the different methods of removing puffy paint on fabric:

Washing with Soap and Warm Water

Water-soluble puffy paint is the easiest type of puffy paint that you can remove from any fabric.

If you’re using Crayola, it is recommended to wash the cloth in warm water and a cleaning solution. Although you could machine wash them, it’s still better to remove the stain first by applying soap with warm water on the spot before you toss it in the washing machine. You can also use your regular laundry detergent.

Some brands will have different formulations. You can try using warm water and a regular detergent, but there are times you might need to use a stain remover. This might be needed if the puffy paint has already dried on your fabric.

If the puffy paint brand you used also sells its own stain remover, follow the instructions for the best results. If you’re buying from a different brand, try removing a small part of the stain and observe how it goes.

how to remove puffy paint from fabric

Using Setting Spray and Mineral Spirits

There are various ways to remove water-soluble puffy paint from different kinds of fabric. If the stain is on a carpet, sofa, or other types of upholstery, immediately remove it before it dries to avoid ruining them.

If the stain is still fresh, you can get away by blotting the stain using a wet cloth or a wet rag. You should blot as much as you can before it dries up.

Now, if the paint has dried, don’t panic. You can spray some hairspray on it and rub the fabric together as vigorously as you can without ruining the fabric. If there’s still some puffy paint left, spray more hairspray and continue rubbing the fabric together until most of the puff paint is removed. You can use a wet cloth to wipe the remaining puffy paint and let it dry.

In the worst-case scenario where the puffy paint won’t budge, you can use mineral spirits. All you need is a cloth and any mineral spirit. Apply it to the cloth and use it to blot on the stained fabric. When using mineral spirits, make sure you wear the appropriate protection like a face mask and rubber gloves to avoid irritation. Don’t forget to do this step in a well-ventilated room, so you don’t suffocate. This also lessens the health risks.

Using Carpet Cleaners

For puffy paint carpet stains, clean the area first. Remove dirt or residue around the stained area. The best way of doing this is by using a vacuum. Afterwards, apply carpet cleaner solution to remove the puffy paint stain.


Permanent puffy fabric paints are the hardest type to remove, especially when it’s dried. These paints are meant to withstand wash and wear, which is why removing them from fabric can almost be impossible.

If permanent puffy fabric paints get into your fabric, whether it’s clothing, carpets, or upholstery, immediately wash it with water and soap. You need to clean it while it’s still wet. If it dries, it can permanently set.

If you’re having a hard time, you can try removing it using acetone. You’ll first need to remove as much dried paint as you can. You can scrape it off using a putty knife or a blunt scraper. You can also use a nylon brush to remove dried paint. Just make sure to do it lightly so you won’t rip your fabric.

Next, apply acetone to the dried stain. However, there’s no guarantee that it will come off. For your worst-case scenario, you might have to have it professionally removed. You can also hide by painting over it. But this will depend too on what type of fabric it was applied to.

Final Words

This article should help you with the different ways on how to remove puffy paint. As soon as you see paint stains, remove them right away. The key is to wash it while it’s wet so you won’t end up damaging your fabric.

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