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How to Seal Sharpie on Plastic

how to seal sharpie on plastic

Do you have a craft or project that needs writing on surfaces like plastic? However, your problem is how you can keep the marker such as Sharpie on plastic.

We have solutions for you so that you can complete your project nicely. In this article, we like to share some methods on how to seal Sharpie on plastic. You will need some materials that are easy to find and purchase. Let’s get started!


3 Materials that Can Seal Sharpie on Plastic

The following are some materials that can keep the Sharpie on plastic. You may choose any of them and try it with your Sharpie markers.

1. Using a Mod Podge

Yes, you can use mod podge over Sharpie markers. You may use the matte finish or gloss finish. They both work well on Sharpie markers.

A mod podge is a sealer or a glue that is often used in finishing decoupage art. However, in this lesson, we are going to use mod podge over Sharpie markers to seal them on plastic. Here are the steps below:

  • First, clean the plastic. You must remove any dirt or fats on the plastic. You may use clean water and soap or vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Once done, sand the plastic using 120-grit sandpaper. Sanding the plastic makes it rough a little and provides grip well.
  • Then, leave the plastic for a few minutes and let it dry.
  • Once dried, you may write or scribble the design you like on the plastic using the Sharpie markers. You must leave your designs for a few hours and dry the Sharpie.
  • You may now seal the Sharpie markers using the mod podge. Use the mod podge with spray to make it easy to seal the markers. Simply, spray the mod podge over the Sharpie markers on plastic and wait for them to dry.

You will notice that the markers do not smudge or come off once the mod podge is dried over the markers. Try this!

2. Using a Nail Polish

Nail polish is also called nail varnish, which is a lacquer that is applied on fingernails or toenails. It is used to protect or decorate the nail plates.

The nail polish contains various kinds of polymer and some components, making it unique in color and texture. Here’s how you can use the nail polish to keep Sharpie markers on plastic.

  • Clean the surface and remove dirt and fats on the plastic. Use a clean cloth with warm water and rub it onto the plastic. Apply rubbing alcohol using a cotton ball and clean the surface again.
  • You may sand the plastic by using 120-grit sandpaper to have teeth and make it rough. In this manner, markers will grip well on the plastic. Only sand the area where you want to write.
  • Jot down your writing on plastic using Sharpie markers and let it dry.
  • Then, apply a nail polish remover on the Sharpie markers. It will cover the Sharpie markers and even the sanded surface. Also, your writings will shine with nail polish over them.

3. Using an Oil-Based Sharpie Marker

There are certain types of Sharpie markers that work well on plastic. This includes the Sharpie Oil-Based markers.

These oil-based Sharpie markers have opaque ink that is suitable for surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, pottery, glass, rubber, stone, and many more. These markers dry fast in just minutes.

They do not fade and smear. Also, the markers are permanent. So, these markers are ideal on plastic.

Avoid choosing the other type of Sharpie marker, such as the traditional alcohol-based, because this is not perfect on plastic. They would likely smear and may fade in a short period.

In one instance, you have this Sharpie marker; you may use the two materials above that can seal the Sharpie marker on plastic.

How to Seal Sharpie on Canvas Shoes?

how to seal sharpie on canvas shoes

Doodling your canvas shoes with designs using Sharpie markers is fun and appealing. However, you must see to it that when you scribble the Sharpie, they will not smear.

To seal the Sharpie, you must first clean your canvas shoes so that the sealing may grip well on the markers. Then, doodle your designs on your canvas shoes. Leave the Sharpie markers for 24 hours.

Once done, apply a waterproofing fabric spray about 6 inches from the canvas. You must spray the whole canvas so that it will not stain and smear. Let it dry for a few minutes.


Scribbling Sharpie markers on plastic is a good idea for any craft or art project. Also, doing it on canvas shoes is not boring.

Knowing how to keep the Sharpie markers on plastic and canvas shoes can make your writing and drawings beautiful. We hope that the above steps on how to seal Sharpie on plastic and canvas shoes can be of help to you. You may try any of the methods, and they will work best.

If you have any ideas about this topic, you may write them in the comment box below. We surely appreciate them and are grateful for them.

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